tagSci-Fi & FantasyPassion Ch. 05

Passion Ch. 05


The two nymphs moaned, Tethys' moist body rubbing against Sprite's, their boobs pressed against one another as they frenched. Tethys' bottom was planted upon Alexander's belly, her slit atop the lower length of his pole, slicking it with her naiad dew as she slid slowly up and down its length.

Fair One bobbed upon Alexander's dick as she frenched the water nymph, her own pussy penetrated by the head and upper length of his meaty shaft. Alexander groaned, his hands grasping Tethys' dripping waist as he bucked up into his sprite, his dick sliding back and forth between the naiad's lips with every thrust.

The two nymphs had already creamed twice apiece, and now it was Alexander's turn, his cream-covered cock, a deep purple with throbbing desire, bulged within the dryad's horny cunt, and cummed gobs into her.

The sprite moaned harder as she felt Alexander's hot load spurting into her depths. Tethys also groaned as she felt his cock pulsing between her labia as his cum shot up through its length into the sprite.

When Alexander's cumming slowed, Tethys broke her kiss with Sprite, turning her head to look at his lust-flushed face and say, "My turn."

Fair One reluctantly released Alexander's dick, and Tethys slid down upon it. The wetness of her flesh and vagina enticed a squirt of cum from him as it always did, and she gasped as she felt the warmth of his seed.

Wanting his entire length for herself, she dropped down, impaling her horny cunt upon his mighty shaft, wringing a loud cry of pleasure from Alexander as his entire dick was submerged between her slick juicy folds. He thrust up into her, aching for release, but already filled her completely, his balls slapping gently against her swollen pink lips.

Sprite bent down over his head, lowering her pussy to his face and leaned forward, her tits pressing into his muscled abdomen. Her lips found the junction between Tethys' pussy and Alexander's dick, and began kissing and licking.

Alexander groaned, yet managed to run his tongue along Fair One's slit. Her lips parted wetly, and her nubbin peeked out invitingly. He wrapped his hands around her waist to cup her buttocks and push her further down into his oral embrace, even as Tethys fisted the dryad's hair, begging her to keep caressing her pussy and his cock with her tongue.

Alexander felt his girth rubbing against the naiad's hard moist clit as she rode him, and then Sprite's tongue found the other side of her best friend's love button as it poked out slightly. Tethys screamed in obscene ecstasy.

He took Fair One's clit gently between his teeth and sucked, flicking his tongue at the tip simultaneously, just as Tethys' wildly spasming pussy around his cock indicated her orgasm. At the same time, Sprite flooded his face with her cream in response to his loving mouth, and Alexander could hold back no longer as Tethys' cunt convulsively milked him.

He burst inside the naiad, and all three were cumming at the same time, the sweat-slicked bodies of the man and the dryad almost as damp as Tethys' always was.

Just as they were coming down from their shared high, a great wind rustled through the trees, rippling the tall grass they lay in.

A vision of loveliness rode the wind, descending from the sky to touch grass swaying from the breeze that heralded her coming. She was short, like Tethys and Sprite, with similarly plump boobs and tight ass, but her long hair was a mane of fluffy white, which blew about her head in perpetual wind. A like tuft of hair sprouted from just above her pussy, like a tiny puff of cloud.

Her cheeks were flushed pink, her chest slightly heaving, her bright pink nipples standing straight out, her pussy puffy and inviting.

Her eyes were fixed on the coupling trio before her. "You," she said. "It comes from you."

"Boreanne!" Tethys cried, surprised but happy, but the girl ignored her.

"A scent has been borne upon the wind," the sexy newcomer said, breathless and slightly hoarse, "tantalizing me, intoxicating me. I followed this musk across the sky... to here."

Tethys and Fair One looked at each knowingly, then Tethys stood up, releasing Alexander's cock from her womanhood with a salacious pop. Boreanne inhaled sharply as the scent of man-cum spiced the air already flavored with his musk.

"Boreanne, meet Alexander," Fair One said with a smile. "Alexander, meet Boreanne, an aeriad. She's one of the west winds."

"And your next lover," Tethys predicted with a giggle.

Boreanne half-walked, half-floated over to Alexander, and lay astride his body, the winds settling her gently half on him, half on the ground. She gingerly, eagerly, sniffed him, inhaling his scent, and Alexander felt her hot breath upon his skin.

The breeze that attended her wafted over his skin, and his hair began ruffling. He spoke his first word to her. "Boreanne..."

She shuddered, the breeze picking up into a strong wind for an instant, and Alexander felt warm moisture slicking his thigh where her pussy was pressed up against him. He wrapped an arm around her, brought up the other to fondle her breasts, and she sighed with pleasure. She began grinding against him, her pussy rubbing into his thigh, and her breathing became still more erratic, as the breeze became a wind.

For his part, Alexander's cock was standing at attention, aching to be buried in femininity. The winds flapping about it sent shivers of sensation up its length, and it seemed like the very air was stroking him.

Boreanne began moaning as she ground into him, her head rocking with each motion. Alexander lightly flicked her earlobe with his tongue, and traced a line around her nipple, spiraling inward, agonizingly slowly. Boreanne's groaning indicated his skill as her grinding became more frantic.

As Alexander touched her nipple finally, Boreanne gasped in euphoric shock - warm, thick cream squished salaciously where her pussy pressed against his thigh, and the wind became a gale force that tightened so suddenly around his dick that he cummed, shooting thick ropes of his seed into the air, where the wind caught it, tossing it about, and spiraling it high into the sky, till finally it rained down on the wood, some of it sprinkling on Fair One and Tethys, who laughed delightedly.

Where a drop of his cum landed on the fertile loam, a flower sprouted and blossomed instantly - blooms of many shapes and colors, but all vivid and slightly luminescent.

It was long moments before either Boreanne or Alexander calmed down.

"O Man - Alexander," she addressed him finally, "who are you?"

Fair One interjected, "If you think that was amazing, wait till you have him inside you!" Tethys nodded agreement, salaciously licking off her fingers upon which some of his cum had sprinkled.

"You are... intoxicating," Boreanne told him, still breathing deeply of him. "I would give myself to you."

Alexander smiled. "I would be honored, my nymph."

In response Boreanne rolled onto him, her pussy leaving a slick trail upon his skin as she did so. Her labia lay upon his thickness, pressing his stiffened cock inbetween her and his stomach. She began grinding up and down upon his length, as Alexander groaned.

He reached up and pulled her head down to him, her hard nipples pressing into his chest as they gazed at each other, faces inches apart. They kissed, tentatively at first, touching lightly, tongues flicking at the other's lips, and then more insistently, passionately.

She lifted her hips up, allowing his cock to stand at attention, and lowered back down, his glans anointing her already creamy cunt with precum. Then she allowed him to breach her, and gasped as he took her virginity.

The wind really picked up now, tossing loose twigs and leaves about, swaying branches, and blowing back the hair of all four in the clearing. Gradually, Alexander and Boreanne were lifted off the ground, the long grass still tickling his backside, till they rose even above that.

Alexander thrust up even as Boreanne impaled herself down, and in a single ecstatic instant, he was buried to the hilt within her lush dewy cleft. "Oh, yes!" Boreanne cried. "Alexander, yesssss!"

His hands traveled along her body as she rode him in the air, and he pistoned her. Her juices flowed freely, dripping down his balls, and to the ground beneath.

Then the winds became nearly hurricane force as Boreanne cried out louder than she had yet, and her pussy tightened viselike around Alexander's dick as she creamed. For his part, Alexander was overcome, and spurted thick gobs of liquid fire into her womb, filling her with heat and life.

Until finally they just lay there, floating in mid-air, breathing heavily. Boreanne continued to kiss Alexander, his lips and face and neck and shoulders and ears, and he sighed in sublime ecstasy as her vagina continued to pulse around his throbbing cock.

Tethys and the sprite were laying back in the tall grass, pussies dripping after they had fingered themselves and creamed while watching Boreanne and Alexander.

Soon the forest became alive with movement. Beleafed and beflowered dryads and dripping wet naiads came shyly up through the trees. Aeriads floated above, coming from miles around.

Boreanne's wind, which had rained Alexander's cum and spread the scent of his musk, had drawn all the nymphs of the wood.

As they saw the muscular creature Boreanne embraced, and the giant cock sliding in and out of her juicy cunt, and smelt his passion, they began crying out to him.

"O Man..."

"Fuck me."

"Love me."

"Take me."

"I want you."

"I need you."

The scent of womanhood drifted into Alexander's nostrils, and the breathless sound of the voices enticed him, and Boreanne's tight pussy wrung another torrent of cum from him, and he cried aloud, spurting into her depths. She reciprocated as she felt him throb within her, and spilt yet more myrrh from her pussy.

Slowly they lowered to the ground. Boreanne reluctantly released Alexander, and they stood up, hands fastened. Boreanne released his hand, and stood up on tiptoe to kiss him, then bent to kiss the head of his cock, before withdrawing.

Alexander looked around at the gathering of horny, cum-hungry nymphs surrounding him.

After a moment, he held out a hand to a naiad with water lilies in her hair. She smiled.

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