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Partners In Crime


I am an average, good-looking blonde woman. Anyway, that is what everyone tells me! I have been on my own for about six years, having been through several boyfriends, I had given up on men for the time being! It seems that I just couldn't find the 'right' man for me! A common problem for thousands of young women nowadays, I guess!

I had been working as an account executive for a large international business, and was actually enjoying my job! I had pretty much free rein on my little part of the office, and didn't have a whole lot of pressure on me to 'be the best', or 'look busy'! I just did what entailed basically keeping the records straight and looking out for the boss's, when they needed to be left alone. I would intercept customers, and keep them occupied until they would either give up and leave, or the boss in question got caught up enough to see them!

I had always been interested in men, and actually loved a good hard cock in my tight little pussy! I often had daydreams of being taken by a strong male and being 'made' to perform for him! I would often masturbate (at home) using this fantasy, especially when I was in between boyfriends!

I had never had a problem getting a man to take interest in me, and often had several men sparring over who got to take me home! I would pretend to be shy and act dumb around them and they would fall all over themselves trying to be helpful and nice to me! I knew that all they really wanted was to get in my panties! Since I was blonde, and had a nice 'rack' as they say, I would sometimes be treated as a 'dumb blonde'! This used to bother me when I was in high school, but now, dating and stuff, I kind of liked the impression that a 'blonde babe' left on men!

I had been coming into work early all month long as we were coming up on inventory time, and I had been pretty busy! I had also been given the keys to the office cash box, and was responsible for keeping the fund therein in proper shape! I found that the job additions were simple and it didn't take much to keep everything straight. The raise that came along with the added responsibility was a nice plus! I had also gotten to be the office manager at the same time, so I actually had people under me for the first time in my life!

One night after work, my boss called me into his office. He seemed preoccupied all day and I had wondered what he was thinking about. He had me set down and preceded to tell me how certain funds had come up missing from the cash box! I insisted that the possibility of that was very slim since I had been taking care of it very carefully and all the numbers had added up each night when I checked it out!

He wasn't having a difficult time believing me since I had been there for about five years with no problems at all! He was worried where the money had gone. I asked how much was missing, and he shocked me when he told me the figure was close to three thousand dollars! I reminded him that there had never been that much in the cash box ever! In fact the most that could be kept in it was two hundred and fifty dollars and any time!

He said that someone had been taking the money for quite some time, and it had to be replaced each day! I was at a loss as to how that could have been happening, since I was in charge of it and had never had a shortage! He said that his boss had been replacing it each morning before anyone came in, trying to catch the thief by keeping it full all of the time! I reminded him how my assistant manager, Carla, and myself checked it each night together! Bob was sure that I hadn't been doing anything wrong, and told me that he had wanted to give me a heads up on the situation!

That night as Carla and I counted out the cash, I kept a close watch on the money until the box was locked up and put away. Nothing seemed to be out of place, nobody bothered us, and Carla wasn't out of my sight at all! The next morning, bingo! More money was gone, about one hundred and seventy dollars! I was at a loss as to how that could have happened! Bob and I counted the cash box contents several time each and still there was that amount gone!

I was becoming worried that I was going to be blamed for the missing funds, even though Bob reassured me that I wasn't being blamed for the theft! I knew that Carla hadn't taken the money, and just couldn't figure out how it disappeared out of the box each night! I had suspicions that it was Bob's boss, but I wasn't about to point my finger at anyone without proof!

By that Friday, another seven hundred dollars was missing, the biggest amount so far in one week! I asked Carla to have dinner with me at my place, with the intention of quietly questioning her about the missing funds. She accepted my invitation and showed up a little early for dinner, and had brought along some wine! I was surprised about the wine, since we hadn't been that close or anything, but it was a welcome addition to the meal I had! Carla was effusive, and very funny. She had one of 'those' ways about her, able to make friends easily, and seemed to hit it off with everyone she met!

She had grown up in a small town in the country, and had those small town values that I sometimes envied! As we ate I discovered that she had had a drug problem earlier in her life and it had nearly cost her life! She had been straight for nearly ten years now and was finally getting her life together. She hadn't been with our firm long, but she was very adept and a good worker!

I felt guilty thinking that she might have taken the money, but I was at ends trying to find out who had stolen it, and I needed, I felt, to catch the crook before I lost my job and was accused of the theft! When I finally got up my nerve to broach the subject Carla laughed a little bit, as if she didn't believe me, then got very angry with me! I knew that I had gone about it all wrong! I tried to back track as fast as I could, but she flew into a rage and almost slapped me before getting up to leave my apartment. I was in tears! I hadn't meant to drive a wedge between our 'work relationship', but here I had really flubbed and ruined everything!

I was able to get her calmed down before she walked out on me and soon we had a little laugh about everything! I had managed to save face for her and myself, how, I didn't know, but I felt much better, and so did Carla! Or so I thought!

The next week more money came up missing and the theft was brought to everyone's attention! A poster was placed on the bulletin boards, offering a reward for information on who was responsible for the thefts! I knew that some in the office thought that either Carla or I were the thieves, perhaps both of us, but come on! The small amount being stolen was surely not worth my job! Carla, I knew, felt the same way!

We had started to eat lunch together and others in the office started to avoid us! Like we were the black plague or something! I had Carla over for dinner twice that week and she had me over to her place once. We were fast becoming close friends; I only wished that it had been under better circumstances!

One Monday morning, Bob called me into his office and gave me the terrible news! They had decided that Carla was the thief and she was going to be presented with their evidence, and then asked to resign! They weren't going to press charges, and were even willing to give her a time payment schedule to pay back the missing money! I was furious, since I knew that neither of us had stolen the money! I argued loudly and forcefully, but in the end Carla was called into the office! I was told to wait outside while they presented the alleged evidence they had, and by the time she came out we were both crying hard! I hugged her and helped her gather her things. I got her to promise me to come over that night for dinner!

That night I found out that she was living paycheck to paycheck, like most people, and was probably going to be evicted when she couldn't come up with the rent that month! I told her to move right in with me, and the next night we moved her into my apartment! I helped her as much as I could, and soon she had another job! I had fielded the questions from her new employer, and everything went real well after that! She was even making more money than she had working for us!

We went out that night and celebrated! When we got back to 'our home' we were both pretty snockers! I took a shower then Carla did the same. We sat around talking and since we were both on the couch, we were sitting side by side. At one point Carla leaned over to give me a little hug for being there for her in her time of need! As we hugged, I felt a hot tingle run through my body! I think she did too because she pulled back a bit and looked deeply into my eyes! We both started to say something at the same time, after a hesitation, I started.

"Carla, do you feel something, well, kind of electric?"

She looked into my eyes and just nodded yes!

We hugged some more, and then, without even thinking, I kissed her on her cheek! I felt that it was the right thing to do! She responded to my kiss by turning her head and pushing her lips to mine! Soon, we were lip-locked and our tongues were slipping in and out of each other's mouth! Our hands had been roaming and I soon had mine on her breasts! I couldn't believe that I was doing this! I had never in my life had a lesbian thought or tendency! I liked cock!

I could see that Carla was struggling with her inner demons also! We broke apart, and breathing hard just looked at each other! I saw in her eyes a deep need for love, and I decided that I was going to be the one to provide that love for her! She had evidently seen something similar in my eyes because we were soon going at it again!

I kissed her and she met my kisses with a hunger that I had never experienced before! I wasn't a bit timid now, and started to undress her! I unbuttoned her blouse, and undid her front fastening bra! I soon had her nipples in my fingers and caressed and held them. I gently moved my mouth down her throat going down her soft neck to her shoulder. I then let my lips kiss over to the swell of her breasts! Soon I had a nipple in my mouth and one in my hand! I closed my eyes and just let the feelings I had for Carla flow through me and on to her!

She hadn't been still either! My blouse was off and my bra had disappeared! Her hands were stroking and fondling my breasts as I kissed hers! I wanted to please and be pleased! She knew just how to touch me and hold me!

We broke apart and stood up in front of the couch. Our skirts fell to the floor and we stepped out of them! Standing in front of each other in our panties, we hugged and kissed each other some more! I soon had my hands in her panties, caressing and feeling her cute tight butt! Her fingers were insistently probing my pussy, looking to gain entrance to my hot wet hole! We finally took our love fest into the bedroom, running hand in hand and falling into my bed! We embraced each other, kissing and stroking each other's body until 'that' need overwhelmed us both. We had moved ourselves until our pussies were touching and our spread-open legs were moving us together in unison!

My hands were pushing and tweaking on my nipples! Carla was grasping hers hard and pressing them in to her chest! We were both moaning and stroking our selves! Soon I felt her begin to shake and cry out! She was having the first of what turned out to be several mini-orgasms! I soon followed her and had the biggest orgasm I had ever had in my life!

After we had calmed down, we stayed together, legs intertwined. Caressing what we could reach of each other! I had never thought that another woman would be, could be so-o-o good! Later that night we made love again, slower and less intense than earlier! I found that Carla knew just the right places to touch, pinch, hold, fondle, and best of all WHEN to do the right thing to me to get me off! She claimed that I did the same for her!

I tried licking her pussy, and after a bit I was bringing her to a big orgasm! I just licked and sucked like I thought I would like to be licked and sucked, and evidently I was doing a very good job! She tasted so salty-sweet! I found that I really was getting into pleasuring her with my mouth and tongue! I would dance around her clit, lightly tapping it with the tip of my tongue, and then I would take a light, broad sweep over it pushing in just a little harder! I had several fingers stroking in and out of her tight little hole, and I could feel her muscles gripping and trying to pull my fingers in farther! I brought her off twice with my tongue, back-to-back orgasms, and then I broke away for a small rest! Carla was not idle during my little rest since as soon as she recovered enough, she was soon licking down my belly to my pussy! As she got closer she started to tease me by just slipping in and around the edges of my sensitive spots! I was going nuts! All at once she dove in between the lips of my pussy and gave me some very deep tongue! I was on the very edge of a huge orgasm when she backed off and went back to light smooth licks around my clit and the lips of my pussy, not quite touching them, not quite giving me the release that I sought from her tongue!

Then she started an attack on my clit and using her fingers in my pussy she soon had me trembling and going into a wondrous orgasm! I fell into the abyss of orgasmic heaven, and it seemed like it would never end! She kept me centered on feelings and pleasure that I had never experienced before! I thought that I had been cumming for hours when I finally came to in her arms! I had just had the greatest orgasm that I had ever had in my life! We fell asleep in spoon fashion and didn't wake up until late the next morning!

We were a little embarrassed the next morning on getting up and out of bed! Neither of us had ever had inclinations, to our knowledge, of having lesbian sex! I know that it hadn't entered my mind! We ate breakfast and talked about what we had done, and soon we came to terms with what had transpired last night. Matter-of-fact, we decided that we had done nothing wrong at all! It had been a beautiful wonderful experience, and we mutually decided to try it again! It took us all of, oh, about six minutes to get back into bed and start making love all over again! We ended up spending the rest of the day trying different things and having orgasms!

We continued this relationship for about three years, living together, and we would sometimes have boyfriends, but we never tried threesomes or anything like that. For all outwardly appearances, we were just two gals sharing an apartment, and saving our hard earned money for better things! After we had been together for two years, one night I brought a boyfriend home with me and we were in bed fucking each other but good! I say fucking instead of making love because he really liked to FUCK a woman, and I liked to get FUCKED by him. You girls know what I mean! His attitude, actions and demeanor were, 'I'm going to FUCK your eyeballs out!' and he usually would do just that! Anyway, we were fucking, and I guess we made too much noise for Carla! She came into my room and I wasn't sure how long she had been watching us, but all of the sudden I realized that she was standing there, naked, masturbating herself, watching us fuck!

Stan (my boyfriend fucking me) finally noticed her and started to cover himself up! I stopped him and looking at Carla, I told him to move over, he had more pussy to fuck that night! I don't know what got into me; I just decided that Carla needed to get fucked also! Stan was reluctant; I think to impress me with his show of 'I wouldn't do this unless you really, really wanted me to'! I knew that he was dying to fuck both of us and have both of us in the sack at once! I wanted to give him a very special treat, and I also thought that Carla, who had been dateless for a month, needed some special attention too!

The threesome that followed was a super night of fucking and making love! Carla and I ganged up on sucking Stan off! He really loved having two mouths, two tongues, and four hands working him over! He came at least three times before ever fucking Carla with his hard long cock! When Carla and Stan finally got around to fucking, I slipped up behind them and started to lick them where his cock entered Carla's pussy! As he pulled back, I would lick Carla's clit, and as he drove forward I would lick the length of his cock! It didn't take either of them long before they were cumming very hard!

Carla did the same thing for me when Stan and I got around to fucking later and I found out that I really liked that extra touch! So, that has been our life since Carla was falsely fired, and we have enjoyed it quite a bit! I'm sure that someday we will go our separate ways, but for now we are in love, and loving our life!

Oh, before I forget! Bob's boss was fired last month! It seems that he had been taking cash from the cash box each morning, and had plans to force me or some other unfortunate young lady into blackmailed sex with him! He had been trying to do that with Carla and myself back then, only his plans were messed up and it got out of hand before he could get it under his control. It turned out that his ineptness at that showed how inept he really was as a manager, and upper management fired him post-haste! He won't be missed by anyone here, for sure!

I do have a twinge of sympathy for him though, since without his meddling and trying to set us up, Carla and I would have never gotten together! Will I miss him? NOT!

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