Jody and Joe were friends. They were also partners. They were also cops.

At the precinct they were known as Jo-Jo. Or sometimes Go-Go. Jo-Jo because of their similar names and Go-Go because if there was a chase, they were the team to be in it. Jody could drive with the best of them. She loved to speed down the highway, chasing down some dope that thought he could outrun her.

Such was the case that evening, when the call came over the radio that a convenience store had just been robbed. "That's right near this area," said Joe as Jody fired up the squad car.

As soon as they got the description of the getaway vehicle, damn if it didn't speed past the spot where they had been parked, sipping their coffee.

Jody peeled out of the parking lot and took off after the perpetrators. She got off on the chase. There was just something about speeding down a road at upwards of 80 miles an hour that got her damp between the legs. And the faster she drove, the wetter her panties got.

As they chased the car through town, siren blaring, both Jody and Joe were getting into the chase. Soon other squad cars joined in and a convoy of cop cars chased them until the runaway crooks spun out and crashed into a parked truck. Jody screeched her vehicle to a halt and both she and Joe rushed out, weapons drawn, ready for anything.

But there was nothing to worry about. Both perps were knocked out cold, blood running down their foreheads. Joe checked for pulses. They were both alive and the stolen loot was in the back seat.

For the rest of their shift, the two of them relieved the excitment of the chase. Joe asking Jody if she got turned on again while involved in the pursuit. He knew his partner well and didn't have to ask, but he liked to hear her admit to her excitment. And her excitment made him get excited himself.

At the end of their shift, Joe asked Jody if she'd like to stop for a drink at his place to celebrate the day's events. Jody readily agreed.

Back at Joe's apartment, they both tossed their hats and batons and service revolvers on the counter and settled down on the couch for a drink.

Jody like the way Joe looked in his uniform and Joe like the way Jody's breasts pressed against her shirt, a shirt that always seemed at least one size too small.

Talking again about the chase, Jody was clearly getting turned on again. She placed her hand on Joe's leg and slowly moved it up his thigh. And she got the desired result, spotting the bulge in his pants grow into a massive erection.

"Oh, my, what have we here, Joe?", she coyly cooed. "I'm not exciting you, am I?"

"You know damn well you are, and I know that's exactly what you want", he replied.

Jody left the couch and knelt between her partners legs and began unfastening his belt and unzipping his pants. So she had his stiff cock in her hands, moving them up and down the length of his shaft. "Oh, what a condition. We must certainly do something about this," she laughed.

Joe nearly fainted as Jody stuck the swollen head of Joe's cock betwen her lips and moved her tongue all around it. Letting out a groan, Joe slumped back into the cushions of the couch. Putting more and more of his throbbing member into her hot, wet mouth, Jody started sucking for all she was worth. She loved the taste of cock. She loved the texture. She loved to feel the big veins running up and down its length. And she loved to feel it pulsate as she provided the intense pleasure that she knew she was giving. But most of all, Jody like to feel the cock spasm as it shot it hot sticky load into her mouth, and she knew that that moment was fast approaching because Joe was groaning and moaning so loud and he was moving his legs to and fro each time she engulfed his cock with her mouth.

Finally, her partner could take it no more. She felt his cock jerk suddenly and then felt the splash of his hot cum pouring into her mouth. Joe's cock was such a joy to suck, because it always shot out a lot of cum and Jody loved to lap up every drop. Some of it would escape and start dripping down her chin, but she always was able to move a finger there and scoop up the creamy stuff and lick it off her finger.

Joe looked down at Jody and said, "Now it's your turn." Standing up before him, she let him unbuckle her pants, and they soon fell to the floor. In an instant her panties joined her pants in a big pile. Joe loved the look of Jody's smoothly shaven pussy. He loved the little tattoo of a heart that graced her upper thigh. Pulling her to the couch, he layed her down and took a position between her legs, her feet on the cushions and her kness bent and spread wide.

Jody's pussy was magnificent. Her love juice was pouring out of it, glistening in the light. Joe loved the taste of Jody's pussy and he loved the smell. The wetter her pussy was, the better he liked eating it.

He moved to start sucking on her clit and Jody immediately let out a low groan. As much as she liked sucking cock, she loved to have her pussy licked and sucked. Joe stuck his tongue as far into her wet pussy as it would go and Jody arched her back at little at the pleasure of it. He nibbled her pussy lips and suckled her clit. My god, she was wet!!! Her juices flowed out of her sopping cunt and covered his mouth and chin. Working her pussy with the same ferver that she had used on his cock, Joe began to hear her moans become louder and stronger. Jody's body began writhing and she squeezed his head between her thighs.

Finally, Jody could stand it no longer. The pleasure was too great, the pressure building too fast. It quickly overcame her whole body and she erupted in a wave of orgasms that made her body shake. She came in torrents of ecstacy and literally began screaming with pleasure. After about five such waves, she collapsed, utterly satisfied, totally fulfilled.

Joe lay there with his head in Jody's lap for a long time, occasionally gently kissing her still soaking pussy, until he noticed that she had fallen asleep. He got up and carefully carried her to his bed, and after laying her down, he removed her shirt and put her under the covers. He removed his own shirt and joined her in bed. He would let her sleep, but he knew that when she awakened, she would want more, and he wanted to be there to give it to her.

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