tagExhibitionist & VoyeurParasailing Au Natural

Parasailing Au Natural


Work had been hectic for both Bill and Lynn the last several months. They were in their mid-20's, physically fit, and exhausted from work. Both were very excited to have a long weekend in Treasure Island, FL. They arrived late Friday evening and checked into their hotel. A quick shower and they were off to dinner at John's Pass. After dinner, they strolled along the boardwalk enjoying the sea breeze.

Along the boardwalk there were numerous vendors with signs renting wave runners, boats, and advertising Parasailing and cruises.

"Maybe we can go parasailing tomorrow," Lynn said as she squeezed Bill's hand.

"Sounds good to me," he replied.

Eventually, they returned to their room. Showering together, they realized how their hectic schedule had taken a toll on the romance in their relationship. Neither wanted that so this was a great weekend to rekindle the flame. After drying off, they headed to the bed for some much needed love making.

At breakfast on Sat., Lynn suggested that they go parasailing. Bill was all for it so they went back to their room, changed in to their bathing suits, and grabbed their stuff and headed out. Lynn had brought a new white bikini for the trip and Bill was already pleased with what he says. Lynn was a knock out with a perfect body, nice tits, and a cute face with blue eyes and blond hair.

Arriving at John's Pass, they proceed to one of the parasailing docks. After paying for a tandem sail, they boarded the boat with 2 other young couples. The boat headed out of the Pass into the Gulf of Mexico. A helper raised the parachute and motioned for one of the couples. They stood and moved toward the back of the boat. The helper handed them each a harness to put on and helped them into it. Once harness, he had them step onto the platform and connected them to the sail.

As they were released and started to sail behind the boat, Bill turned to Lynn and said, "Do you see that sign?"

"You mean the "Clothing Optional beyond this point"," Lynn replied referring to a small sign strategically placed at the step up to the sailing platform. "Yes, I saw it last night as we walked by the boat. Honestly, it made me wonder if it would turn you on."

Both Bill and Lynn watched as the couple was winched back to the boat landing gently on the boat deck. The helper unhooked the couple from the parachute and then helped them out of the harness.

"Let's go last," Lynn said motioning for the other couple to go.

The husband pointed at the sign and asked his wife if she was going topless. "No way," was her response.

The remaining couple harnessed up and then was connected to the parachute and was off. The couple that had returned was all excited about the views that they were able to see from their lofty perch.

Soon enough, couple number 2 was winched back onto the boat and disconnected from the parachute. As the couple took their seats, Bill and Lynn stood up for their turn.

"Do you want me to go topless or nude," Lynn asked Bill. Bill didn't say anything but had a big grin. Lynn was quite comfortable with her body and wasn't bothered by nudity. Lynn also knew that he was a huge turn-on for Bill to see her nude in public.

"I will do it what ever way you want, but you it is up to you to remove my bikini pieces if that is what you want," Lynn said with a devilish smile.

Bill reached and untied Lynn's bikini from around her neck. Lynn then turned so that Bill could untie the back. Once the bikini top was untied, Lynn removed it and held it in her hand. With her back to Bill, Lynn paused a moment. Sure enough, she felt Bill's hands on the side of her hip as he untied her bikini bottoms. Lynn knew that this would be a big turn-on for Bill but also knew deep down that it excited her too. She could hear the other two young couples commenting about her. They made her even more excited.

Once Bill had untied both sides, Lynn slipped the bikini bottom between her legs. Lynn could feel herself getting excited just knowing that she was naked in front of the boat help and the other couples. She could hear them commenting about her being naked. She was glad that she had shaved down there the night before.

The boat helper grinned broadly as he helped both Bill and Lynn get into their harness. Once harnessed, they both stepped up onto the platform to be connected to the parachute.

"You won't need this," as Bill took the bikini out of Lynn's hands and handed it to the boat Captain. While it made sense, it did excite knowing she wouldn't have anything to cover up with if it came to that. As Lynn was being connected to the parachute, Bill had a quick conversation with the Captain. All Lynn could see was the Captain smiling and nodding "yes".

Bill moved into position and was connected the parachute along side Lynn. The brake on the winch was released and they started to sail into the air and drop behind the boat. As they rose, the views got better and better and the feeling of freedom was exhilarating.

Bill had brought his camera with him and took several photos of Lynn as they were flying. Unfortunately, due to the heavy harness, it was hard to tell that Lynn was naked tough he did get a couple of photos with a nipple peaking out.

All too soon, they both heard the winch start to pull them in. Lynn realized that being naked at 400' was even more exciting than she thought it would be when she saw the "clothing optional" sign the night before. She was sure that it was adding to Bill's experience also.

About 200' from the boat, the winch stopped. They could see that there seemed to be a problem and the crew was trying to get it started again. The crew tried for a minute and then moved the boat close to shore. Bill and Lynn started to drift down and closer to shore. Lynn realized that something was wrong with the winch and that they were going to land on the beach.

Lynn turned to Bill who gave a sheepish shrug of the shoulders. Since there was a slight onshore wind, neither of them was scared of landing on the beach. As they got closer, Lynn realized that she was naked and that due to how the harness was that her ass was completely exposed. As they started to get close to the beach, many people on the beach noticed the impending landing.

A group of about 20 people, mostly guys, had now gathered and were following Bill and Lynn as they slowing drifted to the beach. As they landed, the group caught them while several others helped catch the deflating parachute.

Realizing what a turn on it was for Bill to see Lynn naked in public; Lynn immediately started to unsnap her harness. Once on the clips were undone, she let it fall to the ground and then picked it up. Lynn stood there naked amongst the crowed of mostly guys. Bill was so excited to see Lynn exposed in this setting and Lynn could feel the wetness between her legs.

Within a few minutes, the boat helper appeared with Lynn's white bikini which she put back on. As they walked up the beach, Bill pulled Lynn toward the parasailing boat which was anchored a few feet offshore.

"What are you doing," Lynn asked.

"I need to pay him the extra $100 that I promised him for landing us on the beach," he said.

Lynn smiled, gave Bill a huge kiss, and squeezed his rock hard cock. Bill reached down and could feel how soaked Lynn was between her legs. They both couldn't wait to get back to the room to screw and tell each other of how exciting their parasailing adventure was.

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