Party Girl


Celina was 19, hot and blonde. She felt she had the world at her feet. That night, she went to the party dressed to get laid. She wore a white bikini style top with a bow in the front and a see through skirt with built in white opaque panties.

It was a frat party and she was there by special invitation. Because she was known far and wide as a major campus slut. The boys called her up onto the stage where she promptly turned around and stuck her tight little ass out, letting the back of her barely there skirt lift right up. She gave a little wiggle and turned her head to smile.

The drunken frat boys hooted and hollered as she put on this display. They were taking bets over which of them would be the first to stick it in her that night. She opened her hand and placed it on her flat tummy and then slid it slowly down the front of her. She let her thumb catch on the top of her panties and let them slide down, stopping just above her mound. With her other hand, she pulled down the side, revealing her entire hip and even the top of her leg.

She teased then for a little longer and then quickly slipped out of all of her clothes, throwing them into the crowd to cheers. "I won't be needing those!" she announced. She presented her backside again and put both hands on her cheeks, spreading her ass wide. "Anybody got something I could plug up this hole with?" she asked to the crowd. They broke out in wild applause.

Then she cupped her size B breasts in her hands and asked, "do you think these are big enough?" to which there was even more applause.

"For my next trip, I'm going to need a volunteer," she announced cheerily. Hands went up all over down below. She picked Aaron, a junior who was rumored to have a big dick. "Let's see what you got," she challenged him. When he dropped his pants, his erect cock sprang out about 10 inches.

Celina dropped to her knees and immediately popped the hard prick into her mouth. "Mmmm," she could be heard above the crowd. She used her hand to pump at Aaron's long hard dick while she rolled her tongue over the swollen head. "I love giving head," she assured her audience and followed that up by using her tongue to swirl around Aaron's throbbing helmet. Then she started sucking and kissing, making all sorts of smacking noises that had fraternity boys all over the room rubbing a hand over suddenly tight denim, and some were already fishing there hard-ons out of there pants to have a direct pass to them.

"Suck mine!" a voice from the back yelled. Others laughed.

"Get on up here," Celina encouraged. The freshman, Kilmer quickly made his way to the stage. His hard and thick cock quickly popped out of his pants and into Celina's mouth as well. She took turns sucking the two dicks and smacking and murmuring her enjoyment as she went. She mostly focused on Aaron, but paid attention to Kilmer as well. When Aaron was ready to bust, she pumped him hard, pushed him balls deep into her mouth and moaned loudly refusing to give up even when she seemed in danger of gagging. Then she pulled him out, jack hammered him, opened her mouth wide and purred, "feed me that hot cum!" to which he obliged by spewing his sticky hot load directly into her mouth.

"Mmm," she told the crowd, smacking her lips. "I love hot cum in my belly! It makes me so fucking hot. Now, I just want to have my ass fucked by Kilmer here. Are you up for it Kilmer?"

Kilmer, who had only fucked two girls before, and none of them were even close to being as hot as Celina, blushed a bit but covered by announcing loudly, "hell yeah!"

"Lay down Kilmer," Celina commanded and he did. She climbed on top of him, so that the audience could see her ass and spread it wide again. "Kilmer looks pretty big, do you think he can fit in?" she asked the crowd.

"Yeah! Yeah!" the crowd yelled. "Fuck that tight ass. Lord knows that slut's pussy isn't tight anymore!" that last part came from Alex, Celina's ex who was still rather bitter about the break up. Celina just smiled as though it were a compliment.

Celina pushed the head of Kilmer's dick into her tight ass and slowly slid up and down on him. As the friction began to build, he slid deeper and deeper into her opening, spreading her wide with his thick cock. "Oh yeah, Kilmer. Spread that ass wide you fucking stud!" she hollered as he slid her open.

She let him fuck her like this, begging him to pull her hair, giving the audience a show of her stretching and widening anal hole. The crowd chanted while Kilmer moaned in enjoyment. "I wanna bust my nut in you," he finally admitted. "I don't think I can wait."

Celina grabbed the base of his cock and squeezed- hard in just the right spot. It made Kilmer pause-- he couldn't cum even though he was feeling dizzy with the need to. "Not yet," she whispered to him. Then she slid off of him so his cock slipped out of her anus with a pop. Now she turned to face her audience, spreading her legs and giving them a clear view of her shaved pussy as she slid Kilmer's dick back into her rear entrance.

"Fuck that ass daddy," she told Kilmer. She had started rubbing her wet reddening clit with a circular motion. "Shoot your load in my tight ass. Fuck my ass baby. Make me cum! Empty your balls up my hot slutty ass. I'm gonna cum! I'm gonna cum! Fill me up daddy, fill me up with your hot cream!" She was fingering herself ferociously and her legs were noticeably tense. Finally she let out a wild scream and came with a fierce orgasm that contracted again and again around Kilmer's dick, milking him for ever drop of jizz.

"Oh God, get all that hot spunk up my ass baby. Shoot it in deep. I want every sticky drop."

His thick cock jerked and sent sticky man goo traveling deep into her anal cavity. Her ass hole filled up and then it began leaking out and down her crack and everywhere. When he finished, she tuned to him and licked his shuddering cock clean, seeming to savor every drop.

"Now who's gonna lick me clean?" she wondered out loud. A hot red-head with d-cup sized tits ran up and stripped down to black lace very quickly. Then she eagerly sucked the semen out of Celina's ass and then tongued her all over her anus. Celina howled like a cat in heat. The hot red head was named Randi, and she had agreed the day before to eat Celina's ass out after it had been filled with cum. In exchange, she would fuck Celina later that night with a huge black leather strap-on in the privacy of Randi's room. It wasn't much of a trade though, since Randi loved both fucking girls with strap-ons and sucking the cum out of their asses. Once Randi's lips were wet with cum, Celina turned around, cupped her head and kissed her deeply, tasting both her lovers jizz and her own ass. She sucked on Randi's lips and toyed with her pussy over the lacey undies that Randi wore.

"You all want to see me lick Randi's pussy don't you?" she asked the crowd. Of course they did! They all yelled and clapped and cheered. Celina slipped Randi's panties down to her ankles and spread her pussy lips open. Randi laid back and opened her legs, allowing Celina's tongue to descend on her quivering cunt lips. Celina licked her to shuddering orgasm, again and again and again. Celina gave Randi several orgasms, while the drunken college boys cheered.

Finally, Celina helped Randi to her feet and the two took a bow. "The two of us will be fucking you boys all night. First come first serve of course." Then they climbed down from the stage and started a very long night of fucking and sucking pretty much every cock in the place.

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by argon3706/23/18


Everyone dreams about a girl like this, and you really bring her to life with your writing. The characters are very strong and believable. Great job.

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