tagSci-Fi & FantasyPassion Ch. 01

Passion Ch. 01


Note: This story is fantasy in the most complete sense. Unrealistic proportions and stamina. A single man in a supernatural world full of invariably sexy, horny women. Love equated with lust, and love/lust at first sight.

Think of it as less of a story, and more of a night dream, which like all dreams has its own rules, that for as long as you are dreaming, you accept on its own terms.

Critical feedback is fine, but if you're going to be rude or demeaning, keep it to yourself.

All characters are 18+.

CONTENT WARNING: In future chapters, father/daughter incest will begin to feature prominently.


Wind whispered through the twilit trees, brushing the skin of the two voluptuous nude girls, causing them to shiver in anticipation and pleasure. The first licked her lips, salacious and horny. A bead of sweat, formed from hot desire, traced a rivulet down her body, coyly teasing her hard pink nipple, running down her stomach, before sliding its salty fingers into her cunt.

The mystic sigils of lust traced in a circle on the grassy clearing glowed pink and white, and as suddenly as a whisper, Alexander was there, summoned from beyond forever. The girls, standing outside their summoning circle, gasped as they beheld his rippling musculature, his long dark curls - and his thick foot-long cock, hanging down nearly to his knees, which was beginning to stiffen with lust as he looked back at them.

Alexander's throat dried as he looked at the vixens. They were obviously twins, with the same slender figures and full round ripe breasts. Their cheeks were rosy, their lips full and pink, with porcelain angel faces and soft baby blue eyes that were clouding with desire. Golden-blond waves of silky hair flowed down to their perfect small round buttocks. Each wore a ring on their left ring fingers, shaped like a red dragon.

He reached out to them as his cock stood fully erect - but there was an invisible barrier in his way - he was bound by the sexual sigils of the summoning circle.

One of the twin girls spoke. She had a length of gold wrapped around her head, holding a small oval sapphire on her forehead, with a similar device slung lower around her waist, with that second sapphire below her belly button and just above her slit. A spiral gold bracelet wound its way around the slenderness of her right upper arm. Wisps of hair dusted her glistening pussy.

"O Man," she said, and her sultry voice made him shiver with lust, "we sisters have summoned you here to deflower us. Will you be pleasured with us?"

The other one giggled. "I think his cock is answering for him." Her voice was soft and sweet, and he groaned. She had bangs, and braids sprouting from her temples wrapped around her head like a crown, meeting together in the back to join the flow of hair down to her luscious buttocks. Red roses on green leaves were intertwined with the crown of hair. Her clit was bare and hairless, but just as moist as her twin's. As he looked at her, more moisture seeped out of her pussy, slithering down her bare leg, and she blushed.

"I am Alexander," he told her, "and I would be honored to deflower you, if you also would be my first."

She blushed again, the heat in her cheeks from desire rather than embarrassment. "I am Melody. My sister is Marie. As the younger--"

"By 87 seconds," Marie murmured, gazing at the precum leaking out of Alexander's dick.

"--I would claim the right of first deflowering." Melody stepped into the circle. Alexander took hold of her hands and kissed them gently, before releasing them. Melody stepped into his arms, and pulled him down into the soft grass on top of her.

He kissed her warmly, her tongue probing back, her mouth hot. He slid upwards, the engorged head of his cock touching her vulva, and she moaned into his mouth. His dick already anointing her pussy with precum, he pushed the head into her juicy pussy.

"Oh!" Their lips broke apart involuntarily as they gasped in delight. "Love me, Alexander," Melody said, "fuck me." He obliged, leaning down onto and into her, his muscular chest pressing against her globular, ripe boobs, her nipples hard and wet against his pecs, her flesh soft and warm.

His cock inched further into her pussy, and she purred. Her scent was sweet, natural, like the flowers in her hair, but rich as perfume, intoxicating him with love and desire. He buried his face into her hair to fill his head with it, and was drunk with the scent of her.

He drove further into her, and her cherry popped. Her moan of pleasure was a long purr as her hands roamed his back, feeling his tight ass. "My kitten," Alexander murmured, and she wrapped her lithe legs around him, impelling him deeply into her.

"Oh!" she gasped as his length and girth filled her to the hilt, his giant balls brushing against her labia.

Alexander groaned in ecstasy as his cock buried itself inside her, her pussy slick and warm, spasming tightly around his manhood.

Their bodies slicking with sweat, he began thrusting in and out of her, gently at first, then faster and harder as her moans demanded it. Her juices spilled out, bathing his dick, lathering his balls, and leaking to the grass. Melody's eyes glazed over as she smelt the musk of his sweat and desire, the pheromones of his passion overwhelming her as his turgid cock hammered her soaking wet pussy.

"Alexander!" she cried as she burst, her cream exploding out of her. "Oh, Alexander!" She creamed and creamed as he continued to thrust into her tight wet pussy. He kissed her neck as she arched back in the throes of orgasm, her scent even more intoxicating as she cummed.

Her right hand, which was roaming upon his buttock, came down to meet his left, and their fingers entwined in the grass as they fucked. Joined in lips and hands and scent, cock with pussy, they made love. "Melody," he groaned, and she purred at hearing her name.

"Ohhhhh," he groaned again. "Kitten, my kitten." Her pussy spasmed around his hard thick cock, and at last he could hold back no longer, but exploded within her womanhood, torrents of cum squirting into her. The sensation of his seed deep within her depths brought Melody to orgasm again, and she cummed in unison with him, as they gazed into each other's slightly glazed eyes.

And still Alexander kept thrusting, his cock continuing to squirt, till at last he and she were spent. Their hands still entwined, she kissed him and he returned with tenderness, tasting the salt of her sweat and the sweetness of her lips.

They would have lay there, and fucked again, but Marie demanded her turn. "Alexander," she said, her voice husky with desire, her pussy already slick and juicy from watching him fuck her twin sister, "please... deflower me."

Alexander and Melody separated, and he came to Marie. She wrapped her hands around his stiff cock and roamed its length with supple fingers as he groaned, fascinated with his turgid manhood. "Cum in me," she demanded, a sultry grin on her lips and a gleam in her eye, and she lay back onto the grass, pulling him with her by her hold on his dick, and Alexander fell willingly onto her sexy body.

His dick penetrated the slick folds of her womanhood, and her back arched in delight as Alexander moaned. His broad hand fondled her soft round breast, ripe and plump as an apple, as he drove into her pussy, taking her virginity. She gasped as the desire within her became a roaring flame, and wrapped her arms and legs about him as his dick thrust deeply into her wet cunt.

He toyed with her small pink nipple as he hammered her, his balls slapping against her pussy. The cool surface of the sapphire below her belly button was a delicate contrast to the sweet warmth of her luscious flesh. She wrapped her hands in his hair as her sweat-slicked body ground beneath his. Her mouth devoured his, and he responded in kind, their tongues frantically lapping at each other.

Her boobs heaved as she arched again and cried out, "Alexander!", cumming so forcefully that his dick was lathered in her cream as it flooded out of her pussy. Alexander groaned as her tight, tight cunt squeezed and wrapped around his massive manhood, and her scent was as sweet and intoxicating as her twin's.

He slowed his thrusting now, becoming more tender, even as her moans begged to be fucked hard and fast. His hands sliding up and down her waist, buttocks, and tits, caressing her neck and face with infinite care as his gigantic cock slid slowly in and out of her soaking wet slit, he brought her need up to a fever pitch as she writhed beneath him, demanding more.

His mouth fastened upon a tiny pink nipple, and sucked gently as he continued to thrust and caress. Marie was moaning frantically now, and driblets of milk leaked from her nipples as she buried her face into his thick luscious dark hair, slick with the sweat of his passion and the musk of his pheromones.

Finally she could hold back no longer, and cummed again, her cream so lavish it filled up her pussy so that his dick squished salaciously in and out with each thrust.

"My Marie," he whispered in her ear as her cumming slowed for a moment, but then it picked up once again as Alexander finally spurted his seed deep into her quivering womb. Their climaxes were in tune just as they were in tune, and as Alexander's cock finally emptied itself, so did Marie calm.

Their breathing labored, Alexander lowered his mouth to hers, and they frenched, softly, tenderly. "My Marie," he said again.

"Alexander..." she replied, and then she rolled him over, so that he was on his back next to her. His scepter was turgid and slick with cream as it was released from her pussy with a slight pop.

Melody joined them, and lowered her soft pink lips to the engorged head of his dick as he groaned. Lingering cum leaked out of the tip, and she sucked it up even as she licked clean his shaft, her saliva replacing her sister's cream.

Marie ran her hand lightly, seductively, along the hard muscles of his torso, and he shivered at her touch even as her sister purred while giving him head. His body was deliciously limp and warm from desire as they caressed him.

Melody's luscious mouth sucked vigorously upon his head, her tongue flicking against the tip, as Marie, still stroking him with one hand, used her other to bring his hand to her belly - and he felt life quivering there.

"You're with child," he managed to groan, in wonderment and continuing passion.

"We both are," Marie smiled. "Though we were cursed to be barren, lesbian, and frigid, yet you have fucked, climaxed, and impregnated us both."

"Cursed?" The word was released in a sigh of passion as Melody milked the shaft of his cock with one hand as she sucked.

Marie said no more, but lowered her lips to his, and he tasted the virgin sweetness of her hot breath upon his face. Alexander moaned into her mouth as Melody's blow job wrung a shot of cum out of him. Marie's tongue slipped into his mouth as Melody lapped up his cum.

Marie leaned into him, her boobs pressing into his muscular chest as they made out, and his hand wrapped possessively around her waist, holding her close, her soft hand cupping his cheek. Meanwhile, Melody continued to give him head, one hand still running up and down his stiff length an at achingly slow pace, her other reaching up to fasten in his other hand.

The voluptuous girls were raging with desire just by touching Alexander's quivering muscular flesh and scenting the intoxicating passion of his musk, and moaned even as he did, juices leaking out of their pussies.

Marie pressed her mouth firmly into his, kissing him fiercely, as Melody sucked yet more vigorously as her hand quickened its stroking of his dick. Alexander could not contain himself, and torrents of cum shot into the back of Melody's throat. His arm tightened around Marie's waist, his hand squeezing Melody's, in the throes of passion, and they creamed as well, Melody's moans a melodic purr that aroused Alexander so much that he cummed again, and kept squirting into her thirsty throat for long minutes.

At last their orgasms were spent, but their passion was undiminished, the strength of his passion impelling them all. The engorged head of Alexander's thick turgid cock was still a deep, throbbing purple from Melody's ministrations.

Marie picked up her tale. "At birth we were cursed by Goddess to be thusly. We were told only that one like unto our father - of whom we only know that he is a dragon - would break the curse, and to him we are promised."

She smiled radiantly at him as Melody listened, lightly stroking his cock. "To you. That is why we wear these dragon promise rings. We were waiting for you. You are our carnaleir, our first lover."

Melody purred lightly as she pressed butterfly-soft kisses to his belly, an erotic tickling sensation, and added a promise. "Our only." She swept herself up so that she knelt over him, her glistening, dripping pussy over his engorged shaft, and lowered herself slightly, her labia rubbing against his head, smearing his precum all along her vulva.

Likewise, Marie shifted to kneel over Alexander's face, her soaking wet cunt tantalizingly close to his hungry mouth. "It was told," she released her words as an aroused sigh, "that the curse would be broken only when the dragon" - Alexander's tongue found her pussy, licking her deliciousness - "and the unicorn" - his mighty cock slid into Melody's womanhood, her pussy lips wrapping tightly around the throbbing purple head - "awaken the lightning" - orgasmic thunderbolts shot through the twin girls' bodies as his lips fastened on Marie's nubbin, and his dick thrust deeply into Melody's lush dripping folds - "and the thunder...!" Her last words turned into a sharp cry as she and Melody screamed in ecstasy, bucking upon his face and cock, soaking him with their sweet feminine juices.

Alexander's big testicles fairly bulged with a massive buildup of cum before it pulsed up his huge shaft and exploded his passion within Melody's already impregnated womb. Melody's greedy pussy slurped it all up, deep into her bowels, her pussy squeezing his manhood frantically, rhythmically, milking it for ever more cum as he squirted more and more.

He moaned into Marie's pussy, his nose and face buried within her sopping wet fold, and she lathered his face with still more juice, even as Melody also continued to cream. Alexander's hands found Marie's boobs and squeezed their ripeness, tweaking her nipples, and her euphoric moans became sharp cries of surprised ecstasy.

Melody continued to buck up and down upon him, even as his giant cock jackhammered in and out of her, as if she were taming a wild stallion.

Alexander was tamed willingly, even as the lovely vixens were tamed by him.

At last, Marie's body relaxed and collapsed limply to his side. Melody still rode him, his cock firmly ensconced within her horny pussy, and leaned forward to press her luscious tits against his hard chest as she gazed into his eyes. Alexander wrapped his hands upon her buttocks as she writhed slowly, seductively, upon him, and their eyes swallowed each other up, before she leaned down to kiss him gently.

Marie snuggled up to his side, her still-leaking pussy pressed wetly against his thigh as she joined her twin in kissing him,his face and lips and ears. She moaned as she ground her pussy into his thigh, the very touch of his masculine flesh sending pangs of hot desire through her. His musk intoxicated her, and she was drunk on his kisses.

Likewise, Melody was intoxicated by him, and drank in deeply of his scent as she rained kisses upon his face and lips, bobbing up and down upon his cock, slowly, like a gentle wave, cresting and falling, cresting and falling, as Alexander shot forth his gobs of cum into her in spurts. They were all in continuous orgasm, and he was drunk on their kisses as they were on his, their scents, hands, lips, and bodies entwining in an orgiastic feast of love and desire.

They never noticed, but the gently glowing sigils of the summoning circle vanished, and were replaced by spontaneously sprouting blossom trees, which rained soft petals of white and baby pink upon their gleaming, sweating forms.

Finally, their lovemaking paused, even while their passion did not dim, but was replaced by a tenderer passion, and Melody and Marie cuddled up to him, one on each side, their globular sweat-slicked boobs and juicy glistening pussies snuggled into his body, his arms wrapped around them, their heads on his shoulder. Melody's hand rested on Alexander's chest, Marie's played absently with his gargantuan length.

"I want to spend forever loving you," Melody murmured. Their breathing slowed, and they settled into a sleep of love.

Alexander's sleep was a dreamlike half-slumber, and he seemed to see blossoms continuing to float down upon their naked bodies. As if in a dream, a new girl appeared, kneeling above his cock. Her breasts were melons, her hair a mix of curls and straight lengths of varying colors - brilliant red, dark and almost black, sunshine gold, and pale white blonde, the same colors dusting her moist pussy. Her lips were full and salacious, pregnant with lust, and Alexander's cock stiffened.

She said not a word, but lowered her cunt to his turgescence, and moaned as his dick sank into her. Her moan had an echolike quality, as though three women were moaning at once. She rode him slowly at first, but ever so slightly quickening her pace as Alexander's dick engorged with lust.

He was still intoxicated by the press of his twin carnaleir's bodies curled into him, their scent, their presence, but his arms were beneath their shoulders, and all that passion passed into this new woman's pussy through his cock, which pulsed obscenely within her tight depths.

"Oh!" Alexander's cries grew louder, and she smiled enigmatically even as she moaned, yet Melody and Marie did not stir, except to snuggle more into him in their sleep. His body was quivering with restrained lust, yearning to fuck his twin lovers again, and the fruits of his passion throbbed within this surreal dream girl.

She cummed, arching her back as her deliciously full lips parted, and Alexander gasped out, "Who are you?"

A word echoed out from her lips between moans, and it too had an echolike quality. Alexander's lust could not be withheld any longer, and he burst within her, gobs of cum geysering within her.

Impelled not only by lust for this eldritch woman, but also his roaring passion for his carnaleir, he kept cumming, thick gobs of his seed continuing to squirt and squirt and squirt, even as her cunt soaked his dick with her own orgasmic juices.

Blossoms kept falling down, more and more thickly, till they filled the air, and all he could see was the girl's face, strange eyes clouded with passion as they continued to cum together...

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