Thanks to DawnJ for editing assistance with this story.

She said, "I am cashing in this pass. Please read what you wrote." She smiled at me and put the paper on the on the table in front of me.

I was stunned. I had confidently relegated it to the back of my mind after three years of no mention. Here it was back to haunt me for my gross stupidity of being caught with one of her girlfriends in the throes of an orgasm. I was only two squirts in and I kept the piston action going for the next five squirts, as she watched. Carol her girlfriend was keening and whimpering about how good it was, she had her eyes closed and did not realize we were busted.

"You two are going to pay for your indiscretion!" Boy, had she been pissed! You could see the fire in her eyes and steam coming out of her ears. "Stay right where you are while I figure this out! Both of you keep quiet while I think," she said in a drill instructor's voice. She was fighting for control of her emotions.

I knew I was fucked; my marriage of four years was down the shitter. I had no one to blame but myself. My dick was shrinking and my balls decided that they wanted to hide up in my body. I was frantically trying to think of any way to salvage my relationship. I still loved my wife very much.

Then why was I fucking Carol in the spare bedroom of our house? I wasn't drunk so that was not going to wash. I was getting all the love and pussy I could handle at home so that excuse was a nonstarter. I wasn't depressed or stressed out at work and I brought home decent money.

No, the plain truth was that Carol was a smoking hot number and I wanted a piece of her and decided to go for it. She was more than agreeable as we snuck into the house while the party was going on in the back yard. We had thought that no one saw us but obviously we had been wrong.

My wife had her hands on her hips and she was tapping her foot, things were not looking good on the home front. Her eyes were narrowed and her jaw was set. She took a couple of deep breaths to calm herself.

"I am really disappointed in the two of you. You are both in this together so you get one chance to redeem yourselves. This is an all or nothing deal if one of you opts out, than you both lose.

The wronged party always looses out on a cheating spouse deal and feels shitty for months after. I am not going to do that. I also don't want to lose having Carol as a friend with our group.

Carol your redemption will come when you eat my pussy to two orgasms and lick my pussy clean with your tongue right after I finish with my husband. You have 24 hours to accomplish that from right now."

Well, there went the ball game. Carol was the most vocal anti-lesbian of my wife's girlfriends. Additionally she felt it was beneath her to suck a cock. She had some issues, but she liked to fuck. I just knew that she would never do anything like that. The disgusted look on her face spoke volumes of her thoughts on that activity.

My wife looked at me. "You can't keep your dick in your pants, cheating fucking husband, so you will sit down and write me a get out of jail free pass. It will be witnessed by Carol and me, which will say in no uncertain terms that I am free to fuck anyone I want for one night without any repercussions from you. It will be at my discretion and anywhere I choose. You will watch as Carol licks my pussy and then fuck me for her cream pie desert. You have the same 24 hour time frame as Carol. There will be no begging or threats to our marriage or repercussions of any type."

"Now both of you get cleaned up and rejoin the party and try to look as innocent as possible and get those tears out of your eyes. I won't have you spoiling our party anymore than you already have." She turned and closed the door behind her as she left.

Carol looked at me "What are you going to do? Are you going to let her fuck someone else?"

"I don't have a choice. I am totally wrong here and I need to pay the piper, so I will be writing her a pass tomorrow."

"I know I am partly to blame, so it's not all on you. I just can't see myself eating her pussy, then sucking your cum out of her after you cream her." Carol was crying more now.

"Carol, please, I want you to think hard about eating some pussy and cum one time versus being shunned by your girlfriends and causing a divorce. I would gladly change places with you if I could." Well, I had given it a shot. Maybe she would reconsider.

We rejoined the party and Carol split after forty five minutes. My wife brought me a beer and some food and said, "Don't look so glum. Put a smile on your face!" And then she was off to talk to some of her friends.

I hardly slept a wink that night and finally got up and went to the computer and searched for any help I could get with writing her pass. I was pretty sure it was in vain. I was not about to miss any chance that a miracle might happen. I plagiarized pieces of any document that had some good words or thoughts in them. I had three pages that I reduced to two pages and then to one page when I used the footer for signatures.

My wife was friendly when she got up. She fixed breakfast for us like normal. I was a miserable fucking wreck. I did my normal Saturday chores and as the hours passed by, my sinking dread loomed larger. Our deadline was 8:15 pm and it was now 5:45 pm. The doorbell rang; I was in the office printing the latest copy of the pass. I heard some murmuring in the front room but the printer was making too much noise to distinguish what was said. I signed the bottom of the pass and figured it was a lost cause anyway. I chose an envelope from the drawer. It was fuchsia-colored because that was my wife's favorite color. And then I just stared at the wall over the desk as if it had answers to why I was so fucking stupid.

"Honey, would you please come into the living room!" brought me out of my self-abuse. I walked into the living room with a hangdog look on my face. I was anticipating the worst. There sat Carol and she looked worse than I did, if that were possible. I just knew that she came over to tell my wife that she would not do it.

"Please bring me my pass that you have been working on."

I had one shot left so I picked up the velvet cushion that was her favorite and placed the envelope on top. When I returned to the living room I kneeled in front of her and bowed my head and offered her the envelope on the cushion. All I got for my effort was a raised eyebrow.

"Carol, sit by me and let's read this together." They discussed every word and paragraph as I waited for the verdict to come in.

It was later that I realized that we would not have gotten that far if Carol had not agreed to the terms. At the time I convinced myself the worst was here and was trying to come to terms with that.

"What do you think Carol? Did he achieve his goal?"

Carol looked thoughtful for a moment and answered, "Yes I think he did. You could fuck Brad Pitt and everything would be good when you got back."

Now Brad Pitt was my wife's all time favorite heartthrob. There was no doubt in my mind that if she got the chance to do him she would.

"Carol has agreed to the conditions."

I did not realize that I had stopped breathing, waiting for the axe to fall. I was not sure that I heard the words that she spoke. Was I reprieved from divorce court? As the words sank in, I gulped air and a smile returned to my face for the first time in 24 hours.

"Off to the scene of the crime you two. I will be in a moment." She went into the bathroom.

Carol and I went into the guest bedroom and gasped as we took in the sight of the bed turned down and colored candles waiting to be lit. Massage oils neatly lined up on the night stand along with her assortment of toys. She had turned the bedroom into a brothel.

She returned with an armload of towels. "Close your mouths, light the candles, and turn the music on. Then I want both of you to undress me slowly and kiss and caress my body." She was looking directly at me as she said, "When you are finished with me I want you to do the same to Carol. Then remove your own clothes and don't you dare touch your cock! Sit in the chair in the corner until I call you."

I was fucking confused. Not only was I lost, I was in outer space tumbling along directionless. Every way I tried to add 2 and 2, it still came up 3 1/2. Was I being punished or set up for the big letdown? Was I forgiven and was this a threesome? The logic of this was beyond me.

"Carol, come over here and suck on my nipples." Carol looked like a rat in a trap. My wife lifted her tit for Carol to suck on.

I watched in amazement as Carol took the first hesitant lick of the nipple.

"Come on, sweetheart you can do better than that." My wife reached around to the back of Carol's head and gently pulled her on to the nipple. "Yes, baby, that's better, just keep that up." My wife ran her fingernails thru Carol's hair.

Holy shit, she was seducing Carol right before my eyes! I was in shock. If I had been at a loss before, now I was totally confused. "Sweetheart?" What the fuck was up with that? Was my wife a lez?

My wife pulled Carol up to her and kissed her on the mouth. Her lips were open and a hint of her tongue was sticking out. Carol's posture stiffened and then slowly relaxed. My wife continued to run her fingernails through Carol's hair and then kissed her way along her jaw line to her neck. She nibbled on her neck just under and behind her ear. You could visibly watch Carol surrender herself to my wife. She pushed Carol down to her nipples and this time Carol attacked them as if they were full of milk. My wife had broken a barrier in Carol that opened up the flood waters to come rushing through.

The cooing and encouragement continued as Carol licked her way down to my wife's pussy. Carol didn't hesitate one bit as she nursed and licked her first pussy. My wife spread her legs as wide as possible and Carol gave my wife her first orgasm.

I was conflicted. Was she going to leave me for Carol? Was she going to take Carol as her lover and cut me off? Was she going to play for the other team? Was I going to be in her life after this? Had she been seeing Carol before and was this a setup? Was there still divorce in my future? These and a million variations were running through my head.

Carol brought my wife to a screaming second orgasm with a triple play -- the 'G' spot, pussy, and clit combination.

"Come over here honey you are up next, or maybe not?" She was looking at my dick.

My dick was at half mast. My nerves were frazzled and I was shaking a little. The combination of everything I was thinking about and the confused state I was in produced a half hard-on that refused to get hard.

"Carol, suck his dick and get him hard please. He is really nervous and tensed up."

"Yes, ma'am!" Carol said and proceeded to give me a poor blowjob.

Two minutes latter my dick was hard. Even a poor one is better than nothing.

"Come here, lover, and fuck me hard." She wrapped her legs around my waist and put her hands on my back as she pulled me into her.

I was ecstatic to be back in her silken pussy. If she wanted hard I was going to fuck her hard. I gave her my best impression of a jackhammer until I came gallons in her pussy. Well it seemed like gallons.

Carol was in a trance; my wife had charmed her into doing anything she wanted her to do. "Carol honey, mama has a nice cream pie for you to lick."

Carol only hesitated a moment and then buried her tongue in the cream pie.

"Kiss my husband and let him lick cum off your face."

I flopped beside my wife when I finished cumming and before I could protest Carol straddled me and had about seven inches of tongue down my throat. I tasted my own cum for the first time and licked her face clean.

Carol's pussy was rubbing on my cock when my wife pulled Carol off me. "Now we don't want to start over again do we?" she smiled.

"Okay boys and girls, this is how this is going to work. This started here and it's going to end here! Nothing more is going to be said about this period. Everything is going to be back to normal as it was two days ago. Now play nice and don't make me sorry that I made this decision." She was smiling as she walked out the door to the bathroom.

"Thank you, Carol, for all you have done tonight. If you ever need anything call me, except you know." I had tears in my eyes as I left the room.

The first few months I was on pins and needles. As time went by I returned to my old self with a few exceptions. I kept my dick in my pants and never went anywhere with a single girl or woman again. I preferred at least three women if at all possible or would figure out a way to go alone.

Now after all this time she wanted to use her pass. It must be someone special if she was willing to use the pass. I started to worry again and fret. Then I reviewed the last three years. Not once after that Saturday had she said a word about the incident. In fact, the next night we had fucked like rabbits. I had no basis to be as worked up as I was getting myself. I decided to roll with it. Time for me to pay my side of the deal.

"Hello! Earth to spaceship Enterprise! Anyone home in there?" She was trying to get my attention. I had zoned out for a while.

"Have you got anything to say?" she inquired.

"Be safe and have a nice evening." I smiled at her.

"That's all; I would have bet money there would have been more." She looked hesitant.

"When," I asked. Today was Tuesday.

"Friday evening" she replied.

"Anything you want me to do for you before then?" I inquired.

"No, I have everything covered, thank you for asking. I love you." She smiled.

She kissed me long and hard and went to fix dinner.

I practiced my relaxation exercises and centered myself. Maybe there was something to this stuff after all.

Wednesday and Thursday were normal days and we made love both days. She wanted it slow and passionate, so that's what we did. I was determined to put my insecurities in check and make sure her pleasure was my top priority.

Friday was an entirely different story. When I got home from work she was in a dither. It seems that the guy she was going to hook up with arranged to have someone for his wife. Well that someone had backed out at the last minute. So now there was no one for his wife. They were burning up the phone lines trying to find a last minute stand-in. I grabbed a beer and went out on the back porch with my book and started to read.

Twenty minutes later she came out on the patio and said "Can I ask you something?"

I thought she wanted me to go to the store and get something for her so I said "Sure. What do you need me to go get?"

"Please hear me out before you say anything. Would you be the fourth tonight? It's even more complicated. I told him my husband was supposed to be out of town, so you must be one of my boyfriends tonight. Finally, when I asked him what his wife looked like, he said she had a great personality." She had a worried look on her face.

I started laughing. "Complicated? Did you say complicated?" The tears were starting to run out of my eyes. My sides were starting to hurt. "Is this an audition for a soap opera? You are making this up aren't you?"

She started laughing also and said, "So what's your answer?"

"Okay, I will be your boy toy tonight with Mrs. Personality. When do we have to be there? And what is the dress code for tonight?" I had an hour and a half to look "Killer casual."

As we were driving over to their house, she said, "Please treat her real nice tonight and make sure she has a good time. Don't worry about Edward he is just a pretty face I want to have one time. When it's over I will check it off my bucket list and return to my boy toy for the long run."

They lived in the rich part of town. Their house would have made three of ours. We were met at the front door by the maid and ushered into the great room with expansive views. In walked the most distinguished man I have ever seen. If you looked up "class" in the dictionary, you would see his picture. I could see what attracted my wife to him. I was introduced to Edward and he became the perfect host. If opposites attract then that would explain his wife. Millie was more of the country girl mousey type.

After fifteen minutes, her personality made you forget that she was on the plain side. I became engrossed in talking and flirting with her. She could talk about any subject and make you see the humor in almost any situation. Her eyes sparkled as she regaled you with an item about some subject.

Edward and my wife stood up and said "Have fun you two, please leave your door open when you retire. We will do the same."

Millie stood up and held out her hand and said, "Shall we?" Then she guided me down the hall to what I presumed was the master bedroom. When we entered, the only word I can use to describe it was opulent. She dimmed the lights and used a remote to bring the sheers across the windows. Next, the music started softly in the background, the fireplace started with a whoosh, and the mood was set. She looked at me expectantly.

I said, "Today is your lucky day, you have won the lottery, and you can have anything your heart desires. If you have any fantasies that you want to explore, I will do everything in my power to see that you are satisfied." I was slowly stroking her arm and hand as I looked into her eyes and smiled.

She bit her lip, cast her eyes down, and shifted from foot to foot. "Are you sure?" I nodded my head yes. She took a deep breath looked into my eyes. "When I was in college, I was a goody two shoes and lived vicariously through my sorority sisters. I always wanted to go to the Frat parties but always chickened out. I secretly wanted to be a frat house whore for one night. Would you do that for me, please? My husband could never treat me that way. We tried once, and it was a disaster!"

I was gaining a new respect for Millie as the night went on; she knew what she wanted and was going to get it. "You know that I will be rough with you, if I do as you ask. You will have some black and blue marks on you tomorrow. You will be my fuck toy for the evening and I will use you hard. Do you think you can handle that?" I could smell her scent. she was starting to cream in her panties. I later found out that she did not have any on.

"Oh God, yes, please use me!" She gasped.

I grabbed the back of her hair, pulled her head back, and sneered into her face, "Take my dick out and suck my cock bitch!" as I pushed her down to my crotch. She had my dick out in no time, in her mouth, and she was sucking like a pro. I was fucking her face and shoving my dick down her throat. She was pulling my ass harder into her face as we went along. "I am going to cum down your throat cunt. Get ready, here it comes!" I unloaded a huge load of cum in her mouth and told her to suck my balls. She finished swallowing my cum and sucked on my balls giving each one a good sucking.

I grabbed one of the armless chairs and put it in the middle of the room. She looked at me with an inquisitive look. "Undress me bitch, then yourself. Give me a lap dance and get my cock hard, if you want me to use it on you." All my frat days were coming back to me. We should have been put in jail for some of the things that we pulled. My wife did not enjoy any of this, and made it perfectly clear.

Millie had long nipples and a large clit. Those would be sore to the touch tomorrow. She had a bit of a bubble butt and was about average height. She was never going to wear a size 0; she was sturdy looking. Let's put it this way -- I have awakened with much worse after a night of drinking.

She rubbed her B cup tits all up and down my chest to my cock. She spread her legs and rode me with her clit rubbing my cock. She brought herself off while she masturbated herself on the outside of my cock. We took a mini break and used the bar in the bedroom to refresh ourselves. I made sure she was Okay with this.

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