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Party Down


Cindy called to invite me to a party at her house, "Bring James if you want; but definitely bring at least one of your lovers. We're going to have a real good time!" she instructed me.

I went through my closet looking for something really sexy to wear. I found this slinky little dress with the back cut out and it hit me just below the crouch. My black stockings with four-inch stilettos and my silver chain made the picture perfect.

I called Daniel and Ryan to escort me. Then I thought, "It would be nice to bring Cindy a gift too," so I called Derek. Cindy had never had a black man before and I knew she would enjoy this hunk.

Once I had my plans settled, I found the perfect outfit for James. It was a pair of space pants that showed off his butt really well and didn't bring attention to his useless little dicklett. I put a collar on him and he was ready to travel.

The party was to start at seven. I had James go pick up my boys while I dressed. I paid special attention to my pussy. Nice oils to keep her supple and smelling tasty. Then I polished my nails and brushed my luscious hair. I made sure that my makeup was perfect. By the time James and my lovers returned I was hot, wet, and ready to go.

James escorted me to the car full of waiting men. I climbed into the back seat and positioned myself across the laps of my three lovers. They were very glad to see me; all of their cocks were hard. I pulled out Derek's prick first.

I told him; "This is the only time I'll have you tonight; I'm going to give you as a gift to Cindy. It's only for tonight. She's never had a black man. I know she'll love you." Then I took him into my mouth and sucked him.

I ran my hungry tongue around his large head and in and out of the hole at the tip of his one-eyed wonder. I pulled him deep into my mouth and swallowed him deep into my throat. He moaned and sighed as I sucked him in and out of my mouth. I reached down and played with his balls and could feel the thick cum in them rising.

Then I felt a hand up my dress. It was very diligent and knew exactly where it wanted to go. "No need me giving all the pleasure," I thought. Then I relaxed and let the excitement begin. It was Ryan, I could tell because he is so gentle. He also knows exactly where to go to find my G-spot.

His playing prompted me to suck Derek faster and deeper. I wanted him to cum so that I could just enjoy the enjoyment that Ryan was giving me. Then I felt the wetness. It was Daniel's tongue. He was sucking and licking my clit. My body was exploding and we hadn't even reached the party yet.

I sucked Derek deep into my throat and I felt his explosion run down to my belly. It was warm and delicious. I lapped up every drop and cooed. Derek took a deep breath and sighed as his penis shrank and lost its steam.

I moaned at the delight that was happening to my pussy. She was tingling and felt warm. I was having mini orgasm from Daniel's diligent hands. He has such wonderful hands. Just as I let out a scream of delight, James pulled in front of Cindy's house. Playtime was only beginning.

Cindy welcomed us warmly into her home and was delighted by all of the men I brought with me. She was thrilled at Derek's attentions. I explained that he was her gift for the evening. "I hope you enjoy him as much as I do," I whispered to her.

She smiled with delight and patted James on the head. "You can put him in the dining room with the others if you wish," she told me.

So I gave James to Ryan and asked him to deposit James so that we could play. He took the leash and led James into the dining room with all the other useless dickletts. That way he could serve my lovers and me more efficiently. Upon returning, Ryan handed me the leash and the beeper to call James when he was needed.

Daniel, Ryan and I mingled for a while and met some new people we didn't know. We traded stories with a few people and had some drinks. It was a fun party. Cindy is a good hostess and she made sure that there was plenty to eat and drink and plenty of comfortable places to play.

I wandered into the dining room to see how James was doing and have him get me a drink. Toy, Cindy's husband, was there playing with his penis. Cindy insists that he keep it hard but not cum until she gives him permission to. He is a good little boy and does as she commands.

He looked up as I walked into the room, "Hello Ma'am, how can I help you?" he asked still rubbing his prick.

"I'm looking for James," I said, "I need a drink."

"Oh, Ma'am, he is in the kitchen preparing food for you I believe," he told me.

Sure enough, James was there making a tray of snacks for us. Cyndi had provided a wide selection of foods for her guests. He had a little of everything on the tray. "James, I need a drink, fix it for me please and bring it out to me," I told him. Then I asked, "Are you having a good time?"

"Yes Ma'am!" he replied. "I like coming to these parties, Ma'am," he assured me.

"Good, hurry with that drink!" and I walked back to the party. I saw Derek and Cindy sitting on the sofa and I noticed that Derek had his hand up her dress. Cindy had a smile on her face. As I got closer I could hear her softly moaning. She licked her lips as I approached, "Thank you for him," she whispered, "he has great hands!"

"Oh, girlfriend, wait until you get his dick in you!" I assured her, "He will drive you crazy. I may have to fight you to get him back."

She laughed and said, "I feel wonderful tonight. I have Kenneth here too; I may just do both of them at once. What do you think?"

"I think that is a great idea. You've never done two at once have you?" I asked as James brought me my drink along with one for Cindy, Derek, Kenneth, Ryan, and Daniel.

Cindy patted him on the head and said, "He's a good little boy."

I chuckled and said, "Yes, he usually does a good job for me; even though he can't use that little dicklett of his."

Everyone laughed as I squeezed James' little prick. He offered everyone hors d'oeuvres then I spanked his cute little butt and sent him back to the dining room to play with the other little pricks.

Cindy said, " I think I'm going to go tie Toy up in the closet, gag him so he will be quiet, and leave the door just slightly open. I'm going to then take these two beautiful men into my bed and force Toy to watch us enjoying one another."

We all laughed and I said, "Go for it! Show him what a real man can do for you. Then make him lick your lovers clean while he is handcuffed and can't touch himself. Have him clean you up. Then make him suck them and get them hard for you again. Kick him back into the closet," I suggested.

"Oh I like that idea," she said. "Excuse me, I'll be back in a minute," she smiled as she walked into the dining room.

Toy was still rubbing his dick. He looked up and smiled when she entered. "Ma'am! What can I do for you my Lady?" He stood up, still stroking himself.

"Come on, I'm putting you up!" she demanded as she grabbed his cock and led him up the stairs.

I followed her because I wanted to see. She led him into the bedroom, threw him on the bed. He was still fondling himself. "Stop that now!" she commanded.

"Ma'am?" Toy questioned . "I said, stop playing with that prick of yours," she told him.

"Yes, Ma'am!" he said and stopped touching his cock.

"Hold your hands out," she demanded.

He did as he was told and she placed a pair of handcuffs on his wrists. He looked at her woefully and asked, "Ma'am, what have I done wrong?"

"You have done nothing wrong, Toy, I just don't want you to touch yourself for the next couple of hours and I want you locked in the closet so you can watch me with two other men. And I don't want to see one drop of cum on that carpet when I come in there to get you.

Understand?" she asked.

"Yes, Ma'am!" he replied and she led him into the dark closet.

I watched as she attached a chain to the cuffs and pulled his hands above his head. There was no way for him to touch himself. That is unless he played with his prick with is toes.

When she came out of the closet she said to me, "That should keep him quiet for a while. Now it's time to play!" I heard the excitement in her voice. We laughed and she checked herself out in the mirror.

She looked great, that red dress really accented her pretty brown eyes and shapely breasts and hips.

"You look great and I know you're hot! Go get them and get back up here and have a great time. I may even watch too." I said to her as we went down the stairs.

"Oh, that would be great!" she giggled. "You could watch me and then your lovers could play with you while you're watching. I like that idea," she chuckled.

When we arrived in the living room, the guys stood up and Cindy put her arm through Derek's and then she put the other through Kenneth's. "Cum on boys, let's go have a good time," she ordered. They led her up the stairs and she was smiling.

"Come on, I want to watch," I said to Ryan and Daniel "and while I'm doing so, you can make me happy."

We went up the stairs just minutes behind Cindy and her lovers. When we arrived at the bedroom, Derek was already licking her and Kenneth was in her mouth. She was moaning in pleasure.

Once Derek had her moistened sufficiently, he unfurled his massive organ and rubbed it between the lips of her cunt. He tentatively pushed his large head in and out of her opening; teasing her and making her raise her hips to meet his dick.

It was one of the games he liked to play. When she would raise her hips to force his prick into her love muffin, he would pull back. It really gets one turned on. But he knew she was anxious so he only played for a short period.

I was getting wet watching them. I could imagine the agony that Toy must be in. He must be dying to touch himself, his useless cock hard as a rock and him not being able to touch himself. Also he had to hold back his cum that I knew kept rising to his prick.

I couldn't watch this and not be pleasured. I pulled up my dress and spread my legs. Daniel immediately pulled out his cock, laid on the pillows on the floor and pulled me down on his rock hard pole. He slid right in; I was so hot. He used his strong arms to piston me up and down on his cock.

Ryan took his place at the side. He unbelted his pants and his hard penis hit my mouth. I willingly opened up and started sucking him. I moaned watching Cindy with her two men and my body methodically went up and down enjoying Daniel.

Derek was now pumping wildly on Cindy. She had swallowed Kenneth's cum and he was rolling her over on her side. I watched as Derek pulled her on top of him and Kenneth, stroking himself climbed behind her and stuck his monumental tool into her ass.

"Ahhhh!" I heard her cry. "Fill me up! I want you to fuck me until I can't go anymore! I want those big cocks to fill me with loads of hot, sticky cum. I want you to fuck me until I am completely satisfied! Fuck me, fuck me hard!" she demanded and they obliged.

I was sucking hard on Ryan's cock. My tongue licked him and I swallowed him deep into my throat. I tasted his precum and I grabbed his balls. They were hard and I knew that he was close to cumming. I sucked deep and held him there pulling his cum half way up his shaft. "Hmmmm!" he sighed.

I let go. Letting his salty cum fall back into his sac. "Oh please, don't play me tonight. I am going crazy watching me. Take me please!" he pleaded.

I sucked hard again and held his cum half way up again and squeezed his hard balls to force it up. Then I relaxed and let it fall back into his prostate. "Come on, baby. Take me and I'll fuck you good," he promised.

I was starting to have an orgasm from Daniel and I knew he would explode any moment once he felt my pussy tighten on his prick. I was also unable to control pressure on Ryan. I was getting too excited and I sucked deep.

"Oh, Thank you!" he sighed as his wad came exploding into my mouth.

Then my body convulsed as Daniel released his package in my hot cunt. "Oh baby, you are just too much!" he whispered.

I beeped James, so he could come clean us up. It didn't take him long to find us. I motioned for him to come sit between my legs and clean me. He did so dutifully. I laughed because as he walked into the room his little dicklett got hard as he saw Cindy with Derek and Kenneth.

He got down on the carpet and scooted between my legs. I felt his hot tongue dart into my filled pussy. I grabbed his head in my hands and I held him there. He licked and sucked and licked some more.

He tried to come up for air, but I held him steady. I wanted him licking me because not only did I have Daniel's cum in my pussy but also I was spewing my own juices watching Cindy, Kenneth and Derek.

Kenneth was about to spill his seed into Cindy's tight ass. I could tell because he was his legs were shaking, he was breathing heavy, and his rhythm was getting off. Then I heard Cindy cry, "Yes! Fill me up make it flow out of my ass! Oh, fuck it good!"

It was really good for her. Her face was buried in Derek's chest and her shook like a tree in a hurricane. I orgasmed again!

James' little dicklett got harder and I held him deep within my loins forcing him to keep licking salty cum out of my extremely wet pussy.

Minutes later Derek cried out, "Oh baby, here it comes, are you ready for this load?" He moaned, "It's going to be the biggest load you have ever had!" His body shook and he unloaded into her.

"Oh my god!" she screamed as his cum filled her wanton cunt. Her body racked with pleasure.

Derek's cum just kept pumping into her as her body rocked up and down in joy.

When he finished, I commanded James, "Go release Toy so he can go clean them up; then come finish us."

"Yes, Ma'am," he said and went to let Toy out of the closet.

Toy's prick was rock hard and standing out like a battering ram as he approached his wife on the bed.

When Cindy saw it she slapped it. Then she felt its head. "Good thing this is dry, little boy, else you would not be here. Now, clean up Kenneth," she commanded. "I want to reveal in Derek's delicious cum a while longer. And when you have finished with him, you can clean up Derek while Kenneth deposits his sweet seed in me."

Toy did as she commanded. He touched his penis as he went down on Kenneth. He stroked it the entire time, not once spilling a drop of cum on the bed, Kenneth, or Cindy.

Cindy in the meantime started kissing Derek and rubbing herself all over his body. He finger fucked her to keep her hot. She moaned and cooed and convulsed as he found her G-spot and massaged it.

James continued to lick Daniel's cum out of my pussy as Ryan pulled me up to doggy style and he put on a condom and stuck his hard cock into my ass. “Mmmm," I moaned and relaxed my butt so that he would have free access.

James licked his balls as well as my pussy. This got Ryan all the more excited. He went deep into my butt and pressed hard against me. James licked my clit then Ryan's balls and maintained a rhythm with Ryan's fucking me. This was very captivating for me. This was a new technique that James had developed. It felt like fire in my box.

"Oh, that is so good! Don’t stop! "Fuck me! Suck me! Make me cum again!" I cried.

Ryan pumped me harder as James sucked his balls then went back to my clit and into my pussy with his tongue. Daniel must have gotten tired of waiting for his cleaning and he also must have been turned on by all the sex around him because he started rubbing his cock too.

Toy had finished with Kenneth and moved over to take Derek in his mouth. He hesitated, because he had never had a black man either. But he knew that if he did not do, as his mistress demanded he would be punished.

Cindy noticed that he had finished with Kenneth and Kenneth was waiting to fuck her. She pushed Derek off her and he rolled over for his cleaning. Toy looked at his massive cock, swallowed hard and started stroking his useless cock a little faster.

He reached for Derek's prick with his other hand and opened his mouth as wide as he could. He went down on Derek just as he squirted a small wad. This choked Toy because he wasn't expecting the salty cum.

He gagged and Derek shoved he hard prick deep into Toy's throat and then out again. Toy seemed to take a deep breath and then he began a constant tempo and cleaned the immense cock very slowly and deliberately.

Cindy took Kenneth's abundant cock into her hand and led it to her still hot box. He entered her eagerly.

He had been waiting patiently for this. He was not use to sharing her with another man but he also knew it had been a fantasy of hers for a long time. He gave her that pleasure. He moaned as he felt his rock hard prick enter her now slightly more stretched pussy. But he was large enough to still delight her womanhood.

I had finally allowed James to go take care of Daniel. Daniel ran his cock in and out of James' mouth like he was fucking him. He liked to ram it down James' throat.

Ryan took off the condom and placed his prick into my freshly cleaned love hole. He was slow and teasing me. He would go deep and them pull out and then do it again. It was his revenge for my teasing him when I gave him a blowjob. He liked me to suffer his vengeance. "See how it feels, bitch?" he whispered in my ear.

I smiled, "It just makes your cum all the sweeter," I whispered.

He pumped me hard and then pulled all the way out. I just lay there. He looked at me questioning then he drew up and slammed down onto my cunt. He drove his cock as deep as he could and put as much pressure as he could on my pubic bone. Then he pulled up and did it again. It was painfully delightful.

"Oh!" I cried "Fuck me good. Fuck me hard!"

And he did. He racked his body in and out of my sensitive pussy and ripped her as much as he could.

The harder he pumped me he more exciting his sex was. I could feel him getting larger in my cunt. He breathed hard and his face turned red. I loved it when he got angry with me because he screwed me all the more.

I looked over at the bed and Kenneth was giving Cindy a good fucking too. I believe he was a little angry about the situation and he was trying to punish her for enjoying the good screw she had gotten from Derek too.

She kept yelling, "Yes, you know how to make me feel like a real woman!" She would moan and then take a deep breath and hurl her pussy at his thrusting cock. I could almost hear their bodies colliding.

"Take that, you bitch!" he yelled at her each time he slammed his body onto hers.

She was breathing heavy and could hardly speak. "Fuck my pussy deep, show me the man that you are. I need a real man like you to make me cum like a woman! Fuck me! Fuck me hard and deep!" she demanded of him.

Angry men make the best lovers. They need to prove that they are better than the other guy is. That's why it is good to do a threesome; makes them jealous and makes them want to out do the other guy.

Cindy was fulfilled. I was fulfilled. Toy played with his prick. James went back to the dining room and the guys fell asleep. She and I went down to join the rest of the party. It had been a wonderful time.

As my gang left was leaving the party, I saw Cindy whispering in Derek's ear. I know she was setting up a meeting and I smiled. He was just my extra and I thought it was great that he would now have her too. He joined us and we all kissed Cindy good night. "I know you will enjoy him and Toy will too," I whispered in her ear as I said good-bye.

She blushed, and smiled.

"Why do you think I brought him; he is your present for being such a good friend." I assured her.

She hugged me and said "Thank you; he is really a delight and he makes Kenneth so angry that he really fills me with a lot of cum. I'm glad you came.

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