Party Replanned


"Definitely not like college," I said under my breath.

"We drove you so crazy you're talking to yourself now Carl?" asked Pam with a smile. I saw the stack of Tupperware boxes next to her were empty. She smiled seeing my eyes on them. "I left the last of the olives in the fridge for you to enjoy."

"Well, thank you. They will not be there long though They were delicious."

She smiled, and looked to Sally."Well Sally, I've got to scoot. Been a fun day but I've got to get some work done before I put this day under my eyes." Pam hopped up with an energy that was unholy. She crossed over to me. "Carl, thank you for turning disaster into one of the greatest parties we have ever had. I do hope we didn't drive you crazy." She patted my arm and walked by me, got her purse from the counter, grabbed up the boxes and gave Sally a hug... somehow!

When I got back from opening the door for her, I saw Sally getting up.

"I guess I need to be going as well," she said softly.

"What's your hurry? Long drive home?" I asked plopping down onto the kitchen chair Pam had been using. "Stay awhile."

"I can't... I need to get home," she said after a second. "I've imposed on your hospitality enough for one day with all my crazy friends."

"Sally, I've had the best time I've had in years." Looking over at the fridge, I licked my lips. "Do you drink? Beer, I mean, or wine. I have both."

"You might want to check your beer supply. I saw William with a couple tonight. Actually...I used to like Jack Daniel's and coke though it's been ages since I had one. I think William forgot one of his bottles. Pam put it in the cabinet."

Getting up, I went to where she pointed and found my liquor cabinet not only organized but wiped clean. I got out the half full bottle and grabbed two cans of cold coke from the fridge. The glass sweated when I poured the soda in. I watched her expression when I added the Jack and stopped just when she gestured. Mines was a little stronger.

"Want to go to the living room? The chairs are more comfortable?" I asked handing her the drink.

I followed her when she got up. She tried to sit down into one of the leather chairs but I caught her elbow and directed her to the couch. I dropped down next to her.

"Carl, why do I suddenly feel like your trying to seduce me?" she asked, looking first at her drink then at the distance between us.

I swallowed my third sip. "Because I'm trying to seduce you," I said with a hint of a grin.

She chuckled and took a sip. "Well that's flattering but bull.... Carl, I'm old enough to be your mother," she said with a dismissive wave of her glass.

"And I'm old enough to know that's not old," I told her, looking at her face.

She looked at me and slowly a smile appeared. "Good answer but still, bull... shit."

I smiled and sat my glass down on the table behind the couch.

"Sally, I'm in my mid-thirties. My days of chasing teenyboppers in bikinis around the beach, then getting hammered till two in the morning are long past. What I looked for in a woman when I was twenty isn't even close to what I like now. I want someone I can talk to, have fun with, sit and hold on cold nights and walk on the beach with on a summer morning. A body like a swim suit model holds about as much appeal to me as a Barbie doll. I want a lady with curves and soft places to kiss.... and tickle," I said with a grin. "A beautiful face without a wonderful person behind it isn't worth the time to remember her name. Now you..."

"Be kind," she said with a smile. "I own a mirror but I'm still lady enough to not want to hear about the sags and droops."

"Please," I reached over and took her left hand.

Her fingers moved under mine. I saw the faint line where her wedding band was once worn. How many long years must it have been there that two years hadn't tanned it away.

"Sally, you have a gorgeous face, a wonderful smile, a naughty sense of humor lurking under those sexy eyes and a body..."

"Watch it," she said in mock warning.

"I would love to," I answered, grinning. Tightening my fingers, I pulled her up from the couch with me."Dance with me," I asked softly.

Reaching over, I picked up the remote and raised the volume a bit. Not too much... just a soft undertone of sounds.

"Carl, I..."

"Come on. One dance."

Her eyes went from my face to my chest over and over as I slowly pulled her closer to me. I offered a smile when she finally looked up and kept focused on my eyes.

"I'm a terrible dancer, Carl," she said as I felt her body touch me down the length of my chest. "I always was..."

"So am I. Stop worrying and just hold me." I pulled her a little tighter as I moved us just a bit to the music. More like swaying than dancing, I felt her slowly give in. She leaned forwards a bit and I felt her head come to rest against my shoulder and chest.

"You smell nice," she said softly.

"I don't see how. I've been barbecuing, setting off fireworks and running around like a head with my chicken cut off all day."

She chuckled against me and pulled me tighter.

"That's why. You smell... very... male. It's a wonderful smell." I heard a slight sniffle. "I've missed it."

"He must have been a wonderful man." She looked up at me. "He attracted a wonderful woman to him after all."

She smiled and laid her head back on my chest.

"Smooth," she said with a slight chuckle.

'Thank you," I whispered.

We slowly danced to the end of that song and into the middle of the next. The long day slowly got to the both of us and we begin to more just stand and hold one another. Only our bodies moved ever so slightly. A soft rubbing against each other. I felt her snuggle her face into me and pull me tighter.

"Don't wake me," she said into my chest.

I chuckled and placed my hand on the back of her hair. I felt a slight stiffness to her silvery hair from the hair spray she used. My fingers found the softer curls underneath and I gently massaged the back of her head and neck. She moaned lightly against my chest.

"You think you can sleep there?" I asked teasingly.

"I already am. I have to be. I'm dreaming," she snuggled more tightly. "I have to be asleep. I have a man twenty years younger than me making a pass at me."

Smiling, I leaned in just a bit and filled my noise with the scent of her hair.

"In this dream of yours... this younger man, does he kiss you?" I asked after a second.

"Well, he hasn't yet. I think if I was to turn my face up to his he might... but I'm to nervous too do that," she told me after a moment.

"Why are you nervous?" I asked.

"I'm afraid of where this could lead," she said. Her fingers are making gentle circles around my back, her finger tips running along the muscles by my spine.

"Where do you think it could lead?" I felt her bra strap under her shirt as I slid my hand down her back.

"Maybe... maybe to a bedroom." She rubbed her face against my chest, and her hair moved under my cheek.

"And that would be a bad thing, why? Because he's younger than you?"

"Yes." Her voice was a soft feeling of feathers through my shirt.

"Why would that matter?" I pressed my face deeper into her hair the scent of her shampoo, perfume and a mixture of other very feminine scents were my reward.

"Several things," she said, taking a deep breath. "I...."

After a moment of silence, I stepped back just a bit and looked down. She didn't look up.

"Like what?" I asked, my hand coming around the side of her neck. When she didn't answer, I placed my finger under her chin and ever so slowly made her look up at me. I could see her eyes were wet with a blanket of unshed tears. "Like what, Sally?"

She swallowed and tried to look down, her eyes focusing on my chin. She blinked hard, and a single tear ran down her cheek. I felt it stop against my finger.

"What his reaction will be ... when... when he sees what I look like." She shrugged a little. "The last time a man saw me... other than my husband... was a long time ago. I'm afraid... afraid he wont like what he sees."

A smile lifted the corners of my eyes. I could feel the beginnings of my own wrinkles there. The smile tugged my lips into a quirky grin.

"Ever think he just might be afraid you won't like what you will see? He's not one of those young men on the beach anymore."

She scoffed.

"Oh please! I've watched him cutting grass this summer. Those shorts, that tank top? I have a good idea of what he... you look like under this." She gave my shirt a tug. "My god, you're a gorgeous man. I look like a..."

What her opinion of herself might have been, I won't know because the sight of those upturned lips was too much for me at that moment. Leaning in, I placed a firm kiss upon her mouth and pulled her in tighter to me. Her hands came up and went around my neck holding my head in place as my lips worked against hers. Her fingers dug into my hair and pulled me deeper. I felt her tongue touche my lips and I opened up to receive it. I tasted the Jack Daniel's and coke on her tongue and I knew she could taste the same on mine.

Against my chest, her breathing quickened to a near pant and I felt her warm and soft breast pressed into me. My hands went further down her back till one rested on her hips and the other just above the waistband of her pants. The tips of my fingers were touching cloth. I hesitated then, my own nerves getting the better of me. If I had been younger, I knew my hand would have been filled with the ass of any woman I was kissing. Now it seemed... not time yet maybe? I hesitated.

I felt her lips quirk into a smile against mine. Her hand came down from my neck around behind her back to my wrist and lifted my hand. She placed it onto her ass with a slight smack and a giggle.

Smiling and kissing her smiling lips back I ran my hand across the plump softness of her ass cheek.

She pulled her mouth from mine and pulled herself into my chest just holding me again.


"Carl, I... I want... I don't know what I want." She looked up at me and I saw those tears were now flowing free. She blinked at me when a smile slowly touched my lips. "I just..."

"Sally, may I make love to you? May I take you to my bedroom and slowly undress you? May I hold you naked to me and kiss... every... part of you? May I give you as much pleasure as I know how and learn how to give you even more? I truly would love to do that." I lifted my hand to her face and brushed back a tear from her eyes.

She leaned her face into my hand slightly as I caressed her wet cheek. Her wet eyes looked to mine

"Carl, I'm old... I'm getting fat, I'm wrinkly, I'm... gray down there. I'm not... not wild in bed. I wasn't raised that way. I don't do certain things... things guys like. I'm..."

"Giving away secrets I would much rather learn about from exploring the woman in front of me." I slowly grinned. "What you just told me could have been hours of fun to find out."

She blushed a bright scarlet.

"I also want to learn what makes you do that more often," I said with a grin.

She smiled and gave my chest a little pat with her hand.

"You are an impossible young man." I could see the decision being made even before she slowly gave me a nod. "It's been a while so I might be a bit out of practice, but... I would love to make love to you, Carl." She looked up at my eyes. "I can't see how you would want to be with an old biddy like me but if you want me that badly... I won't say no." She began to grin. "Hell, you could be the wicked memory I take into the nursing home to keep me grinning to the grave."

I laughed and shook my head.

"You are a long way from either one of those places." I pulled her into me a little tighter my hand again filled with her hip and ass. "But I will tell you a secret for your memories. I'm scared to death myself. You've got me trembling like my first time."

"Why?" she asked, smiling up at me.

"I've never had a woman that was as..." I stopped before the words spilled out my mouth but I could see she heard them all the same. A grin took years from her features.

"As old as me?" she asked, snickering a bit at my sudden shyness. "Was that what you were going to say?"

I shook my head no.

"I stopped because there's not really a good word or group of words for it. Your age is part of it though yes. Like you said you're my mom's age. While I truly don't care about that," I said quickly, and she grinned. "It kind of gives me this naughty little boy feeling."

"That's because you're being a naughty little boy, Carl, seducing old gray-haired ladies." Her eyes were sparkling.

"I knew that a sense of humor was under those eyes," I said with a smile. "I didn't want to say experienced or worldly or... old. None of those fit what I'm thinking." I shrugged.

"I think the word you were looking for, Carl, is knowledgeable. Knowledgeable about life and about real feelings." Her hands started playing with my buttons a bit. I saw her eyes go to my chest. "Take me to bed Carl, before I chicken out." She looked up at me and grinned. "Show me how naughty a little boy you really are."

Grinning like the schoolboy I felt like, I took her hand and lead her through the house to my room. The master bedroom was lit dimly from the light in the attached bath. I let that be the source of light but turned on the ceiling fan.

I suddenly felt like it was a hundred degrees in there.

"You wanted to undress me, Carl? That's what you said. Would you... please?" she asked, looking very shy.

Taking both of her hands, I placed a light kiss on her lips then ran my hands up her arms. To her face. Pulling back, I looked down and one by one begin to undo buttons. Her blouse parted just a bit more with the opening of each. Her skin, freckled lightly to her neck, soon turned a paler white. When the tops of her breasts became visible I could make out the slightly darker veins where they crossed the skin. The white lace at the top of her bra just hid the edge of her nipples almost the second they came into the light. I could see her nipples were pressed up against the cloth.

Button after button down to the end of her blouse; the last one opened and the two sides peeled away to slip down her arms to the floor.

I saw the slight flaws to her skin, the places that weren't perfect, that time had done its work on, but to me they were nothing but a part of her. No more or less than a piece of a beautiful woman. I hesitated when my fingers went to open the button on her pants.

"What?" she asked after a second.

I undid the top button of her slacks and took hold of the zipper.

"I was deciding whether to take your bra off before your pants. I'm kind of teasing myself here with what I want to see first. You nude or nearly nude."

"I would go for the nearly nude. The full nude is not all that nice to look at."

As the zipper reached the bottom my finger brushed the front of her cotton panties.


"Yes, Carl?"

"Would you please let me be the judge of that for the rest of the night?" I looked up at her face, my tone more serious than I had meant it to be, but saying it exactly the way I meant it. "You look beautiful. I want you to see yourself through my eyes from now on."

She swallowed then slowly nodded. "I'll try."

"Thank you."

I knelt down till I was level with her belly button. I placed a hand behind her ankle and she lifted her foot out of her shoe as I pulled. Then the other foot was bare. Reaching up, I hooked my fingers into the tops of her pants. My fingertips slid across the soft cloth of her panties to the softer skin of her thighs. Down those white thighs her pants slid, reveling more and more of her to my eyes.

"My god, you're beautiful," I said softly, more to myself than to her really as she stepped out of her pants.

"You're just young, male and horny," she said with a soft snicker. I looked up at her face. I saw her expression change at the look on my face. "Sorry," she said softly.

"You are an incredibly beautiful woman." I held my hand out to show her that is was shaking slightly. "Undressing you has me nervous as a cat. I wouldn't be feeling that if I didn't like what I was seeing."

As I stood up, she covered her bra with her arm and held her left elbow. I could see the discomfort.

I pulled Sally to me and just held her then, feeling the smooth soft skin of her back under my hands. After a moment I felt her move against me a little. Then she did it again.

"Are you hard already?" she asked surprised.

I chuckled.

"Sally, I was hard when I started to undo your first button. I'm so hard it hurts!"

Her eyes softened, then a new look crossed her face. It was a look I loved. A look of growing lust. Her hand left her side and came to my chest. It slowly followed the line of hair under my shirt down to my belly then after a pause slid out onto the hard bulge in my jeans.

"Oh my, you are hard. I've done that to you?"

"Yes, you have."

I smiled when I saw her slowly begin to grin.

"It's been a long time since a young man had that reaction to seeing me in a bra and panties." She looked almost girlish, a flirting little tease. "I want to make it worse. Take my bra off."

I felt goose bumps under my fingertips as I moved them up her back. The bra was old the hooks well worn. They come loose easily. I followed the straps up to her shoulder after I unhooked it. I looked down her chest as the cups slid down and came to hang pinned underneath by the weight of her breast. They jiggled just a bit when I pulled it free. Her nipples, large circles of dark pink, were standing tall out from her skin. As I let the bra join her shirt I saw the small bumps rising around her nipple.

"Do you like them, Carl?" she asked me after a moment.

"I like them because they are a part of you and because you are beautiful." I rubbed a soft hand along the side of her breast then my thumb underneath. The warmth of her skin there was incredible.

She smiled and shook her head.

"Again, smooth. You can stop trying to charm me out of my panties, Carl. You've already got me down to just them. I promise they are coming off."

I smiled and looked up at her again.

"Would you prefer it if I had just said nice tits? Then I would sound like William. You didn't seem to like his kind of advances."

Sally pressed herself up against my chest. Her fingers started to undo the buttons of my shirt. "I kind of like them sometimes. What he says can make you feel flattered but yeah at other times, he can be a bit much."

My shirt opened and I felt her press against my chest, her skin warm and silky.

I could hear the stereo change songs out the living room. I saw her smile hearing the first guitar strings of 'White Rabbit.'

"I love that song," she said, swaying a bit to it against me. Her nipples moved across my chest, brushing through the hair.

I leaned over just a bit to my nightstand and picked up the little black remote. A click turned on the speaker here.

As The Alice in Wonderland lyrics began to drift out, I looked down into her face. Her eyes were closed. I smiled, seeing her softly saying the words along with the song. I dropped the remote into the chair by the table and slowly slid down to my knees before her. Leaning forward I placed soft kisses on the little bulge of her stomach, then lower down till my lips touched the white cotton.

Her hand came to rest on the top of my head, her fingers fluffing the soft curls.

I ran my hands up either side of her thighs till my fingers crossed her panties to her waist. I hooked my fingertips over the elastic and began to slowly pull down. As they slipped lower and lower, so did my lips, placing kiss after kiss onto the skin. I could feel where her skin was indented by her clothes. I stopped when my lips hit a long scar. I looked up to see her eyes looking down at me.

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