tagNovels and NovellasParkers Progress Ch. 02

Parkers Progress Ch. 02


The lot at Sta Caridad Toyota was eerily quiet. There was a large sign hanging on the door, stating that they were closed "for essential maintenance". The orange desert sun flamed back at Parker from the glass frontage. It was impossible to see if anyone was inside. In vain Parker pressed her petite nose against the glass of the front door. She could make out the shapes of display automobiles, but no movement.

In frustration, Parker slapped both palms against the glass. She actually hit thin air as the doors hummed open. The surprise, sudden movement and raised centre of gravity were just too much and Parker pitched forward. She landed heavily on both knees. Her hands smacked the floor. Her little squeal echoed around the atrium. Anyone standing behind Parker would most likely be looking at her freshly waxed labia and her round smooth buttocks. She got to her feet, rubbing her stinging palms and pulled the dress down. She could feel herself blushing as she turned around. The door had shut and she could see nothing but the blinding sun. She shielded her eyes and looked down, perplexed. Parker realised that she had fallen out of her shoes, which must be still outside. She walked right up to the glass. Parker heard the little click of the I.R. sensor. The doors did not budge. She stepped back and forward three times.

Click. Click. Click.

Parker turned. Her mouth was dry and goose bumps had risen along her arms. She shivered. The air was hot and arid. She cast a twenty foot shadow. It stopped just before the reception desk and drew Parker's eyes to a computer monitor. It was turned to face her. It had some sort of filter as the screen was black, whereas it should have had the sun's reflection visible. Then it was bright orange. Parker walked slowly towards the screen. As she did so a human figure grew larger on the screen. It was in silhouette surrounded by a white halo. Parker stopped. She waved at the figure. It waved back. She flipped it the finger. It reciprocated.

The screen went blank again. Parker stayed where she was and waited. She was scared and slightly excited. Her nipples were flat and her pussy was as dry as the Mojave. Footsteps got louder behind her. Woman's heels on marble. She willed herself to keep still and not shiver. They passed behind her and she heard the electric doors open and close. Then silence.

"You dropped these."

The voice whispered in Parker's left ear. Her feet had started to sweat. She jumped and turned so quickly that she again lost her balance. Parker fell awkwardly. She cracked her head on the marble and saw stars. She looked up at deeply tanned shins, knees and thighs that disappeared into a tight black mini-skirt. An expensively manicured hand was proffered and helped the teenager to her feet.

Marcia Collins smiled at Parker. Not an altogether friendly smile. She handed Parker her shoes.

"My, my, Parker. I would never have taken you as the nervous type. The dress looks great. Especially rucked up around your waist. Great ass. My little bro' was right. Remember Jeb? He was in your year at S.C.H. Said they never lost a game when you were on the cheerleading squad. Said you could suck a baseball through a straw."

Parker blushed again. Fortunately her tan hid it. She had been a popular student at Santa Caridad High. With the boys. Not with the girls. Well, with a few special girls like Stacey perhaps. Parker had many nicknames at school. None could really be repeated in polite company.

Marcia was about Parker's height. Her hair was long and dark and cascaded in waves over her shoulders. It looked expensive to maintain. Like her tight body. The buttons of her cream silk blouse struggled to contain her heaving breasts.

"So, Parker. Why the Prius?"

"Well, it's economical and I want to do my bit for the planet."

"Yet more surprises. Parker is a tree hugger. Follow me, we'll go for a test drive. Let's see how flexible you are."

The second-hand Prius was out back. Parker wished she had brought sneakers. She was going to have to drive barefoot. Marcia got in quickly and leaned across to stare at Parker's groin as the girl got in. Parker had not mastered the art of maneuvering a barely covered pussy around an automobile seat. The dress had no friction whatsoever and slid up her back yet again. Parker gasped as she sat down on Marcia's hand. She did not know what to do. But Marcia did. Ever so slowly she bent her middle finger. It lightly stroked Parker's silky smooth mound, then the rugose skin of the teenager's clitoral hood. Parker gasped again as the digit slid into her vagina. Marcia reached across and pulled Parker's door shut. She turned her head slightly and crushed Parker's plump lips with her own. The girl's head was forced back into the headrest. Parker's mouth opened slightly but Marcia had to push her tongue into the girl's mouth and hunt down the girl's shy tongue. Marcia's right hand enveloped Parker's left breast. She squeezed. Hard. Parker moaned. Her nipple stiffened involuntarily and Marcia gripped it through the flimsy fabric. And twisted.

Parker struggled, but she was getting turned on. Marcia released her victim and sat back into the passenger seat. She sucked on her damp middle finger.

"You taste lovely. Who would have thought that half the dicks in Santa Caridad have been up there?"

Parker had in fact flashed considerably more pussy than she had given up. She sensed that Marcia did not want to know exactly how much she had been fucked. The woman was a complete bitch and Parker was falling under her spell.

Marcia handed Parker some tissues.

"Stop blubbing. Your eyeliner is running. Sit on the rest. I don't want you impregnating the upholstery."

Parker struggled for a sassy riposte. She only managed, "Yes, Ma'am."

"Tell me Parker, when did you stick the two peanuts down the front of your dress? Gives me an idea. Let's drive. I'll direct."

Parker blushed again. She tried to will her nipples flat but they were not under conscious control. She nearly crashed when Marcia viciously tweaked the right one.

"Please don't," pleaded Parker.

Parker turned out to be a cautious driver. Marcia pondered that she could be the only nineteen year old in the state who kept to the speed limit. They were soon outside the city limits, on two lane blacktop. Parker gently pressed the accelerator and the vehicle quietly hummed. Marcia yawned. Parker was supposed to be wild. As wild as the fucking Japanese eco shopping cart she was driving. They headed east towards a mesa that burnt in the evening sun. Soon they crossed the state line and arrived at Marcia's ranch. Lance's 'vette was parked in the shade. Good. He had of course not heard the Prius pull up. The fucker was just too quiet. Marcia had Parker sound the horn, then get out and stand by the front fender.

Marcia disappeared into the ranch house. She returned two minutes later, holding a camcorder. It was pointed at Parker. Marcia had slipped into something more comfortable and was wearing a black bikini top, Daisy Dukes and cowboy boots. She indicated that Parker should walk towards her. Parker wobbled on the uneven ground. Marcia made a stop sign, and then circled slowly around the anxious girl.

"Take off the dress. Slowly."

Parker just looked at her.

"Oh fuck," groaned Marcia, "I've picked a poster girl for dumb blonds. I thought you were at College."

She stepped forward and slapped Parker's left cheek. She zoomed the camcorder in to Parker's dark brown eyes which were becoming moist again.

"Let's try again," Marcia snapped, "I gave you the dress on loan. Now I want it back. Take the fucking thing off. That's better. Oh my, Parker. I thought you would at least have worn a thong. You dirty little tramp. Give it to me. No, fold it first, you lazy bitch. That's better. Now put your hands behind your head. Spread your legs slightly. Modesty is for nice girls."

Marcia walked slowly around the anxious teen. Parker was sweating and Marcia ran her index finger slowly down the centre of Parker's back, scratching the slick chestnut skin with her nail. Parker moaned quietly, guessing what would come next.

"Touch your toes slut."

Parker was on the soccer team at UC Merced and had long taut hamstrings without an ounce of cellulite. The high heels made them look even better. Parker felt Marcia's breath on her labia. She was scared but wet. Her bladder was near to exploding. Marcia licked up and down Parker's slit, delighted by the girl's moans. She sucked Parker's erect clit between her lips and bit down on the sensitive organ. She pulled back and felt it stretch.

"Please Ma'am, that really hurts," Parker begged.

She let out a little sob when Marcia let go and her clit snapped back like an elastic band. Parker gasped as she was penetrated, even though it was not a surprise. Marcia pushed two fingers in as hard as she could. She had only fingered two other women before. Parker had a tight, short pussy and an easily located rubbery cervix. It was already bruised from Parker's earlier masturbation. Marcia raked it with her talons and Parker screamed.

"Please stop. That hurts so much. Oh, God, I'm going to wet myself."

Marcia stepped back and slapped Parker's right buttock so hard that her hand throbbed. Parker screamed again but was too scared to move. Marcia focussed the camcorder on Parker's pussy and did a little pull shot to catch the jet of yellow liquid that arced out and splashed on the hard packed red earth. The sun picked the urine out beautifully and artfully. Marcia would have it on YouTube the next day. Marcia slapped Parker's other buttock.

"Stand up, you dirty, dirty bitch."

She grabbed Parker's right arm and twisted it viciously behind the girl's back. Parker sobbed with pain and humiliation. She was more than a match for Marcia physically, but the older woman had a massive psychological advantage. The insides of Parker's thighs were getting wet. She wished it was urine but knew that it was the subordination turning on her vaginal glands. Parker was a stranger to love. Sex to her was brutal and nasty. And frequently painful. With her free hand Marcia pulled hard on Parker's ponytail. Parker looked up. She had no choice. She briefly pondered how the cirrus clouds, turned pink by the sun, looked like streaks of cotton candy.

"Jesus. Please. No", she screamed as both her breasts were crushed. The shock was almost as bad as the pain. She had only thought that Marcia had two arms. Her ankle turned over and Marcia let go, allowing Parker to collapse in a heap on the hard hot earth. Parker lay still for a minute clutching her abused boobs, then looked up.

Marcia was attached to a huge man. One arm was behind his back and the other was roaming over his hairless chest. Her right knee was bent and pressed against the man's groin. He was staring at Parker. His pale blue eyes radiated no compassion. Parker instantly recognised Lance, Marcia's notoriously buff husband. She struggled to her feet, kicking off the shoes which were becoming a real hindrance. Instinctively Parker moved her left hand down from her breasts to her groin and pressed her tawny knees together.

Maybe today was going to be the day.

Parker had a longstanding premonition that one day she would be raped and murdered and dumped in the desert for the vultures to consume. That feeling had grown stronger that summer. She had always believed it would be her own father who did the deed. Many would say that she had asked for it. Parker included at times.

Marcia detached herself from her husband and slowly undid her halter neck top. It fell away to reveal enormous tanned breasts. They were clearly not originals and Parker allowed herself a moment of pride. Her own looked better. Marcia slowly removed Lance's belt and wrapped it around her wrist. She unpopped the buttons on his jeans. Then, kneeling in front of the man pulled them down. Parker's eyes were glued to the back of Marcia's head as it covered Lance's groin. Marcia's tanned back glistened with a gossamer film of sweat. The denim of her shorts struggled to confine her straining ass. Lance gazed up at the sky as Marcia's head started to bob up and down.

Parker decided that it was time to leave but her legs had turned to stone. A little more urine ran down her thighs. Her bowels started to cramp. Marcia stood up and turned to face Parker. She pushed a breast up and sucked on its nipple.

She growled at Parker,"Come over here slut. I have need of your whore's tongue. Put your hands down so we can see your cheap body."

Parker moved as if in a trance. She desperately wanted to wake up. Or maybe the cops would appear. Little pieces of quartz were buried in the earth and glittered in the strong evening sunlight. Parker spent a lot of time barefoot and had developed nice thick soles, so felt no pain. Marcia removed her own thin belt and undid the buttons of her shorts. The garment sprang open. Marcia indicated to Parker that she should kneel. She winced as the quartz cut in to her delicate skin.

"Take them down," Marcia commanded imperiously, "Then service me."

Marcia put her legs together to allow Parker to pull the skin tight shorts over her flared hips. Then she put her left thigh on Parker's right shoulder, gripped Parker's ponytail and thrust her thick black bush into Parker's face. Belinda had complained that Parker had smelt a little fishy earlier. That was nothing compared to what Parker was inhaling. She dry heaved, but kept licking at Marcia's easily located clit. Parker had only given oral sex to one other woman. That was Stacey. Stacey had an exquisite little virgin's pussy and she was so self conscious that Parker was not allowed anywhere near her until she had showered.

"Oh yes, you disgusting little cunt. You love it, don't you? Lance, take the camcorder. Zoom on in baby. Look at the camera, slut. Lick your lips. Now get back to work. Shit, I'm coming."

Marcia rammed her pelvic bone against the tip of Parker's nose. Parker sneezed five times, her snot blending with Marcia's cunt sap. Parker had to lick it all up. Marcia had never had full sex with a woman before. Her love life had gone a bit flat and she thought that a threesome would spark things up. She had in fact over estimated how slutty Parker was, largely based on her brother's boasting. Parker had indeed given hand jobs to the whole football team, but had only sucked off a handful of them. None had penetrated her.

She got enough of that at home.

Lance was enjoying the show and his eponymous weapon was stiff and ready to do some spearing. He had not met Parker before and seldom visited Sta Caridad. Marcia had done well. The kid was pretty damned hot. Marcia announced loudly that she was coming again. She pushed Parker hard and the hapless girl sprawled onto her back with a little yelp. Any further protest was drowned out by Marcia's stagnant sweaty cunt as the woman straddled the girl. Parker could barely breathe as Marcia ground into her face. She tried to bite the woman's clit but just got a huge mouthful of pubic hair. Eventually Marcia came for a third time and dismounted. Parker rolled onto her side gasping huge lungfuls of dusty air.

Marcia was slightly dizzy but ready for more action. She had Lance pull Parker up by her ponytail. Lance stood well over six feet, was heavily muscled and had little difficulty pulling the slim teenager right up onto tippy toe.

Parker finally found her voice.

"Please stop. I don't like this. You're hurting me. I want to go home."

Marcia took Lance's thick belt and fastened it around Parker's torso pinning her arms to her sides and crushing her breasts.

"Oh but we've only just started. You want a discount on the Prius. YOU HAVE TO WORK FOR IT," Marcia bellowed into Parker's ear.

She placed her own belt around Parker's neck and slowly pulled. Parker was slipping into abject terror and again lost the power of speech. Her face went dark red and her eyes started to bulge, as her jugular veins were compressed. Waves of panic broke over her and then everything became dark and quiet.

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