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Pantyhose War


This is my first attempt at writing an erotic pantyhose story, so I welcome your feedback. Everything you see here was typed up on an iPhone. I hope to interest enough people that I will continue this overall story - much of it has already been planned out. Thanks for reading!

"Just let me slide your pantyhose down a little bit."

Lynn arched her back up off of the couch as her boyfriend pressed on top of her, kissing her neck and whispering into her ear. She gasped in response to his tongue against her neck. "No Bobby... Leave my pantyhose alone."

Lynn had been dating Bobby for a year and he had been pressuring her so much about sex. Lynn had been the temptation of all the boys on high school with her dark hair, beautiful curves, and long legs. Not a day went by that she wasn't wearing pantyhose. With graduation over, and Lynn's parents and younger sisters away on vacation leaving Lynn to prepare for college, Bobby was taking advantage of the situation to get some alone time with Lynn.

"Come on baby, I've been waiting for this for so long," Bobby said as he pressed his dick against her pantyhose, kissing her neck and caressing her body with his hands. He grabbed her pantyhosed ass with his hands and pulled her against him. He could feel her wetness seeping through her pantyhose. Oh how he hated the things; he'd rather just rip them to shreds and push his hard dick into her wet cunt. The rumor around school had been she had never been with a guy, and Bobby had seen more of her body than anyone else. He slid his hand under the waistband of her pantyhose and found her pussy with his fingers

Lynn gasped and moaned. "Bobby... No..." she protested but her body moved rhythmically against his fingers, letting him slide against her wetness. "I'm not supposed... Not supposed to... Unnnfff..."

"You're supposed to wait until marriage?"

"Yes... Ohhh... No... Ah..." Lynn struggled to speak and forced her hands between her and Bobby to grab the hand that was inside the crotch of her pantyhose. "I'm not allowed... To take them off."

"Okay then," Bobby whispered as he forced his fingers from the inside of her pantyhose, stretching the nylon fabric until an audible *POP*. Lynn jerked in surprise; Bobby kissed her ear and said, "Relax, I won't take them off." *Finally!* Bobby thought to himself as he pushed his hard dick through the hole he had created and pressed right against Lynn's wetness. Oh how she was so slippery and warm and inviting! Lynn gasped and pressed her body against him.

*Could this be it?* Lynn thought to herself. *I still have my pantyhose on so I guess it's okay...* Lynn bit her lip as she felt Bobby start to press his hardness inside of her. Oh how she had been wanting this for so long! She moaned and wrapped her nylon covered legs around Bobby, rubbing and pressing her pantyhosed feet against the backs of his legs. He felt so large, she wasn't sure if he would fit.

Bobby was in total ecstasy as he forced his hard cock into her through the opening in her pantyhose. She was so silky, so warm, so wet and welcoming that Bobby thought he might explode before he was even completely inside of her. Of the dozens of girls he had been with he had never felt anything this exciting; never felt anyone this silky and tight. *I have to make her mine!* Bobby thought to himself. He put his arms around Lynn and pulled her against him, slowly impaling her on his hard shaft.

Lynn screamed. *He's pushing inside of me!* "Oh! It's so.. . Unnnnffffff!" She pressed her body up against him, helping him to completely enter her until his dick could press no further. Bobby tried to pull back so he could thrust into her again, but he found that Lynn's pussy was locked so tight around his dick that he couldn't pull out. He shivered in ecstasy as her cunt pulsated and throbbed around his hard dick. It was like it was sucking on him, pulling him into her. It felt better than any sexual experience he had ever had in his life.

Lynn moaned and thrashed about on the couch, wrapping her arms and pantyhose covered legs around Bobby. Finally her body loosened up enough that he was able to slide out of her a bit, but only for her to pull him back into her with her nylon legs.

Bobby didn't know how much more he could take as he began thrusting inside of her, determined to pump her full of his cum. He leaned up and pulled her legs up so her knees were up against her chest, getting her feet right in front of his face. He had been able to massage her pantyhose covered feet before, but he had never seen her barefoot. Now was a perfect time while she was in the throes of passion; he began licking her feet from heel to toe, watching her toes curl with each thrust of his dick. Without warning he sank his teeth into the toes of her pantyhose and pulled back, shredding her hose. Lynn shrieked and thrust her body against him, pressing her feet up towards his face. Bobby quickly tore open the rest of her pantyhose foot and started to furiously lick and suck on her revealed toes.

"My feet... My feet... Oh, it... Feels so good," Lynn whimpered. Bobby couldn't contain himself much longer, thrusting his dick into her harder and faster. He felt himself about to explode but he wanted so desperately to reveal her other foot before he came. Lynn bucked up against him furiously - obviously on the edge of orgasm, pressing one pantyhose covered foot against his face and a bare foot against his chest.

Bobby found himself loving the feel of the silky nylon rubbing against his cheek. Kissing the arch of her pantyhosed foot, he sank his teeth into the nylon and with his hands ripped her foot free, leaving the shredded pantyhose foot dangling from her ankle. Once again Lynn shrieked and bucked hard against him, pressing her feet against his face.

Lynn obviously couldn't take any more. "I'm going to cum! Oh! Unfffff! Unfffffffff!" She was digging her fingernails into his arms, and it was all Bobby could do to pin her arms down to the couch as he felt himself start to explode.

Bobby kept thrusting harder and faster until finally Lynn felt his dick swell and the cum rushed out of him in a torrent. He was having her! Finally! He had jerked off so many times dreaming of this moment.

Lynn screamed and pressed up against Bobby as an orgasm rocked her body and the sticky warmth flooded her body, wrapping her pantyhose legs around his body and pulling him against her, pulling and milking every last drop of cum put of him and she rubbed her bare feet against the back of his legs.

Bobby felt his whole body pulsating from the shock of the orgasm, and he thought his whole body might explode. This was different than any girl before - along with giving his cum to her, he felt like he was physically taking something from her. Something that made him more powerful.

Their bodies shivered and he collapsed on top of her. They laid there breathing deeply. Bobby started slowly removing the ruins of her tattered pantyhose, kissing her body and reveling in seeing her naked body. Lynn laid there compliantly, watching curiously as the remnants of her pantyhose were removed. Finally she spoke, saying, "You destroyed my pantyhose."

"Well, now you won't have to wear them anymore."

"I have more you know. A lot more."

"I mean now that I've seen you without them you don't have to wear them anymore."

"My parents would kill me if I didn't wear them... But I don't feel the desire for them anymore."

*Good*, Bobby thought to himself.

It is 2011. Over the past 20 years, the amount of women wearing pantyhose has decreased dramatically. While most people either haven't really noticed, others write it off as a change in fashion trends. Few people know the truth of the magical power of silken pantyhose and how that power is being slowly ripped away.

Most people don't know that when pantyhose emerged in the 60's, it wasn't for being fashionable, but for the necessity of hiding certain powerful women and keeping their identities a secret. A secret society of women have been working behind the scenes of almost every government and empire in history to keep humanity safe from the evils that would overthrow humanity. Called 'Hosers', their power is channeled into part of their clothing. Historically stockings or some type of garment protecting the legs was used. With the invent of pantyhose, these garments enabled women to easier blend in, and also covers their sex to help keep them from being detected by those that seek to overthrow and destroy them. Hosers are sworn to only let their mate see their bare legs and feet, lest they should be taken by a Slicer and converted.

The 'Slicers' are a secret group that seek to make all women slaves and want a society in which only certain males are allowed to breed. Historic events involving mass genocide, serial killings, and rape against women have often been started by Slicers. There are different clans of Slicers and most of them frown upon brutal tactics, instead insisting on the conversion of Hosers to their cause.

Not every person is a member of one of the groups; but even those that don't choose a side may unknowingly be helping one side or the other. More often than not the assistance is given to Slicers to help root out Hosers. With the decline of pantyhose, and more and more women going bare legged and barefoot, the Hosers are losing the Pantyhose War.

Lynn woke up feeling like she had a hangover. She rubbed her legs together under the sheets and was mildly surprised to find her pantyhose were missing, and she was bare legged. Oh well, she had been hot enough before to remove her pantyhose while under the covers. She reached down between her legs with her fingers to feel her free warm sticky? Wet? *What the... Bobby!* she thought to herself. *What have I done? I've coupled with him!* she looked around but Bobby was nowhere to be seen.

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Hot story!

Very nice, erotic story. I love pantyhose ripping in stories. If I'm reading right, Bobby doesn't completely hate pantyhose? Or maybe he does but he gets a thrill out of ruining them? Loved that hemore...

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