tagNovels and NovellasPanther Attack Ch. 03 Pt. 01

Panther Attack Ch. 03 Pt. 01


The leaves crunch under Arell's paws as he walks unseen threw the dense brush. Staying hidden, he approaches civilization. Arell has left the Shawnee Forest and crossed the Will Scarlet Mine, to enter the rural community of Creal Springs.

Arell has been watching a beautiful red-haired woman for months. She is so graceful, almost feline in her movements.

He has watched her mow her yard, play with her small canine, and burn her trash each night. Watching her has become his obsession.

Arell knows she'll be home now; it's time for her evening feed. He knows this from all the nights he has watched her. The smell of the cooking meal assails Arell's tender sense of smell as he approached the dwelling.

Arell now looks longingly to the human creature framed in the illuminated window. There before him, stands his heart.

The kitchen's light overhead frames her auburn hair, creating a fiery halo about her. Her angelic face is in rapt concentration of the task of making her meal. Arell's breath stops each time he sees her this way.

He searches her emerald eyes, as she looks occasionally into the dark night, unaware of his presence. The gentle creature's eyes seem to reflect a deep longing; a sadness, drawing him; pulling him like a magnet to steel.

The kitchen light extinguished, the lovely woman leaves the room. Arell knows her routine and quickly rushes to the next window. Sitting alone at a table, she eats her meal. Arell watches each delicate movement. These feelings for this woman are strange to Arell. Never before has he craved a woman as he does this beauty before him.

He lifts his muzzle and inhales deeply. The cool October air carries the scents of dying leaves and damp grass, but there, in a sudden shift in the breeze, comes the scent of love; the musky signature of the fiery haired women. Arell's heart thuds deep in his chest as excitement rushes his veins. He wants this woman, not just for a mate, but also to satisfy his heart. This woman must be won, with his heart. She must not only love him, but also accept becoming like him, and rein alongside him.

He watches as the red haired woman returns to the kitchen briefly, and turns off the lights. Arell follows her around the house, racing between windows, keeping track of her movements. Finally, she emerges thru the front door, walking down the porch to the hanging swing. She sits, drawing her legs up beside her.

Arell crouches down behind a bush, just five feet from the sitting woman. He lays there, wanting to move closer, but not daring to, in fear of making her panic in fear.

Swinging slowly, the young woman looks out into the cool night. She closes her sweater a little tighter, crossing her arms. Arell's ears twitch at the sound of her soft sigh. He watches her face intently, sensing the loneliness emanating from her. His heart goes out to hers, wishing to give her comfort, hoping he could make her fall in love with him. Arell's mind is working hard on finding just the right way to approach his love.

His mind begins thinking of another fiery haired woman, the one he met one moonlit night in the jungles of Honduras. ..................................

It was the late middle of October, in 1975. Arell and a band of workers were clearing the rainforest, making roads. At night the men would sleep under the stars. Many a night the men would hear the screams of the jaguars as they pounced on some unsuspecting prey. During one of these moon- filled nights, the screams seemed closer; within touching distance.

Arell was reclining against a fallen log, enjoying a cheroot, when he heard the loudest of screams near his campsite. The hairs on his neck and arms stood up and fear curled in his guts. Sudden nocturnal attacks from hungry jaguars were well known in the area. Many men had disappeared without a trace recently, being pulled silently into the dense jungle surrounding them.

Arell quickly stood at the sound of something large approaching him through the choked foliage. Raising a flashlight, he was surprised by the appearance of the beautiful woman who now crouched before him.

She was magnificent; long of limb, with long fiery red hair, and wary green eyes. He watched her as she crouched before him in the long grass, scanning the campsite for more people.

Slowly, with great caution, she stood and entered the makeshift clearing. The wild beauty was wearing nothing but a few scraps of hide, barely covering her muscled frame. She sniffed the air and stepped toward Arell, her nose coming close to his cheroot. Shaking her head, she knocked the offending sent from his hand, with a grimace.

"Hey! Those are very expensive!" Arell exclaimed, as he started to reach for the lost cheroot. With a swift kick to the chest, the wild woman knocked Arell backwards onto his butt. Looking up into her face with a surprised look on his face, he asked, "Now why did ya do that, pretty lady?"

With a cock of her head the woman crawled towards the reclining man, up and over his hips, till they were face to face.

Grunting, the wild woman nuzzled Arell's neck, leaving gentle nips. He could hear her sniffing him as her nose slid through his hair. An erotic sensation crawled Arell's body as she continued down his chest, tummy and groin. Instead of moving on, she stopped at his groin and purred deeply. Arell's cock jumps at the sound.

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