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Panty Power


If I had been allowed to pick my super power I'm sure I would have opted for something other than the one I have but like most people with extra abilities, I achieved mine by a quirk of fate. I possess the innate capacity to dissolve the elastic in women's panties, thus making them quickly slide off their hips and down there legs. You may ask what good is a super power such as mine but only men, including myself, who love to see pretty panties could appreciate my magical ability.

To explain how my life turned out as it did I need to start at the beginning. Even at a young age, I was fascinated by the pretty fabric hidden under my older sister's short skirts and tiny dresses. When mother caught me starring intently between sissy's legs as I rubbed the throbbing in my trousers I knew I was in trouble. Mother grabbed me by the ear and pulled me into her bedroom where she pulled down my pants and then draped me across her knees for the paddling of my life. She screamed pervert at me as she pushed me off her lap and told me I was as bad as my father had been. I looked down to see the milky stain on her stockings and somehow I knew that it came from me.

I ran to the bathroom to hide my humiliation as I wondered why mummy was so angry with me. As I sat there, I noticed a pair of sissy's panties next to the hamper. When I realized they were the very same pair she was wearing when I was looking up her dress my curiosity got the better of me I picked them up. They felt wonderful and when I rubbed them across my cheek, I noticed they were damp and had a strange aroma to them. I put them to my nose and the scent went straight to my groin. I freed my pecker, wrapped her panties around it, and pulled on it instinctively until I came all over them.

Thus began my life long search for freshly worn panties and the embarrassment of being found out as a social pariah. It doesn't take a psychiatrist to understand why I took a janitor's job at Anne's Pretty Panties for minimum wage, hell I would have worked there free. As I cleaned, I gathered scraps and rejects of Anne's products to add to my collection at home. Fridays were like a dream come true for me as Miss Anne always had a fashion show where women of all shapes and sizes modeled the new designs of the week. At the end of the showing, the women left the worn panties in a pile for me to launder. As they were worn for mere seconds there were seldom any scents left for me to enjoy except for our large size model, Maxine. She truly was a plus size woman with dark chocolate skin and she could fill a pair of panties with scents and aromas in seconds.

On that fateful Friday night after the show, everyone went out to celebrate another successful line leaving me alone with the pile of panties. I grabbed the pair worn by Maxine and headed to the men's room to enjoy them. I had my face in the middle of them, heady with all of Maxine's aromas when the lighting struck the building. The bolt struck the bathroom roof vent and surged through my body into the sewer line below me, igniting the methane gas contained in it. I awoke in the dressing room where the bolt had tossed me, I noticed my refection in a mirror and to my horror, Maxine's panties had been fused onto my face. As the factory burned to the ground, I ran to my tiny apartment to hide my shame. My face permanently disfigured and my dream job gone up in smoke I hid in my room, only going out for essentials with a scarf around my face to hide my shame.

With no income, I had no money for rent and my landlady began to harangue me. One day after pounding on my door, she told me if my rent wasn't entered into her book by the next day, I'd be out on the street. As she turned to head back down the stairs I remember wishing that her panties would wrap around her legs and cause her to fall down the stairs. No sooner, had the thought entered my head than I heard Mrs. Bainridge scream and as I turned, I saw her tumbling down with her big granny panties wrapped around her ankles just as I had wished. As I rushed down the stairs to check I couldn't help but notice how stained and yellow her panties were, also that there was no elastic in the waistband, oh and her neck was broken as well. Her rent book lay beside her still opened to my name and without a thought I took her pen and scribbled paid beside my name. Of course, I took her misfortune and my good luck as a coincidence for as yet I had no idea of my powers.

The next occurrence happened as I scavenged for food in alleys. I saw Maxine walking out of a store with her arms full of packages and I remember wishing I could get another whiff of her wondrous scent. Just like that, her panties fell below her dress and with her arms full, all she could do was spread her knees to keep them from falling further. She looked around helpless and then just let them fall to her ankles where she gingerly stepped out of them and then went on her way. I rushed out, grabbed them, and ran all the way home with my treasure. I enjoyed her panties so much I rubbed myself too sore to touch. It took one more event for me to understand that I was the reason for the elastic failing in woman's underwear. I was surprised by a woman and I hadn't yet covered my face, she screamed at my hideousness and turned to run away, again I wished her panties would trip her. Just like that, she was on the ground with her panties around her ankles. Miffed at her and no longer caring what she thought I went over and plucked her panties off and even offered to help put them on again. A look of disgust, another scream, and then off she ran, leaving her panties in my hand. I now knew then it had to have been me to cause the panty falls but I wanted to be sure so all the way home I made every woman in a skirt or dress lose her panties.

Please don't judge me for I didn't ask for my life or my gift. Is it a blessing or a curse, well it's hard to say but as a young man all I wanted was to sniff women's panties and now that is the only thing I am able to do. I sit home alone with all my goodies made from Lycra, nylon, satin and lace. They are my friends and my lovers and I am able to accept my lot in life, except for one thing, my kryptonite, so to speak, it is these new fangled thongs. With that string trapped in their butts, the women don't need elastic to hold their panties up.

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