tagGroup SexParting Has Never Been So Sweet

Parting Has Never Been So Sweet


Donna and I had been dating off and on for four years. We'd been though just about everything together. Everything from her divorce, infidelity, cheating on both sides, and yet we still loved or thought we loved each other. I was tired of feeling like I was doing all the work in the relationship and tired of dealing with her issues. I have my own but I didn't think that they were as bad as hers.

I was sitting on her sofa thinking about one of my favorite subjects, sex, and how I was unsatisfied with the fact that sex had fallen off to once or twice a month. I'm a twenty-five year old male with a strong libido and sex twice a month doesn't cut it.

"How about a quicky?" I asked.

"You don't do quickies." She laughed not even taking her eyes off the television. It was true, we didn't do quickies. Donna had only one orgasm during sex and I wanted sex to be fun and last a while for her. She said that she felt too sensitive after the first orgasm to have another one.

I thought about this for a few minutes and then responded. "How long is a quickie, five, ten minutes?"

"Between five and ten."

"Okay, seven minutes, average?"

"Yeah, okay." She shrugged.

"Okay, if one of us has an orgasm within seven minutes, I get to have sex with you whenever I want for the next two weeks."

"What do I get?"

"Whatever you want sex wise."

"No more sex."

"Okay." I shrugged. I had this one. I could masturbate in less than seven minutes and I could use her body to get myself off. I got off the couch and went to the kitchen and found a timer. I set it for seven minutes and headed for the bedroom. "You coming?"

"You mean right now?"

"I hope someone cums."

She smiled following me to the queen size bed where we began to shed clothes. I punched the button on the timer and we collapsed on the bed. I slipped inside of her and nestled her body under mine. My left arm cradled her shoulders and head and my right hand grabbed her ass lifting her to me. I pistoned in and out of her little sex box pressing myself to orgasm. She was moving quickly towards her own climax or at least it sounded like it. I felt the cum pulse in my vein and I pulled from her pussy to rub against her pubic bone and shoot long spurts of cum across her belly.

"That was fast." She said looking at the timer with a minute left to spare. I turned it off and pulled on a condom over my half erect cock. She eyed me coyly.

"What are you doing?"

"We're having sex again. Remember the bet?"

"Yes," she said somewhat deflated. "I want to be on top."

"Be my guest." I climbed on the bed and stretched out allowing her to straddle my hips and slowly lower herself onto my cock. She looked good there with her shoulder length black hair clinging to her tan, sweaty skin. Her B-cup breasts turned slightly upward making her erect nipples point more towards the ceiling than straight forward. I ran my hands up and down her sides feeling her muscles ripple and move as she swiveled her hips on top of mine. I was going to enjoy this two weeks.

She leaned forward, putting her hands on my chest to support herself as her rhythm became more of a study in and out with my hips rising to meet hers. She rode me like that for a very long time enjoying the sensations of skin on skin, the feeling of me inside of her, my hands roaming her body from her breasts to her tight little ass.

We made quite the pair, her at five feet tall and me at six feet three. Her blue eyes were closed tight against the world feeling the rise of her orgasm increasing speed and intensity crying out in low moans and groans. I held her hips down with my hands thrusting into her at the same speed she was rising and falling. My mouth found her little nipple sucking it in. Her pitch and tone increased as her orgasm overtook her. She collapsed on my chest panting hard. I let her lay like that for a few minutes, still stroking into her pussy.

She pulled off of me and lay on her back. I rolled her onto her stomach and penetrated her from behind. I pinned her legs together under mine making her pussy feel even tighter and I began the work of getting myself off for the second time. I stroked against her and we worked together our bodies sweating and glistening in the low light from the street lamp filtering in through the venetian blinds. I shot my load into the condom stroking with fervor until I was done feeling the enormous release. I slid from her body and pulled off the latex sheath. I tossed it into the trash can and we lay naked beside each other. She was nestled against me, her head on my chest and her leg curled up on my stomach. She seemed to fit so perfectly against my body and I wondered again why we couldn't get through our problems.

In the morning, we made love again. Well, it wasn't really love, more like she obliged me while I sweated out an orgasm using her body instead of my hand. At least that's what it began to feel like as the week rolled on.

I worked, prepared of my cross-country move to Seattle, that is why I could take the no sex bet, and met a very nice girl by the name of Julie Triano. Julie stood five foot seven, had red hair that curled naturally around her shoulders and part way down her back. She looked at the world with brilliant green eyes and strutted her way around on impossibly long legs and show cased her c-cup breasts in low cut shirts. At first Julie and I talked about our current love interests and the more we talked the more disgruntled we both became and we both realized that we wanted the same thing, an uncomplicated fling. It was perfect, I was leaving in a month and we decided that we would have a secret affair.

Julie had an incredible body that I fell in love with the moment her clothes came off her lighty tanned skin. She had a light smattering of freckles across the tops of the breasts and they dotted the rest of her body in various places. Her pussy was shaved completely bald. The only hair on her body was her eyebrows and the thick red main cascading over her shoulders.

She helped me out of my clothes because I stopped undressing to watch her and was completely enthralled by the sight of her getting naked. Her hands stroked my penis gently as we stood chest to chest. My head bent and we kissed gently our lips never parting. It was deep and full and wonderful. We kissed for a long time holding each other tight and stroking the smooth warm skin of our bodies.

Julie finally pulled me to the bed and laid down spreading herself wide. I knelt on the floor between her legs and slowly kissed from her knee to her thigh blowing warm air onto her glistening pussy watching the lips swell. I ran my tongue along the right lip and down the left stopping just above her anus and then running it up parting her lips, pressing deep into her. She moaned and pulled my head into her pussy. My mouth opened on her clit and I began to suck and run my tongue around her hardened clit. She tasted so good and the more she moaned, the more I wanted to please her.

I worked my tongue around her clit writing the alphabet in cursive while humming the little A-B-C song. She began to buck and thrust by the time I got to H,I,J,K,L,M,N,O,P where the tone goes into a more of a bass or baritone part of the ditty.

"Oh, shit, Ryan, I'm gonna cum, don't stop, don't stop!"

I didn't, I stroked her lips with my tongue, shoving it into her pussy and then went back to licking her clit humming the low H through P part of the song, mimicking the cursive slant of the letters. My hands were full of her breasts, fingers rolling over her nipples. My big hands palmed her breasts, the fingers caressed from her shoulder down and back up feeling the hardness of her nipple on my palm.

"Yeah, baby, that's it! That's it, don't stop! Oh, fuck, oh, fuck, I'm cumming!!" Her hips were off the bed filling my mouth with even more of her mound, forcing my chin into her pussy. I groaned into her humming and moaning, flicking, licking and sucking all at the same time.

When she relaxed, I grinned up at her and she stroked the back of my head with her long fingers.

"Did you like that?"

"You can do that all night long, sugar!"

I bent my head to her pussy and it wasn't long before she began to shudder in another orgasm. I couldn't get enough of her pussy. It was so clean and smooth; it tasted so fresh and sweet. I stroked her through several more orgasms before she wiggled away from me giggling.

I climbed up on the bed and lay beside her as she calmed and caught her breath. I stroked her breasts, cupping them and running my fingers from her shoulders all the way down to their base. I ran my hands over her taut stomach, down to her pussy and along her legs and back up again. I wanted to own her, posses her, to fill her with such passion and to bring her to ecstasy again and again. I loved to hear her moan, I could tell when she was about to cum just by the tone of her voice, that and she would begin to tell she was going to cum.

I moved down and nestled my head on her shoulder and took her nipple into my mouth gently sucking on it and rolling it in my mouth. I would let it slip out grazing it with my teeth, then flick it with my tongue and she would moan in passion, her breath coming in sharp little inhales. I slid my arm under her and cupped her butt cheek. My left hand trailed to the mound of her pussy pressing my fingers into the folds and slipping inside her pussy. Her back arched as she took me in. I squeezed her ass hard and let my ring finger press against the brown rose bud of her anus. Her right hand moved to her clit and she began to gently rub it as I stroked her pussy with my finger. It didn't take long for her to climax. It was over stimulation in so many places. I stroked her pussy with my finger and she immediately climaxed again. Her hand reached for my cock and began to stroke it.

I gasped as she touched it and then she moved and was on me. She was between my legs and her mouth devoured my cock. I could feel the head pressing on the back of her throat. Oh, she was going to make me cum. Her hands stroked my saliva covered cock as her head continued to bob up and down. She pulled me from her mouth and ran her tongue around my swollen head and licked the area where the head meets the shaft. My hips arched up trying to force myself into her mouth again. My fists were wadded in the sheets of her bed trying to keep me from floating off into heaven.

Her finger nails grated the skin of my hips just as she took me all the way into her mouth and my hips bucked up forcing me deeper. I wanted to cum so bad. She sensed my urgency and began to steadily stroke me using her hand and mouth. Her fingers fondled my balls, scrapping against the skin with her nails. She pressed against my anus rubbing gently, all the time sucking on me. I bucked into her as she moved up and down again and again until I felt the cum begin to rise and finally I groaned I was cumming and released my seed into her ready mouth. Julie stroked me until I was limp and then released me from her mouth.

"I've never had a woman get me off while giving me a blow job." I said. It was true; I'd never had a woman make me cum while sucking me off. I just couldn't relax enough to do it and here was a woman that clearly knew the way to my loins.

She smiled a grin of lust and self assurance before sliding up to kiss me. We lay there kissing, our bodies cooling off, rebuilding strength for the next round. Julie felt me growing under her, pressing against her thigh like hardened steel. I held her loosely, stroking her back, rubbing her small ass, feeling it in my hands, so small and firm, running my fingers along the crack and rubbing the spot where the two cheeks joined her lower back, a small triangle of sensitivity.

Julie shifted her legs, spreading them down over my stomach and then pushed herself backwards until the head of my cock was pressed against her pussy. She reached back, grasped my cock and rubbed the head along her slit, around her clit and slowly began to slide it inside of her. She felt so good, just being barely inside, I couldn't wait to be all the way in but she took her time not rushing the feeling of impaling herself with my cock. She slid in and out, gradually taking me deeper and deeper inside until I was all the way in.

She let out a long sigh and then pressed herself up so she was sitting on my hips. She pulled me up so we were sitting together. She wrapped her legs around me and I scooted to the edge of the bed where I could spread my legs wide apart so she could drop between them and I would penetrate her as deeply as I could. She leaned back putting her hands on my knees feeling my cock head press against her g-spot.

Julie's head rolled back on her shoulders. He eyes were closed feeling the intense pleasure of two bodies working together towards ultimate climax. I leaned back on one arm and reached with my right to caress her breasts. I took a nipple in my fingers and pulled, gently twisting it before letting it slide from my grasp. Her moans told me she liked it and I massaged her breasts and nipples more, running my hand over both her breasts, spreading my hand wide so my fingers touched one nipple and my palm touched the other.

Her thrusts came faster and her gyrations harder as the orgasm swept over her body. She reached up and wrapped her right arm around my shoulder, her back bowed out and her left hand massaging her clit as we rocked together again. I leaned down and took a nipple into my mouth. The bouncing movement of bodies prohibited me from keeping it in my mouth so I stuck my tongue out and each time she moved, her nipple flicked against my tongue driving her to the edge again. She pulled herself tight against me clutching me to her breasts as she came.

She held herself there for what seemed like a long time. She finally pulled back and kissed me.

"You're pretty good at this."

"You're pretty damn good yourself." I said as I rolled her over onto her back. My hips began a fast paced thrust pushing me towards climax and she joined with me working herself to another orgasm. It took a few minutes but I was finally there feeling the cum rise from my balls. I pulled out and doused her belly with shot after shot of my juices. After a few minutes, I grabbed a towel from her laundry basket and wiped away the stickiness of our love making and then lay back down beside this incredible woman.

It was Julie's idea to take Donna down a different and darker road of sexuality. I was leaving and Donna knew that we weren't going to be together very much longer. Julie outlined what I was to do to Donna and then she led me step-by-step exactly what I was supposed to do. We acted out the parts on her bed pressing each other into intense orgasms. Then we made plans one step further. If Donna didn't freak out over the first night, then the second night would be more devilish fun.

I worked on Friday and got off at three-thirty like normal. I went home, showered and shaved my pubic region removing all traces of hair from my balls and lower abdominal region. I normally keep this area well trimmed but at Julie's encouragement, I shaved it. She didn't like being pricked by my short hairs and she thought it was more arousing with the skin on skin sensation.

After a shower, I waited until Donna got off work at five and arrived home at five-thirty. When she arrived home, she freshened up and we went for a drive for supper. We had a favorite BBQ joint off the beaten path that served up great ribs, pulled pork, fresh brewed sweet tea and collard greens among other favorite dishes. We ate and talked about what had happened in the last week. I hadn't been around as often as I normally was. I told her I was busy preparing to move.

With dinner complete, we went back to her apartment. We sat down on the sofa and she cuddled up to me while she flipped through the channels looking for something interesting. My cock was hard because I wanted sex and I began to massage her shoulders, rub her stomach and then in frustration of having to warm her up, I reached under her shirt and loosened her bra.

"You're moving fast tonight." She said raising her arms above her head as I slid her shirt off.

I could feel her muscles straining against me, flexing, convulsing, and her whole body shaking on top of mine as I held her tight against me. She let out animalistic groans and moans with each buck of her body. I thrust against her, pressing up as she came down driving myself further inside of her making her moan and scream in passionate ecstasy. I was afraid someone was going to call the cops she was so loud.

Her back was pressed against my stomach and her hands cupped her breasts, rolling, squeezing, twisting, at her nipples trying to pleasure herself in ways she never before imagined. My cock was buried in her backdoor, covered in lubricate, sperm and the flood of her juices. My right hand had two fingers buried deep inside her pussy, my fingers ached and were beyond cramped but I was afraid to stop. Never before had this woman experienced such intense orgasms. Never before had she had more than one during sex. Tonight she had more than she could count. My fingers were like pistons slamming in and out, my cock ached for release and our sweat mingled and ran from our bodies into sheets already soaked with our bodily fluids.

A half hour ago, I had lubricated my cock and her backside generously and penetrated her from behind in doggy style and then without warning, I had slipped myself deep into her backdoor. I pressed her to the bed, holding her still listening to her whimper and cry, begging me to pull out. Gradually she became use to me inside of her and then I began slow thrusts. She was so tight and I came inside of her asshole. I held her down, letting my cock gather strength and it never went limp as I continued to stroke inside her.

I rolled over so she was on top of me and I began to massage her pussy and her tits until she was overcome with an orgasm so powerful that I thought she was going to break in half. I placed her right hand on her breast and her left hand on her clit. My right hand buried itself into her snatch with my left on her other tit and we began a rhythm that had yet to stop.

I twisted, catching her nipple in my mouth sucking on is as hard as I could and then flicking it with my tongue. She came again, her body so stimulated that it was impossible for her not to react. I felt the boiling of my balls again and I told her I wanted to cum again.

"Fuck my pussy, fuck my pussy with your cock, please!" She begged.

I pulled out of her and she guided me into her wet snatch. I fucked her hard pounding up against her writhing body willing myself to cum.

"Do it, baby, fuck my pussy. I want to watch you cum! Pull out and shoot it all over me!"

I'd never heard her talk like this before. I must have flipped the right switch. I slammed harder trying to get myself off, forgetting all about her and her delicate body pressing myself to the edge. I felt the first wave of cum course up through my vein and I pulled out shooting a geyser up into the air. The white ropes of cum lay across her glistening body, a stark contrast to her tan skin. Her pussy rubbed my shaft up and down bringing her to a final climax.

We lay there breathing hard. She rolled off of me and cuddled up beside me smearing my skin with the stickiness of cum.

"You going to lick that off of me?"

She twisted and began to run her tongue along my side taking in the large drops of cum that had transferred to me. She showed me the spooge on her tongue and then swallowed. Then she lapped up the rest of the cum from my side and then ran her fingers over her belly coating them into a cumsicle before licking them clean.

I lay on my stomach between her legs and began at her anus, licking up over her pussy, cleaning our juices from between her legs and then up over her pubic bone to her belly, along the outlines of the ropy cum lines and then to her nipples. I licked and sucked on each feeling my cock hardening again. I pressed it to her swollen lips. She tried to push me away but I held her down. She begged me to stop and not to fuck her again but I couldn't help myself. I was swollen and hard again. I needed the relief. I penetrated her pussy and stroked to my relief dropping more cum on her belly. This time she didn't climax but lay passive as I took her body and used to for the sole purpose of getting myself off.

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