tagExhibitionist & VoyeurParty Requirements: Everybody Nude

Party Requirements: Everybody Nude


It started as a typical Friday night. My girlfriend, Karen and I were going to just hang out for the evening, and Bonnie, my roommate, was going on a date with her new guy Keith. After dinner, Karen and I were in our bedroom doing some lines of coke on each other's body parts. Somewhat typical for us. We had the door closed and were nude of course, but just playing a bit, nothing serious. Bonnie was getting ready for her date and knew that I scored a large amount of coke earlier that day. As she was getting ready, she wanted a couple of lines for the date and asked through the door if she could get a couple.

Normally, Karen and I would put on something skimpy and invite her in, but I was feeling quite frisky and felt the need to be an exhibitionist. The coke does that to me and many other people too. Karen was my girlfriend at the time and she knew I liked being on the sexual fringe. She really enjoyed that I mixed-up our sex adventures. And adventures they were.

Instead of us dressing and inviting Bonnie into my room, I opened the door just enough so that she could see that I was nude and said, "Yes, you can have some, but only if you come in nude, like us." I reminded Karen that we've all seen each other already, at the nude beach, so she calmed down a little.

Bonnie was reluctant because she was just finally dressed and ready for the date, but in a couple of minutes the door opened with a nude Bonnie. She looked great with everything primped and ready for a date, but nude. I said, "Well, that's not enough, you'll need to accessorize." Responding to her puzzled look, I said, "Go get that southern belle hat." I love that classy look. She returned posing with just the hat.

I prepared a couple of lines and watched her big curvaceous boobs swing with each hit. I was loving that everybody was nude and I was still sporting a hard-on from playing with Karen, which was the first time Bonnie's seen me hard I think. She took a couple of good glances while she waited for me to prepare more lines.

I didn't let Karen know, but Bonnie and I have been teasing each other for some time now. As far as Karen knew, the first time Bonnie and I had seen each other nude was on that trip to the nude beach.

I then told Bonnie that Karen and I were doing body blows, which I explained was snorting lines placed on body parts. She wanted a demo, so I got Karen to lie on the bed. I then dropped some coke on each nipple and sniffed the lines. I then turned to Bonnie and said that I had to get every last remnant. So I sucked on each nipple a little and said, "Looks fun, huh."

Bonnie wanted to try and with a slight reluctance from Karen, dropped some coke on my stiff dick. After sniffing it, she then gave a little lick. That's probably the time that Karen stopped complaining for the rest of the evening and realized that I was in a very big exhibitionist zone and she should either get with the program or leave. She picked to stay, yea!

Bonnie was definitely enjoying this and hated to get dressed and go on her date with Keith, although she knew that they would eventually be more than nude themselves. She was very up for the moment, so I suggested something I would have never had I not been on the coke. I asked Bonnie if she wanted to call people at the last minute and have a party at the house, Keith being the first guest.

I saw the wheels turning and she looked down at her nude body and started getting that evil grin. I acknowledged that we were all nude and said, "So, is there anybody that you've always wanted to see nude but didn't have the guts or opportunity?" Her grin got wider. I conceded that I definitely had some people in mind and Karen even had a big grin.

We then laid down the ground rules for the party. We would call people and not mention the nude thing but that people could drop by our pre-party before going to the clubs and have a few lines. So Bonnie first called one of our close neighbors, Katie to get food and drink supplies and Mikey to drop by with more coke. Lots of it.

When people arrived, we would choose who would answer the door nude, by whom that new person would trust the most. We had to convince them to get nude without shocking them too much. We realized that every new person was eager to see a particular person nude, so to continue the tease we would not let the new person see their desire until they themselves were coked up and nude. It was getting complicated already, but we agreed that it was a teasing night and to milk it as best as we could.

We would also agree that some guests would be even sexier if they left some things on, such as push-up bras for those that have spectacular boobs. I definitely had a couple of girls in mind for that, hoping they would be dressed for clubbing.

Katie was the first to show, especially with her eagerness after Bonnie told her what it was all about. So, Bonnie answered the door and first things first before setting up the food and bar. Katie got nude and of course got her eyeful of me. We decided to close the curtains for the living room but leave them open in the kitchen. So if somebody felt a little daring, they could hang out in the kitchen to give the neighborhood a show. We also decided that as the night wore on and inhibitions waned, we would have dares that took people outside nude.

All four of us called as many people that we thought would participate and our desire people that we hoped would come. We even called couples to embarrass them a little. Our intent was to get people loose with the coke and do some serious touchy feely with nude people. Down deep, all of our friends would be open to new adventures and feel the freedom once they were nude. Who knows, maybe we could convert some of them to true nudists and make field trips to the nude beaches.

Next to arrive at his appointed pick-up time was Keith, unknowing what was in store. We were all a little giddy because he was our first true guest. We decided that since Bonnie had already told him that I walk around the house nude, I would answer the door and explain the rules. Besides, I think he wanted to see Karen nude from the looks that he's given her.

He was a little taken aback when I answered the door in the nude, but I started to explain things and how the party worked. He could get nude right away and do a body blow of his choice after I listed who was there, or take a couple of lines then decide whether to leave or get nude. He decided on a couple of lines, so I prepared them in the front room while he glanced at a nude Katie in the kitchen. After the coke started taking effect, and hearing the laughing in the back rooms, he took off his clothes and I led him to the back. He then saw Bonnie nude, but stopped dead at the sight of Karen doing a little sexy dance in the nude.

Next to arrive was Teresa and Jill. Teresa was on the newspaper with me and Jill was her voluptuous friend. Every guy wanted to see her boobs. Teresa was half Asian and European. A combination that I just go nuts over. She is about 5'6", so taller than most Asians, and has a nice size chest with very soft skin and actual curvy hips. She has alluring almond eyes and very kissable lips. I've been drooling over her for quite a long time now and we've had some really awesome intellectual conversations.

Teresa and I went out a couple of times but just never really hooked up. I was really looking forward to seeing what was under those teasing sexy clothes. She's even positioned herself sometimes in the office so that I can see up her shorts, and when I finally do notice what she's doing, she gives me a cute smile.

Karen answered the door in the nude, which didn't seem to faze either girl much at all. Surprisingly, both Teresa and Jill got nude right away and really wanted to do body blows on me! Ye-ha! Out of respect for Karen though, they did the blows on my butt. I wasn't allowed to see them until after the lines though.

So, I lie naked face down on the bed feeling them both doing the lines knowing they are both nude. I was hiding a big hard-on and when I got up, all three of us just gasped. Them admiring my dick and me just taking both of them in at once. I realized that for the remainder of the night, the visual stimulation of my nude friends would keep me hard the whole night. Which was fine with me, I like showing it off, even when I answer the door.

I love seeing the double shock of them noticing me nude and also with a hard-on. I used the hard-on to good advantage, always bumping into women and as the night wore on. Jokingly, I was the one guy who was always ready for a body blow on my dick.

Next to arrive was Stella, a girl from school that I barely knew but did get her phone number once. I was reluctant to call her because we really didn't know each other, but being Russian, told me once that she would go to the saunas a lot, which I knew were usually co-ed nude. She has an incredible body and knows how to use those well-sized boobs and blond hair well.

I've seen her at the beach with a train of guys following her great body that was barely contained in a yellow string bikini. I got harder just hoping that she might come to the party. I called, and she said she would need to think about it for a few minutes after I explained the rules. I said fair enough and reminded her that there will be plenty of guys here to tease. Which I know she loves to do by the way she saunters in that bikini.

Stella arrived shortly after I called her and wasted little time removing her clothes. She didn't even go in the back room, but was already starting to strip while waiting for someone to answer the front door. I joked that she's lucky that she got the right house, because by the time I opened the door, she already had her t-shirt off. She admitted that if she didn't get this over with quickly, she may chicken out if she saw some friends.

She had a great rack that was barely held in by an ornate push-up bra. They were pushed way up, and both areolas were peeking out slightly. I just love this ultimate tease, so I requested that she leave the bra on. She gave me that resigned "whatever the guys want" look and removed her jeans. Which was even more exciting, because she went commando (no panties), to reveal that she was completely shaved except for a tiny patch above her lips. I knew this would drive the guys nuts, and it did with her bare on the bottom, boobs popping out and that lovely Russian accent.

I stood back to admire the handy work of her parents, and confessed that she looked awesome.... except for one little thing. I politely asked if I could make one small adjustment. She nodded, so I grabbed each boob in turn and pulled them out slightly more so that her nipples were just inside the edge of the fabric. This put even more areola on display too much my liking.

By this time, there were probably fifteen people at the party, all nude and high. Stella was feeling pretty good after a few lines, so we decided that to get things started, she'll be the first exhibition dare. To get her used to showing it off outside, we asked her to go out the front door and walk around the house to the back door. She was a little scared, but liked the excitement. She confessed that the risk of being caught was so much more thrilling than when she was nude in the health clubs of her home country.

Her nipples were getting really swollen by now and starting to show above the lace of her bra. One more line and she dashed out the front door, around the side of the house and to the back door, which some of the guys held shut for a bit. She was all excited and wanted to do more.

She thought a couple of guys saw her in the dark and admitted it made her all wet. So her next adventure was to walk down the street to Katie's and get some more chips. Katie gave her a small cooler to hold in front of her on the way down, but her butt was still on display and she was already expanding out of the beautiful lace bra. As the guys at the party were hearing about this dare she was to do, they were almost beside themselves sporting hard-ons and really needing relief. But the party rules were strict about just touching and no sex. This was to preserve the teasing and the girls all agreed that sex meant that the guys would go soft afterward. The girls wanted to see plenty of hard dicks at this party.

Anytime one of the guys would start going soft, there was a willing girl right there to touch a little or seductively brush up against them. Thus assuring all of the guys were constantly hard. The nudist places really try to keep all the dicks soft for fear of being shut down on indecency charges, so being allowed to keep a hard-on at a party is actually a nice relief. Anyways, most of the guys were new to this nudism thing and couldn't help but get big hard-ons.

On to her dare, Stella confidently walked out the front door holding the cooler in front of her crotch. We watched from the window, which itself must have been quite a sight. Ten people can't look out the same window and still cover their good parts, so we were flashing anybody passing by. Two cars did drive by, but they didn't react.

As for Stella, she had to walk about five houses down the street to Katie's. When she passed the second house, four guys drove by in a convertible and whistled some catcalls when they saw her bare butt, which really excited Stella and prompted her to hold the cooler on her side for the remainder of the walk to Katie's. She was even bouncing a little and giddy.

After a bit, we saw her walking back with the chips at her side, exposing herself to a few cars that drove by. A few honked their horns, but the convertible with the four guys returned and drove alongside to chat. They were talking to Stella for a bit when she pointed to our house and motioned for them to stay for the party. Well, she waited on the front porch and then escorted them in. She was still only in a bra and falling out of that even.

Stella demanded that the four guys strip on the front porch before entering the party. Two were embarrassed that they had a hard-on already. She assured them that hard-ons were not only OK, but encouraged. She then wiggled her butt and led them into the party. She treated all four guys to taking lines on her massive cleavage.

Mikey finally showed up with a new stock of coke and more beer, but stayed outside when he found out what was inside, not just nude people, but a nude Bonnie, his friend of many years. He was extremely reserved about taking off his clothes, even when told of all the eye candy inside. Not only did Bonnie want the new stock of coke, but she really wanted to see him nude. She's told me many times that she's wanted to see him without clothes because they've been such close friends over the years, that seeing him nude would complete the picture of him.

I asked her to elaborate on this and she explained that knowing somebody in all their different conditions is important. Since they exchange their most deep thoughts and secrets, she is still missing that important aspect of him. She's seen him in all his various moods except for one, what he looks like nude. She doesn't want to have sex with him, but just see what's always covered, like the final wall that needs to come down between great friends.

She confessed that it was also important that he see what she looked like nude, for the same reasons. She was all giddy when somebody told her that Mikey was outside. I noticed the change and asked her to explain herself. Well, he was the first person that came to her mind when at the beginning of the party I suggested that she invite anybody that she always wanted to see nude.

She was ready to expose herself to Mikey even if he didn't get nude, but she wanted to make it special and memorable to both of them. She sent me out to talk him into at least coming inside but without requiring that he take his clothes off. It seemed like a fair deal even if he was extremely uncomfortable about seeing Bonnie.

Bonnie was definitely ready and has been looking forward to this day for a long time; ever since I brought her into this new world of nudism. It seems that people that have discovered this different lifestyle have all entered it in different ways. I just love talking with people about the lifestyle and what it means to them. I've heard people describe me as a philosopher and I guess I just enjoy the differences in life and people. Bonnie has thanked me a few times for introducing her to the nudist lifestyle and how it really helped her self esteem. Hopefully, we could convert a few more people at this party.

Well, Bonnie decided to put on a chemise and dramatically drop it for Mickey. So, she came out of her bedroom wearing the loose fitting chemise, and stood at the end of the hall off the living room. She was all nervous but extremely turned on and her nipples were about to explode. I had to see the show, so I positioned myself at my bedroom door so I could see both of their reactions. I don't know why I was so fascinated by this event, maybe I've just heard about it so much from Bonnie that I was excited to see the first unveiling between these two. There's been quite the build up to this.

So, as the party guests start to part a path between the two, I could see that Mikey was definitely in overload with all the sights of beautiful nude women. But once he saw Bonnie, he stopped dead. Bonnie then paused for a moment so he could take in her curvy body under the silk chemise. She had quite the pouting look on her face and her body took the shy, but excited pose. She was shaking a little and her lips were quivering. It was even getting me a little emotional. Other people were looking in anticipation too, sensing that this was a pivotal moment for both of them.

A girl behind me asked me what was up and I whispered to her that they've been friends for years and have always been too shy to take it to the next step. Although, I'm not sure exactly what I said to her because I was a little distracted as she was pressing her very firm and perky boobs into my back. Then I realized it was Teresa behind me. This night is going to get real interesting. I will remember this night forever, and replay it often when I need a quick fluff.

Bonnie then pulled the shoulder straps down and shook her boobs because the material was caught on her swollen nipples. I thought Mikey was going to faint by the look on his face and Bonnie was sporting a very devilish grin. Everybody in the hall then turned to Mikey and gave the gesture of, OK your turn now dude. Well, with his deer-caught-in-the-headlights look he reluctantly pulled off his shirt and shoes. But as he started to unbutton his jeans he stopped and said to Bonnie that he wanted to do the rest for Bonnie alone before joining the party.

He followed her lead into her bedroom, which was now being used as a big clothes pile. He started to close the door behind him but Bonnie stopped him so the partygoers could see him from the back. This was a trend at the party where people enjoyed watching the new guests strip. I even think that watching somebody undress in public for the first time is even more titillating than just seeing them nude, and whenever a new guest arrived at the party, there were quite a few people that gathered around to see the show. Then there were plenty of compliments given to the new nudist, probably as a sympathy gesture to ease any shame.

Mickey then dropped his pants to a surprised and even relieved Bonnie. They both knew that their friendship was now complete and it was time to enjoy the party. For the rest of the night, they glanced across the room at each other in that approving kind of smile. Once Mikey settled in he started to really enjoy the party and flirting with all the nude college girls.

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