tagNonConsent/ReluctancePassed out Black Babe

Passed out Black Babe


Growing up in an integrated neighborhood, I had several chances to feel up black girls. Either they were sisters of black friends or black girlfriends of my sister. Most times it was mutual but some had no clue. Below is the first time I got to check out a black friend's passed out older sister and her big juicy ass.

It was midnight on a Friday night and my friend and I were watching some movie on TV in his room when he got a call from one of his parents to come help them at their all-night diner. He said I could stay and watch the last hour of the movie and then he left.

About 20 minutes later, his 22 year-old sister Tanya came home with the help of a girlfriend. I could hear the girlfriend struggling to bring her up the stairs to the bedroom as they were both apparently drunk or high. I heard Tanya flop on the bed and then the girlfriend left.

Being very curious, I opened my friend's bedroom door and listened. Nothing. I quietly walked through the hallway over to her open bedroom door and peeked in. She was lying on her stomach with arms and legs spread out on the bed.

Obviously, she had passed out exactly as her friend left her. She was fully dressed in a blouse and short skirt. She even still had her heels on.

Very quietly I entered her room and crouched at the foot of her bed. From the light of the hallway, I was able to look up her short dress and get a glimpse of her white cotton panties.

I knew what I needed to do. My heart was racing as I watched my hand slowly move to the hem of her skirt. Listening to her soft snoring I eased the hem up and over her hips. I was rewarded by the sight of the juiciest butt I had ever seen. Even better was the fact that one side of her panties was jammed up into her ass, revealing one full big golden brown cheek to me. I had to touch it. First one finger. Then all five. I was holding a black girl's butt cheek in my hand! Watching her face, I gently squeezed her butt. When I got no reaction, I grew bolder. With both hands I began to squeeze and feel her up, rolling her butt cheeks in my hands like dough.

When I gripped both cheeks of her booty a little harder and still didn't get a reaction from her, I knew I could go a lot further. I leaned in to her crotch and breathed in deeply, taking in her secret scent. It was a little strong and I wondered what it would smell like without her panties. In trying to figure out how to get at her cunt, I examined her crotch more closely.

The panties were doing a horrible job hiding her bush. Kinky black pubic hair framed the white cotton crotch of her panties. I eased a fingertip under one side of her leg-band and pulled it to the side. There was her pussy! I slid my finger up the leg-band, pulling the material out as I went. There was her asshole! I was secretly checking out the pussy and asshole of a sleeping black babe who normally wouldn't have paid any attention to me!

While holding the leg band out from her body the fingers from my other hand reached under her panties and got to touch my first black pussy. Hmmm. It felt so good. I ran my fingers up and down her slit for a good few minutes before I decided I had to have a better angle to get at her. Feeling pretty brave, first I pulled her panties down to the bottom of her cheeks. Then, I carefully rolled her over onto her back all the while listening to her breathing. With her legs together, and her panties below her butt cheeks in the back, it was easy to pull the front of her panties down. This I did slowly. Not because I was afraid of her waking up, but because I wanted to enjoy the unveiling of her bush. Full and unshaven, it was a fantastic sight. I gently parted her hair to reveal the slit it was hiding. Perhaps it was because her legs were together, but her slit looked very long to me. I bent over and breather her scent in again, and this time stuck my tongue out to take a taste of this sleeping black girl's pussy. Her strong scent was matched by a strong, but not unpleasant taste. I wanted to spread her legs to really get at her but felt that would be taking too much of a chance. Right now, if someone came home, it would've been easy to pull her panties up, throw on the covers, and slip back to my friend's room. No, I was satisfied just licking her clit and pussy lips like that for now as she lay there oblivious to what I was doing to her.

After having checked her ass and pussy out, I felt that my inventory would not be completed without also checking her tits. I unbuttoned three buttons of her blouse, enough to open it up to get at her, but still leave it fastened. She wore a bra, which, unfortunately for me, had the snap in the back. No matter, I simply pried each cup up a little to continue my survey. She had very nice, dark brown nipples. I leaned in and gave each a little suck. I made a mental note to get to them another time.

It was getting very late and I didn't want to push my luck any further. Especially when I knew I would probably get other chances at her within the next few weeks. I copped a few more feels and slipped out of the room. Part 2 to follow.

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