Party for Me


Tnine wrote: sassybabe, when was the last time you got good and fucked?

sassybabe wrote: last weekend...

Tnine wrote: tell me about it...?

sassybabe wrote: you're gonna have to beg...

Tnine wrote: on my knees...

sassybabe wrote: okay, here goes. I went to my uncles house last weekend for a party he was having. I got really, really drunk...

Tnine wrote: mmmm, I'm liking this already ;)

sassybabe wrote: oh, well, okay so I only pretended to be really, really drunk.

Tnine wrote: :( sad now

sassybabe wrote: lol :). There was a girl there I really like, so I waited until she was drunk, and started to touch her. First just her leg, a little bit, you know. Then I'd like, run my hand down her hair until it was resting on her neck. Then I started to rub her neck.

Tnine wrote: .........................................

sassybabe wrote: She started to close her eyes and make these little whimpering sounds... so cute.

sassybabe wrote: Anyway, I pushed her hair back and planted a kiss on her neck. She didn't even seem to care, so I kissed her neck a few more times. Then she kinda surprised me, cause she turned toward me and put her arm around me, then she started to kiss me.

Tnine wrote: panting...

sassybabe wrote: lol

sassybabe wrote: So by now... people were watching...

sassybabe wrote: After one really, really long kiss, she kinda pulled back a little, looked at me, then said she was sorry. I smiled, and started to run my finger up and down her neck. She kinda grinned, then leaned back toward me.

sassybabe wrote: We kissed, a lot, kinda not really paying attention to anyone else in the room. But yeah, some guys, I think my uncle and his best friend, started to clap, cause we were really getting into each other. So she grabbed me by the hand and led me back to my uncles bedroom. She pushed me down on the bed, and told me she wanted me.

Tnine wrote: oh, fuck

sassybabe wrote: yah

sassybabe wrote: So then she asked if I'd been with a woman before... of course I said yes... she said not one like her... I just smiled at her. She straddled my legs and leaned forward, running her hands up along the side of my waist, over my breasts, then stopped on my shoulders... she pinned me down and began to kiss me again. This time, she was more passionate, a little rougher. She even sucked my tongue, which I love.

sassybabe wrote: I kept trying to touch her, to hold her, but she kept pushing my hands away. I wanted to feel her breasts... but I mostly wanted to see how wet she was. She kept telling me that I made her wet...

sassybabe wrote: I didn't believe her until she reached her hand down to her pussy once, rubbed herself and moaned, then put her fingers on my lips. She rubbed her juice on my lips like chap stick, then bent over me and began to lick my mouth. She asked me, nicely, like really sweet and kinda shy sounding, if I would take my clothes off. I said I would only if she did.

Tnine wrote: I am so hard

Tnine wrote: Don't stop now...

Tnine wrote: I wish you could be stroking my right now...

sassybabe wrote: awww...

sassybabe wrote: So, we are both naked, standing by the bed in my uncles room. She looks me up and down, and does this thing were her eyes kinda pause on my pussy, looks me in the eyes, licks her lips, then she stares... literally stares at my breasts and starts biting her lip.

sassybabe wrote: So, just because of this look she gave, my heart is beating unevenly, my pussy is like, throbbing.

sassybabe wrote: So, I reach out and put my arm around her waist... we kiss, of course, but our hands start kinda feverishly roaming around each others backs. She cups my ass and pulls me closer, our breasts are smashed together. She starts pulling my ass cheeks apart, then her fingers wander inward, until she's got one positioned on my hole.

sassybabe wrote: She asks me if I want it, I just nod and start to suckle her breast, though I don't think her nipples got any harder... they were already pretty rigid. She licked her finger, then put it slowly in my ass. I started panting, she kind laughed and said "you like that?"

sassybabe wrote: I couldn't answer with her nipple in my mouth, but when I started to pull my head away to answer, she other hand stopped me, holding me to her chest. Her voice got kind of husky when she told me not to stop. She continued to finger my ass, adding one, then another finger.

Tnine wrote: are you wet right now?

sassybabe wrote: sopping

Tnine wrote: God, I want to fuck you.

Tnine wrote: There's more though, right?

sassybabe wrote: yeah

sassybabe wrote: I had my hands on her thighs when she grabbed one and placed it on her pussy. "Finger me, baby." She whispered. I did. First two fingers, eventually four.

sassybabe wrote: I used my other hand to rub her clit. I squeezed it, she got wetter and wetter. I asked her if she wanted me to eat her, she said she got first dibbs. Then she walked me back to the bed, and said she liked to be underneath her women when she ate them. She laid down and propped her head up with a pillow, then told me to get on my hands and knees over her.

sassybabe wrote: I almost came the second her tongue touched my pussy. She knew what she was doing, and in like a minute I was cumming. It was pretty much the best orgasm I've had.

Tnine wrote: the best?....

sassybabe wrote: *smiles*

sassybabe wrote: After I came, she asked me how it was, then told me not to answer... she said she already knew. She asked if I liked dick... I said almost as much as I liked pussy.

sassybabe wrote: She asked if I was into any thing kinky. I said like what... she asked if I did groups. I said I'd done groups before, that it was alright. She asked if I wanted to go home with her... I said yes.

Tnine wrote: You went home with this chick?

sassybabe wrote: Yeah...We got dressed and I drove because I'd had less to drink. We got lost once on the way their, she teased me... she ran her hand up and down my leg and said I wasn't getting any if I couldn't find her house... So, we finally got to her house... she introduced me to her roommates.

Tnine wrote: two guys!? What?

sassybabe wrote: They were these guys who seriously looked like they'd never put on an extra pound in their lives. I saying they were pretty hot. They pretty much got hard, both of them the minute she told them why I was there... I'm pretty sure she said "Sarah wants a dick in both holes."

sassybabe wrote: I just nodded... yeah, I pretty much said nothing the rest of the night. Except for a few random "fuck me harder"s or "you like that?"s... we were all naked like, five minutes after we got there.

Tnine wrote: fuck!

sassybabe wrote: She pulled this chair up, and one of her roommates laid down on the floor with his head under the chair. She said she loved getting eaten out while she watched the girl getting fucked. She asked me if I liked it hard, which I do, you know that.

Tnine wrote: Oh, yeah I know.

sassybabe wrote: *giggle* So of course I said yes. Good... she said, I like a girl who likes it hard. My pussy was still wet from my uncles house, so I really needed no foreplay. I straddled her roommates cock, and sank onto it, until he was completely buried in me. I groaned, his dick felt so, so good, you have no idea.

sassybabe wrote: I moved on him, up and down, until she told me to stop. I leaned forward to where she was sitting on the chair... I ate her out while her friend fucked my pussy. I heard her say the word, hard, then her other roommate rammed his cock, hard, into my ass. I cried out... it hurt. She moaned loud, I don't think it was because I was eating her pussy well.

Tnine wrote: She was getting off on you being used? Crazy bitch... that's hot.

sassybabe wrote: Yeah, it was pretty hot.

sassybabe wrote: He rammed himself in and out of me, while his friend pushed himself into my pussy, up and down, and I ate her pussy. I licked her up and down, using my thumb to penetrate her soaking pussy, and my pinky to stroke her ass. I ate her, finger fucked her pussy and ass until she came, violently, holding my face tightly to her pussy while her juices poured into my mouth. She tasted so good, I started cumming just because she was. The guys came right after, almost simultaneously.

sassybabe wrote: After we all came, I watched them fuck her.. it was hot. They took turns cumming in her pussy. I had to finger myself while I watched... she noticed that I had been rubbing myself for a while, so she ate me out again.

sassybabe wrote: After an hour or so more, she announced she was tired (I was exhausted, it was like five in the morning) then she took my hand and walked me back to her bedroom. We started kissing again, and then fell down onto her bed. She pulled the covers over us, and finally paid some attention to my breasts. She held them, squeezed them, licked them, sucked them. I straddled her leg, and rubbed my still naked pussy up and and down. She sat up and started to hump my leg... we came one more time, then pretty much passed out. I woke up to her eating me out, moaning while she fingered her own ass...

Tnine wrote: fuck babe, that was hot.

sassybabe wrote: Yeah, I didn't want to go home.

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