Party Game


I was in a party once when it was decided that the men and women play a game of strip trivia pursuit against each other. Names were thereupon drawn to determine which man and woman would be playing against each other. A wrong answer to cost a garment, but only if the other contestant got the right answer. The two contestants would continue to play until one of them was naked. They would then rejoin the spectators, undressed as they were.

It was further agreed, that once everyone had played, or if the game was cut short for any reason, the members of the sex with the most garments left would be allowed to get dressed, and the sex with the fewest garments would party naked.

It was lastly stipulated, that everyone would go home dressed as they were after the game was over. Since the winning sex got to get dressed before the party was over, all the members of the losing sex would go home less than fully dressed.

I had a side bet with the man I went to the party with. Whichever one of us lost the fewest garments owed a 'favor' to the other, in the winner's home.

The first contest was a rout. The woman ended up nude while the man did not lose a stitch of clothing.

The second contest was equally one sided, but this time it was the woman left fully clothed while the man ended up naked.

I was the woman in the third contest. I was down to my stocking feet by the time he lost one of his shoes. By then, one of the other women commented it was so late and suggested that we continue the game at another party next month. As to be expected, the lone naked woman was the only one to protest, but unfortunately for her, she was the only one to the contrary and everyone else signified their agreement.

After tallying the scores, it was confirmed that the women lost to the men, by one measly shoe. This brought a cry of anguish from the lone woman who lost, as she suddenly realized that not only would she have to party and go home naked, she would be the only one doing so at that.

Since the men had lost the fewest clothes, they all got completely dressed, leaving the woman who lost stark naked and me shoeless in my stocking feet, for the rest of the night. The naked woman desperately asked the others to be allowed something to wear, but no one would oblige her. Some of the women even mercilessly teased her about her naked state, as she was made to mingle and party on au naturel, with nothing but a flushed and embarrassed look on her face. They even made her dance a number of fast and slow numbers with the men, which everyone else totally enjoyed watching.

As I continued to observe the humiliations the naked woman was undergoing, I could not help but think she might have been set up by the others, from the start. Considering that the game I played could have gone either way had it been allowed to continue till the end, I think they may have purposely stopped the game when they did to ensure that I would have lost only my shoes, ensuring then that she would be the only one utterly, and humiliatingly naked.

For the rest of the party, the lone naked woman was the center of every ones' attention. No matter what she did or where she went, she was always surrounded by fully dressed people who openly ogled and oftentimes even brazenly groped her naked flesh, which made her cringe in shame.

Pretty soon, all the other guests, both men and women, took every opportunity to openly caress, grope and fondle her tits and ass in front of everyone, totally unmindful of the nude woman's obvious embarrassment.

In fact, of all the guests, I think it was the women who took the most pleasure in tormenting the naked woman no end by constantly reminding her about her solitary nude state and purposely brush up their fully clothed selves against her bare, exposed skin, which no doubt heightened her sense of nudity and made her feel even more naked and vulnerable than she actually was.(n.b. if that was at all possible that is)

To be honest, I was not at all an innocent bystander in all these. I too partook in that naked woman's debasement as I eagerly joined along with the crowd and contributed my fair share in furthering the poor naked woman's ignominy.

In fact, I may have even precipitated the most humiliating experience she had to endure that night.

At one point of the party I was lurking behind her totally mesmerized by her undulating ass, as she fidgeted uncomfortably from foot to foot, while talking to a leering group of men and women. Suddenly, I got this urge to hug the naked woman. Being inebriated by the copious amount of alcohol I had been imbibing, I furtively snuck up behind her and. without warning, put my arms around her in a tight embrace and pulled her towards me till the whole of her naked backside lay flush against the front of my stylish outfit. At that time, I was in a long skirt with blouse over which I had worn on a long sleeved cardigan. My feet were in stockings and I had on a large belt, which I am sure the nude woman felt as I sensually ground at the small of her naked back.

To say that I caught her by surprise would be an understatement. I had completely taken her unawares that she was unable to put up any resistance whatsoever as I held her in my tight embrace. It was only when my hands cupped her breasts and started caressing her ever hardening nipples that she seemed to come out of her stupor.

As my probing hands slowly and sensuously kneaded the naked woman's quivering flesh, she started to react to my ministrations and softly moaned out in pleasure while grinding herself more firmly against me. For the moment, I allowed her to enjoy the stimulation her body so desperately needed. However, just when I felt she was about to reach her peak, I stopped my caresses and suddenly took hold of both her hardened nipples, pulling and pinching them firmly, but not cruelly. She whimpered in both pain and pleasure as I alternately bit down and softly lick her ear, while tuning her nipples as if they where radio dials.

I guess my actions with the nude woman caught the attention and interest of the rest of the party goers. We were the center of attention of everyone, and little did I know our little show would go on a lot further.

While I had the naked woman squirming at my hands, we were joined by two of the most clothed women in the party. Both were in long sleeved shirts and tight leather pants, and had on matching vests and boots. They were also wearing leather driving gloves, which made the naked woman appear even more naked as the two put their gloved hands on her.

At my signal the two newcomers relieved me of the naked woman and soon had her sandwiched between them, allowing me a front row seat of the naked woman's further debasement.

They had her squashed between them front and back. The woman at the front vigorously rubbing her clothed body against the full length of the naked woman's front, while the woman behind did the same against her naked back and rear. Pretty soon they had the naked the naked woman on her back on the floor with both clothed women kissing her all over, in full view of the appreciative audience who could not get enough of this wanton display of sapphic love.

As if on cue, a gloved hand of both girls found their way in the entrance of naked woman's pulsating pussy. As her love hole was already overflowing with juices, it was not difficult for the two other women to stick two of their gloved fingers in the naked woman's pussy to the hilt. They then slowly and steadily sawed in and out of her with their embedded fingers, loving the look of unbridled passion on the naked woman's face as her body reacted to the pleasurable stimulation being given it.

Again, just as the poor tormented naked woman was about to orgasm, the two maliciously stopped their ministrations and just sat back, fixing the naked woman with mischievous grins. When the naked woman looked up tho them with a pleading look, they wickedly told her to make herself cumm.

For a moment the naked woman just lay there uncomprehendingly, while the two clothed women"s gloved hands stood poise on top of her already violated cunt. Then slowly lowering her eyes in defeat, she grasped the two other women's gloved hands and proceeded to saw them into her, in and out, faster and faster until she was able to come to a thunderous orgasm, before every one else in the party.

As the naked woman lay on the floor basking in the afterglow of the best orgasm she had ever experienced, the two women received a rousing ovation from the other guests, especially after they stuck their cum soaked gloved fingers into the mouth of the naked woman, who submissively licked them clean.

Fortunately for the naked women, after her memorable performance, she was mostly left alone for the rest of the party. Although she did remain absolutely naked, and remained so until the very end.

The party finally ended after about another hour or so.The women who hadn't played yet got to go home fully dressed, and so did the woman who had won. I thought I had to go home more or less fully clothed, except for my shoes, while the woman who lost had to go home stark naked. The only one to do so.

She did look so naked and awkwardly out of place as everyone gathered around to say their goodbyes, what with everyone else getting even more dressed up than they already were, by putting on their coats and hats. Although I may have been without my shoes at the time, at least my lack of footwear was nothing compared to the ignominy the lone naked woman had to endure. (BTW just as I was about to step on the asphalt road in my stocking feet, one of the women gave me my shoes back, telling me that she didn't want my stockings ruined or anything.)

Of course she had to say it loud enough for everyone to hear, including the nude woman, who by then was on the street stark naked and gingerly making her way to her date's car on bare feet. Needless to say, this made the nude woman's face to blush even more in shame, especially so that what she said drew another round of laughter and ridicule from the departing guests, who could not help but enjoy themselves at the nude woman's further debasement.

When the nude woman finally made it to her date's car, she was suddenly joined by three others, a man and two other women. As the man got in the front seat beside her date, the nude woman was made to sit in between the two fully dressed women in the back. I shudder to think that the nude woman's embarrassing evening would probably not yet be over by a long shot, as her companions continued to whoop it up and cause quite a ruckus while they sped away.

As for our little beton the side, my date hadn't had his turn in the game yet, so he had lost fewer garments than I. I, therefore, owed him a favor, which unfortunately would have to be paid at some future time, since I intended to trail the naked woman and her so called friends, and be a witness to whatever debauchery they planned for her to undergo later.

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