tagFetishPantyHose Virgin Ch. 01

PantyHose Virgin Ch. 01


About three months ago I met a very nice man in a chat room named David. David works out of town frequently and thru casual conversation he found out that he works now and then near my home.

He asked if I would meet him for dinner next time he was in town and I agreed. That dinner date by the way is coming up soon. David and I continued to talk over the next several days and during one of those conversations he told me he had a pantyhose fetish.

To be honest, I had never heard of a pantyhose fetish before. I asked him about it and he said that he loves and worships women in pantyhose. I knew that it turned men on to have women in thigh-hi's or stockings and garter belts, but was not aware of their love affair for pantyhose.

Over the course of several conversations, David started telling me more and more about his pantyhose fetish.

Right from the beginning I wasn't shocked with it, but very curious.

All I knew at this point was that he liked women in pantyhose having sex with him. He told me about how he liked his women to have a little hole cut in the crotch of the pantyhose before they started sex and he would take it from there.

Then he gave me the names of several pantyhose websites to look at. When I first started looking at it, I was surprised by the amount of people who love pantyhose. Also I must say.....I found it very interesting and very, very HOT!

I also saw pictures of men in pantyhose but didn't give it much thought and I didn't think he liked wearing them, only his women wearing them.

During the next several weeks David and I continued to talk, shared pictures and one evening while we were talking, I said to him 'you only like your women in pantyhose don't you'?

Then as an afterthought I asked him 'or do you like wearing them also'? He answered yes and yes to both questions and then said he wondered when this question was going to come up.

I asked him what he liked about wearing them so much and he told me how he loves the feel of a man and woman wearing pantyhose together, legs rubbing against each other, sleeping in them together licking and rubbing each other through them.

I asked him when he was planning on telling me about his love for wearing pantyhose. He said that he was going to wait to meet me and play it by ear and that this wasn't exactly something you just spring upon a person.

After this conversation, I went back on the computer to look at more pantyhose sites, and was becoming more and more intrigued at the thought of having sex with pantyhose on. In fact at this point I was feeling quite horny and was starting to have very erotic thoughts about it.

David and I continued to talk, and he told me he was relieved that the 'question' about him wearing pantyhose was out of the way.

As our conversations evolved, it has now ended up being more than a dinner, but with me spending a couple of days with him. He has told me about his love affair with women in pantyhose and very high heels. In fact one night we went shopping on the computer and he bought me the loveliest pair of 4 inch black heels which he had sent to my home.

David and I have had some very hot conversations about pantyhose and what our meeting was going to be like. He has a definite idea in his head of what he wants me to look like when he meets me for the first time.

He has asked that I have on an outfit that is a bit inappropriate for people in our age group. I asked him what that meant, and he said 'I want you in a skirt that's a bit too short, your hair wild, a bit too much makeup, pantyhose with a small hole in the crotch and the heels I bought you'.

I thought that sounded like fun and I will be sure to dress the way he has asked.

I am very excited about meeting David and having my very first pantyhose experience. I can't wait to take my pantyhose covered feet and stroke his nice hard cock with them until he can stand it no longer! And I can't wait to feel his tongue on my pussy thru the pantyhose!

David has told me that in his world, panties are a huge no-no with pantyhose. He actually has talked me into wearing pantyhose with no panties to work and I have now done it several times. The feel of the pantyhose against my pussy at work all day intoxicates me and I feel so naughty and so hot!

He has described to me exactly what he's going to do the first time we have sex. He wants to finger my hot pussy thru that little hole in my pantyhose and lick my clit and pussy until I'm purring for more! Then he'll rip the hole as big as he needs for the next step.

As the days draw nearer, the excitement for my first pantyhose experience is growing.

I can't wait and stay tune for my next chapter!

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by NSCberetta02/16/18


Glad to hear u expanded your sexual horizon and hopefully you can keep pushing your limits! Explore wearing different outfits with different colored pantyhose. Also, if u really want to turn some headsmore...

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