Pamela's Secrets


"Yeah. . ." I said, wondering exactly how much was rumour.

Denis returned looking pleased with himself and holding aloft a VHS tape.

"You cool with this?" Alex said to me.

Surprised, I nodded. Whatever. Intrigued, I'd have said, and a little buzzed to know what was coming.

Pamela squealed, yelling, "Don't you dare! Andy, it was just silly fun! Drunk fun!" But she was having difficulty in being serious given the amount of alcohol consumed and the daft situation with the other girls holding her down. She did wriggle furiously though, attempting a last-minute escape as Denis and Alex fed the tape in to the video recorder beneath the TV.

As she jerked about, Pam's dress rode higher. She kicked those long beautiful legs, her heels waving about dangerously. Her black panties were exposed, letting the whole room check out her fine crotch. I could see her waxed mound and lips clearly defined under the sheen of the smooth black material. And every time she thrashed and threw a leg up the thong-type gusset would creep inward. My heart and dick leapt at the thought her pussy lips would appear around the panties.

And as Morena tried to hold her down she too shook, those great big full titties quivering under her top – and to my delight her jeans were still unbuttoned, forcing the fly and waist further apart until the fleshy 'V' exposed dark curls at its nadir.

Sally was having real difficulty and every twist she made to control Pam resulted in a flash of bright white panty beneath her mini-skirt. Rosa mostly had her back or side to us as she aided Sally but she too had not fully fastened her white pants back up and the loose waist material promised much.

Watching the girls was quite a show that certainly entranced Neal, Antonio and myself.

It was only when Cathy said, "Hey, look – that's Pamela!" and the tinny sound of recorded music and voices filled the room from the TV, that our attentions turned.

On screen, the same apartment we sat in now. However, it was daylight. There were a number of people in there, music pumping and drinks flowing. Everyone was sitting around. The camera swept along the couch: Morena, Sally – with dyed blonde hair at the time – Denis, Antonio, then came a girl called Nicola – small, dark haired buxom – that Pamela vacationed with.

On the edge of the bed sat Lorri, Pam's mate and whose parents owned our holiday apartment. She was a short-haired quiet girl with great big tits on a slim frame. Another girl sat next to her – a redhead with pale skin, high cheekbones and a nice full mouth.

"Who's that?" I asked Pamela, who'd stopped wriggling and looked in shock.

"Um, Petra. . .Oh my God, you kept this?" she said absently to Alex.

He just smiled like he'd have been crazy not to.

"She was on holiday with you all? Yeah? This from a couple years back?" I asked her.

"Um, yes. Yes. Look do we have to. . ."

"Oooh, yeah, missy," Sally giggled. "You shy now? Shy, my ass. . ."

Pamela looked worried but kept watching the screen.

"Alex is on the camera," Sally added as it panned towards the balcony and two more girls came inside. One was Pamela right enough, her chestnut locks cut in the short dark bob I'd know when we started dating. Beside her, a friend who was the fourth girl on vacation - Carrie, whom I'd always fancied a bit. She was blonde, naturally light with sharp, Nordic features and a body that I always wondered about – those high but ski-sloping breasts that turn up at the end and a similar flow to the lines of her body – slim waist, flaring out at the hips to a what I always think of as a hippy-style 70s-chick Woodstock ass – heart shaped, wide along the bottom on top of slim legs which means a hollow 'V' gets formed at the crotch. Makes the girl look wiry, yet willowy and sexy.

Anyway, I gathered all this body info from the first few seconds of that tape because all the girls were wearing bikinis – some sort of late afternoon party in Denis's apartment.

Then we got a shock – Morena took out her big beautiful tits for the camera, slipping off her patterned bikini top and cupping each spectacular big breast, pretending to lick a big dark rubbery nipple. Her chest was a wonder.

It sparked as many roars of approval, squeals of laughter back then as it did in the room while everyone watched.

But I got the impression everyone on the tape was considerably more drunk than we were watching – looked like a few cocktails had been downed.

Alex's voice, close to the cam, spoke as her focussed on Sally. "Come on, sweet lips," he said in his charming Irish voice, you said you would if I got the camera out. . ."

"Oh my God. . ." Pamela said in the room, now, "I remember. . ."

On screen, Sally stuck her tongue out and stood up from the couch. "I can't compete with those things," she said pointing at Morena's heavenly globes.

Then Lorri's voice, off screen, "You said you would! You lost the forfeit. . .you chicken out, none of us play. . ."

In the room as we watched, Denis commented, "This, it started out as some truth and dare," he explained to Neal and I.

"Truth or Dare, you mean, "Said Neal.

Denis laughed, glanced at Pamela, grinned, "A lot of dare, yeah?"

Pamela said, "Oh, no. . .Andy, it was just drunk fun. . .We. . ."

"Shush," Sally said. "Here's my moment. . ." She giggled.

Back on TV, the little blonde tanned Sally of two years previous, looked challengingly at Lorri out of the picture and said, "Oh yeah? Well, let's see how much daring you holiday girls have got in you. . ."

Then she grabbed both sides of her white string-tie bikini, undid them with a pull and dropped her bikini bottoms to the floor.

Uproar, then and now. Sally standing on TV, perky little tits encased in a flimsy bikini top, hands on narrow hips and completely bare from the waist-down. She had a little strip of brown pubes – Alex zoomed right in on it, letting us have a great close up of her bare pussy lips and barely protruding nub of a clit that just poked out the top of her slit. Then her hand was down covering and he zoomed back out to catch Sally doing a twirl and letting everyone see her cute bubble-butt.

"That's fantastic," Neal said, "Absolutely fantastic," watching the TV in amazement.

Sally thanked him, asked, "Do you think I look better blonde or natural brunette?"

"Frankly, I wasn't looking at your head," Neal answered to bring the house down.

On screen, I was enthralled as Alex swung the camera at Lorri. She always comes across as overtly quiet. I did know a little better, but was still taken aback as she quite brazenly pulled her bikini down to reveal both her full, succulent tits. Not quite as big or dynamic as Morena's but nonetheless impressive and finishing in ski-jump turns much like Carrie's.

Lorri's quivering tits settled with each puckered pink nipple at full attention. Alex got a good close up before panning back out and around to catch reactions. I noted Carrie and Pamela had now sat on the bed beside their two holiday pals.

Sally's voice on screen: "So what,? That's only tits like Morena. . .I let the boys see some pussy. . ."

"I bet the boys see it all the time," Petra said. "I'll bet they don't see this. . ." and she leaned back a little as Alex got her full body in shot. Petra tugged her red bikini bottoms down at the front to reveal a fiery triangle of red bush.

"Wow! Fire in the hole," Alex said on cam.

"Jee-sus. . ." Neal said sitting next to me.

I would have agreed but my throat and mouth were dry with excitement and anticipation.

There was clapping on and off-screen Denis appeared in shot, bending right over to get a good look at Petra's bush as she kept her bikini open. He said something complimentary in Italian and stood back up. Petra grabbed at his crotch, getting a hold second go. He laughed bent double. Lorri joined in, tugging at his shorts. In seconds they were down and both girls had their hands on a sizeable piece of meat. Alex zoomed for a close-up.

In the room with us, the girls cooed appreciation. Denis wore a big grin.

On-screen, his circumcised cock was rising. Perta had his balls and I was surprised to see the enthusiasm Lorri showed as she jerked his shaft, using her other hand to roll his cockhead in her palm.

Snogging? I looked at Pamela. She was transfixed as was everyone else with the TV.

I didn't know where to stare – I saw Cathy slide a hand up her dress as she sat on the couch arm watching Denis's big cock get wanked by two girls on-screen.

And wank it they did. Lorri brought him to full erection – a thick, eight inches by a guess. Petra got a hand on his shaft, too and they took turns to jiggle his heavy balls.

Alex panned the camera around – Carrie and Pamela watching on, mesmerised. On the couch back then – Morena was letting Antonio suck on her big nipples. She had her head back, lazily watching Denis get jerked. Antonio also had a hand in her bikini bottoms – Alex lingered for a moment on his fingers working under the material.

Beside us on the bed, Antonio gave Neal and I the thumbs up and a wink. I laughed.

I heard a groan come from Morena in both time zones.

Then Sally was behind Denis on TV, squeezing his ass and rubbing her bare crotch up against it.

She reached round, took his cock for herself and guided it towards Lorri's mouth, saying, "Come on, holiday girl, let's see how much fun you are. . ."

Lorri took it between her lips without hesitation. In fact, she was ravenous, swallowing it all, make appreciative noises. Alex framed Petra in the shot beside them- fingers down her bikini, watching with hungry eyes.

I wanted to know what Pamela was making of it but the shot stayed with the action some more, slurping and moaning replacing the music in the background.

"That's enough," Sally said onscreen and shuffled Denis away from Lorri, still pressed in behind him. She guided him by the cock along to Petra who greedily took her turn at sucking him off. She still kept fingering herself, now with added vigour as she took that thick cock between her pouting lips.

I herd a moan in the room watching – Cathy, amazingly unreserved, clearly playing with herself on the arm of the couch. Her dress was so high you could see her hand work on her crotch.

Juanjo, sat right below on the floor, was caught between staring right up Cathy's dress at the live pussy show or watching the events unfold on telly. Rosa slid over to him, snuggling right up, taking a look at Cathy as well. She reached to Juanjo's crotch and started to feel him up.

"Fucking hell," Neal said, and I turned, expecting him to be commenting on his wife's display but, funnily, he was still entranced by the pictures onscreen.

Sally had moved Denis along from Petra. The sexy Carrie whom I'd long fancied was next. I hadn't expected to see what I saw – always thought her the most reserved of all Pamela's old friends, but Carrie had gotten carried away (pardon the wordplay) and had stripped her bikini bottoms right off and popped those two fabulous sloping tits out. She had both feet up on the bed and had leaned back to grant her access to her pussy. It was a fleshy wet hole adorned by a light brown bush of pubes. Around her lips she had shorn them very short but not bald.

She looked incredibly turned on – her fingers were slipping at pace through her thick pussy lips and her juices running right down to her tiny puckered asshole. She was baring all she had in a very erotic, sexual manner. Alex zoomed so quick it went out of focus for a few moments leading to moans in the watching room. But then we got glorious in-your-face footage of fingers penetrating Carrie's soaking pussy, a thumb rubbing fast little circles around her prominent clit.

I felt movement beside me – Neal was getting his cock out. I edged away a bit – I had a raging hardon but wasn't quite up for a public wank right then. However I noted Antonio was rubbing at his own bulge.

Checking round the room I saw both Alex and Denis look from the screen to the girls on the couch and at Cathy, Rosa and Juanjo. Everyone was involved in a tense, teasing game of dare and voyeurism.

The action onscreen had taken this drunken soiree past boiling point for some – Cathy was engrossed in her own masturbation and events on TV. Juanjo was glancing from her to the telly, letting Rosa jerk his cock right there on the floor in front of Cathy and the girls.

On the couch Morena was sneaking a hand into the open crotch of her jeans while her other arm loosely held Pamela.

Sally, like Pamela, was focussed on the TV.

Back onscreen Alex had zoomed out again, catching Carrie's lovely wide aureole in shot – they capped the entire end of her tits.

She sat up on instruction from Sally, eagerly taking her turn to swallow Denis's offered dick.

In the wide shot I saw Petra still looking on, fingering herself beneath her bikini and Lorri sort of in a trance watching Denis's cock pump in and out of Carrie's mouth; Lorri had both hands in her crotch, though not moving fast. Her big tits still stood proud and bare, a flush across her heaving chest.

But it was obviously Pamela's reaction which most interested me. She was next beside Carrie who gobbled on cock and fingered herself, sloppy, wet noises being picked up by the camcorder mic.

Pamela was as transfixed then as she was in the room watching. She showed little emotion other than intense concentration as she watched Denis's dick get sucked only feet from her. I saw her nips poke the top of her orange bikini – a favourite that she had on holiday with us that year as well (mental note to have her wear it).

Then Sally was pulling Denis back from the grasping Carrie who bemoaned her loss but continued to finger herself, breath gasping fast, tits shaking. She was very close to cumming hard I reckoned.

Sally guided Denis along to Pamela.

Beside me, Neal growled his appreciation and out the corner of my eye I realised both him and Antonio were wanking their cocks in full view.

But everyone seemed too interested in events onscreen. Sally pushed Denis to Pamela. She looked at his cock right in front of her face, reached a hand up, touched its shiny, dome head. She brushed her fingers along his shaft, seemed to debate internally, then she shook her head, smiled a timid smile and leaned away.

"Chickenshit!" Sally said onscreen. Denis's cock bobbed in mid–air. It looked like Pamela was having second thoughts.

Lorri's voice said, "It's okay, Pam. . it's lovely."

Petra: "Go on. . ."

Then a hand was grasping around Denis again – Carrie's. She was hauling him towards the bed, Sally unable to control the momentum.

"I want it in me," Carrie moaned. "Right up. . ."

The camera shook as Alex moved to the side to catch all the action. He was right beside Pamela, filming as everyone watched Carrie lie back, now completely naked, open and wet. She pulled Denis down on top of her, guiding his big cock right into her gaping hole with no ceremony. Denis gasped something in his own lingo and began to pump. Carrie hooked her slim legs around his broad back and urged him on.

Sally rubbed herself up and down his ass, fingering her tight little pussy and reaching under to fondle Denis's nuts. The audio was a flurry of sexual grunting, moans groans and sighs.

Petra clambered onto the bed fully as well, kicking off her bikini pants. She lay at the side of Carrie and spread her legs wide exposing that full red bush with the pink hole at it's centre winking invitingly,. She took Denis's wrist and had him slide two fingers into her cunt while she flicked her clit with her free hand.

Carrie started cumming, almost screaming the place down. That set off Petra too and she gave up using Denis's hand as a dildo to frig and bring herself off.

Carrie bucked so hard Denis slopped right out. He staggered back with Sally still clamped round him. Alex continued to film the two girls cumming on the bed together. It was quite a sight; a frenzy of pussy. Carrie seemd in a world of her own while Petra frigged herself hard and did not take her eyes of Denis's throbbing erection, shining with pussy juice.

I could only see glimpses of Lorri's big tits in frame, and the top of Pamela's head, - looked like she hadn't moved an inch while watching the action.

Alex swept back across the room to catch the cock-stiffening sight of Antonio fucking Morena doggy-style on the couch. Her big tits swung wildly, her glorious hair whipping all over the place as she orgamsed, screaming obscenities in Spanish.

Then the shot was back at the bed – Sally had copied Morena, bending over, letting Denis pump her from the rear. Her head was close to Petra's pussy – she reached out and touched her bright red bush for a few minutes. Petra sighed, let Sally's fingers explore her cunt. Sally was cumming as well, a deep groan as Denis filled her with long strokes of his cock. He spanked her ass on every inward thrust; Sally squealed and came hard. Then she slumped onto the bed.

Denis took his cock in hand, grinned at the camera. Alex panned over the three spent girls lying in various states of nakedness on the bed, flitting from one open soaked cunt to the next, zooming on Sally's tight little hole from the rear – her lips were parted by Denis's thickness and the camera actually captured her pussy still contracting from orgasm.

In the room, aside from the wanking going on next to me, Alex was slyly rubbing his cock in front of the screen. Cathy was announcing she was coming. Rosa was sucking on Juanjo's cock while they both watched the TV and Cathy.

On the couch Morena was indulging herself with a hand now fully down her jeans as she watched on with Pamela and Sally.

The latter two, as well as me, were the only ones not to have shown any sign of sexual activity. Sally I was surprised at, but Pamela –well what she might always have insisted on seemed true – although it had gotten wild she had seemed detached from it, letting her holiday pals get completely into it.

Back onscreen Antonio had appeared, cock in had as he was right then on the bed near me. Back then he was naked however, having fucke dMorena.

Alex said something to him in Spanish, then swept the cam to the couch where Morena was lying curled up, smiling and spent. She shouted something back – evidently something about finishing Antonio off because she was beat.

Alex turned the cam back to the bed area. To my shock, Lorri had given into her libido and was sat there with a cock in each fist, pumping away at both Antonio and Denis. She was moaning and taking turns to suck either cock. Antonio's long slim shaft almost choked her at one point, much to Sally's delight.

Lorri was lost in her lust –her eyes were rolling with pleasure and although she still had her bikini pants on, she appeared to be coming just from the cocksucking. Her big tits were quivering with desire, the nipples perked to bursting point, hard and engorged.

Sally slipped onto the floor between Lorri's legs and tickled fingers over her bikini pants. That set Lorri off; she stopped sucking to yell her orgasm. Still with a cock in each hand, she wriggled to allow Sally to haul off her print bikini bottoms and spread her legs wide. She dropped Denis's cock and pushed at Sally's head as she gave Lorri's pussy a little lick.

Then Lorri clamped her thighs around Sally's head and I imagine in there somewhere Sally was licking furiously because Lorri came like a train, flopping back on the bed beside the others, Carrie and Petra watching on, lazily fingering themselves.

As Lorri's convulsions came to a close, Sally stood back up, said, "Aw, you got to bring the boys off. . ."

"Let her. . ." Petra said nodding over at the camera; nodding in Pamela's direction .

Now, some of the latter camera work had been a bit shaky and that was no surprise given the antics going on but it had never occurred to me what might actually be happening until Sally moved towards him and Alex panned the camcorder down his own torso.

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