tagMind ControlParfum Ch. 04

Parfum Ch. 04


All characters are over the age of 18. All the science in this story is utter bunk. This series of stories involves a very slow build-up which is just the way I like it. This is also my first attempt at writing fiction. Be warned, impatient ones!

I appreciate all the encouraging comments for all chapters so far and the feedback e-mail too! Thank you :) They make my day!


James groaned. Not so long ago, this groan would have been one of pleasure. Now, however, it was most certainly pain and not kinky masochistic pain either. He opened his eyes slightly and found himself staring at whiteness. He was resting on something soft. But his body ached all over.

"Fuck," he mumbled as he felt another stab of pain shooting through his head.

"It'll be OK, James. Everything is going to be OK," somebody informed him gently.


"No, it's Jill ... Mrs. Saunders, your teacher."

"Ah," he said, with a lopsided smile as he slipped back into unconsciousness.

"How the fuck did it come to this?" she thought to herself as she disrobed and headed towards the bath.


A while earlier ...

James was a bundle of confusion as he walked down the stairs. On the one hand, he wanted to jump and punch the air for having feasted on not just his first pussy but his teacher's puffy, engorged, juicy, luscious, wet, adjective-friendly, succulent cunt. On the other hand, he was concerned about Jill's problem and felt a sense of impotency at his failure to ... function. Yet another hand wondered whether Eve would actually work on Jill. It was completely untested after all. Then there was an ethical cloud over the whole evening. Would Jill have wanted to--well, there was no other word for it--literally rape him if it hadn't been for Adam? Sure, he had used it in good faith solely to get through to her and prevent something tragic from happening. Nevertheless ...

He meandered his way to his backpack in the kitchen and dug out the vial of Eve. While the improvements that he had added to it mirrored those that he had added to Adam, this batch of Eve was far from the finished product. Not only had it not been tested, it was also not copulinated. For that to happen, he'd need to extract the copulins from the ejaculate of the source. James realised sheepishly that he could simply mine his own face for a sample, but then again, he did have a bountiful alternative a few feet above his head. Picturing Jill's nude sleeping form in his mind brought a sudden feeling of warm contentment to his brain. "God! She was beautiful!" he thought to himself. James rummaged around the kitchen to find a suitable receptacle for a sample. But he gave up after a couple of minutes--finding anything in this kitchen was going to be difficult.

Back in the lounge, he found an alternative--Jill's box of paracetamol. Dumping its contents in the toilet, he washed and dried the container bringing it to some semblance of sterility. Armed with it, the vial of Eve and the last vestiges of his Adam supply, he returned upstairs to join his supine Goddess. Jill was still sleeping on her side. The tracks that the tears had taken were now visible, running across her nose and down the side of her face. But she seemed to be a little more at peace. Her body was now curled up in a foetal position which made her look so vulnerable, especially with her palms joined together under her face. This angle also provided him with a wonderful view of her butt, two glorious globular mountains bounding a blonde forest that peeked through from in between. God, women were beautiful.

James woke up out of his reverie. He couldn't bring himself to disturb Jill right now and there was really nothing else to do but wait. He briefly considered going back downstairs and waiting in the lounge, but soon dismissed the idea. Instead, he dragged his shorts and boxers down and climbed back into bed, spooning his teacher and mentor, his hand boldly holding her left tit. Feeling a little chilly, he dragged a sheet to cover the both of them and fell asleep after a few minutes.


James' dick was apparently the first to wake up and had dressed itself in a woody. It had also managed to neatly wedge itself into the nearest warm crevice it could find which just happened to belong to his delectable golden-haired teacher. He spent a couple of moments savouring the feeling before waking up himself. The room had grown a little darker. But they hadn't napped for long. While it was rarely a surprise to find his penis hard, he wasn't supposed to be able to get hard in close proximity to Jill, was he? Or was it fine--seeing as to how she was still fast asleep--if Jill wasn't aroused herself?

His right hand was still on her breast and he gently crushed it as he instinctively began sawing lightly between her ass cheeks. He pressed his face against Jill's blonde curls and breathed in deeply. He idly noted that he would become a billionaire if he could bottle the natural smell of a woman's hair and sell it. His rod was still rock hard and pressing in deeper into her yielding crack. His balls informed him that he could proceed to the next gear and so, he started pistoning in and out like a two-stroke combustion engine. His dick's head kissed her pubic hair on the in-stroke and then withdrew back into the meatier section of her buttocks on the way out. James chuckled to himself when he realised that both his heads were nuzzling into Jill's blonde tresses simultaneously. She suddenly moaned and backed her ass into him pushing for more contact.

The bed was now squeaking in time with James' ever-accelerating thrusts. His lover was definitely awake as her right hand was now on his thigh pulling him closer. But her presence had retreated from his immediate consciousness as he concentrated on his own desires, his brain white with lust, its only goal being release. He mauled her tit with his hand pulling her tight against his chest, trying to subsume her into himself to quench his need. His thrusts were now getting deeper and deeper until he could feel his dick sliding along a groove that was now unquestionably wet. Soon the wetness spread throughout the entire channel, slicking it up even more. He could feel the faint stirrings of impending release building up below his stomach, triggering a burst of frenetic thrusting.

"Just a li'l bit more. Just a li'l bit more. I'm almost there," he chanted repeatedly. He moved his hand from her tit down to her pussy and pulled closer, pushing himself deeper into her. But James couldn't keep up this pace. He began to slow down, the embers of lust still glowing, but not sparking into the roaring fire that he was chasing. After another minute of trying, his thighs were tiring and his back was beginning to complain too. His partner had removed her hand from his leg and was no longer responsive. James finally slowed to a stop.

"Fuck!" he muttered, as he pulled out, completely exhausted. He turned and lay flat on his back, panting heavily, sweaty, sticky, angry and unsatisfied.

It did seem that as soon as Jill herself became aroused, his libido cooled down, or perhaps hit a roadblock. So, it was definitely a chemical issue and ought to be solvable. The thought of solving Jill's problem triggered a groan of annoyance as it was only then that James recalled that he had brought the vials of Eve and Adam with him to the bedroom for that very purpose. "Fuck!" he cursed himself. But he was too beat to do anything right now and needed to catch his breath first. Taking in deep breaths, he tried to slow his heart-rate down.

As he recovered, James noticed that the body next to him was shaking (or was it shivering?). Leaning up and propping himself on his elbow, James looked across to Jill's face. No, she wasn't shivering. She was crying again, softly, inaudibly, with her eyes still closed. His heart went out to her.

"You're a fucking idiot!" he chastised himself as he brushed the tears running across the bridge of her nose.

"I'm going to fix this. I promise you," he whispered.

He could feel her shake her head imperceptibly. "Please leave, James," he barely heard her say. But that, he decided, was not going to happen. Not just yet, anyhow.

With purposeful energy, James bounded off the bed and to his shorts. He retrieved the vial of Adam and recklessly emptied it all over himself. He set the empty sample bottle on a side table next to the bed and lay down once again beside Jill with Eve in his hand. He wrapped his arm around her to bring the scent of Adam close to her nose. But she shrugged him off and moved his arm away from her. Undeterred, James pushed his hand between her thighs to reach her pussy. Her thighs which were already pressed together clamped down on his hand trapping it before he could proceed further.

Without moving her hand, Jill groaned, "Leave me alone, James. I can't do this any more."

"Trust me, Jill. I just need a sample," said James, a little frustrated, as he yanked his hand out of her vise.

Jill was silent for a couple of seconds before she turned around.

"A sample? A sample? What the fuck is wrong with you?" she yelled. "Is everything a fucking experiment, James? Do you have any idea how I feel right now?" Covering her crotch with her hand, Jill moved away from him, sitting up. She looked like she was ready to explode.

James lost his patience. Not only was he sexually frustrated and angry at himself, this was getting tiresome and wasting time. Jill was simply being silly--he would never ever hurt her. He grabbed her calves and dragged her back down the bed.

"What the fuck!" she screamed.

He quickly straddled her, locking her under his weight, and opened the vial of Eve. He poured a generous amount into his palm. But before he could apply it on Jill, she knocked the vial out of his hand.

"Get the fuck off me!" she screamed again trying to wriggle out from under her. "Get the fuck out!"

James watched Eve fly out of his hand while the little pool in his palm splashed onto his chest before dribbling down over his dick and onto Jill's stomach. He lost it.

"Do you know what you've just DONE? TRUST ME! JUST DO WHAT I TELL YOU! I ONLY WANT TO HELP!" he shouted grabbing hold of her shoulders.

Jill's face blanched in shock as he exploded on her. Her eyes glazed over before rolling back in her head as she slumped onto her pillow. James stretched across the bed to retrieve the open bottle of Eve. He paid no heed to his teacher, mentor, and now, lover, as he agonised over how much of Eve had been lost. He estimated that over two-thirds of the vial's contents was now on the sheets.

James sighed before focusing on Jill. He grew alarmed when he realised that her eyes were closed. He tried shaking her to wake her up, but she was unresponsive. She was definitely unconscious. Slapping her face lightly didn't register a reaction either. But she was breathing, which calmed him down a little. He sighed again. He very rarely lost his temper, but when he did, James often flew into bouts of white rage.

He took stock of the damage that had been done. While he hoped that Jill was just in shock and not reacting to the perfume, he knew in his gut that Adam was responsible. She had already been subjected to it earlier and again, just now. He had no idea of all its aspects and simply barking orders at her like this was foolish and dangerous.

He sighed again.

"You stupid fucking amateur piece of shit," he hissed. He now had a bit of a problem. He was out of Adam and didn't want to wait for Jill to wake up as it might have lost its potency by then. Then there was the question of testing Eve. Ah! Jill was stirring. Things were looking up a little.

James slid his hand down to Jill's pussy. Her labia were definitely ... moist. He, on the other hand, was now decidedly soft. Reaching out for Eve, he moved in between Jill's legs. Just as he had been wanton in his use of Adam on himself, he went to town on her with Eve. He emptied it all over her body rubbing it lightly into her skin. Soon, it began to overpower his olfactories and he could no longer detect Adam.

"Was that going to be a problem?" he thought to himself as he started the stopwatch feature on his watch.

Jill squirmed below him. She was now awake and looking at him with bleary eyes with heavily dilated pupils. He had no idea what had happened to her. But right now, he was a bundle of frustration, drive, and scientific curiosity. Chivalry and other gentlemanly qualities were temporarily relegated to the backseat. He set Eve's empty vial back on the table and placed the sample bottle within easy reach.

"Sit up a little," he said. Jill immediately moved up from under him, leaning against a pillow. That was promising.

"Start masturbating for me," he ordered. She looked at him curiously for a second before spreading her legs and well, jilling away for him.

"Tell me when you are close," he ordered again. She nodded demurely.

James breathed in deeply getting as much of Eve into his system as he could. These untested early versions took their own sweet time to take effect. He sincerely hoped that it would, eventually. He felt a faint flicker of interest down below as he watched his teacher drawing small ellipses around her clitoris. Taking another deep breath, James started playing Jack to her Jill as he formed a fist around his dick and slowly began to move his foreskin up and down. Usually he would have to close his eyes and picture Jill slowly taking off her top in class and beckoning him over with a delicious finger to come and tit-fuck her her brassiered breasts. Now though, he didn't need any such creative assistance. His goddess was right in front of him, legs spread, trusting blue eyes staring at his dick with interest, her chest rising and falling as she too breathed in deeply with arousal. James lost himself in the moment as he concentrated on her heaving chest. Her skin was so beautiful, soft and unblemished and her teats were almost perfect hemispheres. He suddenly realised the needlessness of wanking himself to get hard.

"Wait!" her ordered as he pulled her back down onto the bed and straddled her. He scooted further up her body until he reached the jut of her chin.

Looking down into her eyes, he ordered, "Open your mouth." His polite upbringing suddenly reasserted itself, forcing an additional "please" out of him. While the hypocrisy of good breeding and mind control was lost on him at this time, he would note it later as he compiled his report. Looking straight into his eyes, she opened her mouth and he placed his soft cock between her teeth. She wrapped her lips around it and sucked on it lightly, running her tongue across the bunched up folds of foreskin that now made up the tip. He felt her hands reach around him to continue where she had left off as she resumed rubbing away at her clit. Adam was doing its job admirably while Eve was yet to kick in for him. He checked his watch. Five minutes gone. Jill's eyes were now boring right into him.

"Stop!" he ordered again. He gently performed a 180° turn above her face and dipped his wick back into her mouth. He then bent forward to reach her right hand which was hovering over her miniature penis, ready for resumption. He took her hand and placed two of its fingers at the entrance to her vagina and pushed them in. Jill turned her fingers so that they went up her canal face up and began rubbing a seemingly familiar spot within. James, on the other hand, bent forward and began to nibble lightly at the newly-abandoned clit. The scent of Eve mixed with her juices was overpowering at this close range and he breathed in deeply. The empty sample bottle was nearby, ready for use when the time came.

James ran his hands up her thighs until they reached her shins and then dragged them back down repeatedly. She was so smooth. The soft and silky blonde follicles that peppered her thighs were plainly visible at this level. They reduced in their sparseness the closer he came back to his face before thickening into a forest around her pussy. He released his tongue and ran it from just above her navel until he reached the clit once again causing her to hum in approval around his dick. He kissed the little protuberance and played with it using his tongue. The heady smell of Jill's cunt was intoxicating as her fingers squished away above his nose.

Further above (or was it below?), Jill was more calm and content than she had ever been in the last few years. She felt as if a tremendous weight had been lifted off her as she no longer needed to worry about anything. She simply had to do. Her protege's penis had grown a little hard thanks to her ministrations and she rolled her tongue over its now firm tip. Lifting her head, she reached up and engulfed his entire dick in her mouth and then slid back down. She repeated these neck push-ups until she grew tired. Using her left hand, she pressed down on James' butt motioning him to lower himself further. She felt him spreading his thighs further apart, bringing his penis an inch lower. Jill wrapped her lips around its head and sucked until her cheeks hollowed out before teasing its tip with the tip of her tongue. He was definitely growing harder now--she could feel him warming up.

"What is he doing down there?" she wondered as she felt a sharp bolt of pleasure move across her groin. James was probing under the hood of her clitoris pressing down on her glans. What, until now, had been dull growing pleasure suddenly shifted into high gear. She raised her hips trying to get him to press harder. Removing her fingers from her pussy, Jill grabbed his head by the hair and pressed down, getting him to apply more pressure. Her hips began to undulate of their own free will, sensing impending, explosive, glorious release. She moaned throatily around his penis, her eyes closed, and nostrils flaring below his balls. It was coming closer. She could feel it, a dam about to open its gates. Her brain was now a clenched muscle doing its utmost to push her pussy over and into the promised land. She reached around his butt to pinch her left nipple urging it on.

James raised his head slightly. Jill's cunt now resembled a small stream. While she did have his cock in her mouth, Jill had stopped actively blowing him. Moaning around it, occasionally sucking it, she was trying to get him to finish his job by pressing down on his head.

"Wait, Jill!" he ordered. The pressure on the back of his head immediately slackened but her groin continued its pitching motion.

He opened the empty sample bottle and positioned it against Jill's leaking pussy. There were a couple of small rivulets meandering down through her thick forest of pale trees. James tried to direct them into his bottle and was able to get a small trickle in. He kept the bottle propped up at her perineum with his left hand while he used the index and ring fingers of his right to vigorously diddle Jill's clit.

"Fuck!" he heard groaned from behind.

After about 30 seconds of vigorousness, Jill was heaving against his hand. Her own hand was now squeezing his ass. James switched to thumb-rubbing the clit which freed up his other fingers. He stuck two of them up her cunt which elicited an explosive release of breath and another of those pornstar groans from Jill. Eve no longer registered in his brain. The primeval smell of pussy juice overpowered all other scents as he concentrated on getting his lover off.

James added a third finger into her passage which was now squishing like overripe tropical fruit. Jill was undulating, a live snake beneath him, trying to maximise the force of contact and the depth of his penetration. He changed the angle of his attack slightly to press further against the top of her vaginal walls and could immediately see her stomach muscles clench up as she neared the brink once again.

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