tagErotic CouplingsPassion - A Long Time Coming

Passion - A Long Time Coming


She sat quietly in the breakfast nook sipping her morning coffee, reflecting on the most romantic and thrilling day of her life. It was still difficult to believe that it actually happened; it was more than nine years in the making. But this past Saturday, she had finally made love to, or more accurately, been made love to, by the man of her dreams.

It all started nine years ago when she was a college freshman, eager to learn and excited about life and what her future held. Dr. Johnson had swept her away from his very first lecture.

She chuckled to herself, even after making love to him for hours on Saturday, she still thought of him as Dr. Johnson and not Dave. She would have to figure out how to change that image.

When she met him all those years ago, he was a man fifteen years her senior and at the top of his game. He was the head of the Business Administration Department at the University, editor of two peer reviewed journals, listed as one of the fifty giants in his field, and President of the National Association of Scholars and Leadership Professionals. He was the author of eight books, over one-hundred journal articles, and had published and presented countless papers at national and international conferences

In addition to his intellectual might, he was also a physically imposing figure. He stood nearly 6'5" tall, weighed 225 lean, muscular pounds, and had been a leader of men. His father had instilled in him a pride of country and a call to service. He had entered ROTC during college, and upon graduation served a tour in the Army Infantry as an officer in the elite 82nd Airborne Division. He had the battle scars and awards as testaments to his mettle. Twice he had been wounded in combat, and he was one of a handful of men to receive the Silver Star for valor and gallantry in action against the enemy.

He only taught one undergraduate class a year, Ethics in Leadership, and she knew after his first lecture what she wanted to do with the rest of her life. She wanted to become a tenured professor earning the same level of respect and admiration that she had for him. As the semester went on, she built up the courage to ask him to be her mentor. She thought it would be a simple 'yes' or 'no' response, but found out otherwise. Dr. Johnson asked to meet with her several times to talk about her goals and future, and to discuss what hardships and sacrifices she would have to undertake if she selected the career path she was considering.

After those meetings he agreed to acknowledge her as his protégé, and skillfully guided her development and growth over the next several years. He took on the role of her academic advisor, ensuring she was enrolled in all the right classes and sections, making certain she was exposed to, and taught by the best and brightest professors and lecturers the University had to offer. He saw to it that she had access to the latest research in her field of study and pushed her hard to study and write. By the time she finished her undergraduate degree she had co-authored several articles in peer reviewed journals and was the lead author on two.

He guided her skillfully through her Master's Program, again making sure she met all the right people, belonged to all the right groups, and was accepted into the inner circles of all the right organizations and clubs. He taught her the art of research and the best techniques for getting her writings published, a skill essential to a career as a college professor.

When it came time to work on her PhD, he was there by her side. He carefully helped her select her committee chair, members, and research topic. Again, he ensured she was enrolled in the proper courses with the best and brightest professors. Even though she was swamped with school work, he continued to push her to publish. During her Master's and PhD programs, she had seven more articles published and was the lead author on each. Even before the defense of her dissertation he lined up the right interviews with the right people that landed her the job of her dreams, a tenured track professor in the Department of Leadership and Management at an internationally renowned university.

She had tried to seduce him shortly after they agreed to work together. She had lusted for him and the pressure of her desires became so powerful that she couldn't resist. He would have none of it. He told her they were in a special relationship, mentor/protégé, and he could not break the sacred bond inherent in that trust. He explained the reasons in such a gentle and caring manner that it did not anger her, but made her desire and love him even more, while at the same time instilling in her the level of professionalism and commitment he possessed. She could want him secretly (which she did for the next several years), but knew she could never pursue him actively.

His influence in her life and professional career did not stop with her acceptance of the tenured track position. He worked with her, and behind the scenes he made certain she was involved in cutting edge research and published frequently in the top journals. He arranged it so that she was invited to the most important conferences and symposiums and that she always had a paper ready to present.

Three weeks ago their goals had become reality. She was accepted as the youngest ever tenured professor at her University and invited to give the key-note presentation at the national conference of leadership professionals.

It was at that conference their professional relationship ended, and a new relationship began. She remembered clearly the two of them sitting in a quite booth in the corner of the hotel restaurant, toasting the success of her presentation.

She had poignantly engaged the audience of nearly two-thousand peers, and held their undivided attention as she presented the findings of her latest research. During the follow-on question and answer period she skillfully managed the back and forth discussion of their critical critiques with a masterful display of point and counter point arguments. She left the stage basking in the glow of a standing ovation, with Dr. Johnson, approvingly watching off to one side.

He invited her for drinks afterwards, and it was there that their professional relationship ended and a new relationship began. Sitting in a private booth, he told her how proud he was of her and how far she had come. She would never forget his final words on the subject:

"Ashley, our work is done; you are no longer my protégé but my equal and peer."

Hearing those words swelled her with pride and brought tears of joy to her eyes. She moved over and gave him a huge hug of thanks, and in that moment the old passions resurfaced, and she sensed for the first time they were alive and active in him as well. During the remainder of the evening they talked and let it be known that they had both fallen in love, and desired each other many years ago, but it was a love they had denied because of the sanctity of the professional bond and relationship between them.

She tried again to seduce him, as she had nearly a decade before. She attempted to convince him to come back to her room and spend the night, but he would have none of it, at least not under those circumstances. He explained to her that he wanted their first night together to be a night they would treasure and remember forever, and not a night of wild passion, basking in the afterglow of her professional unveiling and the alcohol they had consumed.

She had reluctantly agreed, only after he promised to establish a date in the very near future for their romantic rendezvous. That meeting had happened this past Saturday, and it was as romantic and endearing as David had promised it would be.

Like his guidance of her professional career, he had planned everything in exquisite detail, yet as they went through the day it seemed so relaxed and natural. He took her to the mountains around Berkeley Springs, WV, and the time they spent together was the things that dreams are made of.

It was a beautiful autumn day as they drove out to the country. The early morning and afternoon were filled with a long walk in the woods, including a picnic lunch at a lush forest meadow. The air was fresh and clean, the leaves just beginning to change colors on the trees. The sounds of birds chirping, floated on the breeze, and it seemed as if they were the only two in the woods. As she thought back on the day she realized that David was a master of romance, gently holding her hand, lightly touching the small of her back as he helped her over or around a fallen log, quietly picking a twig out of her hair as they walked along slowly, talking about nothing and everything.

The picnic lunch included a sampling of the local cuisine and a deliciously delightful bottle of wine. Afterwards, he saw her twisting her ankles and she told him her calves were a little tight from the hike. He walked her down to a small brook flowing through the meadow, perhaps only two feet wide at its narrowest. He laid down a blanket on the grass at the edge of the brook, sat on the other side, and then removed her shoes and socks. He rolled her pant legs up, almost to her knees, and then lowered her feet into the cold, clear water and began to soothingly wash and massage her tired feet in the cold, clear water. It was an experience she had never imagined, felt, or would ever forget for the rest of her life. Although the water was almost icy cold, the massage and gentleness of his hands on her feet and calves engulfed her in waves of pleasure and affection. She lay back, felt the warmth of the sun on her face, and allowed the soft sounds of the chirping birds, wind gently blowing through the trees, and the gurgling of the brook wash over her as the water washed over her feet. The sounds and sensations carried her to a paradise she had never known.

She didn't know how long she was gone, but at some point she felt David drying her feet and putting her socks and shoes back on. As she stirred, he looked down at her and asked how she felt.

"Marvelous" was the only response she could muster. He smiled gently, bent over and kissed her, and then helped her to her feet as they started the long walk back to the car. The movement was so natural that she didn't realize until much later that that was the first kiss they had ever shared. She also didn't know that the picnic and massage were only the beginning of the pampering of her body and spirit that day.

When they got back to the car she had told him she was a little stiff and would love another massage and soak in the stream. He had chuckled and said "I have something better planned." They drove over to the Berkeley Springs State Park where he had made reservations for them to spend time in the mineral springs and spa. At first she was a little nervous about going to the spa together because she hadn't packed a bathing suit, but he explained to her that the bath and massage would be private. This was a state park and they didn't allow people of the same gender together in the Roman Baths or massage rooms. He told her that the state managed the spring because of its historical and cultural importance. Native American's had been basking in the mineral springs centuries before the Europeans arrived, and prior to the Revolutionary War, George Washington had spent a month here with his ailing brother; in hopes that the springs mineral waters would revitalize his spirits.

The Roman Bath was luxurious and unlike anything she had expected. Instead of a whirlpool or Jacuzzi, each bath was a huge 750 gallon ceramic tile, walk-in private tub. There was room to stretch out, relax, and enjoy the atmosphere. The water was poured fresh for each guest and heated to a relaxing 102 degrees. She had stripped off her clothes, taken a cool shower, and spent a relaxing 15 minutes in the warm waters, basking in the glow of its tranquility and significance.

After leaving the warm waters she was shown to a private room and treated to a 60 minute Swedish-style full-body rub down with massage oil composed of a mixture of pure olive oil and lavender. As she lay there being expertly pampered by the masseuse, she could only wonder what else David had planned for the evening. If this was the appetizer, the main meal simply must be exquisite.

They drove about thirty minutes out of town to a beautiful chalet in the hills. She asked if it was his and he said no. It belonged to one of the Chief Financial Officers he'd worked with in a multi-national corporation a few years back. The guy was almost never there and told David he could use it any time he liked. The home was immaculate and a staff of three people came every day, whether anyone was there or not, to clean and maintain the place.

She couldn't recall many details about the chalet as they had arrived just after dark. Her next memory was a thought of her lying on top of him kissing, their soft skin lightly pressing together. They had gently and romantically disrobed each other moments before, leaving only her lace bra and silk panties, and his boxers between them. The moment she had ached for those nine long years ago had finally arrived.

The setting was absolutely perfect and she couldn't imagine any place in the world that could be more romantic. The master bedroom was immaculate and designed for just such an evening. The room itself must have been twenty-five by twenty feet in size and the crowing piece of furniture was a huge Victorian style bed. The sheets were the softest and smoothest she had ever felt, and for her comfort, there were at least a dozen pillows of all different sizes at the head.

The floor was made of a cool to the touch pink stone, and the walls were tastefully covered with several paintings of sensual, erotic art, not cheap and cheesy, but elegant and expensive. As she gazed over at the sitting table, she could make out the shape of the flower vase and the bottle of champagne they had been drinking moments before. She also knew that somewhere on the table was a bowl of fresh strawberries and cream, but she couldn't make them out in the dim light.

On the mantel above the fireplace, several musk and lavender scented candles were softly burning, filling the room with an exhilarating aroma that heightened her senses. As she looked past the fireplace, she could see through the sheer curtains adorning the large French doors that were open to the terrace beyond. The curtains were gently blowing in the cool night breeze, and far below she could see the brightness of the moon reflecting off the calm waters of the lake. In the distance she could hear the faint calling of two owls, but other than that, there was total silence for miles around.

They embraced romantically for a long while, gently kissing, holding each other, and letting their passions mount. At some point she felt him reach up and tenderly unfasten the back of her bra, lovingly pulling the straps off her shoulders and sliding it out from between them. The motion and feeling of the fabric moving across her nipples took her breath away.

Her breasts were super sensitive, and she knew from touching herself in the past that they were the windows to her passion and soul. She prayed that he would realize this and treat them with the love and adoration that she desired. The two of them lay there for a few more minutes kissing, her breasts gently brushing against the hair on his chest, driving her to new heights of desire, and then he gently rolled her over on to her back.

He braced himself on his forearms, not putting any pressure or weight on her, and began to softly kiss and run his tongue along her neck and lightly nibbling on her ears. Slowly he moved his mouth down over her shoulder and over her breasts. Somehow he sensed how important her breasts where to her excitement and he spent an untold amount of time gently caressing, licking, kissing, and softly sucking on them. Waves of pleasure washed over her body as he continued his exploration. Her passion mounted, a tension began to build inside of her and he had an amazing ability to take her right to the edge, and then keep her there for a gloriously long time without pushing her over. The excitement and exhilaration were beyond description, hovering there, ready to burst, but not being allowed over the edge.

As the sensations from his attention to her breasts washed over her body she lost herself in the ambiance of the moment. The aroma of the musk and lavender penetrated her soul, the softness of the sheets and comfort of the pillows surrounded her, the gently breeze and quite of the night draped over her like a loving touch and she drifted off to a heavenly escape she had only imagined was possible in her dreams.

She wasn't sure how long she was in this blissful state, but at some point she felt him moving lower, away from her breasts, and she felt another fire in her soul that she had never felt before. As she rolled her head and glanced around the room she could see the candles were visibly shorter and the reflection of the moon on the surface of the lake had shifted. She had lost all track and sense of time, but he must have caressed her breasts for a very long time.

As he moved down between her legs she gently lifted her hips and felt him peel her soaked, silk panties off her body and over her feet. He positioned himself between her thighs, reached his long arms up under her legs and around her so that he could gently squeeze her nipples. He told her how beautiful and sensual she was, how intoxicating she smelled, and how absolutely crazy this was driving him. He let her know that he absolutely loved what he was about to do, and asked her to let everything go and release herself as many times as she could.

She relaxed completely, pulled the pillows all around her, and gave in to his tenderness. As he pressed his hot tongue and lips between her legs she let out a long, low moan and surrendered totally. Again she drifted off into that intoxicating place, only it was very different. At times it was peaceful, soothing, and relaxing, like when she was having her feet washed at the lake, but that peace didn't last. It transformed, gradually building to a crescendo, pushing her to the precipice, and then plunging her over the edge in an explosion of emotions, physical sensation, and desires. He was also a master at this, and she lost all sense of where she was or how many times he made her cum.

After what must have been an eternity, he let her slide off his lips and he moved up next to her, softly yet passionately kissing her. She could taste herself on his lips and it aroused her to new heights. He effortlessly wrapped his arm around her back and rolled her over on top of him. As he softly massaged her lower back with his hands he tenderly kissed her neck, cheeks, and eyes. He stayed away from her mouth until her breathing returned to near normal, and only then did he begin to sensually kiss her lips, and softly run his tongue in to her mouth.

Once she had recovered her strength, she lifted her hips above him and he reached down and held the base of his shaft as she slid over him and down. She made love to him slowly, pulling almost all the way off, so only the head was still inside, and then sliding all the way back down until she completely consumed him again. After several minutes of this her passion began to mount and she started taking shorter strokes. She could no longer kiss, but had her head buried in his shoulder, her breathing again labored, her hands on his chest, softly digging her nails into his flesh each time her hips went down on him. Her passion was mounting, but she knew she wasn't going to be able to get over the edge this time, something was missing but she didn't know what.

Moments later he put his hands firmly on her shoulders and pushed her up into a sitting position. She ground her hips into him more intently, and when he sat up, squeezed her one breast in his hand, and sucked the nipple and other breast into his mouth, she let out a wild moan and shuddered uncontrollably for several intense moments, coming harder and more passionately than she had ever cum in her life - while feeling him explode deep inside her. She didn't know how he knew her breast were the key to her final and strongest release, she only knew that he knew and loved him all the more for it.

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