tagLoving WivesPandora's Box Pt. 03

Pandora's Box Pt. 03


(Author's note: for those who have asked, my name xleglover is pronounced crossed leg lover)

Mike and Jen had barely spoken the last 2 weeks. Mike didn't know what to say. His emotions were so mixed he frustrated himself, so he was certain his wife must be exasperated if not infuriated with him. Also, it bothered him Jen let all those men fondle her, and seemed ready to let them fuck her. They'd agreed ahead of time they were just going to watch, but Jen seemed ready to do much more than that, to let them gangbang her. What had happened to his sweet, church going wife?

Jen was furious at her husband. She felt like he was jerking her around, encouraging her to do things, then changing this mind. He made her feel guilty, like she was acting like a slut, which was completely unfair because he was the one who started all this. "I'm done with this stupid game of yours, don't ever ask me to do anything like that again!" she'd said angrily when he'd asked how she could have let the black bulls get so far with her. It wasn't fair, Mike was putting her in these situations, how could she not get aroused? But then he made her feel like it was all her fault. At the same time, a part of her DID feel like she was acting like a slut, and she felt the same self-reproaching feelings she'd felt back in college the few times she had one night stands. She didn't like feeling like that, she'd thought she'd gotten away from all that when she married Mike. All she wanted was to have Mike's babies and be a good devoted wife, and his demented fantasies were ruining everything.

Still not talking, Mike and Jen entered church and immediately ran into Ralph and the kids. Ralph looked terrible. "What's wrong?" Jen asked concerned.

Ralph sent the kids ahead and then quietly said, "Alicia left me last night."

"Oh no!" Jen said startled. "I can't believe it."

Ralph and Alicia's breakup seemed to snap Mike and Jen out of their funk. Mike apologized for making Jen feel like a slut. It turned him on when she acted that way. He assured her she'd done only what he asked, so if there was any blame it was all on him. He said the party had been too much all at once. In his fantasies Jen was with just one guy. He admitted he felt jealous and bothered whenever they played the game, but those feelings just added to his excitement. But having so many big black naked guys hitting on her all at the same time had just been too much.

Mike had never before been so open with his feelings about the game, and Jen softened. She admitted she'd been terribly excited, and the taboo of having sex with a black man had always been a fantasy for her. All the attention she'd gotten had thrilled her of course. But when he'd pulled her away she'd been relieved, because the thought of having sex with even a single black man had terrified her, and she'd been practically catatonic with so many black men around her.

They made passionate sex all night, re-living the party with their pillow talk and role playing. Mike purposely didn't ask if she would've actually fucked the black men if he would've let her. He didn't want to hear her answer. If she said yes, then he knew they'd eventually go to another of the parties –they were already getting invitations to attend again (and he knew it wasn't because they wanted to see him again) – and if they did go again he knew Jen'd be gangbanged, and he didn't know if he could handle that.

Two weeks later the phone rang. It was Ralph. "I'm sorry to ask this, but I didn't know who else to call. Jamie fell down and I think she might have broken her arm. Could you or Mike watch the other kids while I take her to the ER?"

"Of course, I'll be right over!" Jen said concerned. On the way over she called Mike to let him know what happened (he was traveling again).

Ralph was away for about 3 hours, and luckily Jamie's arm wasn't broken, just bruised. When he got home he looked stressed, so Jen found a bottle of wine in his cabinet and poured for both of them. "Have you heard from Alicia?" she asked.

Ralph nodded looking bitter. "She moved in with one of her old boy friends."

"Oh Ralph I'm so sorry!"

He shrugged. "Maybe it's for the best. We hadn't been getting along well. Mostly I worry about the kids."

The next day Jen couldn't stop thinking about Ralph. He had to take care of their 4 kids all by himself. While there she'd looked into his refrigerator and pantry and there wasn't much inside. Mike was still traveling and it was a slow day at work, so she left early and went to the grocery store. She loaded two shopping carts and went over to Ralph's.

"What's this?" Ralph said opening the door.

Jen stood smiling with 2 bags in her arms. "I just thought you could use some help."

Ralph said she shouldn't have, but he looked grateful. While Ralph brought in the bags Jen made spaghetti. Afterwards she helped him give the kids baths and put them to bed. "Thanks a lot for this," he said looking embarrassed. "I've hired a nanny, but she hasn't started yet."

"I'm glad to help," she said sitting down and crossing her long legs. Ralph looked at her legs, but she pretended not to notice. He opened a bottle of wine and poured them each a glass. She'd told him she was a dancer, and he believed it. She had the slim yet athletic body of a dancer, her posture was classically perfect, and all her movements were graceful. Even walking across the room she looked like she was dancing. She also was the most beautiful girl he'd ever met.

"Do you mind?" Jen said taking the remote control.

Ralph laughed when Jen turned the cable to ESPN. "Are you kidding?"

Jen smiled. "I told you I had 3 older brothers." Her smile turned to a scowl when another report on Sandusky came on. "I hate him, he's ruined this season. He got Coach Joe fired, it'll never be the same."

Ralph grimaced, but said reasonably, "It must be tough over there. I knew Coach Sandusky when I played, he was a good coach."

"Are you kidding?" Jen said angrily. "He molested little boys! How can you defend him?!"

"I'm not defending him," Ralph said quickly putting his hands up in surrender. "I'm just saying I knew him, that's all." He was getting used to Jen's quick temper. He saw, though, she was just as gorgeous when her face was screwed up in anger.

Like always, Jen's anger faded as fast as it flared up. "I feel sorry for the assistant coach. What's his name? I don't know if he could've done more than he did." Jen didn't mention she always thought he was cute.

"Are you going to church on Sunday?" Ralph asked wanting to change the subject from Penn State.

"Um ... I think so," Jen replied, caught off guard by the abrupt change in subject. She hadn't been planning to go because Mike wasn't getting home until Monday. She didn't know why she said yes, but now she knew she had to go.

Sunday morning she had trouble deciding what to wear. She'd teased Ralph before in church, when they'd first met. But that was before she knew him, when he was just a hunky guy and she was playing a harmless game of seeing if she could get his attention. She'd always been a flirt, and it was a harmless game she played sometimes. But now she knew Ralph, they were friends, and he was going through a lot. Still .... she smiled impishly. She opened her drawer and picked out a garter belt and stockings, and started dressing.

At church she found Ralph standing next to the door. He was talking to the pastor, but she wondered if he'd been waiting for her. As always she took Jamie in her lap (her arm was in a sling but not broken). She made sure to "accidentally" flash her stocking tops at Ralph during the service. She'd carefully picked out her dress. It was made of a dark silky material, and sitting next to her Ralph would be able to easily see the dents in the filmy material formed by her hard nipples (she hadn't worn a bra), but farther away no one would notice. She felt terribly sinful teasing Ralph in church, so she prayed to God for forgiveness, even while at the same time the delicious wickedness made her nipples even harder.

Ralph looked repeatedly at her legs and chest. She pretended not to notice. After service Ralph invited her over to watch football. She felt sorry for him. She knew it would help him out if she went over and helped with the kids. She agreed to meet him later, after she changed and picked up some food.

At home she called Mike but didn't tell him about Ralph. She knew he'd go wild if she told him, and she wasn't how she felt about adding Ralph as a regular to their cast of characters. Sure she was teasing Ralph a little, but that was just her flirting like she often did, it was all harmless, she didn't want Mike to go crazy about it.

She took off her outfit until she was down to her thong. She pulled on black tights because it was cold outside. She usually wore tights or pantyhose under jeans during the winter. Then she put on a bra, jeans and a Penn State sweatshirt. She looked in the mirror. It was an okay outfit for an afternoon of watching football, but ....

Reconsidering, she pulled off the sweatshirt and found a light brown turtleneck that looked good with her blonde hair. She was about to put on the turtleneck when she glanced at herself in the mirror. Her bra was smooth and full coverage. She liked it because under the turtleneck it wouldn't show any lines. But on impulse, she took off the bra and replaced it with a heavily laced, unlined bra. She put on the turtleneck and looked at herself in the mirror. As she knew it would, the texture of the lace showed through the snug turtleneck. The fashion gurus at Glamour magazine wouldn't approve, but she knew men found it alluring to see the lines of a girl's bra. The unlined bra also made her breasts look natural, and would do nothing to mask her nipples if they got hard. She fleetingly thought about wearing high heels, but thought that too much, and slipped into flats.

At Ralph's, Jen made chicken fingers, fries and tacos. They played board games with the kids. Jen loved being around kids and had a great time, even with the TV locked on football all day long (despite what she said, she didn't really like watching football if it wasn't Penn State). After dinner Jen helped Ralph give the kids baths and put them to sleep. Jen felt Ralph's eyes constantly on her. She wasn't wearing her tightest skinny jeans, but the designer 7 For All Mankind jeans she wore were tight enough. Anyway, she looked at him a lot as well (he looked good in his jeans too), although she felt she was better at sneaking peaks than him.

Ralph poured Jen a glass of wine and opened a beer for himself. They talked more about Penn State, and realized they used to go to the same haunts. Before long they were talking about everything, laughing and having a good time. Jen had a hole in her jeans, and at one point Ralph playfully poked her knee through the hole. "Can't afford new jeans?" he joked.

Jen pretended to be hurt. "It costs a lot to buy jeans with holes," she said with a pretend pout.

She expected him to laugh at her joke and remove his finger, but he didn't. Instead he brushed his finger back and forth over the nylon. "You wear pantyhose under your jeans?"

"Well, um, tights," she said feeling awkward talking about her underwear and realizing he probably didn't know the difference between tights and pantyhose. "It's cold outside," she explained pulling her leg away. An awkward silence followed. Jen liked to flirt, but she knew when flirting went from harmless to dangerous, and they were close to that point now. She pulled her legs underneath her, trying to think of a way to change the subject. As she did her flats fell off her feet and hit the floor. Ralph's head jerked and he gawked at her stocking clad feet. "Shit, he has a foot fetish," she thought realizing things were going from bad to worse. Trying to be as unsexy as possible, she sat back up and primly slipped her flats back on. "Um, is there any more wine?" she asked holding her empty glass and trying to change the subject.

Other than that one awkward moment, they both had a great time, talking and laughing about everything. Finally Jen looked at the clock and her eyes widened. "It's past midnight! I've got to get home, I have to go to work early tomorrow!"

Ralph gave her a hug goodbye and then kissed her cheek. It looked like he was going to kiss her so she quickly pulled away and left.

The next day Mike got home, and in bed Jen told him what had happened. Mike got excited and made her put on exactly what she'd worn the night before. He rubbed her nipples so he could see what Ralph had seen. He stood behind her as Ralph had done as she pretended to wash the dishes, so he could see her tight shapely ass the way Ralph had. Over and over again he made her describe how Ralph had caressed her knee, and then he put his finger through the hole saying, "like this, he touched you like this?" He went wild when she described Ralph's reaction to when her flats fell off. "You shouldn't have put them back on!" he chastised her. Finally he peeled off her jeans and ripped a hole in her tights. "The next time you see Ralph I want you to wear these pantyhose!" he hissed as he plunged his cock into her.

"You want me to see him again?" she whimpered as he fucked her.

"Yeah," Mike moaned. "Next time I want you to tease him until he's cumming in his pants." He grabbed Jen's jeans and ripped the hole larger. "See, I'm helping you seduce him, he'll love seeing more of your hose!" Mike grabbed Jen's hair and pulled her head to the side, then he plunged his tongue into her ear.

"Ugh god," Jen cried. For some reason her ears had always been super sensitive, so sensitive that when Mike did this it actually hurt. Mike knew this so he did it only when he was completely out of control with lust. "Mike don't," she pleaded, grimacing at the pleasure/pain.

"You slut! You dress like a slut and you go over there and tease him like a slut, but then you don't even given him a hand job, you're a cock teasing slut, admit it you're a cock tease!"

"Yes, I'm a slut!" Jen agreed, but at this point she just wanted Mike to cum so he would take his tongue out of her ear. "I'm a slut, I purposely dressed like a slut to turn Ralph on, I took off my shoes so he could see my feet, I wiggled my toes in my tights right in front of his face, I got him hard but I didn't go down on him or let him fuck me because I'm a slutty tease!"

"Just like at the party, right? You got all those black guys hot but then you didn't fuck them, you didn't even touch their cocks did you, did you, because you're just a cock tease!"

"Yeah, yeah, that's right!" Jen pleaded as Mike repeated darted his tongue into her ear. "Mike, please stop ..."

"You're a cock tease, a slutty cock tease! Just like tonight! You teased Ralph, you slut, didn't you? But you wouldn't give it up, would you, you slutty cock tease?"

"Yeah, yeah, I'm a cock tease, yeah!" Jen felt her husband's body tense, and then he finally came. As they lay panting, Jen wondered what had just happened. She hadn't cum, and it seemed Mike didn't seem to care. Instead he'd done something he knew she hated. In a way she felt violated. But he'd been away for a week, and then he'd gotten so excited about what had happened with Ralph. Maybe his passion got the better of him. She felt confused but she missed him, so she snuggled into his arms and fell asleep.

Mike felt chipper the next day. Their sex had been fantastic, and he couldn't stop thinking about Ralph's pass at his wife. Okay, it wasn't much of a pass, but what could you expect from an older guy who'd been married for 20 years? While on his business trip he'd thought about Jen constantly, and he finally figured her out. She was a natural flirt and liked male attention (he'd known that since meeting her), she got hot and excited by their games, but she didn't have it in her to go all the way with another man. She was too religious and straight-laced to break her marriage vows. If that wasn't true she would've been fucked by now, given the games they'd played. The evening with Ralph confirmed all that. His wife was a cock tease but she wouldn't fuck around on him. At least, not unless he gave his permission. The power he had over his wife's pussy made him feel secure, and made him more enthusiastic about their games and the possibility of going the next step.

The next Sunday they went to church, but to Mike's disappointment they weren't able to sit next to Ralph because his pew was full. Jen didn't wear a skirt, but a blouse and slim pants that made her ass and legs look fantastic. After the service Mike and Jen got caught in the crowd, and Ralph and his kids were gone by the time they got to the door. The pastor hurried past, looking around. "Have you seen Ralph?" he asked holding up a diaper bag. "I think this is his."

"Oh, it is," Jen said recognizing the bag immediately. She took it from the pastor. "We'll bring it to him."

They drove a couple of miles towards Ralph house when Mike pulled over. "Why don't you go over to Ralph's place on your own?" he said a lecherous grin on his face.

At first Jen didn't understand but then it hit her. "Mike, you're insatiable," she said a playful smile coming to her pretty face.

This was something Mike loved about Jen. She was carefree and always up for an adventure. "I'll take a taxi home and meet you there later," he said. "But take your time, as much time as you want, even dinner. You can tell Ralph I had to go to the office."

Jen shook her head like she couldn't believe his one track mind, but still she wore a smile. "You're crazy, you know that?"

Mike leaned towards her and whispered hotly into her ear. "Take off your bra first," he said as he began unbuttoning her blouse.

Alarmed, Jen's eyes darted around. "Mike, stop, people will see!"

He grinned lecherously. "So hurry up and take it off."

Jen thought about it. Her blouse was silky and a dark cream color. The dark of her nipples and areola probably wouldn't show through if she was careful where she stood. If her nipples got hard they would poke through the silky material but she'd done worst things. Also, she knew Mike wouldn't stop until she took off her bra. So she did a Flashdance move and took off her bra without taking off her blouse, teasingly putting on a sultry face but then giggling. "You are so demented!" she said playfully to her husband, dramatically dropping her bra in his lap.

"I've got something for you too," he said putting the bra in his pocket and reaching into the glove compartment. He pulled out 3 square packages. Jen immediately saw they were condoms. "Just in case," he explained. "You know Ralph has 4 kids, so clearly he's pretty fertile. And you're not on any birth control now, right?"

Jen hesitated. Then she said "Right," looking at the square packages. She'd gone off the pill a few months ago. They both wanted to start a family soon (probably her more than Mike), so they decided to let nature take its course. "Mike, you are so demented," she repeated rolling her eyes this time.

Mike dropped the condoms into her purse and kissed her cheek. "I'll see you at home later," he said getting out of the car. "I hope you have good stories to tell me."

Thirty minutes later Jen knocked on Ralph's door. "Hey!" he said clearly pleased to see her.

"Hi," she replied smiling. She held up the diaper bag. "You left this at church."

"Thanks!" he said gratefully, relief on his face. "But you didn't have to come all this way."

"That's okay, Mike had to go to the office."

"Well, come on in," he said enthusiastically. Jen stepped in, being careful where she stood because if the sunlight hit her profile Ralph would get an eyeful of her braless breasts through her blouse. She suddenly became aware of what Ralph was wearing. Or not wearing really, because all he had on was a white bath towel around his waist. He had a smaller towel in his hand which he used to rubbed his wet hair. Clearly he'd just got out of the shower.

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