It was the second time he was going to Paris but this trip promised to be much more interesting. He had been chatting with her on and off for a year or more when a comment bout how she needed to get laid to cheer here up seemed to create an opening. He ha admired her for ages, her beauty, intelligence and he also felt slightly protective of her, as she always seemed sad. Maybe it was one of his faults but he hated to see people sad.

He had packed a variety of things in his bag, some naughty and some nice, as he still wasn't really sure what she would be like in person. He slowly locked the door behind him and set off to the airport, arriving quickly and checking in he left his luggage and went to the bar, getting a quick drink in before the flight to calm his nerves. Catching a glimpse of himself in the mirror he wondered what she would think of him when she saw him. Not in the best physical shape, 5ft11, green eyes and hair that would never do what it was told. He smiled; at least he had been told he had a nice smile. If the worst came to the worst e could always just enjoy a few days wandering round Paris.

He boarded the plane and set off for the "city of romance", looking down at the clouds as he soared higher. The flight was short and uneventful much to his relief. He collected his baggage and flagged a taxi to take him to his hotel near where she lived. It was a clean and pleasant hotel that didn't mind what time you got in at night, which suited him perfectly. He was meeting her tonight at a restaurant she had selected. He quickly made his way to the shower and washed the sweat of the journey off, refreshing himself, shaving and trimming his beard and trying to make himself worthy of her. Heading back into his room he picked a simple black shirt and jeans with his shoes, casual but smart, he looked at his case and realised that he had done it again and brought nearly all black clothes, something he needed to work on.

He flipped the case shut and picked up his phone texting her to check she still wanted to do this. E received a reply quickly saying yes and that she was looking forward to it. He felt the butterflies in his stomach doing somersaults as he grabbed his jacket and made his way downstairs, the restaurant was not far away it was a cool autumn evening and a nice walk down to there.

Rounding the corner he saw the restaurant and walking in spotted her at the table looking round. He smiled and waved as he walked over to her, trying not to trip over his own feet or something equally foolish. She stood up and greeted him with a hug, which he returned, enjoying the momentary warmth of her body against his; she looked even more beautiful in person. Her slim body wearing a sleek black dress, almost evening wear.

"Hello Vie, its nice to meet you in person finally." He smiled at her ad brought her hand to his lips kissing the knuckles just gently.

"And it's nice to meet you as well Nik." She smiled and he felt the butterflies in his stomach again. He didn't want to get this wrong; her accent was delicious and sent a tingle of anticipation down his spine.

"Well I don't know about you but I am starving, would you like to order?" Nik sat down on his chair, opposite but close to her.

She quietly passed him a menu and he briefly looked through it before ordering one of the specials, Vie then ordered the same and the waiter left. They slowly started talking, hesitantly at first but then more animated as they discussed everything from the weather, to films, to language, music and art.

Nik flagged down a passing waiter and ordered some wine for them to share, checking that it was one she liked before he ordered it. As it arrived and was poured he lifted his glass to her in a toast;

"To the most beautiful lady in Paris!"

Sipping his drink he watched her slowly smile, loving the way it made her face light up. Watching her slowly drink, as the food arrived. The next few minute were a comfortable silence as they both ate, punctuated by the occasional comment about the food as they ate, he watched her, noting the curve of her cheeks as well as her other attributes, smiling at her. They finished their meal and decided to share a dessert, picking something with chocolate and ice cream, having fun as it came, sharing it.

"Well Vie, that was fantastic and the best company I have had in a long time, so what would you like to do now?"

"We could go somewhere for a drink or we could go for a walk in a park?"

"The walk sounds nice..."

Nik walked over and picked up his coat and collected her coat holding it out for her to put it on. They walked out into the night and wandered round to a nearby park, walking in the last rays of the setting sun just as night began to take its hold, the darkness spreading as they strolled under the trees talking quietly. Discussing their past lives, what they had done, things that had made them happy and the things that had made them sad. Nik paused under a large leafy tree, its leave just beginning to turn a rich shade of gold and took her hand.

"I am really glad to meet you Vie, and I don't know what you think of me except that you liked my stories, I am not sure how the real me compares to what you imagined but I think you are amazing." The wine making him slightly braver he slowly wrapped his arms around her body, his hands sliding down to the small of her back as he pulled her gently towards him, tilting his head down, lips level with hers as she slowly tilted her head back, lips slightly parted as they met, kissing gently to begin with then stronger with more passion as his grip around her tightened pulling her close, feeling her warmth.

Finally they broke the kiss and his eyes twinkled with mirth;

"You are a fantastic kisser Vie." He smiled at her again then felt her shivering.

"Vie you're cold." He noticed how cold it was getting outside now the last of the sun had gone in.

"We should go inside somewhere it will be warmer, would you like to go for a drink somewhere or something?"

She looked shyly up at him, "how about we go back to my flat for a drink?"

He felt himself hardening at the look in her eyes and as his own imagination took hold and ran away with him. He took her hand and walked back out of the park towards the road, looking for a taxi to flag down.

He finally got one about 10 minutes later and they sat in the backseats together as she gave the driver the address. He could still feel her shivering so wrapped his arms around her, rubbing her gently to try and warm her, holding her to him as he let his body warm hers.

The journey was not long and they arrived at her flat and slowly made their way to her front door. She looked back shyly at him then opened the door and let them both in. She walked down the entrance hall and pointed out the different rooms, the kitchen, lounge and bedrooms, a slight quaver in her voice as she pointed out her own.

He followed her round looking at all the rooms in curiosity, staring into them and admiring the layout. Finally she turned to him and smiled;

"Would you like to make yourself comfortable in the lounge whilst I get us a drink?"

Nik smiled softly back to her, "Of course..." He took his coat off and hung it up making his way back to the lounge and sitting on the large sofa. He slowly relaxed down onto the seat listening to her move around the flat picking up glasses and opening a bottle of wine.

Carrying them carefully she walked back into the room and set them down on the coffee table, pouring them each a glass she passed it over to him.

"To first meetings..." her face a picture of mischievousness as they both sipped their wine.

"Very nice" complimented Nik,

"Thank you, I was saving it specially..." Vie looked at him then slowly sat down on the sofa next to him.

"I wasn't referring to the wine..." Nik placed his glass down on the coffee table and carefully took her glass placing it next to his. He reached out and gently tilted her face towards him, moving forward to softly kiss her parted lips.

His kiss slow and soft to begin with then more passionate, tongue flickering between their lips to lick as they kissed. His hands slowly slid round her and pulled her gently to him, into his warm embrace, as they tasted each other again.

His fingers began a slow dance, sliding up and down her back, gently caressing her as they lips finally parted, Vie's breath coming quickly as she pressed her body to him. His hands slid down her sides to the hem of her dress and slowly caressed her bare thighs, his hands rubbing and softly sliding over them, as he began to gently slide his hands up her legs, sliding the dress with them.

Slowly her black lace panties came into view, her head tilted back as she lay completely relaxed against the sofa, soft moans coming from her lips as he hesitantly hooked his fingers into her panties. Bracing her feet against the floor she lifted her ass, her eyes still closed as he gently pulled them down her legs, settling her ass back down and kicking them off to the floor.

She slowly parted her legs, lifting her head and looking at him as his soft tender hands caressed her burning flesh. His fingertips gently pressing into her as he slowly peeled her open, rubbing the tip of one finger over her button making her gasp as his soft fingers played with her most sensitive areas.

Parting her sweet lips carefully he dipped one finger into her, tracing it about and gently playing with her clit as he slid off the sofa. He knelt on the floor in front of her, his hands sliding under her ass as he slid her down the sofa and closer to the edge, knees bent as she let her head flop back against the back of the sofa again.

He started with her knees kissing them gently, whispers of a kiss; his breath warm against her already fevered skin as he slowly began kissing up the insides of her thighs. His lips soft and warm, pressing on more the higher he kissed parting her legs further till finally, slowly as she almost begged for it he gently kissed her soft pussy.

His breath hot as he ran his tongue between her wet lips, tasting her sweetness for the first and hopefully not the last time, flicking her hard little clit with the tip of his tongue as her hips bucked up to reach his mouth, a low cry escaping her lips as she surrendered to his mouth.

Probing her with his tongue he felt her body quicken, her breathing speed up as the promise of an evening of passion began to take its toll. Her fingers were digging into the sofa cushions as he continued his unrelenting attack on he soft wet slit, tongue flicking in and out, his fingers slowly teasing her skin, sucking, licking, flicking and tasting, never letting up, her body shivering under the continued assault of his mouth and hands till finally she could withstand it no longer, with a loud cry she exploded into his mouth, her juices filing his mouth with a sweet taste as he drank her down, her climax wracking her body as she collapsed trembling back onto the sofa, her tense body a limp rag in the aftermath of her pleasure.

Nik slowly sat back and licked the taste of her from his mouth and beard, kissing her knees and legs where he could as her breathing slowly returned to normal. He leant forwards and grasp the hem of her dress slowly pulling it up over her unresisting body and head, lying it over the back of the chair, he lifted her in his arms. Her eyes filled with the lustful satisfaction of a shattering orgasm. He carried her through to her bedroom, laying her gently in the centre of the bed, reaching behind her to gently undo her bra strap, lifting it away to reveal her amazing breasts.

Unable to resist he leant down and fastened his lips around one, enveloping it in his hot mouth, his tongue swirling round it then flicking the tip of her pert nipple with his tongue before kissing his way over her chest to suck, flick and play with her other breast, enjoying the soft gasps elicited from her as she slowly began to feel her arousal rising again.

He let them fall away as he stepped back and slowly unbuttoned his shirt, a noise of protest came from the vision on the bed as she slowly sat up and reached out for him, drawing him closer and slowly reaching to unbutton his shirt herself, her fingers nimble and quick as she undid them then reached up to slide it off his shoulders smiling as he broad chest was revealed, leaning forward to kiss his nipples making him shiver as her hands slid lower to undo his belt, unbuckling it then the buttons and zip on his jeans.

He kicked his shoes off as she slid his pants down revealing a hard shaft covered only by the thin material of his briefs. She reached out and gently traced the outline of the bulge with her finger nails, making him gasp, his legs shaking as she slowly freed his hard cock, sliding his briefs down to the floor. H reached out and slowly caressed the side of her face as he flicked his socks off moving to kneel on the bed next to her, pulling her to him, pressing her tight body against his...

He slowly moved to kneel and kissed up and down her body gently, his shaft swaying in front of her as she rolled onto one elbow capturing his shaft into her mouth. He cried out and lent forward thrusting himself deeper into her mouth.

He carefully sat back on the bed, legs spread as she knelt on the quilt in front of him, lips wrapped around his shaft as she slowly sucked on him, her tongue sliding up and down the underside. His hands slowly caressed her soft skin as she took him deeper down to the base, holding there for precious seconds before sliding back up. His groans louder now as he reached forward to pull her off his shaft.

Kneeling up, his thick hard shaft pulsing and throbbing as he rolled her over, lying her on her back as he moved to kneel between her legs, he moved forward, rubbing his shaft up and down her soaked slit. Pressing the head against her clit, rubbing it in and out of her wet hole, teasing her before he lent forward, bracing himself above her as he slowly began to push his way into her, his eyes never leaving her face as he entered her, watching her eyes close slightly as she bit her lip feeling him slide deep inside her.

His breathing slow and deep as he felt her tightness close around him, the velvet warmth of her surrounding his rod as he slid I deeper into her, finally stopping when he was fully inside her, leaning down he kissed her soft parted lips then lifting his hips pulled himself out then drove himself into her.

He felt her surround him once again then drew out only to slide back into her again and again, thrusting himself into her over and over, small gasps and moans escaping her lips as he thrust himself as deep into her as he could. His hard shaft coated in her sweet juices as he forced himself into her tight slit over and over, grunting occasionally as he thrust a bit harder. Her fingers digging into the sheets under her as her body responded to the thrusts, her eyes staring up at him almost begging as he hammered himself into her.

Her breasts jerked with every thrust, his breath warm against them as he occasionally caught them in his teeth, that little edge of pain adding to the sensations overwhelming her body as she exploded into convulsions again, crying out loudly as she climaxed, her juices flowing over his cock as he slowed his thrusts, drawing out of her...

He had a special place he wanted his first load to go. He leant down and kissed her gently waiting till she recovered again, his shaft kept hard by the lewd sight in front of him. He leant forward and asked her a soft question; she reached out to a drawer beside her bed and bought out a small tube. He rolled her over and helped her up onto all fours. He moved quickly behind her, unscrewing the tube and squirting a small amount onto his finger as her gently massaged some into her tiny puckered ass hole... using the rest on his hard shaft, making sure there was at least s bit of lube.

He moved forward and positioned his shaft at her ass, reaching forward to grip her hips as he pulled her back onto his cock. Pressing the head against her as she tried to relax, his hard cock forcing its way into her ass, making her gasp at the intrusion. His fingers digging in as he kept the pressure on, slowly forcing his way into her ass, stretching her open as he embedded himself into her. Grunting with ever inch that he forced into her. Unshed tears in her eyes as he filled her ass, taking her, giving her that pain that she enjoyed...

He leant forward and whispered in her ear, telling her to play with herself, to make herself cum, as he would not last this long in her ass, it was so incredibly tight. He had about 3 inches into her now as she braced herself on one arm and reached back to finger herself, the tips of her fingers touching her clit expertly arousing herself even as she felt the tightness of her ass, stretched by the cock sliding deeper and deeper into her.

Finally Nik felt himself at the point of no return, he started to pull out and then slam back in, taking her ass hard, thrusting himself in and out of her, filling her hard and fast making her cry out, burying her face into the pillows, her hand busy as he took her, making her his as he thrust into her again and again. Moaning with each thrust, waiting, holding on, determined not to cum till she did again...

Her moans were getting louder, he thrust himself into her as hard as he could, watching her stretched ass as he slammed into her, his balls slapping against her, he slapped her ass, hearing her scream as she came again, her fingers bringing her with pain and pleasure to an overwhelming orgasm, her body tensing and relaxing uncontrollably as Nik buried himself in her ass and finally exploded. His hot cum blasting out, filling her with stream after stream of hot cum, his cock boiling as he sent his full load deep inside her. Gasping and crying out as they blasted deep, collapsing onto her back as they both fell forward onto the bed, still impaling her as they lay together, his arms sliding round her to hold her to him as he shrank and slowly slid out of her.

His breathing slowly returning to normal as he gently whispered in her ear:

"Vie, you are amazing and I am so glad to have met you."

All he got in return was contented moans, a good way to start his trip to Paris.

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