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Party Girl

byWoody Woodwood©

Wife gets drunk at party and gets a little more than adventurous with her husbands friends

So far John, Carl, Steve, and me have had the pleasure of group fucking my wife Anna after a late night poker game and Steve's wife Kate while on a boy's camping weekend. We had all agreed that we wanted to have the other two wives as well.

When we gang fucked Kate she asked if we had done the same to any of the other wives, so she knew we had fucked Anna too, and were planing to have Dawn and Jenny.

After our camping weekend, we started to think about where and when we'd get the chance to team up on either Dawn or Jenny, and the next opportunity was going to be the New Years Party at John and Jenny's house.

Of course the one difference this time was that Kate and Anna already new that we were going to gang fuck one of the girls, and so we had a little help, and we devised a plan to draw one of the two lovely ladies into our little web. After discussing the plan with Kate and Anna, it was decided that Dawn would be our target for that night.

This is Carl's story of the night his lovely wife was fucked by all four of us:


My wife Dawn is a very sexy little lady. Just five foot tall, but with a perfectly formed 34B-24-35 figure. She loves to dress to tease, stockings and suspenders, and either short skirts that will always give that tantalising flash of stocking top, or better still, wrap over skirts that can, and often do, get blown open to reveal her creamy thighs. She also likes to wear slinky skin-tight dresses and nothing underneath. She really hates panty lines.

I know that most of our male friends would just love to get into her knickers, you can tell by the way they let their hands roam a little whenever they get the chance of a slow dance with her, and the way they look at her.

It was New Year Eve, and this year, instead of going out on the town we had been invited over to our friend's house for a small dinner party. Dawn took her time selecting her clothes for the evening. Seamed black stockings, a pair of thin, almost transparent black knickers, a matching bra, a sheer black blouse, and a black floral wrap over skirt.

I watched her as she dressed. She looked stunning. She took her time with the stockings, ensuring that the seam was completely straight. Then pulled her knickers on. You could plainly see her light brown bush through the knickers, and I also know that from the right angle you could see her pussy lips as well. The bra was tight and transparent too. It cupped her small and beautiful breasts and her nipples were plainly visible. Once the blouse was added, you could see the outline of her bra, and I knew that if she got either cold or excited her nipples would be easy to see. Finally she wrapped the skirt around her waist, and tied the ends into a single bow.

We headed of to John and Jenny's house, and when we got there found that the other two couples, Steve and Kate, Stuart and Anna had already arrived.

John was my oldest friend, and probably the one that lusted after Dawn the most. He had a reputation as a ladies man, and Jenny was the latest in a long line of live in lovers. She was a fine looking woman, about five seven, and shapely. She was dressed in a knee length skirt and a loose fitting blouse that was cut quite low, exposing her very curvaceous bust. I would guess that she was about a 38D, with a waist and hips that were perfectly in tune with her height and bust.

Steve and Kate had been friends with John and I for several years, Steve was a quiet unassuming sort of guy, whereas Kate was a bit of a party animal, as we had experienced too the full when we gang fucked her in the woods in the summer. She was wearing a short mini skirt, and tight tee-shirt style top.

Then there was Stuart and Anna, Anna was a similar build to Jenny, and was wearing a flowing knee length dress, which was also nicely cut to give more than a hint of cleavage. She was a bit of an exhibitionist, and it was at one of our regular poker nights at their house that we first gang fucked one of our lovely ladies. Anna was never much good at cards, and didn't really understand the rules, so engineering it to get her tipsy and then naked hadn't been too hard. The fact that we all got to fuck her was an added bonus that we hadn't planned for.

We all sat down for dinner, and the wine and beer flowed freely. As it was New Years Eve, we were all staying over so there wasn't any problems over who could drink or drive. By the end of the meal we were all a little tipsy.

I had also found out that Jenny was wearing stockings and suspenders under her skirt, because it had a split seam up the side I was sitting and as she moved during dinner it had ridden up her legs giving me lovely view of her stocking top and a suspender.

After dinner we decided to play a drinking game called "You Bet". The idea of the game was that as each person took a go, rolling two special dice, the roll of the dice would lead to a "dare" card being turned over. Each player also had a pile of "Yes" and a pile of "No" cards. We each then had to predict how many people would agree to do the dare, and how many would say they wouldn't do it. Every player placed a "Yes" or "No" card face down in front of them. The predictions were read out, and then the yes and no cards turned over.

If you predicted the right number, you were a winner, and nothing happened. If you predicted less, or more, then you were potentially a loser. Those that predicted less had to drink a shot of spirit, whereas those that predicted a higher number had to carry out the dare.

We started by using the dare cards that came with the game. They were pretty tame, and after a few rounds had passed, and we were all the other side of several shots, we decided to add our own dares to the game, to spice it up a little.

Obviously, Kate and Anna were already aware that this game was to lead into us all fucking dawn, so it was no surprise that the majority of the new dares all had a sexual flavour to them.

The first of the new dares was to "flash your bottom" to the room. We all made our predictions and then turned over the cards. Kate was the out and out loser of this bet. She had predicted five, whereas everyone else had predicted four. So she stood up, turned so her back was to us and slowly lifted her short skirt up and over her knickers, before slipping the knickers down to flash her bottom.

This sort of set the tone for the rest of the evening, as her brief exposure of her peachy bottom didn't draw any bad reaction from the other girls.

The next dare was "remove a piece of clothing". Stuart and I had predicted correctly, whereas Jenny, Kate and Anna all got shots. John, Steve, and Dawn had lost that bet. John and Steve both slipped out of their shirts. Dawn reached up behind her back, and unclipped her bra before pulling it out from under her blouse. Now the blouse was almost see through, and we could all see the outline of her breasts and nipples against the thin material.

"Remove a piece of clothing from a member of the opposite sex without using your hands" was next. Steve and I predicted correctly, and sat and watched as Jenny and Kate took another shot each. We decided that the four losers should remove each other's clothes, and that Anna and Stuart were not allowed to remove each other's. Anna started with John, and struggled to unfasten his belt with her mouth. Then she got her teeth onto his zip and pulled it down, before wrestling with the fastener. She won through though, and pulled his trousers down around his ankles.

Dawn followed Anna's example, and removed Stuart's trousers.

Now it was the boys turn. John asked Anna to stand up and after looking her up and down for a few seconds he knelt in front of her and his head disappeared beneath her dress. A few seconds later he had her knickers down around her ankles.

Stuart asked Dawn to stand, and after trying, and failing, to unfasten her blouse buttons with his teeth, he followed John's example and pulled her knickers off with his teeth.

"Give another player a body shot" was next. Everyone got a shot on that one, as we all under predicted, and no one ended up doing the dare.

"Allow another player to take a body shot" came next, Kate and I lost that one. Jenny and Steve had to take shots anyway, but Kate and I had to take them off each other. We had a little debate, and decided that the shots should be taken from each other's chest. I lay down and Kate unfastened my shirt and pushed it of before pouring a shot across both my nipples and sucking it down.

Then I pulled her tight tee shirt up over her head, exposing her bra-less breasts before pouring my shot over her breasts and licking them dry.

At this point, Steve and I were left wearing our trousers and boxers. Stuart had his shirt and boxers, and John just his boxers. Anna had lost her knickers, Kate was topless, dawn had lost her bra and knickers, but Jenny was fully dressed.

The evening was going well, and the atmosphere was becoming sexually charged, but we needed to push on and up the ante if we were going to get to fuck Dawn.

We had agreed earlier, with Kate and Anna, that one of them should take Jenny off and out of the way before things got too far down the line. With Kate becoming the first of the girls to have her tits exposed to us all, she decided that it was time for bed, and Jenny didn't take much prompting to head off with her.

So that left Anna and Dawn to continue playing the game.

"Rub ice cubes on someone's nipples" was the next dare drawn out. Dawn was obviously no longer completely in touch with all her faculties, and over estimated the number of players that would do that, as did Steve. So they lost. John placed the ice bucket in the middle of the room. Dawn went first, picking up a couple of ice cubes and rubbing them around Steve's nipples until they melted. Then it was his turn to cool her nipples down. He pulled out some ice cubes, and siting behind Dawn reached around and cupped her breasts with his hands full of ice. He massaged her breasts with the ice cubes until they melted. When he took his hands away her black blouse had gone completely see through, and her nipples were rock hard with the cold.

"Let another player remove a piece of your clothing" Obviously we were intent on getting Dawn naked, and Anna was fully aware of our plans. As if we were telepathic, we ended up in the fine position that both Dawn and Anna lost. Anna went first, and slowly unbuttoned Dawn's blouse and slipped it from her shoulders. My wife's breasts were now exposed to my friends for the first time.

Then Dawn stood behind Anna and slowly pulled the zipper down on her dress, before pushing it off her shoulders to expose her bra clad breasts. But as Anna had already lost her knickers, her lovely blond bush soon came into view, framed by a black suspender belt and stockings. Anna was now naked except for her bra, stockings and suspenders. Probably to Dawn's surprise, she just calmly sat down for the next round.

"Allow the other players to kiss you" was next. Dawn lost again. So we would all get to kiss her for two minutes. I went first, pulling her to me and gently massaging her breast as I kissed her. John was next. He pulled her forward as he sat down on the sofa, forcing her to straddle his legs as she sat on his lap. Her wrap over skirt fell open, and while we couldn't see anything, we all knew that her naked pussy was now rubbing up his boxer clad dick. When he pushed her up and off him, you could see his rock hard dick straining at his boxers. Steve followed my example and massaged her breasts while kissing her, and Stuart copied John's manoeuvre, but also massaged her breasts.

Dawn went to sit down to play the next round when Anna piped up "you've forgotten someone" and she then pushed Dawn backwards over the arm of the sofa. As Dawn fell backwards across Stuart again her skirt fell open, exposing her pussy to the room, Anna knelt down between her legs, looked up and said, "I think I'll try her other lips" and buried her head between her legs.

Now we were cooking on gas, a little light lesbian pussy licking for the delight of the boys. Stuart's hands went back to her breasts as Anna worked on her pussy.

When the two minutes were up, a very flustered Dawn sat down again to play the next round.

"Let the players on either side of you gently bite your nipples" Anna lost this one, and as she was sitting between John and, we both set about slipping her bra off so we could get at her nipples. Two minutes of gentle nibbling and sucking had her panting for more.

So now we were sitting there with Anna wearing just her stockings and suspenders and Dawn wearing her skirt, stockings and suspenders.

"Measure your neighbours vital statistics" This was what we had been waiting for. Stuart, Steve and Anna lost on this one, and that meant that everyone was going to be measured.

Anna started with John, measuring his chest, then his waist, and then pulling his boxers off to measure his hips and inside leg, before stretching the tape down the length of his cock.

Stuart went next and took great pleasure in pulling Anna's stockings and suspenders off before measuring her bust, waist, and hips. Then he had her open her legs and stretched the tape measure up so I could measure her inside leg, nuzzling my hand as far into her moist pussy as I could.

Steve then pulled Dawn to her feet. Steve stood behind her and reaching round her took great care to make sure the tape was just under her breasts. Then to get the cup size, he measured again, over the top of her breasts. The tape kept slipping off her erect nipples, so Steve had Stuart hold it in place by cupping her breasts while he read the measurement.

Then he unfastened the wrap over skirt, and let it slip to the floor, and quickly measured her waist and hips, before moving to her inside leg.

Stuart took the tape, and measured up her leg, pushing the side of his hand gently into her pussy and gave a measurement. Steve then took the tape, and measured the other leg, again working his hand back and forth over her pussy as he measured. Strangely he came up with a different length. So they swapped legs, and measured again. This time as Stuart slid the tape up her thigh with his index finger, his middle finger slipped slightly between her lips. Stephen ran his tape up the other leg and Dawn had the tips of two other men's fingers dipping between her pussy lips. They adjusted the tapes several times before they got two measurements that were the same, and when they pulled their hands away I could see just a hint of Dawn's sticky love juices on their fingertips.

Finally Anna pulled my trousers and boxers off and without bothering to measure anything else ran the tape over my now erect cock.

"Blind Forfeit" was the next dare -- the losers would have to take the next forfeit in the pile, without knowing what it was. The two girls lost and the dare was turned over. It couldn't have been better if it had been planned. "Demonstrate four sexual positions" was the dare, with two naked women and four naked men.

Anna announced that she liked to be in control, and went over to John, sat astride his legs facing him, and started to grind her pussy into his dick -- we watched as it hardened underneath her ride. The two minutes flew by, and when she got off poor John had a rock hard cock covered in her juices. It's fair to say the rest of us were rising to the occasion too.

Dawn said she preferred it from behind, and knelt down in front of me. I guess she thought I'd pretend to fuck her from behind, but that wasn't my plan. As she pushed her self backward towards me I slipped my cock between her pussy lips, grabbed her hips, and pulled her hard onto me.

She gasped in surprise and tried to pull away, but I held her firm and started to rock back and forth as I fucked my wife in front of my friends.

Meanwhile Anna had adopted a similar position, bent over in front of Steve, but she had gone one better, and had Stuart's cock in her mouth as well.

I lifted Dawn's head so she could see what her friend was doing, and called John over. He knelt at Dawn's head and offered his rock hard cock to her lips, which she parted and slowly sucked him in.

So there we were, two of us top and tailing my wife, and two of us top and tailing Anna.

Seeing my wife's lips wrapped round another mans cock was very erotic, and I quickened my pace, fucking her harder and harder. Every time I slammed into her she rocked forward and John's cock slipped deeper and deeper into her mouth. After a few minutes of frantic fucking I sank myself deep inside her and shot my load into her wet and warm pussy.

As I withdrew from her pussy Stuart took my place behind her and slipped his cock into my wife. I took his place in front of Anna and as Stuart enjoyed my wife's pussy his wife sucked my cock clean from me.

Steve was fucking Anna very slowly, and like me he was watching as John got a blowjob and Stuart fucked Dawn.

Stuart was taking long deep strokes, and had reached forward and under dawn to hold her swaying tits as he fucked her. I could see streaks of my cum on his cock as it pistoned in an out of my wife's pussy. Then I watched as his bum cheeks tensed and he sank his cock deep in her pussy to add his cum to mine. Dawn swallowed John's cock and moaned as she came in unison with Stuart.

Steve withdrew from Anna and moved up behind Dawn, slipping his cock into her pussy, while John continued to gently push his cock back and forth into her mouth.

Steve had been gently fucking Anna for about ten minutes before taking his turn with Dawn, so it wasn't really surprising that he was very quickly ploughing deep and hard into my wife's pussy as he neared his own orgasm.

Meanwhile my cock was rock hard again as a result of Anna sucking on it, so I rolled her on the back, slipped between her legs and pushed my cock deep inside her wet and warm pussy. Stuart knelt at his wife's head and she started to suck on his limp and sticky dick as I began to screw her slowly.

Steve shot his load of spunk deep inside Dawn and then as he swapped places with John they rolled Dawn onto her back before John got what he had long wished for as he parted Dawn's pussy lips with his cock for the first time.

He fucked her with long deep strokes, savouring every second, as he sank his cock deep inside her before pulling right out so the tip of his cock rested on her lips before pushing deep inside her again. Then he started to quicken his pace.

I matched him stroke for stroke as I fucked Anna and he fucked Dawn. Faster and faster, harder and harder, every time we slammed our cocks deep inside them their tits bounced. Stuart and Steve still had their cocks I the girls mouths as we fucked.

John groaned and sank his cock deep inside Dawn and filled her with his cum. All four of us had cum deep inside her.

Watching John shoot his load inside Dawn triggered my own orgasm, and I came deep inside Anna.

Once I had withdrawn Stuart took my place between his wife's legs and started to fuck her earnestly while I sat and watched as Steve moved back between Dawns legs to fuck her for a second time.

Steve and Dawn rolled over while they were fucking so Dawn was on top, and she started to ride him hard, bouncing up and down on his cock with his hands cupping her breasts and teasing her nipples. She came hard as she rode him fast, and then sat up and forced him deep inside her before starting to ride him gently.

At this point John moved behind her and as she slowly ground herself up and down on Steve's cock John was kissing hr and caressing her boobs. He gently pushed her forward, reached down between them, and carefully worked his cock inside her pussy, alongside Steve's so her pussy was now stretched wide with two hard cocks inside her.

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