tagNonHumanPandora and The Baron Ch. 03

Pandora and The Baron Ch. 03


My many thanks to my very patient editor for working with me threw this chapter and all my particular grammar and spelling mess ups that tend to me me. And my thanks to all my fans who have been encouraging me to keep going with the story I do hope you will like this chapter and I do have more to come.

There were no dreams or nightmares tonight. She felt safe, warm, and secure. This was something she had not felt in a very long time. Not knowing that she slept in his arms, she instinctively curled and snuggled herself into his warmth.

When morning rolled around she blinked sleepily. She forced her eyelids open and looked around. Suddenly her face went stark white. She felt an arm tighten around her. Her sleek body tensed up as she felt him move behind her.

She felt his warm breath against her back. She didn't know how she had ended up naked and in his bed. Oddly enough she felt safe and secure in his steely grip.

Little by little she began to relax and enjoy the warmth. She began to drift back to sleep. In all truth she was not afraid being where she was.

The Baron had woken up when he felt her stir. He smiled as she relaxed and fell back asleep.

He rolled on top of her. His knee worked her long legs open. His gaze never left hers as he slipped between her outstretched legs. He listened to her purr for a moment.

He took a hold of his hard shaft and pressed it against her wet slit. His shoulders rolled back as he looked at her and spoke. "Pandora, is this what you want? Once it is done it can never be undone."

She looked at him and considered. Her mind wasn't exactly up to the task. She felt an odd pressure between her legs. She thought he had asked about taking her virginity. A smile flitted across her lips as she nodded yes.

She had no idea he meant to mate with her. Nor the fact that he was like her. When she nodded her head he thrust into her.

A moan spilled over her lips as he pushed into her tight tunnel. His eyes went wide with surprise as he encountered resistance. He had not thought she was still a virgin.

He gazed at her lovingly as a smile flashed across his lips. "You are untouched, my sweets. Are you sure about this?"

She smiled up at him and managed to breathe the words, "Yes, Sire, I am sure."

He let out a low groan as he penetrated her warmth because she was so tight. He fought to keep his control he didn't want to loose it before he got started. He rolled his hips pushing lightly against her hymen.

His burning gaze never left hers. He pulled back to leave just the head of his shaft inside her. He heard her whine in protest .

He held himself still for a few moments, then slammed into her. He heard her cry out in pain as he tore through her hymen.

He held still and let her body to adjust to him. He leaned down to capture a nipple and tease it with soft nips. He began to move leisurely as he listened to her low cries of pleasure. He rolled her nipple with his tongue as powerful hips rocked to create a steady rhythm.

She felt the pain shoot through her body as he tore though her hymen. It was soon replaced by an odd sort of pressure that changed to a wonderful kind of tingle. Her back arched up when she felt the nip of his teeth at her nipple. Her body felt like it was on fire as that tingle settled low in her belly.

She moved her hips in time with him so as to meet his every thrust. She felt full and stretched but it felt oh so good to her. That wonderful tingle began to gradually spread through her body.

She went wide eyed when something seemed to snap inside the Baron. He began to slam into her like a wild animal. She heard the growled purr that came from him as he threw his head back. The both cried out in pleasure as they climaxed together.

The way her walls gripped him made him shudder with absolute ecstasy. Cries of passion and excitement rang threw the castle. His face and her body were flushed with the ecstasy that coursed through them both.

She felt the heat of his seed wash over her insides. The sheer ecstasy of having his cum coat her was something she had never felt before. Her body was sailing with the feeling of him inside of her.

She shuddered and shook as wave after wave of ecstasy washed over her. He collapsed on top of her panting, but she heard a low and defiantly feline purr come from him. When he caught his breath he rolled over, pulling her on top of him.

She laid her head on his chest and fell asleep to the sound of his heart beat. He ran his fingers through her hair as she slept. He knew she was worn out.

He moved so her head was still on his chest but her body was stretched out along his. His rumble deepened when he heard the wet pop as he separated their bodies. He looked to down to see the traces of blood on his shaft. He held her close as she slept. He wanted to mark her forever as his own.

Slowly he drifted closed as he fell asleep. He kept his mate close to his heart wrapped in his strong arms. They both slept peacefully with no haunting dreams to bother them.

A shadow flitted around in the darkness of the chamber to watch silently over the pair. Dark steel blue eyes peered through the darkness to look over the two. They disappeared quickly when he stirred in his sleep. Once he settled back down into a peaceful sleep, they reappeared.

A soft middle eastern accented voice floated out to caress their ears. "Sleep well, my leopards. You have much to face yet."

The eyes were gone from the room as the Baron startled awake. He scanned the room quickly. He had felt another presence close, but sensed no threat, only familiarity, like family.

Who had gotten past the wards placed on the castle? His steely grip tightened around her as he thought, 'Who was strong enough to get past them'. He smiled as he knew who it was. The only one strong enough to have gotten through the wards was his teacher.

Tentatively he crawled out of bed. He turned to look over his mate. A smile crept over his lips as he pulled the blanket over her. He shook his head as he passed a hand over the chain. It disappeared and the collar reverted to the choker.

He picked his robe up off the floor and walked into the bath chamber. He dropped his robe info one of the stone benches. Lazily he slipped into the warm water to let it wash over sore muscles. He dove deep in the pool to play around.

When he surfaced there was a woman sitting on one of the benches. A low growl came from him as the scent of a true vampire crawled up his nose like a snake. Her head lifted up as her steely gaze pinned him as smile danced across blood stained lips.

He caught the flash of her fangs when she smiled. He knew in an instant who she was. Now the question was why was she here. Her voice was silky and low, her accent was tempered. "I do hope that growl wasn't directed at me, Eric."

He tipped his head as a sigh escaped parted lips, "My apologies, M'Lady. I didn't realize it was you until I got your scent."

She stood up at her full height. She was still a good head shorter than him. Her petite looks hid a lethal personality. He watched her intently as she made her way around the pool.

She was tall and slender with hair as black as the moonless night sky. Her eyes were a dark steely blue that lured men to their death. Her skin was smooth and flawless like a fine porcelain doll. She was the perfect killer and his teacher.

"Is there something I can help you with, M'Lady Caine?" he asked.

She looked at him as a smile curled up the corners of blood stained lips. "Not just yet my little leopard, but I will say this."

She paused for a moment as her gaze flashed to a pitiless and deadly blood red. "Keep you mate close by. Do NOT let her out of your sight."

Her accent thickened and he picked up the stress in her voice. Her scent changed as he smelled hints of her stress. His nose wrinkled at the change. He watched them return to their normal color.

She shook her head which fanned out long silken tresses. Her hair fell over her shoulders to frame her face. It made her look like a porcelain doll. It didn't surprise him that so many men had gone so eagerly to their death in her embrace.

He lifted his head up and listened, to make sure Pandora was still asleep. He heard the soft sounds of her steady breathing. "Don't worry, my little leopard. She will never know I was here. Heed my warning. Something is coming. I may not be able to stop it."

Her voice faded to a whisper and then she was gone. He hated it when she popped in with a cryptic message then left him to figure it out. This time was no different. He was curious as to how she knew about Pandora.

He just shook his head and finished his bath. He stepped out of the pool and dried off. Heightened senses picked up a presence that didn't belong in his castle. He rushed out of the bath chamber to see a strange man bent of Pandora.

A cry of challenge rang out in the still chamber, which startled Pandora awake. Her first instinct was to get away as quick as possible. Then her mind registered who he was.

Despite his intention to break things to her slowly, he wasn't about to risk her safety. He knew his strength lay in his true form. His shift was quick as lightening and as silent as death. Where the man had once stood now stood a huge silver leopard.

He crouched back upon his haunches to gather his strength. It was released like a giant spring as he launched his body through the air. He had no idea who it was. All he knew was the man was way to close to his mate.

He got within a hair's breath of the man. His body crashed into the wall, thrown off his intended target by a force he could not see or smell. He fought to catch his breath and the ability to move. The man casually straightened up.

Eric saw that he stood a good head taller than himself. The man was muscular with milky white skin. His hair was as white as the new fallen snow. The eyes were the same dark steel blue as the Lady Caine's.

He stilled himself as the man approached. "You are indeed brave. I can see why my sister took such a shine to you."

His voice was a deep set bass, his accent was, like hers, tempered. Like his sister, he was the perfect killer. He had the ability to call women to their death in his strong arms.

Eric watched as Pandora put her robe on and approached the man. She laid her hand on his arm carefully. He saw the hurt look on her face. "My Lord Caine, please release him. He sought only to protect me."

Her voice was courteous and gentle as she spoke. The Lord Caine canted his head slightly as he looked at the hand on his arm and then to her. His lips curled up in a fang flashing smile. "Being as you asked me nicely, dear one, I will release him."

His attention turned back to Eric, "But I suggest he learn his place and not attack a member of the ruling family."

His voice was stern and brooked no argument. Eric knew some of what his teacher was capable of, which gave him an idea what her brother was capable of. It sent a chill skittering down his spine.

Eric saw the small hand gesture a second before he was unceremoniously dumped onto the floor, in a heap of flailing legs and flying fur. He didn't even have time to land on his feet but rather on his ass.

Eric got to his feet and shook his head as he padded off to pick up his robe. He shifted back to human just as quietly as he had to the leopard. He pulled on the robe and belted it to hide his nakedness.

He turned to face the Lord and bowed his head respectfully. "My apologies, Lord Caine. I did not know who you were."

He lifted his head up to see the Lord embrace Pandora in a hug. He wanted to growl but he knew better. He kept his mind calm as the Lord released Pandora and approached him.

He stalked around Eric, a predator sizing up its prey. He locked onto Eric like he meant to rip him to shreds, "You had better treat Pandora with the utmost respect. If I find that you have mistreated her in any way, you WILL answer to me."

He paused for a moment as they narrowed down to dangerous looking specks of color. "And if you think my sister will save you, think again. She will NOT go against me."

He straightened up and brushed a few wrinkles from his shirt. He turned back to Pandora, "And you, my dear, take care of him as well as yourself. I will check in on you both from time to time."

The Lord Caine bowed to the both and the proceeded to disappear in a flash of white light. Both turned to look at each other. Pandora growled at Eric and stormed off.

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