tagGroup SexPart 2: Angie & Alex

Part 2: Angie & Alex



I'm hornier than usual tonight. Looking forward to a night of fun and passion with our closest friends. I'm feeling very sensual as my silk garter belt and stockings rub suggestively against my skin, and the air circulates around my nude, bald pussy. I love not wearing panties - it's such a sexy feeling. Plus it allows easier access to wandering hands under the tablecloth! The soft red leather of my dress caresses my bare nipples when I move. They're already rock hard just from walking inside.

Alex and I stand at the top of the ballroom staircase searching the sea of faces. "There's Chrissie and Ben! Doesn't Chrissie look absolutely edible?"

"Mmm...definitely!" came the reply from my handsome husband. Chrissie is wearing an almost shear deep purple, backless sheath that dips to the tops of her cheeks, with a thigh high split on both sides. If she had pubic hair you would definitely be able to see it and while her pale pink nipples can't be seen through the thin fabric, their shape is clearly visible.

For Alex's last birthday, Chrissie and I had starred in a movie directed by Ben, titled "A day at the mall". We wore calf length faux fur coats without bras, garter belts and stockings underneath and played up for Ben's digital handy cam. Picking out a few outfits each, we moved towards the dressing room, slipping Ben in when the saleslady turned to help another customer. Chrissie and I let our coats drop to the floor as Ben balanced on a chair in the corner, his cock in one hand and his camera in the other.

After the dressing room in the boutique, there was a king-size four-poster bed in the Antique shop that we masturbated each other on, a cubicle in the ladies bathroom on the third floor that Ben fucked us both in and a five minute 'Short film' made in an exclusive men's boutique when Chrissie 'helped' a customer decide on whether boxers or briefs felt better hanging around his ankles while he was having his cock sucked. Of course, the guy had no idea that I was filming through a gap between two cubicles while Ben fucked me from behind...neither did his wife!

As I wrap my arms around Chrissie, back in the present time, I can feel that she is totally naked under the dress that is barely covering her natural DD-size breasts and tight ass. As Chrissie is voyeuristic by nature, she loves showing off her sensuous body and watching the reactions people have when they see her. Of course, people love to look at her too. She was voted "Most likely to do a shoot for Playboy" in her junior year, and her body had only ripened since then!

As I slide my arms around Ben's neck and my boobs press against his chest, his hands slide around to my ass and squeeze softly. "You are feeling soooo good baby!"

"Likewise!" I assure him, dropping a hand between us to squeeze his fat, semi-hard cock. "The sight of you works every time! We're going to have a fabulous night tonight. Are you ready to party?"

You bet I was!!



As we walk toward our friends, I can see that Ben's eyes are focused clearly on the bulge in the front of my tux pants. My cock swells a little more with thoughts of our last 69...that guy can certainly suck! I can feel the semi-swelling in his cock as we hug, pelvis' grinding. "Hey Ben! Good to see you!"

"You too man." We look knowingly into each other's eyes as we pull apart and move to greet each other's wives.

"Chrissie, you're looking as sexy as always!" As I take her in my arms I can feel those enormous tits pushing into my chest and my hands automatically slide to her ass as I grind my pelvis against her. I close my eyes and recall the sensation of her tight pussy sliding down over my cock as she fucked me on top of the pool table last Friday. Mmm. My cock throbs against Chrissie's mound and she moans quietly as she kisses my mouth and pushes against me. "Hello handsome! I can see that you're all ready to play!" I certainly was...and more than one game with more than one player!

I'll always remember the time we played "Spin the Bottle" on Chrissie's birthday with the empty Moet bottle from dinner. I ended up fucking Chrissie with the fat end of that bottle while she laid tied, spreadeagled and blindfolded on the pool table. That was right before she got 'gang fucked'.

She had decided earlier in the day that she wanted to broadcast our 'games' online, and since it was her 'birthday wish', we all put on masks and connected the digital video camera up to the computer, logging onto our favourite site and leaving the room 'un-locked' for all to view. The present that Chrissie didn't know was coming arrived just as Ben slid the blindfold over her eyes.

She had always fantasised about being blindfolded, tied up and being fucked, sucked, licked and nibbled by any number of guys and gals. So, Ben and I had spoken to several guys and three women from our gym and arranged for them to come over and help make Chrissie's fantasy a reality. Angie had let them in as Ben and I had tied Chrissie up and I had begun to fuck her with the Moet bottle.

The 'gang' walked in...all naked and toned, the guys all with big, hard erections and the girls' with big cushy titties, hard nipples and bald pussies...just the way Chrissie liked them. She still says it's the best birthday present she's EVER had!! But that's another story.

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