Joann walked into the station for the first time as a dispatcher with a little nervousness. It was her first day at a new station since moving to Tulsa to start her new life. As she walked in, a few of the scruffy sergeants looked at her, partly in lust over her curves and partly in disdain that Tulsa's brass hired another female for dispatch. Joann was use to this treatment, having gone through many forms of sexual discrimination in her hometown of Chicago. It was the reason she moved out here to escape it.

As she walked towards the chief's office, the sight of this handsome man caught her eye. He was about six foot, black hair with a firm young build. As she looked, she saw the telltale sign of a band of gold on his left hand. Another temptation, she thought to herself. As she walked into the chief's office, she felt like someone was scoping her out as well. She dismissed it quickly, thinking that it was just because she was new here.

The chief was an old guy who was against her starting here, but was under pressure to diversify his force when her resume came in over the fax machine. As he went over some of the departmental policies and things, Joann's mind wandered and all she could think about was that guy outside the office. She had been away from a man's touch for a while. Partly because of failed relationships and partly because she wanted to prove she was independent in front of her father. The chief, sensing her mind wandering, asked if she preferred to be on night dispatches. Joann agreed to it before the chief took her out to show here where everything was at the station.

Near the locker rooms, she again noticed the same officer from earlier. This time, he flashed a bright smile that seemed to imbed itself in her brain. The chief took the opportunity to introduce them, adding the fact that Jason's wife was a very good friend of his. The mention of Jason's wife was like a missile shooting down an enemy plane to Joann as her heart took a massive hit. She kept smiling at him however before the chief showed her around the rest of the station. Deep inside, she felt hurt again.

She went home that night distraught because of how hot Jason was and how she wished it was his massive arms holding her instead of the cold blankets. As she reached for her trusty silver bullet to release her tensions, she thought about her new job and how professional she would have to be to keep it. As the buzzing toy touched the tip of her clit, she felt a familiar tingle that had been her only feeling down there for a while. She secretly wished it was Jason's tongue down there instead of a piece of machinery. As she had her miniature climax, she fell asleep knowing that she started at dispatch the next night.

Jason was walking in as Joann was. He watched as her tight shorts barely hid her full figured ass as she walked over to the weight room. Since he had some time before he had to go out on patrol, he decided he needed to tighten up his abs a little before going out. As he walked in, she looked lost trying to see what to do first. Jason walked over to offer his assistance and she agreed gratefully. As he held the bench press bar for her, she got an eyeful of his bulge from underneath. Her imagination started to move as she imagined licking him from underneath and the feeling of pleasure that would wash over him. The fantasy was interrupted by the feeling of weights on her arms as she began her repetitions.

From above, Jason could see the points of her breasts poking through her top and imagined what he would do to them if only he had the chance. As he dreamed, she finished her reps and had to yell for him to pick them up before she dropped them on herself. She asked him if he was all right and he answered how his mind wandered a bit before they walked over to the rack full of various sizes of barbells. As she started her reps, he took the opportunity to watch and feel her arm. She blushed a little as there was a spark when he touched her arm before he explained that form was just as important as weight. She smiled at him before telling him she had to shower before going to duty. As she walked out, she casually let her hips rock a little more than usual just to see if they caught his attention. She turned slightly to see him cover his groin with a towel before walking into the locker room to shower.

That night, Jason had a hard time making love to his wife because all he could think of was Joann. As his wife drifted off to sleep, he stayed in the study and began to look at the different porn sights to get his mind off as well as other parts. Yet, every girl he saw just reminded him of Joann. Was it the perky c cup breasts that attracted him, her long blond hair, the smile that seemed to sparkle like water in the sunlight? He unknowingly began to stroke his member thinking about kissing her beautiful nipples. As his daydream took him between her legs to lick her exquisite pussy, his cock erupted and coated his hand with cum. He cursed at himself for being attracted to another woman besides his wife. He then fell asleep next to his wife, who by then had taken every bit of blanket.

The next night, Jason showed up at the station where he saw that Joann wasn't there yet. He decided to hang around a while before she showed when he remembered that he was suppose to be there early. As he ran to the locker room, he heard a weird sound coming from the woman's room. Quietly, he looked around to ensure no one was looking before sneaking in to investigate. As he quietly snuck up to the wall towards the showers, he heard that sound again. It sounded like a woman getting fucked. He carefully looked around the corner and saw Joann naked in the shower. Her eyes were closed as she was rubbing the tips of her nipples. The soap and water cascaded down her body as Jason watched. She was moaning loudly as she began to rub her breasts as Jason noticed the smooth area between her legs. It took a moment for Jason to gather his senses as his cock was out and he was stroking watching this nymph before him. A few moments and a climax later, Jason hurriedly walked out the door and went to his own side where he quickly changed into his uniform and walked out to dispatch.

Joann was there waiting. Unknown to Jason, she knew he had been watching her and she enjoyed showing off in front of him. As she handed him his assignment, she winked at him just to get his goat before he hurriedly ran off to go on patrol.

This game of cat and mouse continued for a few months. Joann would set up every opportunity to get with Jason and he would follow like a soldier going into combat. Every night, both would find comfort in their own homes masturbating over the actions of the other one and every shift, they would act as if nothing happened to keep suspicions at bay.

One night, Joann was too horny for her vibe to do any good. Because it was so early in the morning, she decided she had to hear his voice. She pulled his business card out of her wallet where she wrote his home phone number and dialed the phone. The phone rang twice before he picked up the phone. She quietly asked him if he was alone and he answered affirmatively. That night, they talked for about an hour about work and his home life and such before Joann mentioned how she was still a little wired. This piqued his attention, so he asked why. She answered how she was thinking of him and how she wished he was at her house just to hold her. Jason smiled as he started to tell her how he wanted to just be there to kiss her lips, to move his hands down to around her waist. She started to squirm in her chair as she quietly pulled her toy from its hiding place and endeavored to put it near her now naked clit while he began to talk dirty. Jason heard the faint buzz and knew that he wanted to drive her crazy.

He began to describe his kisses on her neck and how he wanted to lick her nipples with his tongue. She felt herself start to get wet from his words and encouraged him to continue. He then described how he wanted to stick his fingers inside of her so he could feel her wetness. She felt her legs involuntarily squeeze as he described the way his tongue wanted to part her lips and suck every bit of moisture from there. Her climax was long, slow, intense as he heard her moan softly over the phone. He talked her down from her high before hanging up the phone and stroking himself to yet another lonely climax.

The next day, the flirting wasn't as intense as the past as they both now had an outlet for their lust towards each other. She glanced in his direction and smiled. He returned it quickly before going out on patrol. That night, she called again and he went back to telling her how bad she was and how he wanted to make her swallow his cum down her throat. She loved the rough stuff, so he would pepper his talks with lots of hair pulling and rough sex. She enjoyed the teasing every night to the point where she had to buy a new vibrator just to keep up with his descriptions.

There was a time when they almost had their chance when she was sent on patrol with him because the chief felt she needed the experience. As they drove by a cemetery, she accidentally reached over and felt his hard rod under his pants. It took only a few moments for her to unbuckle his belt and pull out the stiff rod that had been her desire from first sight. She blew on it gently as it strained itself in her grasp as she lowered her mouth onto it and began to taste the precum. She began to suck harder as the radio dispatch was barely audible over his moans. It took a few sucks before his explosion filled her mouth with her reward before they received a call for backup. They were quiet the rest of patrol before they made it back to the station.

That night there was no call. She was afraid she messed up when she sucked him off and was crying when she thought about his moans. The thought of his stiff member in her mouth made her twice as horny now and she wanted to come up with a way to feel his rod inside her desperate pussy.

The chief decided she was to go out with him again just to get some more experience. They drove right by the same spot when Jason asked if he could return the favor. As she was stunned, she watched as Jason reached down and began to knead one finger along her clothed pussy. She felt herself go as his fingers kept taunting her, almost driving her crazy as her moans were louder and louder before she climaxed. He tasted his fingers afterwards and started to talk about when they could actually take the time to fulfill their desires for each other when they were called again.

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