Papa Joe


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Here's your story baby.


I walk into your room with the only light coming from the window. As the sun light out lines your sleeping body I can tell you are having erotic dreams by the sheet out lining your hard erection. I remove my clothing and join you in bed because I am going to give it to you hot and wet. Even in your sleep you embrace me into your arms as my soft lips find your neck. I work my way up to your chin following up to your lips. Your eyes open slowly and your arms tighten around me as your lips receives my lustful kisses.

Your hands explore my breast as you pull me on top of you as soft moans escapes from us. You push my hair from my face to receive more hot and wet kisses. Oh baby, I want to give you more then just my passionate kisses and a moan of pleasure escapes my lips as your erection goes deep inside of me. Oh, oh it makes my juices flow over it as it slides in and out of me. Mmmm Papa you make me so hot, so wanting of the ecstasy you fill me with. You thrust harder and harder inside of me, my hands find your tight ass that I squeeze as you roll me on my back. Mmm Papa more, more Please.

Mmm I love those freaky things you do to keep me so high on your sexual pleasure's boy. Mmmm Papa, give me more then just a little piece of you, give me more much more. Harder Papa, harder mmm yes! Oh yes like that! Mmmm my pussy is so hungry for your cock! Oh yes! Your making my pussy squish its juices all over your hard cock! Mmmm your driving me wild under your body as my pussy and hips grind against your hard cock. I am trying to get you to bottom out inside me. Mmm Papa I will get as naughty as you want. I am feeling so crazy. I know you want my body, I know you want to go so deep into me. I feel your cock throbbing, your body and my body tense as my pussy contracts around your throbbing hard cock. My hands are on your back digging into your flesh! We both scream out moans from the pit of our souls! You kiss the side of my face as your cum explodes deep inside of my pussy. Papa oh Papa Mmmm Mmmm mmmmmmmmmm oh yes those pleasurable words spill out of my mouth before your tongue explores the inside of my mouth.

You inch your self down my body to lick up our juices that mingle together inside of me. Your tongue starts with the edges of my pussy so softly working your way slowly to my clit. Electricity shoots through my pussy and body as I reposition my body so I may clean off your cock from the hot passionate juices. I lick and suck hungrily on your cock. Your tongue is darting inside of my pussy and I need more! I feel you sucking on my clit and I suck your cock harder inside of my mouth. I want to take your cock into my throat as it swells harder and begins to throb. You suck harder on my clit sticking your middle finger in my ass. My nipples become hard and erect and with one of my hands I pinch and twist my nipple.

Mmmmm Papa, I want to explode in your mouth as my clit swells and throbs. You thrust your cock into my mouth deeper, deeper causing me to gag making more saliva for it to slide easier into my throat. Mmmm sounds of slurping noises on his cock. Mmmmm Papa, Papa mmmmm mmmmm mmmm mmmmm mmmm slurping harder and harder....Mmmm Mmmm mmmmmmmmm mmm mmm yes oh yes! Mmmm Papa I am going to explode my hot sticky sweet cream all in your mouth....mmm mmm mmm mmm mmm mmm oh Papa give me you're thick hot cum deep into my throat. Yes Papa, yes! I am cuming with you! Mmm mmm mmmm mmmmm mmmmm yes mmmmm mmmm Papa mmm mmm Papa mmmm mmmm mmm mmm Oh Papa mmmm mmm mmm mmmm mmmmm mmmmm.

I turn over in the bed so we are face to face and we kiss getting the last of our juices before I have to depart back into the world of reality. Until our next encounter Papa lots of hugs, kisses, licks and gropes. Kiss - kiss baby.

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