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Party On The Beach


I awoke that morning, still dreamy from my sleep, or actually the lack thereof. My name is David, I'm a 6'2" 180 pound muscular stud, at least I was in college, lately I have been feeling drained, and the sex with my wife had been getting somewhat ordinary. My wife was stunning, don't get me wrong, she is a tall, blonde haired beauty, 5'9" with perfect tanned legs that were helped greatly by our location on the coast. She had large tits, DD, and had large green eyes that I could stare into for hours on end. She woke me up that morning, running her fingers through my chest hair, and kissing me on the lips.

"I love you." She said sweetly.

"I love you too." I responded. "Lauren, I've been wondering, do you still enjoy sex as much as when we were first married?"

"David, I enjoy our sex very much, although I would like to try some newer things though."

"Like what baby?"

"Well, I was talking to my friend, Lisa, and her and Tom are in this swingers club, I was just thinking we need to break up the monotony, I'd get some new cock, and you could get some new pussy."

"I love your pussy Lauren, it tastes so good all the time, I could eat it for hours."

"Oh, really," she said, with great excitement in her voice. "How about you back up those words." I move in and kiss her, kissing down her body, nibbling on her neck and collarbone, and licking down her torso. Then I put my tongue into her slit, teasing her lips initially, then plunging my tongue into her deeply. I started nibbling at her pussy lips, using my teeth to stimulate them, and then nibbling on her clit, rubbing it between my teeth, and flicking my tongue against it.

Lauren was moaning loudly, as my tongue was dancing all around her pussy, and the sensation of my biting her was sending her over the edge. She came quickly, since I did not know that, she had been fingering herself while she watched me sleep, running her fingers up and down her wet cunt. After she had cum, she asked "Were you thinking about Lisa while you did that?"

"Yeah, for a little bit" I said with look down to draw Lauren's attention to my now rock hard cock. My 8 1/2 inches were standing at attention, which allowed Lauren to easily put her hand around it, as she started jerking me off. She then moved her head down, and nibbling at the head, biting the head, nibbling on it's edges, then nibbling down the shaft. She then put her mouth back on the head, kissing it, and extending her tongue over it, and plunging it into her mouth, taking inch by inch into her, until her nose was hitting my pubic hair, and she could smell the musky scent of my manhood. She ran her tongue along the bottom of my shaft. After already being hard, and Lauren sucking it made me cum very quickly, I didn't warn her at all, I just grabbed her head, and came right down her throat, then after it subsided, then milked it, letting my cum trickle onto her tongue, emptying it all inside her. She gladly accepted all of it, swallowing it, and savoring the sweet taste.

"So you want to go to their next meeting, it's tonight." She said, although she knew the answer already.

"Yeah, where is the meeting?"

"It's at Tom and Lisa's beach house, tonight at 6:30."

"OK baby." I said, and got up to get ready for work. After Lauren had put the seed in my head, the clock just moved slower and slower. I was lucky to have a slow day, which allowed my mind to drift, imagining my wife's mouth around his cock, and how she used her teeth to nibble and tease it. Also wondering how Lisa's pussy tastes, and how she would look sucking my cock. My imagination was interrupted when my phone rang.


"Hey sexy, you still want to go tonight?" Lauren was on the other end. I looked at the clock, and realized it was 5:15, and I needed to get home to get ready for the meeting.

"Sorry, baby, time got away from me, I'll be home in a little bit, bye.

"Bye." With that I hung up the phone, and hurriedly left the office, getting home at 5:40, walking into the door, and heading straight upstairs to join Lisa in getting ready for that night. We left at 6:15, which was plenty of time to get to the house, which was only 10 minutes away. When we made it to the party, and knocked on the door. Lisa answered, in a very small bikini, which did a great job of accentuating her long legs and curvaceous body although it was hardly covering her extremely large breasts.

"Hey ya'll" She was from Texas, and had met Tom when Tom and I were in South Padre for Spring Break. "Come on in, get a drink, and head out to the beach." We followed her out through the back of their house, which was on the beach, where about 5 couples were already sitting on blankets, and all were in various stages of undress and passion. As Lauren and I sat down, Lisa sat next to me, and Tom sat next to Lauren. The four of us have swapped before, and being around them made us much more comfortable when they started putting the moves on us. Lauren watched as Lisa began kissing me passionately, and then rolled me onto my back on the towel. She began nibbling on my ears, pulling the lobes out with her teeth. Lauren instinctively began running her fingers over her pussy through her swimsuit, a flowery number that made men go wild. Tom was no exception. He leaned over, and put his hand underneath the bottom of her suit, and slowly slid his fingers into her. Lisa then undid her top, and pushed her large breasts onto my mouth, having me suck on her tits, which made her start to lightly moan. I was licking her nipples, then biting them, the intense pressure on them made her moan even more. Lauren was still watching, and moaning.

"Yeah, baby, but let's go somewhere else." He whispered into her ear, then helping her up, and leading her to somewhere in the house. I turned my full attention back to Lisa's massive tits, which were still in my face, and now heaving from her rapid breathing. I reached a hand down, and started rubbing her thong into her pussy. She moved up on my body, taking off her thong, and placed her wet pussy right above my head.

"You want to eat it, don't you?" She said, moving her hips up and down, letting it get close to my mouth, and then moving it up when I tried to lengthen my tongue to taste her.

"Yes Lisa, I want to taste your sopping cunt."

"Good boy." She said, dropping herself onto me, letting my tongue finally get inside of her. Her juices were flowing freely, and dripping down my cheeks and chin. I began munching on her cuntlips, biting them, while my hands felt her plump ass. Lisa was moaning very loudly, her breasts bouncing up and down with the rest of her body.

"OOOOOHHH, David, you are so good, I'm going to cum now, OHHHHHH" As she said this, she came violently, draining her energy as the waves of pleasure flowed through her body. She collapsed on top of him, and began kissing his chest and neck while she recovered.

"Lisa, would you be willing to share for a little bit?" A woman had walked up and sat down next to us. "Rusty is busy over there, so I thought that I could join you two." She pointed toward another group, where two guys were pumping a petite woman.

"Sure, Ashley."

"Hi Ashley, I'm David."

"I heard from Lisa's moans." I blushed, although I was smiling at the compliment. Ashley was much smaller than Lisa, about 5'2" very curvaceous, she had a nice round ass, blonde, and beautiful pouty lips that just begged to have a cock in between them, hopefully mine. The women were both naked, although I still had on my swim trunks. "Lauren, I think we need to do something about the shorts he has on." With that she began kissing my stomach, and Lauren followed her lead, but then she got up, and went back toward the house.

"I'll be right back, I just need to check on something." Ashley then undid the knot at the waistband of my shorts.

"Lift." She commanded, grabbing my shorts and yanking them off of me quickly, pulling my cock down with them, and when they went past, it sprang back up and hit my stomach. "Wow," she said "this is going to be more fun than I thought." With that she lowered her mouth onto my cock, kissing the underside of it, holding the head in her hand, while she kissed my balls, and took one into her mouth, sucking on it. I moaned softly at the great sensation. She looked into my eyes, as she put her pouty lips around the head, and spread them, and lowered her mouth around my cock, the moistness sent me over the edge, I grabbed her hair, running my fingers through it, as my hips gently went up and down. She fondled my balls with her hands, and put her hands up my chest, rubbing my nipples, running her fingers through my chest hair.

"I'm gonna cum baby, be ready for it." Her response was her sucking harder on my cock, I moaned one last moan, then grunted as my cock exploded in her mouth, my cum drenched the insider of her mouth, she pulled her mouth off, and ran her hand up the shaft, letting the last few drips go onto the head of my cock, then she put her head back down onto it, licking it off. I sat there, regaining myself, as she moved herself up on my body, looking me in the eye.

"Baby, want to go to the hot tub?"

"Sure, just let me grab my trunks."

"Don't worry, you won't need them." She said, raising her eyebrows, as she grabbed my hand, and drug me indoors to find the hot tub. As we entered we heard loud moans and screams, which became much louder upon us getting closer to the hot tub, which was indoors on the deck. As I entered I saw a sight I was amazed at, my wife was on top of Tom's cock, bouncing up and down, while Lisa was rubbing her pussy, and making out with Tom simultaneously. Ashley and I walked in, she went and sat on the other side of Lisa and Tom, and began rubbing Lauren's tits, and sucking on her nipples, which Lisa saw, and followed her lead. I sat down in the hot tub, slowly stroking my cock, as Lisa looked over, and then half swam-half walked to me, and took up a position much like Lauren was, She was bouncing up and down on my cock, her tits moving up and down simultaneously. She took her hands and began rubbing them together, my hands were around her hips, balancing her during her ride.

"You like my tits don't you?"

"Yeah, they're beautiful." She leaned forward, again pushing her tits in my face, this was heaven, having my cock ridden, hot tub, large breasts in my face, and it was in this moment, that I came again, inside her pussy, then pumping her up and down a few more times so she got off, and all the cum had left my cock. She climbed out of the tub, I could see that Ashley was taking her turn on Tom, and Lauren saw Lisa's position, and came over.

"You like that Dave?"

"Oh yeah baby."

"You're worn out, but I still want to taste your cum." She then kneeled on the seat of the hot tub, and started eating out Lisa's recently came- in pussy. She dove in nose first, eating her hard, pulling her head out every minute or so, and I could see her face, glistening with a combination of Lauren's juices and my cum. In that moment I sat back in the tub, thinking how we would have to do this again some time.

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