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Paranormal Houseguest


"Oh come on, Carol. It's just a stupid toy, what harm can come of it?" Brian asked his wife. He gently sat the antique looking Ouija board down on their dining room table and crossed his arms over his chest.

"I just don't like it, honey. It's not natural. I mean, you're.... you're just tampering with stuff that shouldn't be messed with." Carol replied, looking away.

"Hey," Brian answered, "you're the one who said you thought there was something creepy about this house. I just thought this would be a fun way of seeing if we have any ghosts or whatever here. You're being too superstitious! They sell these things at toy stores, for Christ's sake."

Brian and Carol had been married for shortly over a year, and with the exception of a few small fights it had been all good times. Brian's friends often teased him, saying that he'd got lucky when Carol agreed to marry him. She was too far out of his league, they told him. Brian wasn't ugly, by any stretch of the imagination. 5'10" with light brown hair, glasses and roguish good looks, Brian thought that he was a catch himself. But Carol, they were all right when they said she was a beauty. 5'7", with long, straight brown hair, brilliant blue eyes and a radiant smile. She was thin woman, with naturally large breasts that seemed to defy gravity with their perkiness. The first time Brian had seen then, he'd sworn they had to be fake; with a gentle upturn, perky nipples and a sexy bounce they seemed too good to be true. But when he'd laid his hands on them, Brian had no more doubts about their authenticity. He'd always had a thing for woman with huge tits, and to be married to this natural beauty was a plus.

About two months ago the young couple bought their first house, and moved in three weeks later. It was a dream for them. The house was an older New England home, which they had acquired for well below what it should have sold for. Carol had been suspicious as to why the house was selling for so little money, but Brian assured her it was just the shitty economy working to their advantage. And, she had to admit that she was taken with the house as well. The place just seemed too beautiful to pass up, with its lightly scuffed hardwood floors, creaky stairs and lofty ceilings. It had character, and she loved that about the house. But things started to get a little weird after their first week in the house. Carol swore that she heard the sounds of somebody walking up and down the stairs during the night, footsteps in the hallway outside of their bedroom, even doors closing and opening on their own. Brian was a skeptic; he tried assuring her that it was her imagination, and that nothing was really going on. She heard cliché responses from him about the house settling, the weather making the floors creak and even draft winds blowing doors shut. But Carol didn't buy any of it, and kept bringing it up to Brian. He kept dismissing it out of hand, which drove his beautiful wife to frustration and their first major fight. She'd slammed the bedroom door on him, effectively dismissing him to the couch for the night. The next day, upon coming home from work, he brought in the old looking Ouija board with him.

"Yeah, well that thing doesn't look like it came from a toy store. Where in the hell did you get it?" Carol asked; she was right, the Ouija board certainly didn't look like it came from any mass produced line. The board itself looked like it was made out of actual wood, not cardboard, with the letters actually engraved on its surface. The planchette, likewise, was carved wood with a circle of glass instead of plastic at its tip.

"Oh, one of those kooky new age shops. Come on, babe. I had to smell all of that nasty incense and look through those crappy occult books to find this thing. You can at least humor me! I'm doing this for you, afterall." Brian said, pulling out a chair and sitting down in front of the board.

"Damnit, Brian. I didn't ask for you to do this. All I wanted was for you to take me seriously. You're messing with stuff that you don't understand."

"I am taking you seriously. That's why I got this. Are you going to come or not?" He replied, looking over to her, almost daring her to join him.

Carol's shoulders sagged and she shook her head as she walked over to the table. "I'm telling you, I don't like this. I have a bad feeling about it. Something is going to go wrong."

"Oh come on, what will go wrong? It's a damn toy. Do you think you're going to get possessed or something?" He teased.

"No! It's just... a feeling, that's all." She replied with a sigh.

Brian reached out and put his fingertips on the planchette, and cast a look over to his 23 year old wife as she hesitated. Resigned to this nonsense, she put her fingertips on it as well. The wood was finely polished, she noted, but oddly warm.

"Oh great spirits of the house," Brian called out in an overly dramatic, and clearly mocking tone; that earned him a sharp glare from his wife, which he ignored, "I call out to you to make yourselves known! Is there anybody here tonight?"

The little piece slowly slid across the board, landing over the word Yes. Brian actually laughed, while Carol repressed a shiver.

"Are you the only one?" He asked, still clearly not taking this seriously. The piece slid across the board again, moving back to the Yes.

"Awesome. We have one ghost, Carol. Isn't that cool?" Brian asked with a smirk, looking to his wife.

"That's not funny, Brian. Quit it."

"Hey, I'm not moving it. It's totally the ghost. Ghost, what's your name?"

The planchette began to move again beneath their fingertips, trailing all along the board. S-I-N-D-A-R-A it slowly spelled out. Carol was fighting constant shivers as it happened, while Brian seemed to be enjoying himself.

"Sindara? Sounds hot. Are you a hot ghost, Sindara?" Brian asked, going along with it.

"Brian! This isn't funny! Stop it right now!" Carol protested, even while the piece moved beneath their fingers, sliding back to Yes.

"Hey, chill out babe! It's all just fun and games. It's just me and you and Sindara playing around right now." He replied, leaning back in his chair and taking his hands off of the piece; as soon as he pulled away, so did Carol. She just sat there, staring at the little planchette as if it were a dangerous animal.

"I'm being serious Brian. This is giving me the creeps. I don't want to play with this any more." Carol folded her arms over her chest.

"Don't be like that," Brian scolded. "If you quit on me, I'll just have to ask Sindara to keep playing so I don't get bored. Do you want to come play, Sindara?" He asked, laughing out loud.

"Brian!" Carol snapped, her eyes glued to him.

"Yessss, I would love to." Came a soft, feminine voice from behind his chair; it caught both Brian and Carol by surprise. Carol screeched and tipped her chair backward, causing her to fall out and onto the floor. Brian spun around in his seat, staring in shock at the source of the voice. Standing directly behind his chair was a tall, gorgeous nude woman who most certainly hadn't been there before. She stood easily six and a half feet tall with long, shapely legs coming up to her hourglass waist. Her pussy was clean shaven, without even a hint of stubble; the smell of her arousal was strong in the air. Her tits were Impossibly huge and perky, tipped with tiny erect little nipples; the breasts were so large that they made Carol's D cups look practically small in comparison. This tall, strange woman had long, jet black hair that fell to her shoulders and framed a perfectly pale face; eyes of pure black stared down at the couple, and a smirk rested on her lips, showing just a hint of fang behind. "But I'm not a ghost, pet. I'm a demon. It's easy to get us confused." Her voice was smooth and sweet, hiding the danger of the creature. She reached down and dragged a finger down Brian's slack lips, and down his chin.

Carol seemed to finally snap out of the shock which had gripped her, and a full throttled scream of terror escaped her lips; she began to scoot away, still too shocked to fully recover her functions enough to stand. She stared wide-eyed at the tall demon, brain not quite comprehending what her eyes were seeing. "BRIAN! I TOLD YOU! OH MY GOD!" Her words were nearly incoherent, as string after string of them flew past her lips. Sindara just stood, passively watching the little mortal scoot back in terror.

"Hush, little one. Your plane of existence is bad enough. The last thing that I need is your voice grating on my ear drums." Sindara said; though she spoke quietly, her voice seemed to cut through all of the sound well enough to be perfectly heard. It did, however, seem to do no good as Carol continued to scream. Sindara rolled her eyes, giving a look of annoyance. She lifted a hand and made a small gesture of wiggling her fingers in the direction of Carol. At first, it seemed as if nothing were happening. But then the screams began to take on a new tone, somewhat muted and moist. Carol lifted her hands to her face, as something started to feel off. Her voice was changing, growing quieter; her mouth seemed to be swelling shut, growing so tight that not even a sound could escape it. Within seconds, she was effectively muted. But she didn't quite understand the look of pure amusement from Sindara, and the one of horror from her husband. Her probing fingers felt that her lips seemed to have flattened out, but were slick with an abnormal amount of moisture. Panicking, Carol stood up and rushed into the hall bathroom. Had she the capability to scream, she would have when she saw her reflection in the mirror.

Not only had Sindara silenced Carol, she had reshaped the woman's mouth. Carol's lips weren't there any longer, nor was her mouth in any sense that she could tell. In the space where her mouth had been was a moist pussy. A numb finger idly touched the new feature on her face, and she shuddered with pleasure as it slipped inside. The entire interior of her mouth had been reshaped as well; there were no longer teeth or a tongue, but the true tight, sensitive interior of a pussy. She slowly withdrew her finger, coated with the juices of her newest pussy. The light laughter of Sindara came from the dining room, and Carol just knew it was directed at her. Tears of silent frustration began to slip down her cheeks. She wasn't sure how long she spent standing there, staring in the mirror; minutes seemed like hours as she looked at the freakish thing that had become her face. After some time had passed, she felt compelled to return to the dining room; she didn't exactly want to go back, but she felt an uncontrollable urge to return overwhelm her until she walked back in.

Sindara was sitting on the dining room table with her legs spread, one foot propped on a chair with the other pressed against the floor. Kneeling between her legs was Brian, nude and furiously stoking his nine inch cock while he licked her pussy. A flush of anger went through her body at the sight, but a second wave of curious arousal hit her; she wasn't sure why watching her husband devoting his tongue to this demon's cunt caused her pussy... pussies to moisten. Even more curiously was that she felt the arousal of the pussy on her face even stronger than her natural one, its moisture so intense that it was running down her chin like an obscene parody of drool.

Sindara seemed completely at ease, not giving any indication of being distracted with a man licking her. She raised hand and began to beckon Carol with a finger. "Undress and come here, pet."

Carol remained glued to the spot. Sindara arched a brow at her defiance.

"Little one, remember what I can do to you for disobedience. I would think that your sloppy cuntface would serve as a humble reminder."

A wave of humiliation ran through Carol's body, causing her cheeks to turn bright red. Shaking hands lifted to her shirt, unbuttoning the garment timidly and letting it slip to the floor. She next unbuttoned and unzipped her khakis, tugging them down and letting them pool at her feet. She stepped out of them and walked over toward Sindara and her kneeling husband; Carols stopped just at his side.

"Mm, pet, your disobedience is disappointing. I asked you to undress, didn't I?" Sindara asked. Out of instinct, Carol tried to answer but found she had no voice with her mouth having been transformed. Flustered, she instead gestured with her hand to the shirt and pants on the floor behind her. Sindara smiled a dangerous smile as she leveled her pitch black eyes on Carol.

"A good start, but you forgot something." Sindara replied. She lifted her foot from the floor, trailing her toes up Carol's inner leg until she reached the moist panties that covered her pussy. With a sudden realization, Carol understood that the demon had wanted her out of her bra and panties too; she quickly reached up to unsnap the clasp of her bra, but a gesture from Sindara stopped her. "No, no pet. It's too late for that now." The demon reached forward with her long hands and gently grabbed Carol's D cups, her fingers softly kneading through the bra. "It's a shame that you would want to cover these up. Most mortal women would be proud to flaunt these, if they had such large ones." Her fingers tugged the bra, and the garment simply ripped from her frame; Carol's large tits bounced free, hard nipples pointing out at Sindara. "And, oh my. No sag either?" The demon reached out and lightly gripped them again, bouncing them in her fingers. A wave of pleasure shot through Carol's body, causing her pussies to moisten further; a trail of her juices ran down her chin and dropped onto her exposed breasts, causing another moment of embarrassment. "Clearly you didn't appreciate these enough, keeping them hidden away like that."

Carol was confused by what this demon meant, but knowing nothing good would come of it. Sindara's fingers splayed across those two large globes, gripping her tits easily in her large hands. She began to squeeze them slowly, massaging them; waves of pleasure went through Carol, causing her knees to weaken and threaten to give out on her. It was Sindara's voice that brought her back from her pleasure-induced distraction.

"Look down, pet. Say goodbye to what you didn't appreciate."

That caused Carol's eyes to snap down. With each squeeze of Sindara's fingers, Carol's breasts grew slightly smaller. The demon was reshaping her body again, this time in a way that she could see. New tears stung her eyes, and her mind screamed for her to pull away; her body was rooted in place, immobile as the change resculpted her form. Carol had already lost one cup size, she could tell, and they were getting smaller. Orgasm after orgasm shook her body as her tits shrunk from D's to C's; the smaller they got, the easier she fit into Sindara's palms. It reached the point where the demon wasn't so much squeezing her breasts as she was placing her palms flat against Carol's chest and kneading. She couldn't see them, but she felt that her huge tits had shrunk down to tiny mounds of flesh that jiggled with each squeeze. Despite herself, Carol found herself arching her back to the attentive hands of the demon woman. Sindara grinned, flashing fang behind her lips, and lightly flicked Carol's sensitive nipples with her thumbs. After what seemed like an eternity of orgasms and horror, the demon pulled her hands back. Carol's unbelieving eyes stared down to her chest, where her huge perky tits had been just a moment before. She was completely flat chested, without even a hint of a bulge to suggest she had breasts of any kind; just tiny, hard nipples poked out into the cold air. Carol shivered, though she wasn't sure if it was from the orgasms or the shock.

"Isn't that better, pet?" Sindara asked, trailing her fingers down Carol's cheek; the tips of her fingers strayed over to Carol's transformed mouth, caressing her sensitive lips and causing further moisture to build within. Seeing how wet she was becoming caused Sindara to laugh, her abnormally large tits jiggling as she did. "I think you like my little change more than you want to admit. It's such a better use for the space than screeching at me. I'll have to think of a new use for you, though. I've turned your little husband into something a little more fit for worshipping my pussy. Isn't that right, cuntslave?" Sindara reached down with her other hand to touch Brian on the top of his head; he pulled his head back from the crotch of this demon, and turned to face his wife. Had she the capability, she would have gasped. Her husband no longer had visible eyes; it looked like the skin of his eyelids had melded together seamlessly, creating a smooth, sunken expanse of skin obscuring his vision. But that wasn't the most drastic change. Slowly retracting from inside of Sindara's tight, wet cunt was a freakishly long, thick tongue. It had to have been at least twelve inches when it finally withdrew from her, coated with her juices and lolling down the front of his chest.

While Carol stared down with wide eyes at the changes done to her husband, Sindara's fingers slipped easily inside of Carol's modified mouth; this made her eyes go even wider with the sudden shock and the unexpected pleasure feeling. "Isn't that nice, pet? I know it's a change, but I've really done something to make you feel better. It will make our playtime that much more... fun." Those two fingers began to slowly slide in and out of that newly formed pussy, coming out each time coated in her juices. Her rhythm was steadily increasing, fingerfucking Carol's face ever faster. She felt her orgasm building when Sindara suddenly pulled her fingers out of Carol's mouth with a wet noise; Carol actually leaned forward, trying to prevent it from happening. Her cheeks flushed red with embarrassment after she realized what she had done.

"Mm, pet. If you want to cum, you'll have to do it yourself." Sindara said, leaning back to watch Carol curiously. Carol realized what she was being asked to go; brought to the edge of orgasm, to that point of no return, Sindara was demanding her to demean herself by fingering her face herself. She timidly brought up her own hands, trailing over her now flat chest; one hand stayed, lightly pinching her nipples and making feeble attempts to squeeze the breasts that she no longer had. It was purely an instinct thing, as she had often toyed with her tits while masturbating. That was now a pleasure denied of her. Carol's other hand went further up, tentatively touching the slick lips on the front of her face; her eyes drifted closed at the pleasure. Without hesitation, she slipped two fingers into her own mouth and started slowly pumping them. It was a strange sensation, that of fingering her face. But it felt so... good, that she just couldn't help but growing more and more enthusiastic about it. Within a minute's time, she was quickly thrusting into herself, pinching her nipples and arching her back. She was so glad that she couldn't see what she looked like right now; Carol just knew she would all but die of embarrassment if she could.

She heard motion in front of her, and her eyes opened to see Brian standing in front of her with Sindara standing behind him, her hand having snaked around to pump his cock for him. The head of his member was aimed directly at her, and she knew that when he reached orgasm it would result with his cum splattering all over her. But so close to her own orgasm, she didn't seem to care. One last pinch of her nipples and a twist of the fingers in her mouth took her over the edge; a powerful orgasm wracked her body, causing her pussy to contract tightly around her fingers. She felt a rush of warm liquid flowing from between her legs, soaking through her panties and dribbling to the floor in a puddle. She'd squirted, Carol dully noted, and made a mess of herself in the process. Just as that thought crossed her mind, Sindara's pumping hand brought Brian to orgasm. He made a guttural moan, that huge tongue denying him anything other than basic animalistic sounds, as his cum began to fly. Since she had fallen to her knees, his semen landed on her face. Shot after shot splashed against her, covering her features and coating that obscene cunt on the front of her face. The hot, sticky fluid dipped down and streamed down her flat chest.

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