tagNonHumanPanther Demon's Prize

Panther Demon's Prize


Escaping the confines of the village now that moon has risen. I slowly made my way down the unused path to the waterfall. I closed my eyes momentarily, inhaling the rich earthy scent of the dense forest surrounding me. I have always enjoyed this time alone to myself after a long day of scrubbing dishes and doing the laundry in Dunham Castle.

Being a scullery maid was not a very rewarding life, but I had no choice. Two years ago, I ran away from my village and a perverted step- father, after my mother had died. She had tried to protect me against his unwanted advances, but to no avail, he would just beat her down. One night I heard them speaking in hushed tones.

"Do not ever touch her Horace, she was given into my care by the King. One day when he returns to claim his daughter and he finds out you have touched her, he will kill you" her mother told her step-father. Well the woman I always thought to be my mother anyway.

"How do I know you are not lying, wench? Granted, she has an ethereal beauty to her, but nonetheless she dwells in the village here with us. Which makes her peasant stock; a lowly serf. Why would some king give her to you?" he asked loftily.

"Her real mother has been overheard to have wanted to kill her, and it was reported to the King. Until his wife dies, Morganna would not have been safe there. King Rulfmarggar approached me one day, and bade me to guard his wee daughter until his return. He has branded his little girl's left rear cheek with his mark, a miniature Tritan brand from his signet ring. Thus I have taken Morganna as my own, she does not know. Nor do I wish her to know until it is time. " Margaret told her husband.

A month after she had this discussion with her husband, Margaret was found dead near the river, strangled.

I knew I could not stay in that village any longer, so I fled to a coastal village. Three years later, here I am. Remembering how some villagers had found me unconscious near an oak tree on the outskirts of their village. When I became strong again, being fed and clothed, I was informed that there was an opening in the Castle as scullery maid. I took the employment as a way to keep my mind busy from the tragedy that struck my life.

The next day, a sheep farmer pulled into the village, selling some trinkets. I noticed something in particular in his cart. A pair of twin pair of black bladed daggers with the initials HW on it: Horace Willimeigher. Approaching the farmer, I asked him nonchalantly "Wow what magnificent daggers, did you make them?"

"Nay dearie, some poor fool was found murdered in my corn field, he was strangled. So, seeing as he wouldn't be needing these fine daggers here, I um, relieved him of them. " Frowning slightly, I didn't hear the rest of his words, as my mind worked over the ramifications of what happened. First Margaret strangled, now Horace.

Continuing my walk along the hidden path to the waterfall, I turned left around the black boulder, then right around the ancient oak tree. Pulling the leafy curtains aside, my eyes fell upon the beauty of the hidden waterfall, surrounded by hidden coves. Stepping forward, the giant leaves fell back into place behind me.

Looking around, hearing only the wilderness around me, and the cloak of the forest keeping my modesty a secret, I sat upon a giant boulder near the edge of the warm water, I slid off one well-used silk stocking, then the other. Placing them down beside my tattered slippers, I gently slid my little feet into the water. I had found this secret place two weeks ago, during one of my solitary walks. Ever since then, I would slip my stockings and slippers off, and soak them after long days of drudgery. But today, I needed more. My whole body was on fire, my muscles ached terribly. Standing up slowly, I slowly lowered my gown off my arms, then down my body, to feel it pool gently at my feet. Remaining in my shift, my keen light green eyes quickly scanned the area for anyone watching. Seeing no one, only a hare and chipmunk, I walked across the boulders, and came near the waterfall.

Delicious drops of cool fresh water fell upon my near-naked body, my skin tingling with the sensations. Oh how I love this! I feel so alive! Holding onto the one of the long stones surrounding the waterfall, I allowed my head to fall back, dark raven black hair pooling down my back in ripples. My body arched like a sleek feline, causing my full breasts to strain against the thin material of my shift. Little pink nipple tightening like perfect diamonds as the cool water splashed on them generously. Not caring that the sun had gone down, I continued to bathe myself upon the waterfall, each splash of water soaking my curvaceous body, down my back. over my round behind. My shift now plastered to my petite body, leaving no more room for modesty.

Hearing the water suddenly moving behind me, a tiny prickle of fear arose within me. Standing behind me, a mature male black bear, his paws waving in the air. growling. Suddenly, his great paw swiped at my shift, tearing a hole in the material near my tender behind. Stopping in his tracks, the bear looked at my behind as the glow of the Tritan birthmark blinded him momentarily then struck fear into him. Just as suddenly as the huge bear appeared, he took off in fright, never to return. By now, I was quite use to the fact that animals do not approach me once they had seen this birthmark of mine. They leave in fear, no matter what size they were. I never did understand why they are so frightened of it. Shrugging my shoulders, I leaned my head down momentarily to allow the water to soak my back and behind, the scratch from the bear healing instantly.

Hearing another sound behind me, I stiffened for a moment then chuckled.

"Back for more, big boy?" I chided the bear, not turning around to look at him, but the sound kept coming nearer and nearer.

Frowning, I began to turn around, when suddenly I was hoisted off my feet from behind. Gripped in strong, black fur covered arms, I heared a growl near my ear.

"I am not a bear, little female, I am Grakkor. " Having watched this female for two weeks now, since the first day she came here, he studied her moves, inhaled her sweet scent from afar. He has bided his time to come and claim this female, who has intruded upon his domain. Then one day, as she stood naked near the waterfall, he noticed the Titan on her round human bottom. He was momentarily stunned into silence. He could not believe he found her accidentally, having given up his search. Grakkor had been hired by Queen Glacial, to kill her daughter. He did not ask questions, not answerable to anyone, he was bored so he had accepted the riches offered to be rid of a human. For ages, he searched for her, yet never able to find her. Now that Queen Glacial was dead, betrayed by one of her lovers, the King had executed her for treason. The Queen wanted Morgana dead out of jealousy for the child's powers and gifts. The King had told him he could keep the riches offered by the dead Queen if he would give his word to not kill his daughter. Grakkor had informed the Sea King that he had no intention of killing the female human, but that he would keep the treasure. The King nodded and began to turn translucent, but Grakkor stopped him before he left and demanded. "I will also claim your daughter as my life mate, in final payment"

The King snickered and looked over this Black Panther Demon and replied "If you are not killed by the power of her Titan birthmark upon touching her, you may have her as your prize, as life mate. But if you harm her ever, I will kill you myself. " After those solemn words, the King had vanished.

That was twenty-one years ago. Knowing the female human child was almost six years old when the King had hid her, he knew her to be twenty-seven years of age as of this day.

Pulled abruptly out of his deep memories, Grakkor received a kick to the chest by this feisty little woman's feet. Chuckling softly at her spirit, he gave her round behind a solid smack.

"Ouch, you overgrown bastard" Morganna cried out.

"Silence wench, or do you want another one?" he mused

"How would you like a good thump on the head, you big oaf!" she fairly shrieked out in outrage.

Being lifted up in his massive arms again, I suddenly felt vines snaking around my wrists, holding me immobile against the vine-covered boulders. My shift began to be ripped off my body, leaving me naked against this creature's massive body.

"No Stop! Please don't. " whimpering softly, I suddenly felt him stop momentarily. I knew he was staring at my birthmark. By now, the Tritan birthmark began to glow and warm, causing a small light to surround us both. Looking behind me, I gasped softly, looking at this massive creature. Human head, covered in black fur. , piercing red-brown eyes, broad shoulders with a massive chest, covered in black hair. His hands were massive, easily able to cover my round behind with one hand if he chose to. Swallowing hard, I took a much needed breath, feeding my air-starved lungs.

Suddenly his hand parted my legs gently, as I remained within his arms in front of him. Hoisting me high in the air, his massive hands held me under my thighs, near my bottom. I felt soft warm puffs of air near my little pink love nest. A warm long tongue gently glided over my flanks, licking searchingly at first. I gasped softly as his tongue passed over my birthmark, flicking it quickly. Frowning, I wondered how he was not harmed by the powerful birthmark as all others had been frightened away.

All of a sudden, his wet warm tongue touched my slit from behind. Vines slipped around my thighs, holding me in the air, freeing this creature's hands to enable him roam my little curvaceous body.

Feeling long thick fingers suddenly part the folds of my lower lips, as his long wet tongue slid inside me slowly, stretching me with its width. A moan escaped my body, as pleasure betrayed me. Quickly but gently, Grakkor's tongue flickered over my now engorged clit, curling around it, tugging. Hearing him inhale me, as my sweet nectar flowed onto his tongue and in his wide mouth.

Growling softly, Grakkor began to feel the primal need to take her, overcoming him. Pressing his face right into her sopping wet mound, he impaled this delicious little female with his long thick tongue. Thrusting deeply into her, he did not break her virginal barrier just yet, but savored her sweet inner walls. Retracting his massive tongue, Grakkor parted Morganna's round ass cheeks with his massive hands. Suddenly, he felt her struggling and shrieking furiously for him to let her go. Raising his massive hand, he smacked her silken bottom hard, causing it to pinken. Hearing her whimper and her surrender, he then parted her cheeks again. Looking at the pink little star of her forbidden area, Grakkor ran his tongue gently over the rim, tasting and inhaling her aroma. Running his long tongue from her little star, down to her soaking wet little love nest, he widened his tongue, covering her entire pussy. His lips surrounded her wet petal, and began to suckle her deeply into his mouth. Morganna's body began to buck, pleasure burning into her traitorous body, as the onslaught continued over and over.

Gripping her hips, Grakkor ran his tongue quickly over this delectable little female's pink mound up to her forbidden star, lapping at her like a lollipop. Suddenly, without her expecting it, Grakkor plunged his long thick tongue into her behind, slowly at first, then fully. Wiggling his tongue inside her, Grakkor began to hum softly, causing her body to vibrate.

The pleasure-pain I felt, overtook my body, as this creature impaled my ass with his huge tongue. His claws dug into the tender skin of my behind, a bit of blood dripped down. Arching my body, millions of electrical currents overtook my body, asmy body began vibrate in orgasms.

Taking his tongue out of her sweet little ass, Grakkor gripped her hips again, plunging his tongue deep within her love nest, up to her womb as she orgasmed repeatedly. Slurping all the sweet nectar as it ran out of my body. Greedily the creature latched onto my throbbing clit with his teeth and lips, suckling it hard, my body vibrated as I orgasmed violently onto his mouth.

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh my mind cried out as blackness overtook me into nothingness.

Coming to, I stared into the feral gaze of this creature who was the Black panther Demon Lord. I tried to back away in fright, but my hands and legs were held down with strong vines. The creature leapt between my legs and I suddenly hissed in fear and anger, but the creature was not affected in the slightest by my outrage.

Gripping my hips, the creature plungeed gently but firmly into my body. Crying out, the pain of my broken hymen nearly tore me apart. Blood coated the creature's body, as he continued to thrust inside me. Reaching under me, the creature gripped my bloodied behind, thrusting deeply into my womb, as he leaned over, taking a tight little pink nipple into his ravenous mouth. A vine suddenly crept from behind me, circling my chest, to curl around a nipple. A tiny little suction cup appeared at the tip of the vine, then latched onto my sensitive nipple. My head swirled as my body was ravished completely by this demon and his magical vines. The vine suckled hard on my left nipple, as the demon licked, sucked, and tugged on my right one. Never missing a beat in his thrusts deep within me, stretching and filling my insides. My head fell back, and my body was lifted more, as a small vine snaked under me, with a hard long shaft on the end. Creeping between my lower cheeks, it parted me wide, as a long object began to slide into my forbidden hole, impaling me deeply as it grew to fit my insides.

Suddenly, I was overwhelmed as every part of me was touched. The demon's massive shaft impaled my little love nest, the vines suckled my nipples and another vine impaled insides my anal passage, all at once. The demon added more pleasure-pain, as one of his thick fingers vibrated on my engorged clit, tugging non too gently.

Parting my soft mouth in a moan, a thick vine appeared in front of my face. I watched transfixed as a thick hard root began to form. Suddenly without thought, I reached up to take the black root into my hot mouth, suckling it like a shaft as my body was ravished and tormented completely.

A light begian to form behind my eyes, my body exploded into another orgasm, spiraling me down into a deep abyss. Hearing the creature growling in feral lust, I felt the head of his shaft swell inside my womb, as he exploded. Torrents of potent white seed poured into my virginal womb, as his teeth sank into my breasts. Licking the wound close after having tasted my blood, the creature held me as blackness claimed me once again.

"You are mine, little one. Your father has given you to me as payment for your survival. I intend to take it. " Grakkor informed me arrogantly as my light green eyes fluttered open.

"My father?" I asked confused, still dazed from the onslaught.

"King Rulfmarggar, a Sea King. I recognized the birthmark, when I began to lick that luscious little ass of yours" He informed her boldly.

My cheeks begin to pinken at his candid, but crass words. I quickly forgot that blush, when I remembered him speaking of my father.

"I never met my parents. I was placed in some village when I was small, with two very strange people. "

"Your mother wanted to destroy you, because you were a threat to her. She was known as one of the most beautiful women in these parts, until you were born. She had seen in her vision, how you would look as you grew older, and began to plot for your demise. A servant, loyal to your father, overheard this and informed the King. He quickly sent you away where she would not look, branded you so that no harm could ever befall you. Hence the Tritan birthmark on that lovely behind. "

"I am a Princess?"

In one swift movement, Grakkor grabbed Morganna by the hips, pinned her body down. Placing his massive paws on her smooth thighs, he parted her. Seeing how creamy she still was, his mouth covered her tiny pussy as he lapped at her insides. Arching her body, Morganna began to crave this creature's hungry mouth. Over and over, his long thick tongue impaled her tight insides, touching her g-spot, causing the little female to buck wildly. At the moment of her orgasm, Grakkor bit down on her clit gently enough to taste her blood. Holding her body until he feasted possessively on all her sweet nectar, he closed the tiny cut on her clit made by his fangs.

Sitting up in front of her, with blood on his lips, Grakkor informed the little human female looking up at him. "Nay my dear, you are not a princess anymore. You are the Black Panther Demon's prize. "

The End, for now "winks"

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