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The first installment telling the tale of a young man's fascination with ladies underwear, his family and his sexual development. As always, I reserve all rights and warn you that it is vaguely incestuous and certainly a bit fetish oriented so if that's not your cup of tea, stop reading. Comments and helpful criticisms are always welcome but the anonymous, insulting ones get referred to my coven!

Many, many thanks to BonnieBrea for editing and advice that absolutely improved the story! You bet!!

P.S.- No character under 18 is sexually involved in any way in this tale.

************************ **************************

"JAMES FITZPATRICK DAVIS!" Mom practically shouted even though we weren't more than a few feet apart. The warning bells sounded loud and clear in my head. The only time she referred to me by my full Christian name was when the axe was about to fall. From the looks on the faces of my two sisters, Sally (just fifteen months older than me) and Maggie (almost a year older than Sally), the cause had to be related to them and that could mean only one thing.....

It all started just a short while ago. I discovered how I could sneak a peek of my older sisters while they changed clothes or dried off after a bath. The bedroom door has enough space under it to allow me to slip a mirror underneath, giving me a reflection of their charms. Foolproof, I thought with a snicker. Since there was no way they'd ever see the tiny sliver of mirror while preoccupied with clothes, hair or make-up, I could stare at them forever. Timing, of course, was everything because I had to get the mirror under the door after they'd showered but before they got dressed.

I discovered the trick accidentally during my 18th birthday party. Some friends and I were playing laser tag and I figured that using a mirror to peek around a corner would give me a decisive advantage. Worked, too! Worked just as well under a door which let me catch them preparing an ambush and turn the tables. Nailed 'em both, the nerds!

That night, I saw my sister, Sally, dart from the bathroom to her bedroom clad in just a towel after a shower. When I saw the light come on under her closed door I remembered catching my friend Josh (what a nerd!) at laser tag by looking under a door... BINGO! Instant inspiration! I experimented a bit and decided that looking under my sisters' bedroom door would be far better than trying to see through the steam and weird angles of the bath.

After that, I regularly staked out the bathroom, waiting for either Maggie or Sally to shower. After an unlucky few days, Sally ducked inside and I heard the sound of the shower running. Just like every girl, she took forever to finish while I waited, nervously spinning a small mirror and dreaming about what I would to see. I hoped for a look at her naked-- my first nude girl! At long last, my sister opened the door, releasing a torrent of steam, and went to her room.

Moving as quickly as I could while remaining quiet, I slid the edge of the mirror under my sister's door. What I saw took my teenage breath away. There was Sally, just fifteen months older than me, standing in plain view wearing a thin lace bra and matching thong panties! Heart racing and blood pounding, I watched her adjust the cups and run a finger along the back of the thong to reseat it in her cleft while my dick went from calm to rampant in a nanosecond. It was the first of many successful peeks at my next elder sis changing clothes or in her underwear.

I had to make chances to get inspiring looks at Maggie, older than Sally by eleven months and just finishing her last year at St. Brigid's High. Because she was an active teenager and home unpredictably, it took more planning and luck to see her undressed and I never got more than a single brief shot of her unmentionables until the Christmas holidays. But on the day after Christmas, she treated me to a fine present! Wearing a see-thru bra and tiny lace panties, she was swaying to the radio as she finished her hair and make-up. Next, I delighted in a prolonged striptease show as she tried on four outfits before finally deciding on a skirt and sweater combo. Unfortunately, she never quite turned the right way for me to see her nipples, except in profile, nor stood in a way to reward me with a solid look at the front of those lace panties! Nonetheless, I certainly had no illusions about the size, shape and firmness of Maggie's boobies after that.

The girls tended to take their sweet time about changing but getting a "decent" look at them naked-- or even nearly so-- had been next to impossible. I caught them in bras and panties many times, but only briefly before a dress or a sweater cut off my view of their "unmentionables." The best chance was always after a bath when they tended to sit facing the vanity mirror and comb out their hair, clad in just a bra and panties, giving me longer look than I could get during a costume change. I did get a very brief look at the sides of Sally's boobs once when she changed bras and of both girls' buns when they changed their panties at bedtime. But I never got a real, full-frontal nude shot of either one. Not for a long while, anyway.

It was precisely this urgent hope that was playing out as I voyeured my sister after a bath. I had just turned eighteen and it was spring break. Maggie and Sally were both home-- a rare thing now-- but Mags had just returned from a visit to friends and Sally had been out shopping with Mom. My chance came when Sally decided to clean up for a movie date. I listened to the shower stop and waited silently around the corner from her room for the door to close after she left the bathroom.

Sally dropped her robe just as I got into position and there it was-- a first view of my naked sister! Not a frontal view, alas, but she was very naked and I could see her small breasts from the side and her taught bottom as she fished for underwear in a dresser drawer. She mumbled something under her breath with a curse, something about always seeming to lose certain pairs of panties whenever she came home, but I didn't really catch it.

I watched her lean over to pull a pair of blue panties up her legs, the backside view enticing. There was only the briefest flash of the treasures between her legs until the panties covered her. However, much to my delight, she then sat before her vanity, combing out her hair. I got an eyeful of her bare breasts reflected in the vanity mirror while she stroked her tresses, the first time I'd actually seen her nipples! Combined with the memory of the flash of dark cleft between her thighs, I was breathless with excitement! Unfortunately, my rising cock demanded attention at the same time and this was the cause of my current predicament.

As I shifted around to stroke myself, the mirror scraped along the wooden floor. Sally turned quickly at the noise and must have seen the edge of the mirror before I could pull it away as she stormed to the door. I had barely gotten to my feet when the door flew open and she was glaring at me. It took no more than a nanosecond for her to piece the puzzle together and she pulled her robe tightly over her boobs to storm off and find Mom.

My Mother was pissed, naturally, and my two sisters were furious too. They knew, of course, that I'd been trying to get a look at them naked. They also knew that it had become a bit of a game between the three of us-- a game they knew, however, they must never actually let me win. But this time, Sally knew what I'd seen and that meant that I'd crossed the line. As I took my medicine with my two sisters screaming about my perverted desires and invasions of their privacy and modesty, all I could see or think about was the shape of their nipples under their shirts and the way Sally's titties had looked in her mirror. I snapped back to reality and attention when Mom finally chimed in. "James Fitzpatrick," she said, shaking her head wearily. "What am I to make of this and do with you?"

"Son, for two or three years I've been aware that your libido has been growing out of control. I know, for instance, that you now regularly snitch panties from the hamper and use them to masturbate." She looked at me with a hint of a smile and added, "Did you think I wouldn't guess why our panties stuck together like they'd been glued? Or think I wouldn't wonder why my panties, or the girls, always seemed to show up that way after going missing for a few days?"

Shit! That was a secret I thought I'd been able to keep. From the looks on my sister's faces, I had-- from them at least-- but clearly not from Mom who made the announcement to the three of us with a tone of resignation and disappointment. I guess I should have considered that the woman who did the laundry would see and smell the evidence of my personal fun when she put the wadded-up panties into the washer. I learned later that she washed her lingerie by hand so my little deception hadn't been very deceptive from the very first time I used a pair of her panties to get myself off. Unhappily, I also realized that using their panties to masturbate was only part of my reason for taking them and hoped Mom wouldn't guess what other use I might have for those frilly undies.

"Jim, I know about teenage males and their sexual urges. I really don't mind that you've used my soiled underwear to satisfy yourself or I'd have said something sooner. But using the girl's panties like that is different. Have you thought what might have happened if they decided to reclaim a pair of their undies after you had pleasured yourself in them? It's a small chance, true, but what would we have done had Sally or Maggie come up pregnant-- by their own brother?"

My sisters turned bright red and Maggie gasped and ran to the bathroom, slamming the door and making certain I heard the lock click. She emerged shortly after with a pair of red bikini panties in her hand which she threw to the floor at my feet. I recognized them as a pair I'd found enticing last night and almost snitched from the hamper. Apparently, both she and Sally did sometimes reclaim used panties for whatever reason and my careless, thoughtless sex drive had put them at risk. I was ashamed of myself and my behavior and told them so. Then realized that, even as I said it, I was wearing a pair of Sally's panties under my slacks! Damn! And I was getting aroused and leaking into them even as Mom chewed me out. Double damn!

"Jim, I know it's been awkward for you in a house with three women. I am aware that the absence of a male role model might alter your libido. So, I know you've been secretly wearing our undergarments for quite some time and I've found our nighties tucked under your bed, along with some bras and even complete outfits of mine. You obviously wear women's clothes on occasion, not merely our panties under your slacks. May I assume it's only at home and only when your sisters and I are out?"

Red-faced with embarrassment, I nodded my agreement.

"Given the increasing frequency that our under things have been going missing, I'll bet you're wearing a pair of panties that belong to one of us right now, aren't you?"

All I could do was nod in continued humiliation. I was caught red-handed and red-faced.

"Drop your pants and let's see."

I gaped, mouth wide open in shock, at my Mother's command. Drop my trousers here? Now? In front of her and my sisters? No way, I thought to myself- no f-ing way! But, she read me like a book.

"Yes. Here and now, Jimmy," Mom said in that tone that accepts no arguments. She nodded toward my belt and ordered, "Drop trou!"

Fumbling in shame, I undid my belt and the buttons on my jeans and let them fall to the floor around my ankles. Sally's panties were french cut and very frilly, with a mesh of fine lace along the edges and barely enough material to cover my bottom cheeks. They were a pale pink and small enough that the head of my hard cock was sticking out at the waistband, not that it mattered since the panties were so sheer that nothing much was left to the imagination. I remembered how excited I'd been to slip them up my legs and over my hips when I put them on.

"They look cute on you, Jimmy," Sally whispered. Maggie also looked pensive, as if she was seeing me in a completely new way as well. I was just plain embarrassed but my dick had a mind of its own and refused to go soft, despite the humiliation and exposure.

"Yeah, they do, don't they...." Mom added quietly. "We've all got things to do right now but I think we all need to sit and talk later. Jimbo, go fetch all of the clothes you've been hiding in your room and drop them in the laundry-- but I want you keep wearing Sally's panties though. They really DO look cute on you!" As I stumbled off to gather up the clothes that I'd been using in my fantasy life, the three of them gathered in a conspiratorial huddle and went into Mom's room and closed the door.

That night, after the dinner dishes were cleared, the four of us sat around the kitchen table for a chat I dreaded in every way imaginable. It didn't help that Mom insisted that I wear just the panties and a T-shirt to dinner. I spent half the meal trying to keep my dick under control and the other half squirming to reposition it having failed to keep from being constantly rigid throughout dinner. Damn it! I liked the way the silk panties felt around my penis and buns... but having a permanent hard-on around the house would be a major issue for everyone, I figured, if sheer panties were all I got to wear.

Mom began talking, finally. "There's nothing wrong with a healthy curiosity about the opposite sex. All of us have it... and I do mean ALL of us," she emphasized, pointedly including herself. "You're eighteen now, son, and I know you've had some experience with girls in your classes in school and I know that both Maggie and Sally gave up being virgins awhile back, shortly after going off to college in both cases."

That got a pair of red faces from my sisters! Hah! Secrets of their own!

"For years now, we've pretended around the house that nothing was changing and that no one was growing up. Foolish of me, in hindsight. What I propose is that we reset things a bit and allow ourselves to be more natural around each other. What I mean is that we'll start to live without the inhibitions that have been making Jimmy creep around for a cheap shot of his sisters and made you two girls into cock teasers in reply."

Maggie and Sally stared at our Mom like she was speaking in tongues and shifted nervously in their seats. Clearly, Mom had struck home with both observations and I began to see how true her announcement was. The girls had been flashing me glimpses of flesh or lingerie off and on- which they had to know was driving me crazy with lust. Their games had been provoking me to ever greater exertions to get a better look than they were offering, a vicious cycle that Mom proposed to end.

"We can't have that. None of us. Jimmy goes off the college this fall and you two girls are halfway through college now. Sooner or later you'll stop visiting regularly, getting your own places and jobs, starting families and so on. While I can still enjoy all of you around the house, I want to make sure we stay healthy around each other, especially when it comes to something as tantalizing and exciting as the opposite sex. So, we'll stop making nudity, underclothes and sex such a big deal around the house...."

Mom paused and seemed to gather her courage a bit, swallowing hard and taking a deep breath. Obviously, she was very nervous about whatever she intended to say next so my siblings and I sat with curious expressions on our faces and plenty of questions on our minds at her suggestion. Finally, Mom seemed to find her courage and concluded her little talk in a very soft voice.

"....starting now."

With that, Mom rose slightly up off her seat and reached under her robe and nightgown. My sisters and I watched in rapt attention. Slowly, and with nervous embarrassment, we three saw our Mom pull her panties down her legs and off. With a shy grin, she handed them to me. "There you go, Jimmy. Now you won't have to sneak into the hamper later to find them." Smiling, she got up to leave the room, calling back over her shoulder, "Hey, anyone want to watch a movie?"

I was sitting in a T-shirt, still wearing the silk panties I'd nicked from Sally, holding the panties my Mom had just taken off. I felt how warm and wet they were when a sudden inspiration driven by overwhelming lust hit me. I lifted them to my nose and took a deep sniff of the heady aroma of woman and perfume that permeated the wet crotch panel while my two sisters watched in wide-eyed fascination. Giggling, Maggie said, "Gosh, Jimbo, that is soooo wicked.... but I am SO turned on seeing you do that with Mom's panties! I'm sorry I lost it earlier with you 'cause I know what a rush it is to smell fresh pussy."

Suddenly ashamed at the implications of her comment, Maggie reached under her sweatshirt and fumbled with her bra. "I've always hated wearing these things," she said as the shirt came up to expose her boobs covered by a padded bra designed to add a cup size or two. I got a really good look at her assets, however, when the bra came loose and she worked the straps down her arms and off. Was it my imagination or were her nipples hard! Was that from the chill in the air or from excitement? Maggie took her time getting the bra off before she pulled the shirt back down to cover her breasts. She set the bra down in front of me much like Mom had done with her panties.

Sally just stared at me as I continued to sniff Mom's panties while fingering the cups of Maggie's bra with the other hand. She and I had always been close, probably because we were so much alike, so I knew something was churning behind her green eyes. She was wearing a thick, terrycloth robe belted loosely at the waist with a nightgown visible underneath. I remembered that this nightie was nearly transparent in the right light. I'd worn it myself once or twice when she was away at school so I knew what it could reveal if the lighting was right. Sally licked her lips.

"I'm just so hot, Jimmy. All this-- you, Mom, now Maggie-- all of you have made me get so heated up. So... hot..." she whispered as she stared off into the distance. Slowly, Sally began untying her robe and let it slide down her arms until it gathered around her hips. She stood between me and Maggie and reached out for Maggie's hand and I discovered that the light in the kitchen was very "right". The gown basically disappeared and put every bit of her feminine charms on full display in front of me. For the very first time, I got an unobstructed, clear and close-up frontal view of my sister wearing almost nothing at all. Her beautiful tits stood out high and firm on her chest, the nipples hard points that pushed out the thin fabric into small tents. I let my eyes drift down, taking in the sight of my sister as near to nude as she could be while still technically clothed. Lower down, I saw that Sally wasn't wearing any panties and just as clearly saw that she shaved. Sally's sex was completely bald! I could see the lips of her sex and the tip of her clit peeking out of its hood at the top. The lighting made her protruding lips and long slit obvious through the nightie. My sister had to realize the show she was putting on... Surely, Sally was aware of how little she was leaving to my imagination in that nightgown. From the faint scent of musk and hint of wetness around the lips of her sex, I was convinced that Sally was both quite aware of the degree of exposure and was also very aroused by her exhibitionism.

Maggie groaned softly and finally took Sally's hand, standing and giving our sister a quick kiss on the lips before they both walked off into the den after Mom, still holding hands. I needed a few minutes to calm down. Inside Sally's panties, my dick was leaking pre-cum and was rock hard, conditions that I thought I needed to resolve before venturing out into the den myself.

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