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Panty Thief


I live in a leafy town just outside London. Last summer a lady, called Pauline, moved into the vacant house next door. She seemed to keep herself to herself. She was a large lady who gave the impression that she wasn’t the sort to be messed with. I’ve always had a thing for large dominant women, and often imagined what it would be like to be dominated by one.

A few weeks later, during a day I had off, I managed to steal a pair of knickers off her washing line. You see I live in a very quiet neighbourhood and managed to do it without being caught…or so I thought.

A few weeks later, I was walking past her house on my way home. She was standing outside her house, looking angry. I immediately panicked realising her anger was aimed in my direction.

“I caught you pinching my red frilly knickers” she told me. And with that she grabbed me by the arm and marched me into her living room. So not to cause a scene in front of the neighbours I didn’t kick up a fuss. I stumbled after she pulled me and was totally embarrassed to have been caught and scared as to what she would do to me.

“Please I'm so sorry Pauline. Please don’t tell anyone.”

“Now little boy, you want to pinch my knickers?”

“No Pauline, I found them and was returning them” I lied.

“Don’t lie to me boy. I saw you, I was watching you.”

“I promise they must have blown into my garden. I was putting them back”

“Do you think I’m stupid boy?” She shouted, getting angrier and angrier.

“No Pauline”. I’d never said more than hello to her 5 minutes earlier, but now I was pleading with her not to tell anyone. She then pushed me to my knees. I was so worried as to what she was going to do next.

“I know you have been pinching my knickers. Now you will pay. Do you understand? You’re in my house now and you will call me madam. Understand boy?”

“Yes Pauline…I mean Madam”. I sobbed “and stop that pathetic bawling she ordered. “Yes Madam”

“You think you are old enough and big enough to pinch ladies knickers, you can now be big enough to take the punishment.”

“Please don't tell anyone Madam” I begged. “And why should I not tell anyone?” She responded.

“Please it was only a couple and only from you. I'll do anything you want. But please don’t tell.”

“I think it is my duty to let people know we have a pathetic little pervert, we have, living in our midst. Why do you like my knickers boy? What were you going to do with them? You should be locked up.”

“Not sure what I was going to do Madam” Which was a lie, as I masturbated in them, and even wore them!

“What do you think the police would think of all this?” She asked.

“No please. Not the Police. I'll do anything for you”. I was really panicking now.

“I bet you were going to wear my knickers, you are kinky aren't you boy?”

“Yes Madam” she laughed at my reply

“So, I have caught a kinky little boy?” I just nodded. “And what do you think you could do for me boy?” She asked. “You see I like men, not kinky little boys like you.”

“I’d do whatever you ask; as long as you don’t tell anyone Madam”.

“Ok. You will do whatever I say. Now stand before me and strip”. I nervously stood before her as she sat in the arm chair, crossed legged. She was in a black skirt, wearing tights and low cut top. Pauline was a large lady, with big boobs, but also very matronly. I started to strip before her. Here I was, only 22, stripping in front of a woman who was older than my mum! I went as far as my boxers.

“No knickers boy? You surprise me”.

“No Madam”

“Now, off with them and let me see what you have”

“Yes Madam”. I pulled off my boxers and was now naked as she laughed at me. I instantly covered my groin from her eyes. “What you covering up boy?”

“Nothing Madam” I blushed

“You’re right, there’s nothing there! No wonder you wanted my panties! You look like a girl”. And with that she laughed out loud. I went bright red. Despite the situation I could feel my cock get hard.

“Remove your hand boy”

“Yes Madam”. My hands were now by my side.

“Oh dear, what is that little thing?” she mocked. “My cock” I whispered.

“Is it trying to get hard?”

“Yes Madam” With that she left the room, making me stand naked. She returned dressed in a black leather top, which left her breasts almost falling out, and stockings and suspenders with shiny knee-high leather boots. She stood before me and took off her black knickers and handed them to me and told me to put them on “They suit you boy, but a little bit big on you, don’t you think?”.

“Yes Madam”

“You need to grow into them. Now boy, down on your knees”. I immediately knelt, with my cock pointing at her. “Get that pretty ass of yours up in the air.” I was now on all fours. “You will do anything I want boy?” she asked.

“Yes Madam...anything.”

“But what could you possibly have that I may want? You’re 21 yet look like you’re barely out of puberty, that cock looks like a spent matchstick.” I couldn’t believe what she was saying to me, yet my cock continued to throb and didn’t show any signs of softening; which she noticed. “Well, play with that pathetic cock boy, see if it will grow”. It was already at full hardness. I was on all fours, ass in the air wanking in front of her!

“Done it.” I told her.

“Done what boy?”

“That’s as hard as I can get it Madam.” My cock was rock hard

“You are joking me boy?”

“No Madam...that’s it.”

“No wonder you blush boy, I’ve seen bigger on a sparrow!” She laughed “That little thing is no good to me, I better call the police, or you must oblige me in other ways boy!”

“Yes Madam. Anything.” I was willing to do anything without her telling anyone or going to the Police. “What do you want me to do Mistress?”

“For starters crawl over to me and lick my boots” I crawled over to her until I reached her boots. I bent further and started to lick her boots. My ass was in the air. As I looked back at my cock, I could see a drop of moisture at the tip. I then felt her tap me on my ass with her whip.

“What is that boy?” She barked. I felt the whip again.

“What’s what Madam”. She then moved her whip to my cock I could feel her tease it. She then scoped some of the pre-cum with the tip and dangled it in front of my face. “Lick my whip boy; it has something sticky on it. You’ve been leaking.” She offered the whip to my mouth and I licked the pre cum off. She then made me kneel and took my cock in her hand; it twitched in her hand. She massaged the end, rubbing in the moistness, tugging it. It felt so good. “You must be a virgin boy, judging by this little thing!”

“Yes I am Madam” I felt so embarrassed and humiliated, yet loved it.

“Never mind boy, you are here to try and persuade me not to go the police. So far you have done nothing to make me change my mind”.

“Please give me a chance Madam.” I pleaded

“What can you do for me that is any good?” she asked

“I don't know Madam...but I'll do whatever you tell me to”.

“You cannot service me like a man, not with that pathetic little thing” she mocked. “Lick my boots more boy, whilst I think”. So I carried on licking away. “Perhaps your tongue is better than your cock; it must be bigger!” as you continued to tap my ass with the whip. “Ok boy, STAND”. You ordered. I stood before you naked, my cock still hard and with a little precum at the tip. You then grabbed hold of my cock, and pulled me to her bedroom. She then made me bend over a table. “Time for a spanking boy, it is what you deserve.”

“Yes Madam” She started by giving me 10 sharp smacks with her hand; 5 on each cheek as a warm up. After each spank I was instructed to say thank you Madam. Each spank stung, but I coped. My ass was red but at the end she took some cream and rubbed it into my ass. Her hands went between my legs and tugged at my balls nice little ass. I screamed out as she pulled on them. I was so aroused. She then took a slipper and spank me again – 5 on each cheek. Again I had to thank her. This time it hurt, and I was almost crying.


“No not the police.” I sobbed.

“You pathetic excuse for a boy. Now, let us see what you are made of.” She made me lie on the bed and tied me to it spread eagled and totally exposed. She walked around inspecting me.

“Now Boy, let me see what we can do with that miserable cock of yours.” She took it in her hand and started masturbating me. I wriggled slightly as you wanked me and as I enjoyed it. She then bent and took my cock in her mouth. Her tongue played with the tip of my cock, teasing it. It felt great. I could feel I was about to cum. She then stopped suddenly, much to my frustration. She then slapped it which made me jump.

She stood over me hands on hips, with her pussy on display, but looking very dominant and certainly not a woman to mess with. “Now boy, you ready to serve this Madam?” she asked.

“Yes Madam”

“I want your tongue to worship me as your cock would never give me pleasure.”

“Yes Madam”

“And it better be good boy or your history”. She then got on the bed and sat on my chest. She then moved up until her pussy was over my face. It smelt so good. She lowered her pussy and she said “Do your magic and do it well.” I started lapping at her pussy as if my life depended on it. Licking at her clit. “Your doing well…keep it going boy”. I licked and kissed all around her pussy. My tongue then found the entrance and I could feel how wet she was as my tongue entered her. I could feel her writhing on my face and her breathing getting heavier and heavier. I felt so lucky doing this. An hour ago I was on my way home from work, and now I was serving this dominant woman. I went back to her clit as I felt her cum on my face”.

“Well done boy. Your cock may not be up to much, but you work wonders with your tongue.” She stood over me again. “Now, let me see your little cock” she said as she slapped it. She rubbed the precum into the tip of my cock. She then started masturbating me. “Don’t dare cum yet. I’m in control now.” I couldn’t hold on anymore and told her.

“Ok cum now” and I did. Her hand was covered in my cum. “Now eat it boy” as she offered me her hand. “Well done boy, you can go home now. You will visit me regularly and become my slave.”

“Yes Madam”.

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