tagErotic HorrorPanther Attack

Panther Attack


The Shawnee "bottoms" are well known in Southern Illinois. The wetlands are famous for its great fishing and hunting, but they're most famous for the Panthers that live among the trees and bogs.

In the late 60's a small circus was passing through the Shawnee Forest, when they collided with a semi heading west. Many of the animal's cages burst open. The only animals that weren't retrieved were a pair of mated black Panthers.

Many a fishermen and hunter's blood has turned cold at the blood curdling screams of the Panthers. Their screams have the cruel sounds of a woman in agony!

It's been in the low eighties today. I spent the day fall cleaning and hanging clothes out to dry. I had to wash my winter clothes, jeans, sweaters and all my sweats. (I like to work-out comfortably.) Winter was coming quickly.

I was taking the last of the laundry off the line, when I noticed a large space between some of my clothes. Checking through the basket, I found that I was missing my black sweats.

" I'll check the washer" I thought to myself. I gathered the rest of the clothes into the basket and had just walked onto the deck when I heard the familiar scream of the Panthers in the bottoms. Startled, but not scared, we often hear their screams this time of year: mating season!!

"At least someone is getting lucky!" I thought.

My name is Anna; I'm the mother of four daughters and divorced for eight months now. The house felt very empty with the girls at their father's. He was taking them out Trick or Treating tonight. I looked at the clock, almost 6:30pm.

"The girls are having fun, without me." The thought saddened me very much. I walked around the house to pick up toys, backpacks and jackets the girls wore this morning.

After eating and watching T.V. until 10 o'clock, I decided to take a long bath and turn in early. I soaked for a long time, washing my shoulder length blonde hair, and shaving my muscled legs. I felt anxious and decided to "play" on my own.

I closed my eyes and slid my hand between my open thighs. The warm water started to relax my sore muscles, so jumping into my favorite fantasy wasn't hard. (Especially with no interruptions!)

A very handsome policeman, while telling me that I was erotic and beautiful, was caressing me. His hands wove magic over my 5'4'' frame. My nipples hardened as my pussy creamed, building to at least one orgasm.

"You have beautiful sea blue eyes." The policeman says softly.

Just when I was about to cum, a loud crash came from the area of my front deck!

"Damn cats!!" I said to myself, almost jumping at the sound of my own voice.

I climbed out of my bath, cursing the neighbor's cats, wrapping my red silk robe around me. It wasn't something to keep warm with, but it was my weekend off. I deserve to pamper myself. I tied the sash loosely around my waist.

I quickly walked to the front door, noticing that it was almost midnight.

"Dang! Did I fall asleep in the bath?" I thought to myself. Another noise on the porch reminded me why I was standing in front of the living room door.

I closed my robe tighter as I slowly opened the door. Being out in the country and alone, I was a little nervous, hoping that the neighbor's cats caused the racket. At first I saw nothing. The temperature had dropped dramatically when the sun went down as it does this time of year. A dense fog covered my five acres; I couldn't even see my neighbors house three acres away.

A sudden movement in front of me made me jump back as a man dressed in my black sweats came into view. Alarmed I grabbed the door, trying to close it as quickly as I could. The door burst open, throwing me backwards onto the floor. He was standing before me, his bare feet planted between mine. I looked up in fear at this man. He was ruggedly handsome, with raven black hair and piercing eyes. They were strange eyes, rimmed with bright yellow. Hungry eyes that seared my soul, turning my blood ice cold!

He smiled at me, long feline fangs protruded from his open mouth.

"My name is Arell, I have caught your scent on the wind, so strong it is!!" He growled sniffing the air. "I have come to you, to mate. I can do this once each year, on this night! Is only night I can take human form, I have chosen you!" A deep purring sound emanates from Arell's chest. Arell kneels down between my feet, looking into my eyes. He cocks his head as if to question me. His ears are pointed and showing thru his long tangled hair, they shift to listen to the whimpering sound I am making.

"I must have a new mate each falling of the leaves. We must mate to make our pack large. You will be my mate, you must not fight me!" Arell's hand reaches out to touch my leg. In fear I jump back, trying to get away I run down the hallway, hoping to reach the bathroom and lock the door.

I can hear Arell's heavy panting; an ear-piercing howl brings my hands to my ears! Arell tackles me, knocking me down with his muscular body. There's very little room to move in the narrow hallway. Arell easily turns me to face him.

"I must mate with you before the moon reaches the sky! Do not fight me, I do not wish to hurt you!" Arell growls, his face close to mine. His breath smells of grass and something I can't recognize.

"No!! Please -don't- - - I am already a mother! I can't leave my children!" I plead with this creature with all my heart. Tears stream down my face as I watch Arell rip the sweats from his muscled body! My screams and struggles infuriate Arell.

Arell grabs my throat with his very strong left hand.

"Silent!" He commands. "You are mine! You have no mate but ME!" Claws that were covered by a small flap of skin slide into view on his right hand. It quickly shreds my robe, leaving my nude to the gaze of this invader!

Arell roughly caresses my hip, squeezing it cruelly!

"Yes! You will take me well." His satisfied purr resonates in his large chest. Taking a hold of my shoulders, he turns me over, forcing me on all fours. Arell's hands spread my legs apart; I can feel him bury his face deep in my frightened pussy. His tongue is rough as he licks the inner lips, spreading them apart. Against my will, my body reacts to the licking, my clit swells reaching for his long tongue. His purring gets louder as my juices flow into his mouth! I can feel his tongue slide in and out of my steaming hole. I scream as my hot cum pours into his greedy mouth.

Satisfied that I am ready to mate, Arell squats behind me. His large, paw like hands grasp my hips as he rubs his huge cock against my pussy.

"No!" I scream and struggle anew to get away! In anger Arell sinks his fangs into my shoulder, to keep me still as he enters me. I have seen the tomcats do this to the females to make them docile and compliant.

My cries and screams go unheeded as Arell plunges his burning cock deep into my pussy! His growls of pleasure ring in my ear. In and out,

pushing the walls of my pussy to the utmost limit! It feels like his cock will split me in two. He moves his hand-claws to my shoulders, forcing his cat cock deeper into my abused pussy! His teeth release my shoulder; his frenzied thrusts rock me against the carpet.

"Mate! You are mine!" Arell howls! The sound reverberates against the walls, hurting my ears. His long tail curls around my thigh, softly caressing me. Over and over his body slams into mine, I feel myself losing consciousness.

Suddenly, Arell stops and pulls out of my dripping pussy.

"Oh please stop!" I beg. Arell is too far-gone in his animal lust to hear me. He roughly turns me onto my back, spreading my legs wide!

Arell placed his huge hands on the floor to steady himself and to keep his massive weight off me.

"Lift your legs mate! Raise them to your shoulders!" Arell commanded. Afraid to oppose him, I raised my legs, bringing my knees close to my shoulders. Arell lowers his dripping cock into my wet pussy. His body traps mine, pushing my knees into my shoulders at each grunting thrust. My hands grip the carpet in pain!

Suddenly he changes his movement to slow and steady, prolonging his orgasm. My body that had been in so much pain was now feeling the rush of pure animal lust! Flames of curling desire quickly build in my very wet hole! Arell's slow movements bring me to a crashing orgasm. The spasms of my pussy squeeze Arell's cock so hard it forces his own orgasm. With a shuddering howl he rams his cock deeper, sending great amounts of his cum splashing against my cervix!

Slowly Arell's slides his cock out of my cum filled, abused little hole. He looks into my eyes and runs his tongue along my face from jaw line to my ear.

"You are my mate now, you will come to me soon," Arell states in my ear, purring softly.

I watch Arell as I slowly and painfully stand. He walks back towards my living room, his back to me. I follow Arell, hoping to lock the door when he leaves. When I reach the room, he's nowhere in sight. Nervously, I walk to the open door, expecting him to spring out at me! My hand touches the door as I look out onto my deck. Tears of relief wash down my face when I find that he was indeed gone. I start to close the door when something catches my eyes. The fog had left a fine misty film on my deck. On it were a man's footprints that changed to the prints of a large cat!

I slammed and dead bolted the door!

I walked, gingerly to my bathroom. I wanted to take a shower, to remove all traces of the attack. My shoulder hurts terribly where he had bit me and I had several deep scratches on my hips. I looked at my shoulder in the mirror and cried out! Blood trickled down my breasts and back! I was so angry! "Why did he pick me? WHY!" I screamed.

I went to the sink, picking up a cloth to wash the wound. I looked into the mirror to watch what I was doing and SCREAMED!!

My face was being covered with light black fur!

(In the distant fog-a Panther screams!)

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