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Panty Passion


I have just orgasmed in the sheer pink panties I've been wearing all day. You watched me from a chair as I stroked myself through the thin fabric, and a wet patch appeared as my body shook and my legs spasmed. I hand you the panties and you put them on, struggling to fit them over your massive raging hard on. You finally manage to tuck yourself into them, and you lightly stroke your cock through the fabric, rubbing your finger over the wet patch I have left for you, then licking your finger while our eyes lock. Your cock looks so yummy; so big and trapped inside the sheer fabric, throbbing angrily. I can't help myself. I climb off the bed and kneel between your legs, lightly running my fingers up and down your length, gently squeezing the head of your cock. Precum oozes out, and I rub it into the fabric, mingling it with my juices. I bend my head for a taste - yummmmmm. Licking and sucking on the head, tasting our juices, as I gently squeeze up and down your length, loving how you feel beneath the thin fabric. You are moaning as you stroke my hair.

You ask me to put another pair of panties on, so I get a sheer white see through pair from my drawer. You pull them up for me slowly, and pull them tight against my wet pussy. It feels so nice, I gasp. We end up on the bed. I open my legs for you and you lightly stroke my pussy through the panties, as i push against your finger rhythmically. My lips are still swollen from my orgasm, and you slide your finger between them, stroking more deeply. God it feels amazing. While you do this, you are rubbing your erect cock against the bed, loving how the panties feel on your cock as their silkiness slides against your sensitive skin. You are getting the sheets wet with your precum. You bend your head for a taste, licking me around the clit, tasting me; sucking me like I'm a delicious mango through my now soaking panties. You are driving me wild. I pull my panties aside and beg you to kiss me. You kiss my pussy with so much passion - like a full lip on lip snog, your tongue licking me up and down deeply, your lips pressing into my most private places. I can feel another orgasm building, but I don't want it to end yet, so I gently push your face away from my pussy.

You kiss your way up my body, sucking on my nipples, stroking me all over with light, sensitive fingers. My body shivers from the contact. You reach my face, and we kiss deeply. I can taste myself on you - it excites me. I open my legs and you rub your stiff cock against me through our panties. I want you to masturbate yourself on me, and you do - rubbing your cock up and down my pussy sensually, our juices mingling deliciously. Sometimes you move up to my belly and rub yourself against my softness. You leave a trail of wetness down my belly as you move back down to my pussy. It feels unbelievable - the way you rub my pussy with your cock. I rub back against you, moving side to side sometimes. Our movements are sometimes slow and deep; sometimes fast and frantic.

You position your cock through the panties, so they are tented as much as possible - it's tight, but it feels really good. You press your cockhead into my opening, the only barrier, the thin sheer fabric. I squirm against you, trying to get you further into me. I need to feel you inside me. I need it so bad. But you are such a meanie. You tease me some more by rubbing your erection against my clit. Both our panties are so wet by now, and we are soaking each other even more. I try to get your cock out of the panties but you stop me. You are having very weevilly thoughts of torturing me even more.

You tell me to get dressed, we are going out. So you put on a pair of baggy shorts with buttons up the front slit, and I wear a little skirt with pleats - a bit schoolgirlish, a tight white t-shirt and long black fuck me boots. We get into the car, and as we drive, I can't help my hand from wandering over to the bulge at the front of your shorts. I hear your sharp intake of breath as I start to stroke you through your shorts, then unbutton them so i can feel you through the wet panties. I rub and squeeze you gently as we drive, keepng you on edge. At one point, you almost miss a red light. You freak a bit, but if feels so good, you don't want me to stop.

We arrive at our destination - a department store. You want to buy new panties. We go inside, both horny as hell. As we walk through the aisles to the lingerie section, your hand is on my ass, and I can feel your middle finger brushing between my bum cheeks. We reach the lingerie section and start to look at sheer panties. You are behind me, your hands on my hips; pushing yourself against me as i peruse. You undo the buttons of your shorts and pull my skirt up at the back. I feel your stiff cock rubbing me between my bum cheeks, and it makes me shudder in excitement as I press my ass back into you. You reach round and play with my pussy through my panties. Mmmmmm - I rub myself subtley against your probing finger. You are beyond horny, I can tell. I find some sexy lingerie I'd like to try on and show it to you. We head for the change rooms, with you very close behind me, as your shorts are still unbuttoned, and your cock straining inside the panties.

As I ask the girl at the desk for the number, I can feel your hand slide beneath my panties, and cupping my pussy. I can barely keep a straight face as she hands me the number and we make our way to the change room. You tell me that I shouldn't try on lingerie with such a wet pussy, or I will stain the new lingerie. So, being the very helpful type you are, you pull my panties off and proceed to lick me clean of juices completely, not missing a single drop. You rarely miss an excuse to lick me clean. You help me put on the panties and run your hand slowly over my ass and between my legs, to make sure they are the right fabric. After you've had a very good feel, you rub your cock against them to test them some more. You even take your cock out of your panties and proceed to stroke it lovingly against the silky sheer fabric, pressing it most insistently between my pussy lips. I put my leg up on the bench, and you rub your cock head into my opening as far as you can get. You hump me this way for a bit, fucking me through the panties - you are so close to cumming. We have to stop so you don't stain them with your cum. I take them off - it's pretty obvious we'll be buying these ones, as putting them back on the shelf with pussy juice and precum on the crotch just doesnt' seem right.

By now I'm beside myself with wanting to feel you inside me. So we buy the panties, ignoring the strange look the girl gives us as she passes them through the scanner. And there's no way in hell she could be missing the distinctly sexual smells emanating from them. You are too busy rubbing yourself subtley against my bum to notice. We cross the road to a park, and park ourselves under a tree by a lake - fairly well hidden from most eyes. You take out the new panties and sniff them deeply, as I take your raging hard on out of your shorts and panties, stroking the soft skin, running my finger up and down the slit; around the head. You reach forward to play with my pussy, as I pull my panties to one side and sit on your lap. I breathe a sigh of relief as i feel your hot throbbing stiff cock make contact with my pussy - skin on skin at last. You reach down and rub yourself between my pussy lips, lubricating yourself with my juices. Then you position yourself at my entrance, and I joyfully lower myself very slowly onto your cock, forcing it inside my tightness inch by blessed inch. You gasp as you fill me up to the hilt. God it feels amazing.

We sit like that for a while, just loving the feeling of you deep inside me, kissing passionately. Then we start to fuck slowly, grinding together in circles. Your cock is massaging me deeply, hitting my g-spot with every rub. You lie down, and hold my waist as I start to move back and forth, round and round, feeling you touch me inside in different ways. You suddenly stiffen - I can feel your cock growing inside me even more, and I know you are about to cum. We can't be too obvious, as there are people walking around, but it doesn't matter to us. I let myself go as you begin to pump your seed deep inside me. My whole body stiffens as I orgasm - my pussy gripping onto your cock in waves of contractions. We barely need to move, we are both so over the edge. Then I collapse on top of you as we bask in the feeling of you just laying throbbing iniside me, and I feel your cum starting to dribble out of me. You take your cock out, and we both watch in fascination as you rub your cum around on my pussy with your cock head, coating me in it. I flick my panties back over, trapping your cock inside them, and pressed against my soft pussy as we lie there blissfully.

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