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Park Adventures


I'm really sorry about taking so long to write another story. I wrote the one and received a ton of response. Surprisingly, a number of women wrote. Yes, it does really turn me on to tell women of my cock sucking adventures. Actually, it turns me on to tell anyone. Just remember, response is critical in getting me to write more stories. As with the last story, the accounts in this one are true.

So, here I am. Just a fairly straight guy living life in San Marcos, TX. I have a normal life, a great wife and wonderful job. I seem pretty normal except for the fact that I love to suck guys off. That's it really. I just love the feeling of being used. The dirtier a guy can make me feel, the better. Nothing makes me feel dirtier than to be on my knees in front of a guy I don't know, sucking his cock till cum leaks out the corners of my mouth, in a public restroom. I know it's a bit, well, odd.

I have turned finding guys to suck off into in an art. I have learned the insides and outs of cruising. I knew of a park where I could drive around, make eye contact and then walk leisurely into a public restroom. I'd pull down my pants and leave the stall door open. Sure enough, not two minutes later, the door would open and in would walk the cock I was looking for.

The first time a guy came in my mouth was in a dirty little park restroom. I had found another park and was cruising for cum. The only problem was that it was a rainy day and there was no one else out cruising. Actually, there was one guy. He really wasn't very interesting to me. He was a little older than I liked and not "the look". But I was really horny. We were in our cars when I made eye contact. I then drove a little further down the road and pulled into a parking lot. As I was walking into the bathroom, I could see his truck drive down the road.

I went into the bathroom and pulled down my pants. This really makes me hot to stand in front of guys with my pants pulled down. It goes back to my early school days, but a different story. I knew there was no one else around, so I stood at the urinal. The door opens and in walks this stranger. He walks up behind and he starts groping my ass with one hand while he pulls his cock out of his fly with the other. He starts to jack off his cock while slapping it against my ass as he presses me face first into the wall. He then asks, "Where do you want my cum?" I had never done it to this point but wanted it so badly down my throat. Next thing I know, "In my mouth" escaped from my lips.

He spins me around and tells me to get on my knees. The pungent aroma from the restroom washed through my senses as I became faint. I opened my eyes and saw the rather large sized cock in front of me. It was impressive. Thick and veiny. The guy pressed it against my lips and told me to open my mouth. I did and he started to fuck my mouth. I tried to chicken out. I knew he was about to cum, so I pulled back my head and started to turn away. He grabbed me by the back of my head and held my mouth open while he jacked of his cock only an inch from my mouth. Before I knew it, he started to cum. I could see the cum squirting out of his cock right into my mouth. I couldn't believe what was happening. He finally stopped cumming and wiped his cock off on my face. He buttoned up and walked out, not a word said. I was slightly in shock. I reached down and wrapped my fingers around my cock. I came immediately.

Another time, that left me feeling dirtier, was another incident in a public restroom. I was at another cruise spot where I lived. This day, more variety was available. I was driving around and noticed a guy that I had seen cruising before. We passed by each other a couple of times before I pulled up to the public toilet. I walked in and waited inside a stall. I heard a car pull up and sure enough, in walked the cock I needed.

There were no doors so the stall was very exposed. Also, it was a warm spring day, so the smell was even more intoxicating. He pulls me to my knees in this dirty stall and pulls out his cock. I was very lucky this time, only six inches but I could hardly get my mouth around it. I was in his control.

When his cock was good and hard he pulled me up. I was dizzy and it was easy for him to spin me around. He pressed me against the wall and told me he was gonna fuck my ass. I was nervous and reluctant but I gave in. I had no choice. My "pussy" started to open up for him when I heard another car pull up. I really tried to get the guy to stop but it was no use. He said that I would simply have to deal with anyone that came in. His cock was all the way in my ass when the door opened. He was an older guy, not my type at all. He had a big belly. I tried to move from in front of my guy but he held me tight. Before I knew it, 2 other guys came inside. They all jut seemed content to watch.

Before long, I was spun around and put on my knees again. My lips were parted and I felt squirt after squirt of cum enter my mouth. The guy said thanks, buttoned up and left. There I was, cum dripping off my chin, pants lying on the dirty ground next to me with three more hard cocks in front of me. What else could I do? I sucked each of the guys off, one after another. After only about 15 minutes, I was alone and covered in cum.

Hopefully you can see why it just doesn't interest me to do the respected, go to a club, get to know someone type of thing. I don't want to know the guy really. I just want to be a toy that's used and thrown to the side. So, what do I want to explore more of in the future? Of course suck much more cock.

I have heard stories of people lining up at parties to get into the "Blowjob Room". I would like to be the one in the room making one guy after another cum. Of course it might be a bit hotter if it were a bathroom and I was seated next to the toilet. But that's not really required.

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