tagExhibitionist & VoyeurPanty-less in School Ch. 01

Panty-less in School Ch. 01


Southern California summers are really, really, damn hot. It was a Tuesday afternoon in early June, and it was about a hundred and ten fucking degrees out. Luckily there were only a few weeks left of senior year in high school, because every afternoon at two-thirty all the school sports teams practice under the hot sun. I was a starter on the girl's lacrosse team, and we were the best in the county, mainly because we worked so damn hard every day in practice. The coach always made us work. I must say though, I was in great shape. My stomach was as tight as ever, and my legs were lean, muscular and smooth. I was tan all over except what's covered by short athletic shorts and a sports bra, our usual training attire. Usually we started out with a t-shirt or a jersey on top too but it was just too hot for the extra cotton, and the coach stopped caring about our midriffs showing.

On any given day you could usually find us running laps around the track in a tight formation, like a sea of tight, fit, tan bodies all wearing black sports bras covering our b cup breasts and nylon soccer shorts, with the waistband rolled down several times to hug nice and low on our hips. We probably looked really sexy out there running, but we didn't really feel all that sexy. When we finished practice, we'd always find our spandex soaked from sweat and we just felt gross. All of the girls brought changes of panties for the rest of the day, and I did that for a while until I came up with a better solution: just not wear panties.

We all had these sweat wicking, seamless soccer shorts that we wore for practice but I realized their cooling effects are negated when you wear form hugging, suffocating spandex. So I stopped wearing panties to practice, and I felt so much cooler and freer down there. I told a few of my close friends but that was all; I didn't want the whole world thinking I was like a weirdo slut or something. I just wanted some fresh air down there.

The first time I went running with the team panty-less was exhilarating. I could feel the breeze tickling my lips as we ran, exciting me, and I soon stopped worrying about if anyone noticed. I began to feel really aroused and my legs felt lighter. With every step I took, I could feel my enlarging lips brushing sensuously against my smooth legs. I could feel my juices escaping and leaking down my leg, trickling down my legs until they absorbed into my socks. I looked around but everyone was so focused on running that no one noticed. I took the opportunity to reach my hand up my left leg hole as I ran as if to stretch out my spandex that might have scrunched up high on my leg. But instead, I swiped my hand across my pussy, and when I drew my hand out I was shocked feel how full and engorged it had become from this run. When I drew my hand out, I saw that there was a shiny sheen of my juices coating my hand. I quickly wiped it off on my shorts.

As we ran, I could feel my breath quicken and my heart begin to race. But I realized that it was not from running. "Oh shit," I thought, "I'm going to fucking cum!" I wanted to save myself the embarrassment, so I tried to run with my legs farther out to minimize their contact with my pussy, but to no avail. I couldn't just stop running; we had barely run a mile yet. It would look really bad. I slowly dropped back to the back of the group to be more discreet. But the sensation just kept growing, multiplying every time my legs rubbed across my engorged pussy.

"Oh shit...Oh fuck" I said to myself. I was at the point of no return. There was no stopping it now. It was building up and Jesus, it felt good. Then I felt a tap on my right shoulder, one of my good friends, Amanda. "What's wrong?" she asked, "I saw you drop back to the back of the pack, everything ok?" But I was in no shape to talk; I was seconds away from an intense orgasm. We were the last two in the pack, and I looked around to double check that no one was watching.

"Amanda," I gasped, grabbing hold of her wrist.

"What are you..."

My hand on top of hers, I quickly moved her down under my waistband and onto my dripping, gaping pussy. She looked at me in shock at what I had just done and I plunged both of hands deep inside my pussy. "Amanda," I said as I exploded in a giant orgasm, "I just fucking came." She got over her initial shock and pulled her hand out, coated with a glossy sheen of fresh juice. She laughed and asked jokingly, "Where the fuck is your spandex?" I told her I didn't wear them because I thought this would keep me cooler.

She just laughed. "Did you bring them at all today?"


"What about your regular panties, the ones you had on for school earlier? Why didn't you just wear those?"

I just grinned and said my little lacy pink panties were in my car, lying on the seat of the driver's seat. Amanda just started cracking up.

"You are too much," she whispered, "but I won't tell anyone." She looked at me and winked and I just grinned. Despite the craziness of the situation and fear of being noticed, it made my day a hell of a lot more interesting. I started thinking about all the different ways I could spice up my day, doing sexy things. One thing is for sure: I never ran with panties again. In fact, I played the rest of the season, all my practices and matches, without panties. I'll tell you those stories later.

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This was so hot, I just wish that the girl noticing her had led to something more intense

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