tagFetishPanty Husbands Wife Goes Crazy

Panty Husbands Wife Goes Crazy


A couple weeks after my wife and I returned home from a trip to Key West where she fucked my virgin ass real good things were calming down. My wife gets wild and kinky in Key West for some reason. We have a great sex life at home, but other than me wearing her panties and us fucking four times a week, we are pretty normal.

Then I got a text from my wife. It read "I really want to fuck your ass again. How about tonight Panty Husband?" My heart started racing.

I was shocked. I thought that fantasy of both my wife and me was in the past. What was she dreaming up now? My wife and I communicate well. It's the main reason we have such a great sex life. We talk and do our best to satisfy each other and as long as it's just the two of us anything goes.

I called my wife on the way home in my car. I said, "What are you thinking about for tonight?"

She admitted that she really loved fucking me with a strapon and wanted to do it again. She even thought she might be able to orgasm while fucking me if we planned everything just right. I said, "I love your fucking me and am ready any time you are." Let's talk more when I get home.

I arrived home and there was no need to talk. My wife greeted me at the kitchen door from the garage in a see through silk robe. It was very easy to see black tanga panties, a matching black bra and her strapon harness with her 8 inch black cock attached. She said, "I'm really horny for your ass. Can we fuck now and have dinner later?"

I said, "I'm all for that. Let me go change."

She said, "I already have some things on the bed for you. Just put them on, please."

I got to the bedroom. The blinds were closed tight. Twenty candles we lit. Incense was burning. Our fuck palace was ready for action. The master bathroom light was on with the door open so it was relatively well lit. I saw a red pair of panties, red lace top stockings, a black garter belt and a red Victoria Secret bra with the tit inserts from Key West next to it making me a 38C. I noticed the bra was the style that bragged to increase your cup size by two cups. I put it on and was transformed from a flat-chested guy to a 38DD as soon as I put the inserts in.

I have no idea why she wants me dressed in lingerie to fuck me. It's her idea. As long as it's our secret I love it because I get my ass stretched and pounded for the second time. The first was great.

I got dressed, closed the bathroom door and the scene was set in the fuck palace. It was very romantic. I walked out and my wife's eyes lit up. She was so ready.

She came over and kissed me and had her hands all over me. She was rubbing my panties on my ass, my legs with the stockings and squeezing my bra. There are really no titties to squeeze, but VS does and amazing job making their push-up very soft. The only other time I saw my wife this wild was in Key West. She was ready and she was in control.

She whispered to me, "I want you to ride my big black cock Cowgirl style. We didn't do that in Key West. While you ride my cock I'm going to do everything I can to have the harness and cock hit my clit. I want to orgasm as I fuck you."

I said, "Baby, I'll do anything you ask. Just coach me as we fuck."

She played with my cock in my panties. I was as ready as she was. She held my hand and walked me to the bedroom. She told me to bend over the side of the bed. I did and she pulled my panties to the side just like I do to her. She lubed my ass and placed her finger in me to get me ready.

I said, "Honey, I am so hot I am ready right now. Tell me what you want."

She said, "I'll get on my back. You straddle me. I'll help you slide your panties to the side and get the cock ready for you to sit on.

She took the lube and squirted a big wad into her hand and stroked her cock. She said, "Let's get to the fucking. Ride me panty cowgirl."

I straddled her thighs with my ass in the air. My wife quickly moved my red panties to the side and placed her big black cock right on my ass hole. I slid back on it and it went right in all the way to the balls. I put my hands on her legs and started sliding up and down on her. Man, was this good. I now see why women love being on top. I was fucking her cock, but I was in control. Fast or slow, deep or short strokes were all my choice. I was great.

My wife started saying things like, "Ride my cock, baby. Fuck yourself real good. Your ass looks so good. Your panties are so sexy."

I'm not sure what happened, but suddenly my wife said, "Pound my cock, I am going to cum. Pound it baby, pound it hard."

I immediately started thrusting myself down on her as hard as I could. It was enough for me to hear, "Oh baby, I'm cumming. Don't stop. Don't stop."

The ride was enough for my wife to have two orgasms close together. I loved pounding her cock into my ass as much as she did.

Eventually, she said, "Please slow down. I need a short rest."

I twisted around and sat facing her with her black cock still in me. We relaxed. As she recovered I said, "Can I pound you one more time?"

She said, "Sure, enjoy yourself."

I got up on my feet using the headboard. I was squatting on that big black cock and balancing myself. It seemed to open everything up. I gave myself a long slow set of deep strokes and then stopped. While I was doing this I screamed out, "I love you baby, fuck my ass with your big black cock. Fuck me good baby."

I slumped onto my wife's chest. I was still hard. I asked my wife, "How would you prefer I cum? I really need to get off a big load."

She said, "It may change in the future, but today I am not willing to let my wife put her real cock into my pussy. I want to take care of you by titty fucking you. Lay flat on the bed and let me do my job of getting you off."

I laid back. My wife dripped lube onto my cock and rubbed it all over her titties. She placed my cock between her 38D tits and stroked me. I loved her tits, but it took her hand to get me off. I had a massive load of cum all over her tits.

My wife is the best ever. I have a great life.

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