Park Bench


Two or three times a week I would walk to the park during lunch or after work and sit on a particular bench in a very isolated area. I wanted to be away from the noise of ball games and large gatherings to peacefully read a book. One day I went to my favorite bench as usual and a young lady was already in the area invading my space. But, I wasn't about to raise a fuss as she had laid out a beach towel and was sun bathing in a rather tight fitting skimpy bikini.

The blonde was a real knockout as she was about average height with a skinny waist. Her ass was massive. Her huge butt cheeks were covered by a very tight fitting hot pink bottom. I couldn't help but imagine myself between her twin pleasure pillows. It was amazing watching her entire ass sway each time she made the slightest move.

As for her boobs they were barely covered and were, at least, 36DD's. The girl, probably in her mid twenties, was laying facing sideways from where I was sitting but I could tell that the scanty material was barely covering her nipples.

I did my best to sit there and read my book, but it wasn't near as exciting as this stranger. After every sentence I looked over the top of the book and salivated over the wonders twenty feet away. My looks became longer and longer until I was just staring endlessly at her. Taking a deep breath, I decided I had better get back to reading and willed myself back to the book.

It wasn't but a minute or two before I was interrupted as I felt the book being ripped out of my arms. It was quickly replaced by the vision of her bikini clad boobies. She grabbed my chin in one hand and lifted my face to look her in the eyes. Sternly she said, "So, where the fuck do you get off staring at my body?"

All I could stammer out was a pitiful, "I'm sorry."

"You perverts are all the Same. If you were really sorry you would let me get a look at your prick." She stood there with her hands on her hips just waiting to see if I would have the guts to unzip my fly and let her see my equipment. With those tantalizing tits inches from my face I gave into my sex drive. Pulling my cock out of its confines I asked, "So, what do you think?"

"Nothing special as cocks go, but it will do." My ego was flattened like road kill. But, I wasn't down for long. The next thing I know she has climbed up on the bench straddling my thighs with a leg on each side of me facing me so that her tits are rubbing against my face. The pink of her bikini is quickly replaced by the natural beauty of her skin as she lets loose the top knot allowing the material to fall to her waist.

As she begins grinding her breasts in my face she grabs my cock in her hand and expertly jacks me off. I nibble and bite at her massive melons as her stroking gets harder and faster. She is rubbing my cock head against the crotch of her bikini panty, presumably against her clit. Before long we were both breathing very heavy as were getting closer and closer to cumming. Suddenly, I shot a big load of cum onto her bathing suit as she let out a loud moan.

She wiped the sticky stuff that had gotten onto her hand across her belly and got up and walked away. As she walked away she put her top back into place. And, when she picked up her towel, wrapping it around her, and grabbed her personal belongings she called back, "I don't like to be stared at, I would much rather cum."

Seconds later she was gone. I was still there my cock sticking out, going limp, in a daze not believing what just happened. As I zipped back up I decided to come back every single day until the sexy blonde returned. Four days in a row I was there both during lunch and after work but there was no sign of her.

I settled for jacking off every night. Then on the fifth day I got there a little late during lunch and there she was, my goddess. But, as I was deciding how to approach her she got up to leave. As she walked away she yanked down the back of her bikini bottoms and mooned me. That would teach me for being late.

My heart sank again the next day as she was again missing. The following I was as hopeful as ever and made sure that I was on time for a hoped for rendezvous.

When I got to my bench she was just putting down her beach towel and rubbing in the sun screen all around the places her hot bright green bikini didn't cover. Not wanting to seem too anxious as I calmly sat my ass on the bench. While I took in her beauty I made sure my eyes didn't stay in one place too long.

She laid down on the towel and we both held our positions for about five minutes before I looked over and she was suddenly laying on her back topless. I put down the magazine I brought as a prop and began to move to get up. Seeing this she put her palm up giving me a stop sign. After which she laced her fingertips into her bottoms and yanked them off so that she was now totally nude in front of me in the middle of a large city park.

The girl spread her legs wide giving me a full view of her golden pussy. Then she motioned for me to join her. As I hurried the twenty steps or so she put back up the stop sign and sensually said, "Strip now."

Carnal lust was racing through every vain of my body and at that moment we could have been nude at home plate of the seventh game of the World Series with 50,000 people in the stands and 100 million people watching on television and would not have cared. I just wanted to have her.

My clothes melted away. There I was on my knees between her legs. She simply grabbed my cock and yanked it toward her twat. I collapsed on top of her as she placed my prick against her opening. Using her other hand she gave my butt a shove and my cock slammed deep into her cunt.

She went to work using her cunt muscles to squeeze the living daylights out of my member. I pounded her cunt as if possessed by demons. We slammed together again and again in a wonderful rhythm. Not a word was spoken all we could hear was the birds singing and our heavy breathing which was getting ever louder. I couldn't believe this I had always wanted to find a stranger and without any foreplay fuck the living hell out of each other and now it was happening.

She dug her nails into my back as she let out a loud moan. The stirring was beginning in my balls and then with one final push I emptied all of my load deep into her cunt. As I collapsed on top of her a round of applause broke out as a dozen people had gathered around.

Instantly our faces turned beet red and I scurried off of her. We both got dressed in record time and walked away looking back at each other as we did. I continued to go to the park and sit on the same bench but it was never the same after that. For one thing, I never saw her again. But, it was the one experience in my entire sex life I will never forget.

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