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"Beautiful" he said hardly above a whisper. His face was bright red and he seemed to quiver at her touch. He didn't notice her hand was shaking too.

"Let's sit down and talk, John." Tanya said as she led him to the picnic table.

As they sat she took another deep drag and put her cigarette out in the ashcan. At then end of her slow exhale she leaned in to kiss John gently on the lips with wisps of smoke still coming from her nose. John met her kiss closed mouth and tight lipped and she wondered if she had made a mistake. She broke the kiss by a fraction of an inch and they stared at each other and then John leaned in and kissed her. This time his mouth relaxed and the kiss was soft and warm and after a few seconds she felt his tongue probing and she met it with hers.

John had never kissed a smoker before and found the taste of her smoky mouth was not the horrible nasty experience he expected. He found her combined smell, or body odor from the warm day and the smoke and, although he did not realize it at the time, the rising smell of her heated pussy had combined into a wonderful assault on his nose. Their kiss lasted for several minutes.

When they parted again Tanya looked down at his tented jeans and said, "May I help you with that?" She wanted to see this young man's hardness and to feel it in her hand. She unzipped his fly and with his help opened his belt and his pants. Luckily, this table was not visible from the street or neighboring property. When she pushed down his underwear she found a sticky wetness in the underwear and coating his cock. It glistened and as she wrapped her fingers around it she felt it's heat and throbbing.

Something in Tanya's mind was screaming that this was wrong to do this with this young man but her body and hand had a mind of it's own. She slowly stroked him and felt him shudder. She knew he had been hard off and on for hours and probably would not last long. Tanya unbuttoned her blouse all the way and pulled it down off of her shoulders.

"John, you may touch me any way you want to. I know you cannot last long but that is OK. I want you to relax and enjoy this and to cum for me."

As John raised his hands to take a breast in each one she kept her hand very still on his cock. When he began to play with her nipples she stroked him slightly and when his fingers found her underarm hair she stroked him long and slow and firmly. After a half dozen strokes she felt him shudder and he moaned out loud. Tanya had done this thousands of time for her husband and knew to increase the speed and she began to use her thumb and fingers of her other hand to play with the head of his cock on each stroke.

John let out a loud groan and she felt his hot cum hit her stomach. She aimed higher and felt it splatter on her breasts and between them. Tanya had always stroked her husband until he became soft and after a half dozen strong spurts she slowed her strokes up and down his hard cock and waited for him to soften. John leaned in to kiss her and their tongues played with each other as his hands rubbed the thick cum into her breasts and he used it to rub her nipples harder and harder.

Tanya found his cock still hard and kept stroking as he kissed her. John began to pull and twist her nipples and she heard herself tell him, "Oh yes, harder, pull them harder, twist them." John pulled harder and she stroked him faster and harder as he moaned and kissed her again. Tanya kept stroking and now used her free hand to fondle his balls. They were large and she cupped them and tenderly rolled them in her fingers.

John's kissing deepened and his pulling on her nipples got stronger. Tanya realized she had pressed her groin into his knee and was grinding on it hard as she now was the one to moan as an orgasm swept over her. As she was cumming she kept kissing John and she again felt his cock jump and swell in her hand and felt another spray as he shot more milky ropes of cum onto her stomach and chest. Tanya raised herself and humped against his leg until finally, her orgasm subsided and finally his cock began to deflate.

Tanya was suddenly drained and slumped against John holding him close. After several minutes they stood and she kissed him deeply again. She began to button her blouse and began to wonder the consequences of seducing this young man. She was worried how he would react to all of this and hoped he was mature enough to hand what had just happened.

"John, I think you should go now. We both need time to think about this. " she said very quietly. "But, John, be here a closing time tomorrow. After we talk there will probably be a great deal for you to do."

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