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Party Surprise


The only reason I could give for what happened was that I was in a real pisser of a mood before I even went to that stupid garden party. I wouldn't have gone at all, but it was a charity event, I'd paid my money and I knew that the organisers were counting on idiots like me to fork out a bit more at the actual party.

So I went along, exchanging inanities with a group of people who, on the most part, I didn't know and had no desire to know. The organisers proved themselves to be fools, skimping on the party, apparently to show how social conscious they were. They'd have done a lot better lashing out a bit and then raking in the donations from a happy crowd.

I wandered around, seeing people and being seen, which is the main purpose of these parties, charity aside. Finally, fed up to the teeth with the whole affair and knowing I couldn't really fade away for another couple of hours I slipped into the house to take a break.

I finished up in the library, looking out at the crowd, watching the ever changing faces as the party seethed with movement. I could see pretty young things move to the edge of the event, only to be swept up by gallant beaus or wolves on the make and dragged back into the turmoil.

Stately dowagers would circle around, looking down their collective noses at the lesser types mingling before them. Wealthy businessmen net-worked, hoping to increase their net-worth and people from the entertainment industry peacocked about, desperate to be seen.

I was standing at the library window watching all this, scotch in hand and cynicism in mind, when Pam came into the library. I quite liked Pam. She was a lovely little thing. Married of course and I thought she could have done better. She was actually rather an exotic looking creature, and I suspected a touch of Asian blood somewhere in the past had given her those slanted eyes.

"Tony," she said. "I noticed that you'd vanished. What are you doing here?"

"Standing, watching and wondering," I said. "Come over here."

Pam came over and I moved her in front of me, indicating she should look out at the madding throng.

"Look at them," I said. "Trying to see everything and as a result seeing nothing. They ache to be seen, to be noticed, but fail to realise that they themselves should be seeing and noticing. We're standing in the window and not one of them will notice us."

Pam laughed. "That's partly due to the fact that it's sunny outside and dark in here. All you can see if you look at the windows is reflections."

"True," I murmured. "Put your hands on the window and lean forward and look at the crowd."

Pam did as I'd told her, leaning forward to examine the crowd.

"See them out there, mingling around. If they stopped to look they might notice your face looking out at them, but they'd never notice me behind you doing this."

The 'this' I was referring to was my pushing up Pam's short dress and pulling her panties down. She gave a startled yelp and tried to move away but she was off balance, leaning up against the window and trapped by me.

My hand moved between her legs, cupped her mound and started massaging her.

"Here you are, being seduced by me, and they see nothing. Very soon I'll be inside you and you will be watching a hundred people walk past while I take you. Blind, all of them."

Even while I spoke my hands were busy, touching forbidden places and enjoying it. Easing Pam's lips apart my fingers encroached even further, probing her secret places, enjoying the feel of her. Eventually I realised that Pam was saying something.

"Sorry, Pam," I apologised. "I was concentrating on doing things like this," I demonstrated, "and wasn't really listening to you. Could you start again?"

"I was asking you what the hell you think you're playing at and to let go of me this instant," snapped Pam.

"Don't be silly. It's not going to happen. Just relax for a while and feel the pleasure."

I continued to stroke her, my fingers sending back little tactile messages, letting me know the state of her excitement. It was building rapidly from what I could tell. Pam squirmed under me, trying to break free, but she really was in a hopeless position.

Deciding it was time, I unzipped, feeling Pam freeze slightly at the sound of the zipper sliding.

"Tony, you're not seriously thinking of taking me are you?" she whispered.

My answer was to stretch her lips apart and ease my cock into position, Pam started squirming and wriggling in earnest now, but I wasn't having that sort of nonsense. I gave a sharp spank to her bottom.

"Stop that wriggling," I told her. "You can start wriggling and squirming when I'm safely in you."

Pam froze again at the spank, and I took the opportunity to slip my cock between her lips and press forward. I heard an indignant squeak from Pam and then she was wriggling again, trying to stop me from entering properly.

She was on a loser there. While she wriggled I held still, enjoying the feel of her rubbing against my cock. Any time she paused I'd push forward a little more, slowly sinking further in.

Finally I was in deep enough that one firm push would see me home. I took hold of Pam's hips and held them, telling her to hold still for a moment. She did and I gave a final determined push and slotted fully home.

I actually groaned with relief.

"Thank you," I told her. "I really needed this."

"Well I didn't," Pam snapped back at me. "Take it out again."

"What? Deprive all those people of a wonderful scene, even if they are too blind to notice it? Don't be silly."

I pulled back part way and then returned quickly, hearing Pam gasp. Another quick hard thrust, and then I held still. Looking at Pam's dress I could see it was a light sun dress. Ideal for the party, but it seemed to me to be a bit skimpy on top. A bra would spoil the lines of it.

"Excuse me," I murmured, reaching around and tugging at the top of the dress. It had an elasticized band around the top to stop it slipping off. Not a great deal of help when someone actually pulls it down. Pam's cute little breasts popped into view.

"Excuse me?" she said, sounding astonished that I'd be so polite.

"I believe in being polite where possible," I pointed out, taking hold of her breasts at the same time. "And talking of politeness, it would be considered polite if you moved with me when I push into you like this."

I gave a slow thrust, pressing deep into her before relaxing and pulling back a little.

"You have lovely breasts, you know," I said. "Firm, but soft, with a silky texture to the skin."

With my hands now pleasantly occupied, I started a slow assault on Pam's pussy, gently pressing home and withdrawing, giving her time to get the feel of me. My little lecture on politeness seemed to have an effect, and Pam was soon pushing back against me whenever I thrust into her.

She'd stopped complaining and was moving with me, breathing hard and giving the occasional little squeak whenever I picked up the speed a notch.

I could see her reflection in the mirror, and her eyes were closed. She was no longer watching the crowd as instructed, but concentrating on what I was doing to her.

I picked up the rate another notch, and Pam squealed, thrusting hard back against me, frantic now to ride to the end.

And the end wasn't long in coming. I was drilling hard into Pam, while she was gasping and responding. I drove harder yet, gasping, ready to spill my seed inside this woman, and she gave a muted scream when she felt me splash inside her.

I could feel her shuddering, her body clamping around me, holding me while she took her pleasure from me.

A minute or so later and we were tidying ourselves up. Pam giving me speaking little glances as she did so. We'd only just finished and were preparing to join the garden party when one of the organisers opened the door to the library.

"Ah, Mr & Mrs Anderson," he carolled. "I was wondering if you'd left early."

"No," I said sadly. "We're still here. We just took a short break."

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