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Panty: Private Party


Here's another true story of my panty adventures. It was difficult to put all the details and emotions of this lustful event into mere words, but I hope I did it justice. Hopefully, I'll find time to share more stories too. Comments and feedback are greatly welcomed and appreciated.

The weather has been scorching all week. Hank and most of his roommates have been trying to stay cool and to get some sleep at night. Being struggling college students and renters, they couldn't install nor afford air conditioning for the apartment. However, their roommate, Joe, had no trouble sleeping and was an extremely heavy sleeper. As soon as the lights were out and Joe's head hits the pillow, he would be out cold snoring away. No noise or movement could ever wake him. The girls' bedroom was hot and small especially for 3 girls to share, but they wanted the walk-in closet. Ellie and Andrea had bunk beds while Jenny slept on an air mattress. Sometimes, Jenny would drag her mattress to sleep downstairs in the living room, but it was a pain in the ass to drag it down and to get awoken in the morning by the roommates walking through to the kitchen.

Hank and Jenny usually stayed up late watching TV, drinking, talking and laughing. She was a talker, and he was a good listener. They got along great. Hank tried to sleep early but the hot weather and Joe's snoring sometimes kept him up. Jenny would pop her head in to see if Hank was still up. They'd sit in the dark chatting as Joe snored on. After a few more times, Jenny moved her mattress into guys' bedroom and slept between their beds. Hank and Joe had no problems with that since they had plenty of room, and she wasn't disturbing anyone anyway.

Hank was still having his fun with their panties when his roommates were out of the apartment. {Panty: Secret Orgy Party} He had wanted to drill a small peek hole into their bathroom, but it would have been difficult to hide and too obvious. Their bathrooms were constructed side by side, so sometimes when he was in the shower, he could hear the girls showering too. His imagination usually went wild thinking about how he's just inches away from their naked wet bodies. How he could be lathering them up with soap, on their knees sucking on his cock, cumming on their face or down their throats, sucking on their tits and pussies, hoping to hear them moan and groan masturbating to a huge orgasm, pounding them from behind against the shower tiles, legs wrapped around his waist jumping on his hard cock until he filled their pussies with hot cum. Needless to say, Hank jerked off a lot when he heard either one of his hot Asian roommates showering next to him. And maybe, they may have even heard him jerking off and jerked off with him too.

One afternoon when Hank came home early from class, no one was around so he went upstairs to drop off his books and catch a nap before his next class. As he entered the bedroom, he noticed that Jenny's luggage bag of clean clothes was opened. Since no one was home, he knew it was safe to check out what kind of goodies she had in there and which bras and panties she would be wearing during the week. As he dug through the bag under her jeans and shirts, he found her stash of panties and bras neatly folded. Most were solid color satin panties and two grey cotton panties. She had a nice curvy ass, so she wore both sizes small and medium panties depending on the brand and type and 34C bras. She had long shoulder length hair and the face of an Asian Kate Hudson/Drew Barrymore.

While rummaging through her bag of clothes, he found two panties that were crumbled up instead of being neatly folded. He brought one up to his nose and to his surprise; it was a nice smelling worn pair of her panties! He quickly jumped into his bed with her worn panties, took off his shorts and boxers and stroked his rapidly hardening cock. While stroking and sniffing her full back blue satin panty, he looked into the gusset and saw a small streak of white discharge. He stroked faster and harder when he brought it up to his nose to inhale her sweet natural pussy scent. Then, he switched to her next panty. A hot pink thong. He unfolded it and imagined how her hot ass and pussy would look like. Against his better judgment, he used her blue satin panty to wrap around his hard cock to stoke with. The cool smooth satin material got him closer to spurting his hot cum while he was inhaling her pink thong. Stroking furiously, he felt the smooth satin as if it was Jenny's pussy and the scent of the thong sent him to a hard orgasm. He wasn't able to pull away the satin panty in time, so hot spurts of his cum got on it. When he was finally able to compose himself, he saw the mess he made on his bed and Jenny's panty. He got some tissue and wiped it off as best as he could. Exhausted, he crumbled up the panties and placed it back into her bag and took a long nap before class.

A week had passed, and they all have been home studying for midterm exams. Hank was unable to score any of their used panties for relief. One night, he decided to go to bed early since he was exhausted from studying and lack of sleep due to the hot weather. Joe was already snoring away, so Hank was tossing and turning trying to tune him out and to cool off. After an hour, he finally fell asleep. Later into the night, he felt someone bumping his bed. He wasn't full conscious of it, but he turned over and was dozing back off to sleep. Joe let out a loud snore which caused Hank to wake up a bit more and to look and curse at Joe in his mind. While looking over, he saw some movement down at Jenny's mattress which explained the bumping against his bed frame. Hank was starting to fall back asleep, but then he heard her let out a loud gasp which got his attention. He breathed heavily pretending to be asleep but his eyes peeked partially open looking down at her.

After a long minute of waiting and watching, her movement started up again, and it was apparent she was rubbing herself off under the covers! This was so hot! Her head was partially under the covers facing away from him, but he could hear her panting heavily and letting out soft moans between Joe's loud snoring. Hank was rubbing his hardening cock as she was nearing her orgasm, but he was also frustrated that he couldn't clearly hear her since Joe was snoring away. Then, he saw Jenny's lower half twitch and dropped. He thought to himself, "Fuck! She cummed and I didn't get to see or hear it! Fuck you Joe! You and your fuckin god damn snoring!" She didn't make any movements afterwards and it appeared she had fallen asleep. Hank was still hard and horny after watching Jenny rubbed herself off to a hot orgasm. He wanted to jump under her covers to get a taste and to fuck that hot wet cummy pussy until he fills it with his hot cum. Instead, he also quietly grunted and started to shoot cum out of his hard cock in his shorts. He made a mental note to find which panty she was wearing and then dozed off.

When Hank woke up in the morning, Joe was still snoring, and Jenny was in the bathroom with the bathroom air vent on. He got out of bed and did a quick search of her mattress. "Damn it, nothing here!" So, he quickly went into her luggage bag and bingo! Her pair of floral burgundy tangas with black lace trim was on top and he felt the gusset which was still damp! He was going to take a taste of her wet gusset, but then heard the faucet water turn on and he panicked. He quickly put the tangas back into her bag and went to the closet to appear that he had just gotten up and was getting ready for class. She came out of the bathroom wearing a black t-shirt and shorts still half asleep, smiled at him, and said "Morning, you're up early." He replied, "Yeah, I've gotta go take care of some stuff before class starts." His mind was also lusting, "Yeah, my cock was up watching you jerk off last night, and it's up now after feeling your wet panty and looking at your pantyless crotch. Wanna fuck hard and fast?" She said "Oh ok. I'm going back to sleep." He went to take a cold shower and came out to see that she was sleeping in his bed. Hank had told her before that she could sleep in his bed anytime. He didn't mind since he like how she left her scent on his bed afterwards.

The following Friday, Hank decided he staying the weekend to work on his midterm project since everyone was going home. When he came back to the apartment, he looked around the room and Jenny's luggage bag was gone, so that indicated she had went home and taken her laundry with her. He spent the entire Friday afternoon and night on the computer. He was so focused on his project that he didn't even rummage through the girls' closet. At around midnight, he decided to call it a night, showered and went to bed. It was another hot night, so the bedroom window next to his bed was wide open. He heard loud footsteps outside the courtyard coming towards the apartment. When he heard the keys, he knew it was Jenny. She saw Hank's shoes by the door, so she knew he was home.

"Hank? Is that you upstairs?"

"Yeah, what are you doing here? I thought you went home for the weekend."

"Can I come up or are you busy with company up there? Ha-ha!"

"Shut up smart ass. It's just me."

She staggered up the stairs and turned on the light which Hank shielded his eyes from and then asked

"So where's the hottie you're hiding?" she chuckled while turning off the light, but the room was still dimly lit from the courtyard lights outside his window.

"Very funny. So what are you doing here? I thought you went home for the weekend."

"Nah, I went to the frat party with some girlfriends. It was pretty cool, but those guys were trying to get me fucked up with drinks. I kept falling over, so the girls brought me back and I figured I'd come back and sleep it off and go home tomorrow instead."

"Are you cool? You need something to eat or drink? A helping hand to keep your hair out of the toilet?"

"Ha Ha! Fuck you! No, I'm good. Thanks. I'm gonna shower and chill for a bit before going to bed."

When she came back into the room, she proceeded to get her bedding set up. Hank told her to sleep in Joe's bed instead of the floor. She declined because Joe's bed is gross and smells of funky body odor and it's probably from his drooling too. He laughed and offered his bed to her while sleeps on Joe's bed, but she was fine on her air mattress. As usual, they were laying in bed, talking in the dark. Then, there was a long pause. Hank thought she had finally tired out and crashed.

"Hey, can I ask you something? But you've gotta answer honestly. Ok?"

"Oh god, I hate playing this head game but go ahead."

She gulped and asked, "Have you been going through my clothes and using panties?"

Hank realized he was busted and panicked! His head felt light headed and hot with the rush of blood at the same time. His stomach twisted. He didn't know what to say especially since his long line of lucky panty fetish adventures, he finally got caught. He couldn't muster up a reply.

"Hey, you know, it's cool. I just want to know why with my panties and what else have you been doing?"

Still worried, Hank stuttered, "Uhm . uhh. .well, it's just that I think panties are sexy. I get turned on checking out girls' panties especially since they cover her . . . Uhmm. . .most private part."

Jenny laughed, "You mean her pussy. It's ok. C'mon Hank. We're adults and friends. We've been able to talk about everything."

"Yeah I know, but it's awkward and I guess you're thinking I'm a perverted freak for using your panties. I'm sorry. It's just that it's. . .uhm-"


Hank laughed and quickly mumbled "sexy."

"What!?!" "I mean, everybody is always saying how lucky I am for having hot roommates like you guys. I never thought of your guys like that, but after awhile, I noticed too."

Even though Jenny was still hot and buzzed from the alcohol, she became even hotter from his admission. She replied, "Gee, thanks. You could have just told me instead of jerking off in my panties. Ha Ha! But it's really flattering that you think I'm sexy. You already know my fucked up past history of abusive relationships with guys and us being roommates, I guess it would be awkward. But I'm really relieved and hoped it was you and not Joe because that would have been gross. Joe's cool, but he's just eew! Ha-ha! Uhmm . . . So, you like wearing the girl's panties or something-?"

"Oh hell no! That's weird and fuckin gay for a guy to wear panties. Besides, that ruins the panties. I just like to smell and. . ."

"Go on, smell and? Taste? Lick? Jerk off in?"

"Uhmm. . . yeah."

"So how are my panties to you?"

"Your panties smell pretty good. It's sweet and natural."

". . . You know, a few nights ago. . . I know you were awake watching me. . .you know . . .getting off."

"What?!? How did you know?"

"It's cool, no big deal. Well, it's easy to know when you guys are awake because you guys snore! Ha-ha! That's when I realized you were awake and I heard the stroking you were doing under your sheets. I needed some relief and sleep so I hoped it would've helped me fall asleep faster. I thought I was safe since you two were both asleep. But suddenly you woke up and knowing that you were probably watching, it kinda made it more daring and kinky. And I was so near to getting off when you stopped snoring, there was no way I could stop."

"Ok, I'll admit that I saw a little bit, but it was your own fault for waking me because you bumped my bed a few times."

"Ha ha! Shit! My bad."

"I'm glad you're not freaking out about it. This conversation was awkward but relieving, but it had also uhmm. . .got my attention if you know what I mean."

He was hoping this would lead to hot steamy sex, but he knew his chances were slim since she came from bad abusive relationships. Jenny was still buzzed and aroused by their conversation too.

She joked, "I guess you better take another cold shower or love yourself. Ha-ha! Well, actually, I'm kinda turned on by our conversation too. So maybe we should love ourselves together? But it'll have to be just between you and me, ok?-"


"BUT! I'm staying under my bed sheet, and you can't lift it or touch me ok?"

"Geez, what a cocktease! This is worse than a being in a strip club, but I guess I don't have a choice huh?" Hank agreed reluctantly but hoping it'll probably lead to more later on. "Hey, before you get under the covers, uhmm. . . can I . . . get a peek at your panties?"

She was flushed red by his request, but after their previous conversation, she understood his request and turned to give him a back view a peek by lowering her shorts. At the same time, it aroused her even more to flash him. It was a pair of cotton low rise panty, and it tightly molded around her nice round butt cheeks perfectly and showing ass cleavage.

"Jenny, what color is it?"

"Pink. You like that?" she giggled.

"Yeeeeah," groaned Hank as he slid his hand into his shorts.

After a few seconds of flashing, she could see that he had his hands in his shorts stroking away. She had already gotten her panty damp from their conversation and thinking about what was about to happen. But she decided to give him a bonus by seductively bending over giving him a great backside view and getting something from her drawer.

"Here, you can use this to help you out. But you have to show me what you usually do with my panties. It's your turn to put on a show."

Hank couldn't believe that she had just handed him her panties to use to jerk off with. It was light blue satin bikini cut. He sniffed it and it smelled of detergent. He was disappointed that it wasn't the pair she was wearing or even a dirty pair. He lightheartedly joked that he wished it was her used panties, but she was not ready to share that yet. She got under the sheet and made herself comfortable as she looked up at Hank nervously showing her how he would sniff and check out her panties. He was nervous because he's usually sneaking around sniffing and tasting panties in private, but right now he was giving her a show! Jenny was extremely turned on too and when she rubbed her crotch, her panty was completely soaked with her hot pussy juice.

Even though her bed sheet covered her erotic show, Hank saw movement to her lower body, so he slipped off his shorts and boxers. When she looked up at him, she saw that he had wrapped his hard cock with her satin panties.

"Having fun? How does my panty feel wrapped around it?

"Around what? He he. Say it."

"Around your cock. YOUR HARD COCK!" she giggled embarrassingly.

"It feels so smooth and cool around my hot hard cock. god, I can't believe I'm doing this in front of you. It's weird but it's also making me so horny. So how are you doing down there? Getting hot and wet?"

"Mmm . . .yeeeah! My panty is completely soaked! Uhhh! So wet!"

"Ugh, you're making me so hard Jenny. C'mon, rub your pussy until you cum hard."

"Ooooh, fuck yeah! I need a good cum. Shit. Ok, I've gotta take off the panties, it's in the way."

"Mmm . . . fresh wet panties. So your wet pussy is naked now huh?"

"Yeeeeeeah, it's soooo wet. Fuck! There's no stopping now. Uhhhhh! . . I can't believe I'm uhhh rubbing off in front of you! Oh gawd! Uhhhhhh!"

"Damn, I want to see what you're doing down there!! Fuck! You're making my cock so hard! Your panty is so smooth around my cock! UHH! Tell me when you're cumming, Jenny. I want to cum with you! Uhhhhh! Fuck!

"Uhhhhhh, I'm soooo close! Uhhhhhh! UHHHH!!! I'm going to cum!"

"Oh fuck! Me too!! Cum Jen! CUM!!! Uhhh!! Make yourself cum hard! I'm cumming! CUMMING! I'M CUMMING IN YOUR PANTIES JENNEEEEEEY!"

"OH GOD! ME TOO! I'm Cum. . .CUMMIIIIIIG!! FUCK! OH GOD! FUUUUCK! UHHHHH! Uhhh oh god . . .ohhhh . . .uhh."

They laid in silence for a minute trying to catch their breath and regain consciousness. Hank then unwrapped Jenny's light blue panty which was wrapped around his cock and completely soaked and sticky from his hot cum. Jenny then looked up and stuck out her hand to get her sticky panty back from him. Hank watched and hoped maybe she was going to lick off his hot sticky cum, but instead she placed it beside her pillow.

"Oh fuck Jenny. That was fuckin fun! Maybe next time, I can get a better view?"

She giggled, "Maybe. Whew, I needed that. I can sleep good tonight."

In the morning, Hank looked over at Jenny. She was still dead asleep. He laid there reminiscing what had happened a few hours ago and his cock started stirring. He looked around for the pink cotton panties she was wearing, but it was probably still under her covers. Feeling full of energy and adrenaline, he decided to go jogging for an hour instead of lying around since she usually woke up around noon anyways. As he was pounding the pavement, his mind wandered thinking about the previous night. How erotic and lustful it was, how horny Jenny instigated and encouraged him to jerk off together, how she flash and flaunted her hot round shapely ass covered by that tight pink panty, how he was so close to her naked body, how she was saying her pussy is wet, how her lips and throat make the sexy moans and sighs, how her eyes would roll back and shut tightly when she came, and how hard and how much he came while stroking into her satin panty. Oh fuck! Hank suddenly stopped, leaned against a tree gasping for air, and covering and calming an erection in his shorts. Fuck! He couldn't believe what they did and even though it was to be kept secret, probably no one would believe it anyways. Hank turned his back pretending to be stretching while this lady was walking by him with her dog. When his erection finally calmed, he returned back to the apartment for a cold shower while Jenny was still asleep.

When he came out of the bathroom, Jenny suddenly popped up from her bed saying, "Good morning!" with sleepy eyes and a sly flirting smile. Hank replied with a sly grin "Good morning. He-he. Sleep well? Hungry?" She said, "Yeah, but I'm gonna take a shower first." She got out of bed and disappointingly, she had on her T-shirt and shorts. Hank went to the kitchen to make coffee and french toast. She then came down wearing a long T-shirt which covered up her ass. It made her look naked underneath and made her tanned long legs look luscious as she walked around in the kitchen getting coffee. They were both glowing and dropping subtle hints about last night. He told her how he had to cut his jog short because the memories of the previous night gave him a hard on. She was laughing hysterically.

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