Party At Bill's Ch. 01


I parked in my driveway and noticed Gail's car not in the driveway. Crossing both our lawns, I went up to Bill's house. I knocked on Bill's door with some nervousness. He answered after the first ring.

"Ah Bob glad to see you. I thought you would be seeing me soon." he countered back at my questioning face.

"How did you know I wanted to see you Bill? I asked him trying to turn the question.

"Well for one thing you signed up for my site and I am the administrator. You used you credit card to see your wife get used by many men. Actually it is more like she has been using them my dear neighbor."

"Bob, you are a sensible man and your credit rating is fantastic. You are a family man who has never cheated on his wife. You have thought about it but never did." he said raising a knowing eyebrow.

"Bob, do you know what I do for a living? Bill asked me.

"A lawyer or something like that" I answered right back.

"Yes a lawyer or something." he said smiling. You just had to like this man. He was very nice to talk to.

"Every single day I have to decide people's fates with a moment's notice. I have to look a person up and down a make a fast and far reaching decision. I have decided to let you come over to Friday night's party.' He looked right at me. "That is what you really wanted wasn't it?" he asked me again.

I just nodded my head yes.

"Tell you what I'll do Bob. I will ask you a series of questions. They will all be yes answers unless I ask you otherwise. If the truthful answer to each question in not 'yes', I will give you free lifetime membership and my wife for a night where she becomes your total slave. She will suck and fuck you or anyone else you choose. Now how was that for a challenge? Now for the questions."

"You came here to try and get in the party Friday night and watch your wife with other people? Just nod your head you don't need to say anything." I nodded my head to his question, not for the last time.

"When you saw her on the 'Swingers Newbee' chair you wanted to fuck her right then. You wanted to spread her legs and fuck her brain's out, didn't you?" he asked me again and I nodded again.

"Even though she is your best friend's wife Sally?" he asked me.

"I wasn't talking about Sally I was talking about Gail, my wife." I countered back but Bill just started to laugh and shook his head no.

"Bob did you not want to be in that room that night with Sally strapped to a chair where you could do anything to her at any time?" he asked me point blank to my face.

"Yes" is all I said again. My guilty face must have given me away.

"You even had thoughts of using her body if you can. You want to fuck her in the ass and cum in her mouth?" he kept asking these questions faster and faster. To each question the answer was always 'yes'.

"You wanted to have fun but still keep an eye on your wife?"

"You wanted to see if you could handle your wife being the slut to many men."

"OK Bob, now for some no questions, ready?" he asked me again not waiting for me to answer anymore.

"You haven't told your wife you know about her Friday night activities?"

"You haven't told Tommy Jones you want to fuck his wife and that both your wives are sluts with other men."

"You want to see if she will stay with you once you tell her you know her secret?" he asked me lastly in a soft voice at the end. This final question that really got me and Bill didn't even want an answer.

"You see Bob, letting a jealous husband into a swinger's party is not always a smart idea but in your case I will make an exception."

"Bob these are the rules. Party starts at 8:00pm and doors close at 9:00pmsharp. No fashionably late here or you won't get in. Ace Cannon is my security person. He also is a club favorite so you probably will be seeing some more of him later. All guests wear a mask except Tammy and me. Members must wear condoms when in any other woman other than your wife. Party stops at 12:00midnight. Some of the guests get together at other places but they can't stay here. You will be outside this door and ready to go at 9:15pm. Most of the guests will be in power fuck mode by then and will not notice another man arriving or joining in."

"I keep it controlled and short, only Fridays between 8:00pm and 12:00am. I choose who comes in and who does not. I think you should not tell your wife anything until the party is over. That way you can see if you can live with this life style. Gail loves her mysterious sex with stranger. I can tell. She also loves you very much. The both of you will have to decide on your fates after the party is over. The club is always open to members. Please be here at 9:15 sharp or you will not get in. The password is 'Gail sucks a mean dick'." He said with a laugh and with that he walked me to the door and ushered me out. I never even got to say more than a few words.

I was excited and couldn't wait for Friday. I was also glad I never had to face Bill Indick in a court of law.

END of PART 1 of 2

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