tagLoving WivesParty At Bill's Ch. 02

Party At Bill's Ch. 02


Author's Note: To all who waited for Part 2 thanks! For those who said I should hang up my pen (I won't) and those who warned readers to avoid my work (I hope you don't). This story is only fiction and not real. That means I made it up. Many thanks also to my mystery editor for all the help and encouragement. No words were harmed in the writing of this story. Practice safe sex and enjoy the tale.

I visited Bill's house on Wednesday and it was now Friday, the day of Bill's party. I was very nervous. I tried to distance myself from my wife Gail for the last two days. I tried to do all my 'Honey Do' list stuff and keep busy and out of her hair. One time she looked at me and I knew what she was thinking 'should I tell him?'. I was telling her I was going to go bowling Friday night (like usual) and that she should get out and do something.

The look on her face was very plain to see and I could almost tell what she was thinking. She had a pained look with some guilt written all over her face too. I knew her secret and she was looking at me like she wanted to tell me the whole truth about her Friday night partying at Bill and Tammy's but would be afraid how I would react. She opened her mouth and shut it just as fast. She changed the subject of conversation so she wouldn't look like she just ate the cat. Not the best analogy but you get the picture.

I was glad she didn't because I might have had to deal with the problem right then and there and I would never have been able to go to Bill's later tonight. I was excited and scared at the same time. I loved my wife more than anything but the thought of a wild sex orgy also had the horny teenager in me very excited to no end.

I was almost afraid to push the doorbell. After one ring Ace answered the door. He looked bigger in person. He smiled at me and I waited for him to invite me in. He just stood there however looking at me, almost through me.

"Password please." was all he said to me after a minute.

"Oh... Gail sucks a mean dick" I said softly just remembering the password. He smiled and said he didn't hear me. I repeated it louder and he gave me a bigger smile.

"Thanks, that reminds me I have something to do in a few minutes." he said as he gave me a wink.

Ace waved me inside and locked the door. "Please put your clothes and effects in this bag and give them to me. I will keep them until you need them. You can leave anytime you want. I will stop and get your effects at your convenience but don't be surprised if I look pissed if I am inside a hot wife at the time." he told me as he handed me a mask.

"You must wear this mask at all times because the events in this house are being taped and Bill wants to protect both spouses especially if only one is coming here every Friday." Ace told me this as he directed me to follow him downstairs to the game room. I felt the urge to push him down the stairs after the remark he made about my wife but I let it go. I wasn't sure this was a good idea after all. It started out as an almost sexy and fun thing to do. Now I was regretting ever showing up.

"Bill wanted to see you before you enter the room. Let me get him and then you can do whatever you want to whomever you want." saying that he turned and went to the next room. I was only there standing a minute when Bill met me where I was standing.

"Bob I want to remind you about tonight. I expect you to behave yourself and have a good time. No one knows you are here and the people in the room won't even notice you right now."

"Ace will get your things anytime you want to leave. I would recommend you not talk too much so Gail or Sally will not recognize your voice. So have fun and go sample any of the women here tonight. I certainly have!" he said with almost the same wink and a smile that Ace gave me earlier.

I walked in the room and it was not what I was expecting. All the furniture was covered in plastic with clean white sheets over them. There were couches and chairs galore. The lighting was also very bright, not the bat cave I imagined in my mind. I started to look around and saw the 'New Bee' chair but it was empty. For some reason I was disappointed but kept looking around the room.

I started to walk around and was surprised when a set of arms wrapped around me from the back and started to stroke my cock. I turned around and saw my beautiful blond neighbor Tammy. She and Bill were the only ones not wearing a mask. Her eyes went to my crotch and she just smiled and leaned into me so she could whisper in my ear.

"If I had known Gail had such a stud next door I would have borrowed a cup of sugar from you long ago. Bill said you would be here tonight about this time. Just relax and enjoy. Let your imagination wander as well as other things." she told me softly as she squeezed my cock. She gave me a peck on the cheek and went over to a woman getting spit roasted near us and got on her knees.

She immediately started to give a slow sensuous blow job to a guy who was rubbing the tits of the girl getting double teamed. He stopped and gave all his attention to Tammy. She was hypnotic in her style. I just had to watch for a minute until I regained my senses and started to look around for Gail.

The smell of sex was very strong in the room so was all the moaning and groaning. Everywhere I looked I saw naked bodies in different positions having wild sex. Bill was right about no one noticing me coming in.

I soon found Sally hard at work.

She was riding up and down on a big cock as Ace was getting his dick sucked by her with great enthusiasm. He had just dropped his pants and wasn't even naked yet. From the smile on his face I think Sally was his favorite.

I walked around the room and everywhere I looked, masked adults were in some sort of sex act. A few were walking around the party with a drink in their hand. I watched as different men went around the room like bees gathering pollen. Women would just accept a cock being pushed in their faces or other places.

I looked around the room but didn't see Gail right away. I started to walk around and it was then that I saw her out of the corner of my eye. She was the woman in the swing suspended from the ceiling. A woman could put her legs and feet up to give the person standing in front easy access to her ass or pussy. The back rest of the swing let the woman comfortably lift her head back to give oral or just rest while she is being fucked.

It was then that I heard the moan that I knew all too well. I could tell she was about to cum. I stood off to the side as a big guy was swinging her into his cock with great force. Another guy was at her head getting some head when she swung back the other way. It looked like they had a good rhythm going and Gail was really getting into it. I just froze as she was double teamed right in front of my eyes.

I noticed a few things as I watched the woman I loved and adored taking on two men. My dick lost all hardness. The first impression of the party got me very excited. I felt like a kid in a candy store. The display in front of me now had me shrinking. When I saw Gail on my computer it was a Gail on TV. This was right in front of me and there was no denying anything.

It is tough to describe my feelings as I watched her. I was surprised my wife could be so sexual. We were always good in bed and she was no prude but we always had a spark. I now saw her when she thought she was anonymous and I was nowhere around. Both guys seemed to feed off her orgasm and shot their loads at the same time. The guy in her pussy grunted as he shot his load and finally pulled out his dick with a cum filled condom at the end. The guy in her mouth blew his load straight down her throat and she sucked it all down without a wince.

She then looked up at me with a look I never had seen before. It was a look of pure lust. For a moment I thought she recognized me but she just looked right threw me and screamed out "someone fuck me please" with pleading in her voice. She thought I was just another party goer and her eyes were somewhat unfocused. I quickly moved away and watched the next scene unfold.

Several of the men around her, stopped who they were fucking or what they were doing. Three came to the aid of my wife's pleas. They pulled her from the chair and put her on top of one of the men. He had sat in a small couch next to the swing and Gail was impaled onto his cock. Another guy went up to her back, squatted down and started to put his condom covered cock into my wife's ass.

My first thought was that she would never be able to take on being double teamed like this but he slid in smoothly and started to get a rhythm going with the man under Gail. The third man stood on the couch above the man lying down and put his cock into my wife's mouth. For the next 10 minutes I watched her take on all three of them giving as good as she got.

Finally I had to take a break and went to the opposite side of the room and started to walk around. Every time a woman came up to me or tried to call me over while she was being serviced by someone else I just said quietly that I wanted to watch tonight. They all smiled and tried to put on a show for me. No pressure from any of the women. They just accepted the fact that I liked to watch and not participate.

After Gail's threesome was over she got up and went to the bathroom. I always tried to be on the opposite side of the room whenever possible. I saw Sally several times going just as crazy as my wife. I knew if it was Tommy here right now several people would be dead right now. I am a peaceful man but not a chump either. As I watched some couples in action I stared to get very hard again. Sometimes I got caught up in watching and didn't pay attention to my wife. My hard on would get huge. When I caught her in the corner of my eye and watched what she was doing for a few minutes my cock got soft and my mood changed.

During the time I had been there (over 90 minutes) I watched my wife have sex with at least 15 men and two women. Sally was one of them. They seem to be very comfortable around each other when they were at Bill's parties. The sheer volume of sex and the extreme nature of it really took me back. I couldn't see how I could compete with that volume, even if it was only once a week, that I knew of right now. I then had a thought of my wife going beyond Bill's parties and really cheating on me all week long. I just couldn't be sure anymore. I didn't know this Gail in front of me. She was 'The Stranger' Billy Joel always sang about.

I looked around the party and could see everyone in some sort of sex position. I just wanted to leave and be gone from the whole situation. I hadn't cum at all and I felt the lowest in my whole life. It was almost 11:00pm and I had seen enough, so I found Ace to retrieve my cloths. He was getting a deep blow job from a big breasted woman. He sighed and got up to see me out.

"Well did you like it tonight?" Ace asked me as I was near the front door.

"To be honest no." was all I could come up with. I felt a thousand different emotions going on at once but they were almost all the same.

"Some like it some don't. At least you tried." he answered back.

I got dressed quickly and left the house without another word or looking back. I opened my front door and went right to the kitchen. I grabbed a beer and sat at my kitchen table to think. I knew what I needed to do but didn't want to. Finally I finished my beer and went upstairs.

About an hour later I was back at the kitchen table with another beer in hand. I noticed the back door was open and I knew Gail would be coming in the back way. After about five minutes I heard the door open. Gail came creeping in quietly still in her sexy stockings, garters and corset. She never even wore something like that for me, ever! That fact made me even madder than I was. Gail saw me and froze in her tracks. She still had the small amount of clothes she went over with in her arms.

"Bobby I didn't expect you here now. I was ... at a costume party next door." she tried to explain to me.

"Does your costume come with its own cum?" I asked her.

She looked at her hair and clothes and saw they were covered with other men's cum. At this revelation she started to cry because she knew she was caught. I said nothing and waited for her to stop. Finally she slowed down and I told her to sit across from me and at the kitchen table. She said she wanted to take a shower first but I told her this would only take a few minutes and ordered her to sit down. Reluctantly she did what I asked.

The beauty I always saw in her was gone. She looked used and harsh. The bright kitchen light did not help her either. She looked at me and started to cry again. I waited for her to slow down again and then I put my mask on the table that I wore at the party. Her eyes opened wide as she realized I was just at the party she was at, acting like an anonymous whore with a mask.

"Bobby let me explain, I love you but I made a mistake." she tried to tell me but I held up my hand to tell her to stop.

"Your mistake was getting in the 'swingers newbee' chair to begin with and not telling me about it and yes I even saw all the video of your first party." Gail's face went white as she realized I saw how wild she got at her first party.

"Over two months of this nonsense is a life style change not a mistake. So before you give me any more lies let me say what I need to while I still can. I am the maddest and saddest I have ever been in my life so don't push me by spouting out a lot of excuses." I warned her.

"I need to deal with this right now and I am going to. You once said you loved me but your actions have proved your words false and hollow. You know my motto 'actions speak louder than words'. Well that still holds true for me."

"I went to that party to see if I could live the lifestyle you have chosen. I know now that could never happen. Bill Indick told me a few days ago that 'you have thought about cheating on Gail but you never had'. That one statement says it all. Every man is tempted but I never acted on those feelings because my love for you was stronger than my urges."

"Tonight I never so much as stuck my dick into another woman at Bill and Tammy's party. I was tempted and I could have without you ever knowing. I even thought about fucking Sally but my friendship for Tommy was stronger. All I could see was my friend at the bowling alley trying to get me a championship and I would repay his friendship by fucking his wife."

"Every time I wanted to be with you tonight, to just talk or hug you it was impossible. All of your time was taken and all your holes were always filled. I watched every man at the party fuck you in some fashion or position but me. My wife was like the local deli counter and I needed to take a number and wait. That makes me sad and disgusted."

"Bobby I never meant to hurt you. I just got carried away with all the sex and it was tough to stop." Gail tried to say interrupting me. I again held up my hand for her to stop.

"If you were in my shoes and I was fucking multiple women every Friday while you were out how would you feel? If I bought special sexy clothes for other sex partners and never showed them to you, how would you feel? If you knew the person who meant the most to you in the world was cheating and lying to you very week, how would you feel. Let me tell you something Gail, I feel really pretty shitty right now!"

Gail looked in my eyes and started to cry very hard. That only made it worse for me because I wanted to comfort her but knew she was the reason for me feeling so bad in the first place. She now owned all the tears she was crying. I was very close to breaking down myself but tried to keep my composure.

"I don't know if I will ever look at you the same way again and that crushes me inside. I will never be able to make love to you and not wonder if you miss all the multiple cocks fucking you in every hole. If my bedroom skills were being compared to not just another man, that I might have been able to handle but many men of all sizes and colors"

"I plan on talking to Tommy tomorrow and tell him what I know. I would suggest you call Sally after we are finished and tell her to talk to Tommy. It would be better if she told him and not me."

"I will call you tomorrow and tell you where I am staying. I have packed a bag of everything I will need for a while but I plan on coming back sometime after I cool off to make arrangement to move out permanently." After I said it the truth sunk in and I felt the lowest in my whole life. My wife just had saucer shaped eyes as she realized what I just said and its implications.

"Bobby I will quit right now and try to make everything up to you. Please don't leave me! I love you and I was just being foolish and stupid. I never meant to hurt you." she ended with a plea in her voice.

"Sorry Gail but you left me 2 months ago only you never told me or yourself I guess. Now we both know it. Marriage is built on trust and love and right now I don't feel either. I hope your weekly parties make up for what you have thrown away. I love you but not enough to get over what you have done to me."

"Gail let me ask you one question before I leave for good. If I didn't know about your Friday night activities, would you have gone to Bill's party next week or would you have confessed this whole affair and stopped going? I don't want the answer you can give it to yourself." I finished as I left the kitchen. I already knew the answer.

With that final question still ringing in my ears I walked to the front door and picked up the suitcase. I couldn't look back and didn't. All I heard was Gail crying and pleading for me to come back and she would fix things. I knew that would never happen.


One month later I was in the process of getting a divorce and so was Tommy. Gail and Sally moved into my old house and Tommy moved across town with me to a new apartment. I guess we were both in the same boat now. He had just as hard a time as me and we would help each other when we got really down. I knew he also loved Sally more than she ever realized.

I don't know if she went to anymore of Bill's parties with Sally but a little part of me said she would continue now that I was out of the picture. I really didn't care anymore.

Yesterday a police detective came to the apartment and asked us questions about Bill Indick. It seems he never made it home one night last week and no one had heard from him since. Tammy Indick told the police of our troubles and he wanted to ask both of us few questions. We told him we didn't know anything and we were both trying to get our lives back together. That was the last time we heard anything more.

I asked Tommy later privately after the police detective had gone if he really knew anything. He just smiled, laughed and totally changing the subject "We should be league bowling champs soon, don't you think?"

I never mentioned the subject again.


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Unfinished story

You spent 2 chapters building to a climax and then......nothing. Tommy and Bobby are working on their divorces. But no details are given. Will the women get the houses, alimony and half their retirements?more...

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Definitely a favorite story.

Please keep them coming. Five PLUS stars

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