tagExhibitionist & VoyeurParking Lot Passion

Parking Lot Passion


Al was late paying his cell phone bill and hurriedly pulled into the crowded lot. Only one space open and the driver had her door half open. He was a little upset but a quick look at the long legs covered by a slit dress coming out from the car and the delay could be forgiven. As he made his way into the spot she slid back up on to the SUV seat and Al could see, or thought he could see, that she had nothing on underneath. Hmmm a trick of the light or maybe just a small thong as he got ready to get out he did get a very good look at those lovely legs, all the way up to the curve of her ass.

Al ran in, paid his bill and hoped to get back in time to catch another glimpse. His heart jumped when he saw her not only there but leaning back over the seat and very clearly showing her very trimmed, very lovely pubic triangle. He walked slowly to the car savoring the show and as she leaned over to get something out of the glove box, her legs separated and he could see heaven itself.

Being of sound mind he stopped and looked and as she got back up and closed her legs she looked directly at him. He expected a scowl or worse and headed towards his car door but was greeted with a smile instead. As he slowly got in the car he kept glancing over and she kept opening and closing the view.

Then Al did something very stupid. He started the car. At this she pulled her legs in and closed the door. As Al started to back out he cursed his stupidity. She was more than willing to give him a show that was obvious. Suddenly he seized the opportunity and quickly drove around the row and right back into the spot, parking in an even better viewpoint.

The next move was hers and she responded by opening the door with the slit of her dress up to her navel. She sat there rocking her knees open and closed affording a truly lovely view.

Al couldn't hold back and started to rub his crotch through his pants, building up quite a bulge. She took quick notice of this and appeared to be motioning him to her.

He slid over the seat and opened the door and she obliged by opening her legs and pulling him in by the belt. Al didn't need any prompting and slid his hand up her leg and had it in her wet pussy in no time flat.

As he rubbed between her slit and then over her clit he could feel she was very wet and equally turned on. He stepped just a bit closer and started to masturbate her in earnest. She countered by unzipping Al and pulling on his cock and kneading his balls. He moved closer and she hugged his arm as he furiously worked her clit and she came to an orgasm emitting more of a grunt than a moan and squeezing his hand so he couldn't let go.

Although satisfying Al was afraid that he would be unfulfilled and tried a kiss on her lips, but she stopped him with two fingers covered with her own wetness.

"No kisses" she said. "Just fuck me."

And with that drew him close. She slid forward on the seat and without even opening his pants fully slipped his hard cock into her. She was so delightfully wet and so perfectly tight that Al was not long in his excitement.

She sensed this and whispered in his ear. "Wait and cum with me".

Al slowed his motion but she did not and he struggled to hold back, when suddenly she made the same little grunt noise.

"Cum now, quick cum now" she said.

Al went to withdraw so as not to get his semen in her but she grabbed his ass cheeks and drew him deep into her.

"Don't fuck up my dress I have to work. Cum deep inside me." He needed no more promoting and unloaded a strong hot load into her.

After holding together for a few moments he withdrew and she caught any drips in her hand, licking them off.

"Will I ever see you again?" Al asked?

"This isn't my district, I doubt it." was her disappointing answer. "But I'll tell Cindy to be here this time next week, and to wear her slit dress."

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