Hi there! My name is Sandy and I sort of have a confession to make... I don't wear panties out in public. Well it's not like I do it all the time, just when I'm wearing a skirt. I love to feel the breeze flowing between my legs and gently caressing my female parts. It's strange, but I really enjoy it.

Right now I'm sitting under a tree right outside of Central Library; I'm just enjoying the cool spring breeze that living in Florida has to offer. I smile at the people that walk by and say their hellos. I smile and say hello as well, partly because of good manners and the strange perversion I get from them not aware that I have no undies on and if someone was to bend down in front of me they would see my naked bottom half. It's a guilty pleasure that I love to indulge on. When the weather is right I forget my bloomers and throw on a nice skirt that just touch my knees and head out the door. I get excited around this time of year. Living in the Sunshine State has its advantages. While everyone else is freezing their butts off, I sit here and enjoy the warm weather and beautiful beaches.

LOL, sorry getting off track. Anyway the reason I'm writing this is to tell you about an experience during one of these exhibitions.

It was an early Monday and I didn't have work. I worked at Central Library it's located in the downtown area of Bradenton. It sits in front of a boating dock with museums and boutiques surrounding the it. I'm a librarian; always wanted to be one. I really enjoy books and like working in a peaceful environment. I was quietly enjoying the early morning, my legs slightly apart to allow the spring breeze to cool the heat that was gathering between my plump thighs. I'm sitting underneath a shady spot to the distance of several old folks who are fishing of the dock on the freshly cut grass. I love the feel of grass rubbing against my naked flesh.

Since I'm sitting in a nearly seclude area I decide to open my legs a little more. I lean my head back and let out a satisfied and relaxed sigh. I get a little aroused by this, and I become oblivious to the fact that my skirt has risen up past my knees and have fallen off my thighs, exposing myself even more. It isn't until I feel eyes on me that I snap out of it. I suddenly look up to find a very handsome man starring between my legs. His forest green eyes are bulging out of their sockets at the sight before them, his face is flushed and I think he's kind of sweating.

I quickly pull down at the skirt to hid myself. I jump up completely mortified that I was caught and by such a cute guy. I turned and ran so fast you'd think I was a pro sprinter.

I make it to my car in record time. I m breathing heavily and my sides are aching sweat is running all over my chocolate face. I unlock my car and climb in; I turn on the a/c and try to cool off. My face is on fire from what just happened.

I quickly set the car into reverse and drive off.


I couldn't believe what I just saw. There, just sitting two feet away from was heaven, and I let her get away. Well, I was a bit surprised at first and aroused to move a muscle. I, Colin Basset, have fallen in love. I wasn't expecting it, it just happened.

I was walking towards the library to drop off some books that I had gotten last week. I was a mere 50 feet from the building until I spotted her. I recognized her immediately as one of the librarians that worked at Central and she was a repeat customer at my Bistro. I wondered if I would see her today.

I make my way towards the entrance of the library to drop off my books at the drop box. As I was leaving saw a little red convertible pass by and in it I saw her; my little chocolate exhibitionist. I couldn't help but smile at the memory of the little show earlier.

I glanced at my watched and cursed, I was due back at the restaurant in ten minutes. I quickly made my way to my car and sped off.

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