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Part Time Job


Mary sighed as the scooped the envelope off of the door mat. She knew by the look of the envelope that it was the credit card bill.

"Its so unfair" she thought to herself. Money had become increasingly tight. She didn't mind her flat, It wasn't where she saw herself living in 5 years time, but it would do for now.. if it wasn't for her neighbours, that was. The flat she lived in seemed to have walls so thin, every single argument her neighbours had (and they had a lot!) she could hear. She would sometimes listen and pick a side, working out what she would say in response to her chosen opponents unreasonableness.

Work had not been going too badly for Mary, although there was no sign of any sudden and vast increase in salary. The 'austerity measures' taken by her employer had seen to that. It wasn't either that she lived an extravagent lifestyle.. Its just, things weren't quite enough. She needed a bit more.

On the 30min bus ride in to work that morning, she sleep walked / dazed her way through the journey as usual. Tuesday was a nothing day. It wasn't the beginning of the week, it wasn't the end, it was still a whole 7 hours of work away from 'hump day', (Wednesday) which never turned out to be as exciting as it sounded (well, almost never). Mary rested her head in her hand, and her elbow on the window of the top deck of the bus, thinking about why she was just so constantly skint, and what she could do about it. She quickly discounted the idea of doing overtime, that was a short term fix, and it would need more than a few extra hours on a Saturday morning to get her out of that flat and away from her neighbours.

"eBay.... eBay.... hmmmmm". Mary mewsed the things she could sell online, initially she could clear out the junk she'd colleceted over the 3 years in that flat, and then she could move on to bulk buying and selling. She couldn't think of anything she had a special knowledge or expertise in to make her confident to buy and sell. She quickly dismissed the idea when she realised that her flat would all of a sudden be over-run by odds and sods waiting to be sold, and every night would be spent wrapping items up, and every lunch break would be spent queuing down at the post office.

She considered some modelling or rep work, you know, merchandising stuff at shows. Mary was attractive and striking in her looks. Tall, at 5ft 10" with an attractive curvy figure and large pert breasts. She had dark bobbed hair and green eyes. She had a knack of catching and keeping a guys attention when she smiled at them, although she also didn't suffer fools gladly. Mary was giving this potential sideline some serious thought as the bus pulled in to the town centre, North Street, Brighton. As the bus came to a stop, one stop before Mary's stop, she watched her fellow commuters alight from the bus. That is when she noticed the advert in the bus stop. 'Bar stuff needed'. It was for Grace's bar, which was on the opposite side of the road to the advert. Mary was sure she'd heard of Graces bar before but had never been there. Then as the bus pulled away it clicked... Grace's was a 'gentleman's club', and a group of guys at work had recently been there.

As the bus pulled up at her stop, Mary walked off, thanking the driver and smiling sweetly as she walked off

"You're welcome!" said the the bus driver, a little over friendly. Mary smiled to herself, it was too early to flirt. Walking down North road and over the Steine, Mary mulled over the prospect of working at Graces.

"How hard could it be?" Mary thought to herself. "Serving a few drinks to a few horny blokes, that'll be childs play!". She was a little concerned that some guys from work she knew might come in and the obvious piss taking the following day, but what the hell. She took down the number.

* * *

Mary arrived a couple of minutes early for the interview. She was advised to 'dress to impress', but what does that mean? All the other interviews (both of them) Mary had ever gone for, she'd worn office attire. She'd chosen a little black dress that had previously been 'successful' when she'd been at social functions and eligible guys were around (the previous Christmas work do was a ties and tiaras event).

After a short wait she was invited upstairs by one of the girls who worked there. The stairs were narrow and the hall way was dark, with dark red carpet and similarly coloured walls with pictures of attractive girls on either side. Mary was shown in to the main club. There was a bar straight in front of her, a stage to the right with curved seating all around the edges, and tables and chairs dotted around the centre. The stage to her right had a pole in the middle of it and mirrors on the walls around it.

"No hiding in here!" Mary thought.

Mary was asked to sit down in the corner by the curved seats. She was facing out towards the rest of the club. She felt slightly nervous, more of her surroundings rather than the interview itself, and sat there looking and absorbing the atmosphere of the place.

"Hi. I'm Mike Davies. You must be Mary!" A confident and bold voice came from Mary's right. She looked around and smiled at the man. He was tall and well built, but not fat, with short dark spiky hair, slightly greying at the sides. He wore a dark open neck shirt and dark trousers, and black, new loafer shoes. Mike held his hand and shook that of Marys before sitting down.

"So Mary, you're looking for a part time job?" Mike asked, breaking the ice

"Well yes, just to earn a bit of extra money, fitting around my day job". Mary replied, trying to hide her nerves.

"Where do you work at the moment?"

"Oh its just an office job in Brighton, usual hours, ya know....." Mary trailed off.

"Okay, well I think you're the sort of girl our customers would really like to see perform" explained Mike casually.

"Perform!??" exclaimed Mary. "I've come for the bar job!" She half sniggered as she replied. There was no way that was what she came here for.

"Oh really?" Mike was a little taken a-back. "I was told you were here for the job as a performer?"

"Er, no.. that's not me. I'm definitely here as bar staff".

"Oh, okay. Well I think you could be selling yourself a little short. We have girls come in here who want to be performers who, frankly don't make the grade. I can see you doing well at it and making a lot of money". There was an honest and sincere charm to Mike which caused Mary to not immediately dismiss what was being said to her.

"How much money are we talking?" Mary wanted to at least know what was being proposed before she turned it down.

"Well, on an average night you're talking anywhere in the region of £700 to £1200"

"WHAT!!!!?" Exclaimed Mary. She could not believe it. This put a slightly different slant on things. The idea of being a performer at the club was laughable, but £1200 a night was serious money. Mary thought to herself for a moment "£700 to £1200... okay, say that's an average of £1000 a night. If I were to do that Friday and Saturday night, I'd get my whole years salary in just under 4 months" Mary was starting to seriously think about the difference this could make to her situation, the flat, the car she was driving.

"Well why don't you show us what you can do" Mike interrupted her train of thought.

Mary came back in to the room. All of a sudden it dawned on her what earning this money would entail. Her confidence dropped out of her.

"Noooo no no no no, I couldn't do that, I mean... I couldn't"

"Why not?" Mike put, very matter of fact. "Listen, everyone has exactly the same nerves when they come for their interview, Trust me. After a couple of weeks, you'll be on that stage doing your thing like it was the most natural thing in the world. It is the most natural thing in the world. Just one stage further. You flirt with guys don't you?"

"Erm, yeah" Mary shrugged her shoulders

"You like those guys you flirt with to like you, don't you?"

"Of course" Mary could see where this was leading.

"Well then!"

"But I...." Mary was cut off

"Just..... just give it a go. Don't worry about the pole dancing, we'll give you a few lessons on that. Just give me a lap dance, that's all, a lap dance. We'll put some music on, you go in to the other room and get in to just your underwear, and come back. Take me over there and show me what you can do. If its natural, I'll know. We'll both know". Mike's calm and confident charm was persuading her. The lure of £1000 a night was also a massive lure. Mary was convincing herself.

"Okay. I'll give it a go. Where shall I get changed?"

"Just over there" Mike pointed to a side door behind the stage and pole dancing area. "I'll be here waiting. Come out when you hear the music playing and take me over to those boothes over there with the curtains".

Mary was in the changing room. Her nerves were taking over. Her heart was beating fast. She had to be cool. She had always had a 'performing' fantasy, or that of being watched. This was daring though. Very daring!

"Flustered isn't sexy, Mary" she told herself as she adjusted her cleavage in her bra. "Good job I wore decent underwear" Mary thought to herself. She twisted her body so as to check out her own bum. "Those spinning classes were worth the pain" Mary thought to herself.

Mary heard some music start. Prince's Purple Rain wasn't her favourite track at all, but she went with it. "Show time" Mary said to herself, looking at herself in the mirror one last time, and switched on the confidence. The door opened, and she stepped out in to the empty room. Empty, all except Mike, you was sitting in the corner, staring intently at her, smiling wily. Mary walked up to him, confidently. She smiled at him as she approached, and put a hand on his upper arm. It was muscular. He obviously worked out.

"Hello. I'm Mary" She purred at Mike. "Shall we go and have a dance?"

Mike smiled.

"I'd like that". Mike stood up. Mary interlocked her arm with his and guided him over to the booths. She smiled at him as they walked, delicately biting a bit of her own bottom lip as she struggled to control her nerves.

"Does this ever get boring for you?" Mary asked Mike, vulnerably.

"Nope.... never!" Mike wasn't making much conversation, but then again, there wasn't much to be said now. Mary decided that she was there to show off. Show off and turn this guy on as much as she could. She sat him down and began.

She leaned forward in to Mike as he sat on his chair. She moved her body so her breasts passed close to Mikes face moving upwards. Her hips followed and she slid herself him his body without touching him before resting back to where she began. She repeated and Mike smiled indicating his approval. Mary tried to block out what was happening and focus on the music. She figured it would ease her nerves. She placed one hand on the back of Mikes neck and placed her foot between Mikes thighs, perched close to his groin. She ran her hands up and down her body, over her tight tummy and over her large breasts, still enclosed in her bra.

"Hmm you're body looks very very sexy" Mike said in a low, gravelly voice".

"Thanks Mary said, smiling"

"Does that bra come off?" Mike's question was leading...

"If you ask nicely...." Mary teased

"I'd love you to take your bra off..... please" Mike replied.

Mary turned away from him and stood with her feet shoulder width apart, making her bum look beautiful and firm. Turning her head to look at him from behind, she un-clasped her black bra and let it fall away. She used her left hand and arm to cover her nipples, and turned around. Staring deep in to Mikes eyes she slowly dropped her arm. Mikes eyes dropped from hers and engaged with her full, pert and large breasts. Transfixed, Mary new he liked what he saw. She slowly moved towards him. Her hips seemed to sway in an exagerated fashion as she got closer to him. Mike looked in awe, and this filled Mary with a confidence she had lacked until now. This man, who had been in the industry probably for years, and had probably done the self same 'audition' with every naïve girl who found them inside this club, was transfixed by her. She loved it. She wanted to find out if he was hard. She moved closer to Mike, and sat on one of his knees, facing him. Mike was completely transfixed by Mary's breasts. She stared in to his eyes, and then sat down facing away from Mike, her bum inbetween his parted legs. She leant her nearly naked body back on him, her head resting on his left shoulder. She looked in to his eyes, and his eyes returned the gesture for a second or two, before returning down her body laid out on top of him. She clasped her hands on his side and shimmed herself down his body, pressing herself against him as hard as she could. And there it was. Mike was hard, not just a little bit hard, bit really hard. Mary loved it. She loved the power. Mike was human, malleable, and right now, at this moment, in her hands.. Mary was really enjoying this, and had now lost all sense of embarrisment. She slide back down his body and his groin. She knelt on the floor and turned to face him. She ran her hands up and down Mikes hard cock through his trousers. Mike flinched and she felt his hard cock twitch through his smart trousers. Mary rubbed it up and down several times, her hand between his balls squeezing them tightly but not too tight as to be painful

"Uh.... um... you're not allowed to touch" Mike just about managed to spurt out this late addition to whatever rules there were of the house (Mary had not studied any lap dancing rule book before).

"Oh sorry babe" Mary cooed. She held her index finger up against Mikes hard cock. Her finger was touching his member save the thin layers of material between them. Mary started at the base of her finger and dragged her tongue up it slowly whilst looking in to the eyes of Mike. Mike was focused on what was happening to him, like nothing else mattered to him in the world. He began to rock his hips back and forward which encouraged Mary. She delicately gave her thin finger the blow job Mike wished he was having, all the while, their eyes locked together while Mike gripped the foam cushion of the seat he sat on ever tighter.

Mary got herself up from her kneeling position, and placed her hand around the back of Mikes neck and knelt on the seat he sat on, her knees either side of his thighs. Mary lowered her breasts so her nipple was each in turn millimetres away from Mikes lips. One of them brushed his lip and she was sure she felt his breath on them. Mary was so turned on by the power she had over this supposedly experienced man. She lowered herself down on to his lap, her nose touching his, their lips brushing each other and their eyes locked together so close they could not fully focus on each other.

"So.... do I get the job" Mary asked?

Mike paused like he was searching for the power of speech... "Yessss"

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