Part of the Plan


Suddenly she was enveloped by something smooth which proceeded to lift her up. Buffy whined as her movement was constricted, for some reason it made her feel even better. And the less she struggled against it, the more intense the lights became, the brighter they burned into her mind.

She could have stopped struggling altogether, but it felt so much better to draw it out. Let it inch its way closer and closer until she finally gave in and stopped resisting. Resignation exploded into orgasm, making her move once again as every muscle in her body tensed. The world, once pink and purple turned to white and then black with multi-colored stars popping in and out.

Even after the real world appeared before her eyes again she just lay there, not really seeing anything with her half-lidded eyes as aftershocks of pleasure shot through her.

Eventually she stirred, noting absently that they were back on the roof where they had staked out. Lying just out of her reach was Mesmeri's rucksack. "She got the book?" She knew she should be mad about that, she could even feel it sort of. But she felt too good to get really angry about anything.

"No," was Restrainer's annoyed reply. "I managed to avoid most of her flash-technique so she fled. Are you finished or do you want to flash a few students too?"


"This is getting repetitive," Animes ranted behind her back, for once not wearing her uniform but sweatpants and a loose shirt. Rachel couldn't resist rolling her eyes. She hadn't been the one trying to have sex with her forcefield-hand. Or the one who disappeared into the bathroom for half an hour as soon as they came back.

The feral heroine continued, "At least I have an excuse for letting her get away this time, but you just stood there. And we don't know where she'll strike next. The campus is too well guarded now for her to try again, too risky."

Rachel managed to keep the anger that rose up at her partner's words in check by focussing on the screen, on what her search was producing. "We got a clue," she pointed out reasonably.

Animes snorted. "A new backpack that she probably bought today on her way to the university. What kind of a lead is an empty backpack, huh?" She was still talking but Rachel was tuning her out completely now, too absorbed in what she was reading.

She was about done when Animes' next words broke through her concentration. "Why do I have to do everything myself?"

The anger hadn't gone away after all, it had just been simmering under the surface. Rachel turned away from the computer and got up. "You do everything? You?" She spoke softly but her voice was like steel. "The only thing you have been doing since we got back was yourself. But while you've been frigging yourself like a bitch in heat, I've been researching a clue I found in the bag I picked up." She took special care to stress the 'I' part.

"I, that is, I mean," Animes stuttered caught floundering between surprise by Rachel's unusual outburst and embarrassment at the memories of what she had been doing in the bathroom. Also, for some reason she liked this new side of Rachel. It made her look breathtakingly beautiful.

But the purplehead steamed right through Animes attempts at a counter. "I found a piece of a flyer inside the bag for a club. One that sounds just up Mesmeri's alley. It's called 'Subjective' and it's a lesbian bar for those interested in the bondage lifestyle. It's the only one that caters to that specific fetish in Median City."

"Then, then what are we waiting for? Good work, let's go and arrest the freak." Finding herself on familiar ground again, Animes her tone became more firm.

"Not so fast." Animes froze, having barely made a single step. "We have no idea what Mesmeri's connection is to the place and you want to bust in like its a secret hide-out? A club filled with civilians? We do this my way, we go in undercover."

Rachel could hear Buffy swallow. "Undercover?"

"Yes, we'll pose as a couple who are just starting to explore this fetish. And since you are the one that can't be bothered to do research, I will take the lead. You will just be silent and act like my pet." She saw Buffy stiffen at that but Rachel wasn't done.

Grabbing her by the shoulders she corralled the still reeling feral to the computer. "Now sit down and read up on what to expect. I've already bookmarked the sites so you don't need to worry that pretty little head of yours."

"My what?" Animes exclaimed.

Not missing a beat Rachel explained, "I'm getting into my part, I suggest you do the same. Now start reading while I go out and buy us some outfits. We have to look the part."


"Oh fuck," escaped Buffy's lips as she slipped a second finger into her lubricated tunnel. Her eyes were glued to the screen and the pictures it was showing. Girls wearing collars, women trussed up and sluts begging wordlessly to be used. She felt hot, her skin holding just a hint of salty dampness.

She should be reading, learning to act the part but she kept seeing herself in those positions. Buffy had been fine the first few minutes but after seeing a few of the outfits she had begun to wonder what Rachel was getting her.

Those thoughts had led her to imagining her wearing those outfits, being ordered by Rachel to wear them, told to act like those girls. Her hand had flown into her sweatpants before she knew it and the only reason she wasn't in her own room now was the fact that Rachel had told her to stay at the computer.

A thrill ran through her at the knowledge she was doing as she was told, that she wanted to obey. Longed to have Rachel come home and see this display, see how Buffy was still at the computer. Maybe she would get a reward, or perhaps she would be punished for not studying hard enough.

Her pussy fluttered around her fingers as she came, her head thrown back as she could no longer force her eyes to look at the screen.

The sound of the door opening cut through the mood like a knife through butter. Animes couldn't believe what she was doing, what she had been thinking. Yanking her hand out of her pants she looked down horrified at the still sticky digits. 'If she sees those, hell if she smells this, she'll know what I've been doing.'

Acting on the first thought that came to mind she began licking her fingers clean. 'Not bad, I taste pretty good. Wonder why I never tried this before. Oh, still something in that nook. Better get every single drop.'

A cough that sounded awfully close distracted Buffy. "I see you are getting into your role," Rachel said sounding like she was awfully close. Whirling around Buffy stared wide-eyed at a bemused looking Rachel. She didn't even notice she was still sucking on one of her fingers. 'How did she get here so fast?' She wondered. 'She only came in a moment ago...right?'

Animes saw Rachel's eyes trail down to her lips, the lips still wrapped around her finger that was now wet with saliva. Something akin to hunger entered those eyes. With a plop her finger left her mouth as she jerked her hand behind her back. Her face heated up as Rachel's gaze made her feel like a caught schoolgirl for some reason. She lowered her head to hide the barely visible blush.

"You're back," only now did she notice the bags Rachel was carrying. The realization of what was inside of them robbed Buffy of her train of thought. Horror and expectation battled for dominance.

Thrusting the bag in her left hand out Rachel told her, "with presents. Wasn't easy to find something for you without you there to try it on but since I know your measurements, I managed with the help of a very friendly store-clerk. Now go try this on, you need to look comfortable in this tonight."

And so Animes found herself in her room looking at the shopping bag, doubt and confusion making her unsure of what to do, what to feel. Trying to stall, she undressed until she was standing in her underwear. Her sodden underwear. So the superhero stripped them off too, that bought her a few more seconds to sort out what was going with her.

'Get a grip on yourself,' she admonished. 'This is not the first time you've gone undercover. This is no different, it's just pretend.'

It didn't help. She was naked, her deeply tanned skin still covered in sweat and her nipples were poking out happily. She felt like she was watching someone else open the bag and take out the articles of clothing.

The contents consisted of what looked like a pair of shorts and a crop top. Both were red, made of leather and had a number of laces. There was also a pair of bracers made of the same material and to her dismay a pair of low heel shoes. She never wore heels.

Feeling almost like an automaton she put them on until she was standing a little unsteady in front of the mirror. Seeing herself decked out in this outfit revealed the reason for the laces. The top and shorts, both open in front, were held together by the laces. This made the most of her modest cleavage and left her pussy far too exposed to be decent.

Animes could guess what the wide loops on the bracers were for and experimentally placed her lower arms together behind her back to make it look like they were tied together. And for a moment she believed what she now saw in the mirror.

A helpless slave exposing her wet snatch for anybody to see and to use. Her eyelids dropped as a low groan escaped her lips. Her hips jerked forward and the groan turned into a hiss as her clit was pressed against one of the strings. Without thought she did it again and again, swaying in front of the mirror in some sort of sexual dance. Her knees were growing so weak, they wanted to bend. Buffy wanted to bend.

"Come out and show me how you look," Restrainer called through the door. Startled, Animes didn't know where she was for a moment. Shaking it off she carefully moved to the door. The superhero forgot how she was dressed until after she opened it. But that came crashing back at seeing Rachel's appreciative inspection.

"Oooh, nice. You look good enough to eat," she teased Buffy. Rachel was dressed in tight latex pants and a corset that could barely contain her tits. She was also wearing kinky boots. All of it was black and shiny. Her purple hair was pulled back in a pony. The feral heroine couldn't help but stare at those breasts, how they pressed against the fabric of the corset every time Rachel took a breath.

"Thanks," was her weak reply. Rachel wordlessly gestured for her to step out of her room. She really didn't want to, but Rachel had been right. They needed to get into that club and they could only do it undercover. So she went past Rachel who put a steadying hand on her elbow when Buffy almost fell.

The other hand followed soon after, rubbing her tush. Buffy looked incredulous at Rachel but she was busy admiring the flexing of Buffy's leg muscles as she walked to the table. Rachel didn't look up and Buffy felt strangely reluctant to refuse the woman so she just kept her mouth shut.

"Very nice," Rachel commented.

"Ummh," was all Buffy got out. She felt so off-balance. Her partner's behavior was completely unlike her but Buffy liked it. She knew she shouldn't, she was sure that just a few days ago she wouldn't have but right now her body was responding to it. Her nubs were doing their best to poke through the leather and it felt like they were succeeding.

"And this will complete your outfit," Rachel told her as she picked up a red leather collar from the table. It had a steel ring and attached to that was a detachable leash. "I saved it for now because I wanted to put it on myself," she told Buffy.

The feral looked at the piece of leather like it was a snake. "After all," Rachel continued, "you are going as my pet. And pets get a collar from their owner. Don't you agree?" She added but her tone made it sound more like she was making Buffy's mind up for her.

The words hit her like a hammer between the eyes and a vibrator on her clit. Turned on and dazed Buffy nodded her head a little before tilting her head back slightly. But not so much that she couldn't keep an eye the collar. This felt less and less like pretend and Buffy liked the thought of that more and more.

Feeling the cool leather enclose her neck Buffy had to bite her lip to keep silent. She didn't want Restrainer to know what this was doing to her.

"Yes, you look very good like this. But I think, for our visit to the club, that you should put on the thong too. We don't want to get kicked out at the first sight of you."


"Couldn't you get some masks to go with the outfit?" Animes complained to an amused Restrainer. "It's not like it would be all that out of place, right?"

"Because they might put one masked purple-haired and one masked purple-haired together and notice I look a lot like Restrainer. This way they write it of as a dye-job," Restrainer explained patiently.

She had flown the both of them until they were less than a block from the club. The rest they walked wearing coats to ward of the evening's chill. Restrainer watched with satisfaction at Animes steady gate.

It had taken a few hours to get her to this point, first by walking besides her, steadying her whenever she lost balance; later, by pulling her along with the leash so that it wouldn't look like the first time they did something like this. It had nothing to do with the fact that she got a kick out of it, of course. 'Besides, the little bitch enjoyed it too.'

Shaking her head, Restrainer dispelled that errant thought. She was getting them more and more, thoughts that were disrespectful of her partner. The real problem was that Restrainer couldn't tell what was exactly wrong with them; they were accurate after all. Animes had been turned on by their practice session, even her human nose could tell.

Turning the corner the entrance to the club came into view. It was located in an old warehouse and from the outside it still looked like it. The only clues it was a club were its name in modest neon letters above the entrance and the bouncer. She was wearing combat boots, jeans and a sleeveless shirt that showed off her muscles. Built like a bodybuilder, Restrainer wouldn't be surprised to learn she was actually a super.

Because not everybody with superpowers became a hero or a villain, a large group led a normal life and rarely used their abilities. This one might just be one of those. 'Or she's a fitness-maniac,' Restrainer amended. But she didn't think so. 'And we've learned something already,' she added to herself.

The bouncer noticed them coming and stopped leaning against the wall so she could stand in front of the door. "I've never seen you two before," the bouncer rumbled not unkindly, "so I am going to have to ask for some I.D. ladies."

"You actually think we're underage?" Animes asked incredulously.

"Nope," she retorted with a bland look. "But Miss Golden isn't worried about underage drinking. She wants to make sure that only consenting adults come in. And that their privacy is maintained."

"Of course she would, excuse her," Restrainer answered for the both of them. Without pausing she grabbed hold of Animes' ear, "Apologize to the lady properly, Buffy." Restrainer guided her head down until she had to kneel.

"I apologize for my rudeness, ma'am," Animes got out. It was obvious to Restrainer that the brunette was embarrassed.

Noticing the bouncer's bemused expression at this display, Restrainer decided to add her own two cents. She let go of Animes' ear and lowered it a little so she could stroke Animes' cheek with the back of her hand. "Good girl," she added. She could feel her partner's face heat up but at the same time she was leaning into the caress.

Standing up she retrieved their fake I.D.'s and showed them to the bouncer. "Those seem to be in order." She paused for a moment. "You two are new at this, aren't you?"

"You could tell?" Restrainer asked hoping that she managed to keep her panic out of her voice.

"I've been working here for a couple of years now. I am not into this myself but you pick things up. First time you've taken this outside the bedroom but I can tell you're for real. If you could just open the coats, ladies, I can let you in. Can't have anything resembling a weapon inside. 'Subjective' is about safe fun." The last sentence sounded almost like a slogan, something she had said many times before.

With a shrug Restrainer complied as did Animes, after she got up. The bouncer had said she wasn't into this, but she was obviously into girls. Her appreciative gaze was not, however, a sign she was getting side-tracked because it focused quickly on the leash Restrainer was carrying.

Restrainer angled her hip a little so the bouncer could see it better but didn't speak, she just waited. The bouncer's response was a nod after which she stepped aside. "Looks fine, so you can come in. Have a fun evening ladies but just so you know, the club can be a bit overwhelming the first time. My advice is to relax and just do what you enjoy. Don't judge and don't be afraid of being judged. Trust me, nobody is interested in that.

"Oh, and one other thing. You can play in the club but you can't go all the way. If you want that, there are some private rooms upstairs."


Animes felt exposed after relinquishing her coat. They were still standing in the coatroom but she could already hear the soft music being played in the club. It wasn't drowning out the noise of women having their fun. Her nose was assaulted by a thousand different scents, some of them she didn't expect. A few she couldn't place.

She had caught a whiff of Mesmeri's odd non-scent during their fights and had hoped she could sniff the criminal out right away. But it was just too hard to find it amidst the myriad of other, more powerful smells that were present. She just couldn't tell if Mesmeri had been here or not. Which meant they were going in.

Her heart was hammering in her throat. Animes told herself this wasn't anything unusual, that it wasn't their first time going undercover. But she knew better, really. Because those other times she just played a part, like an actress in a play. This wasn't playing a part, this was bringing out a part she had never...

The click of the leash being attached to her collar coursed through her being, making something inside of her click as well. Her body automatically straightened out like it was coming to attention with her eyes downcast. A shiver of something coursed through her at how natural this felt, how hot this made her.

Restrainer didn't speak, she just turned around and moved towards the door clearly expecting Animes to follow. Buffy's breathing deepened as her eyes naturally drifted to Restrainer's ass. She let herself be mesmerized by its swaying motion that she didn't even notice they were entering the club proper until Restrainer stopped.

The lighting came mainly from electric candles on the walls casting a soft light on the place. The space was L-shaped with the entrance facing the long leg with the short leg at the left. A bar ran along the long leg with long booths across from it hugging the other wall.

The booths all sported an open area in the middle with different equipment in each one. There was one with a rack, several that just had hooks in the ceiling to hang things as well as people from and two sported an X-shaped cross in that open area. There was also a massage table which looked a little out of place to Buffy.

In the short leg there were two cages on platforms with a girl dancing in both of them. There was also a staircase leading to a catwalk running above the bar with several doors that Buffy supposed where the private rooms the bouncer had been talking about.

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