tagSci-Fi & FantasyPassion Ch. 09

Passion Ch. 09


So it was that the nekella bore litters of young nekella girls, who had the same fleeces as their mothers, but streaked with dark fur the shade of Alexander's mane. When they had grown to maturity, they were taken to the city by Zilphah and sold for high profit. Daughters of such a passionate and lusty Man, they were the hottest most skilled nekella in all the land, and became highly sought after. Wealth flowed into Rebecca's ranch, and he continued to sire whelps on the original nekella.

Leah and Bilhah, emboldened by their sister's daring, had consummated their lust upon Alexander's flesh as well. With mighty pistoning, his shaft popped their cherries and filled their sweet virgin cunts with massive loads of his sticky cum every day.

Rachel of course could not become his bride and give her cherry to him until the seven years was up. But she would come to him every morning before the nekella woke, and every evening after the nekella fell asleep. She would give him blow jobs, which also made her so hot that her maiden pussy would cream too. Often they would simply snuggle in each other's arms.

One day, she continued to curl up against his side, her boobs and stiff nipples pressed into him, kissing his cheeks and ears while he fucked the nekella. A pink nekella lay atop him, her pussy milking his thrusting dick as they licked each other.

The skillful milking of the nekella, and the presence of his bride-to-be at his side creating damp patches on his thigh, was too much for Alexander, and cum gobbed out of his dick into the nekella's willing pussy.

The nekella continued to lick his lips as Rachel kissed his face, grinding her virgin pussy into his side and whispering into his ear. "Tomorrow, Alexander."

Tomorrow the seven years was up. The bride-price had been paid. Alexander grinned and paused from licking the nekella to make out with Rachel as the nekella continued to lick the side of his face.

The still-horny nekella began bouncing up and down on his cock once more as Alexander and Rachel continued to make out. The couple's moans joined the nekella's as Alexander's cock throbbed, and Rachel's pussy creamed onto his thigh.

With a final throb, Alexander's cum squirted into the creaming nekella, and did not stop as all three gasped. The nekella's screams filled the pasture; Alexander and Rachel's were muffled by their joined lips.

It was the next morning that the bride-giving was performed, beneath the pavilion. Hot babes from the cities and villages attended, merchants associated with the ranch, who wanted to see Rachel off - and see the stud who'd sired the streaked nekella for themselves.

A red carpet had been laid down, and the guests lined the aisle, nipples stiffening as they gazed at Alexander, who was standing at the head of the aisle, with Rebecca to his left, and Rachel's three sisters to her left.

The wind whistled its music as the bride appeared at the other end of the aisle. Rachel had let her scarlet hair grow down nearly to her ankles, with a long tassel braided from her temple down her whole hair length, after her mother, now that she was prepared to become a bride and a woman; and blossoms were worked into her locks throughout. Her slim ankles were fitted with flowers tied around around it like anklets. Her pussy gleamed wetly with anticipation.

She walked down the aisle, two nekella trailing behind, lifting the tips of her hair like a train. The nekella still had creampie cunts, leaking down their legs.

She soon reached the head of the aisle, standing across from Alexander, inbetween her sisters and Rebecca, smiling radiantly at him. Rebecca intoned the simple ceremony. "Alexander has called us here to witness that he takes my daughter Rachel as bride, and her maidenhood for himself. In the eyes of the Lady our Goddess and all here assembled is she given."

She motioned to Rachel's oldest sister, Leah, who stepped forth and and tied a flower bracelet around Alexander's upper right arm. Rebecca then handed him a flower bracelet and gestured that he tie it around Leah's upper right arm. Alexander didn't know the customs of Rebecca's people, but obliged, looking into Leah's eyes as he did so. She blushed.

The process was repeated with raven-haired Bilhah, then golden Zilphah, and finally Rachel the youngest, till he had tied a flower bracelet upon each, and had four flower bracelets on his own arm.

Satisfied, Rebecca proclaimed. "Alexander has now taken my four daughters as brides. Now let them offer themselves to him."

Alexander's eyes widened. All four of them? His lips curved into a crooked smile as he looked questioningly at Rebecca. She winked slyly at him. "Among my people," she murmured to him, "the youngest daughter cannot be given as a bride, nor her cherry taken, until all of her sisters have been given."

"Now," she said, raising her voice again, "we will witness as Alexander consummates his brides in the assembly.

A thick ceremonial rug lay on the floor. Leah the eldest stepped forth first, and she pulled him onto the rug on top of her.

The guests gasped with desire as they watched Alexander's massive pole stiffen and swell before it slid into Leah's willing cleft. He thrust into her, and Leah cried out, "Yessssss, Alexander, oh yes!" with wild abandon as he fucked her. As her back arched in ecstasy, he fastened his lips around her sensitive nipple, and sucked lightly on it.

Leah burst, her juices lathering his manhood, and Alexander squirted sticky gobs of cum into her tight wet pussy, continuing to suck her nipple. Leah kept writhing and moaning as she milked every last drop out of his dick, before finally settling down, panting.

Then it was Bilhah's turn. She wanted to be fucked doggy style, and Alexander gladly obliged, kneeling over her as she stood on her hands and knees, her pink pussy lips spread invitingly. Sliding his dick into her gleaming slit, he moaned as loudly as she did. He began thrusting in, then out, in and out, and Bilhah's generous round boobs bounced back and forth with every thrust.

Thick cream began to coat Alexander's dick as he hammered her, and his cock began to make salacious squishing sounds as he fucked her juicy cunt. The guests watched in lusty awe as Bilhah's thick cream seeped out of her womanhood.

The ravenhaired girl screamed aloud as she creamed, and Alexander's scream joined hers as he burst within her, spurts of cum squirting into her pussy with each throb of his hard dick.

As Bilhah moved away and Zilphah came to him, he locked eyes with Rachel, and an unspoken message passed between them as they smiled. Almost our turn...

Zilphah lay back on the thick rug and spread her long lithe legs, revealing her dewy pussy. Her hard clit peeked out from between her lips, aching for him to bury himself within her.

But before he did that, he slid his long trunk inbetween her ripe round boobs, until the throbbing red glans touched her lips. She gladly opened her mouth and took his dick into her warm wet mouth as he titty fucked her.

Her nipples hardened into tiny rocks so hard that they felt like they would shatter as his dick pistoned between her sensitive boobs. With each thrust in, she deep throated him, and with each thrust out, he pulled back until only his swollen head was still suckled by her lips.

Zilphah creamed, her overstimulated nipples and boobs unable to take it anymore, and her screams of rapture were muffled by the tittyfucking dick she sucked so vigorously on. Her clit was as hard as her nipples and poked out into the air, glistening wetly and begging to be stroked.

At last Alexander cummed, frantically pistoning his mighty dick between her luscious boobs, sticky gobs of his ambrosial myrrh pouring into Zilphah's cum-hungry mouth. She only sucked harder, prolonging his cumming, till at last she had swallowed the last drop.

Her nipples and clit ached for release, and Alexander obliged, moving back down to slide his dick between her puffy pink pussy lips, each thrust rubbing against her needy clit.

Finally getting the fucking she ached for, Zilphah creamed immediately, bucking and writhing so wildly beneath him that Alexander couldn't help but cum again, filling her pussy with his seed.

They finally relaxed, breathing heavy, as Alexander lay upon her, her arms wrapped about him, her heaving boobs against his heaving chest.

"Alright, Nekella Stud," Zilphah finally said, "it's time." She nodded to her sister, whose pussy was dripping moisture down both her legs. Alexander kissed her, and then rolled off her to sit crosslegged on the rug, gazing invitingly at the bride for whom he'd waited seven years. His cream-slicked cock stuck straight up in the air.

Rachel approached him and turned her back to him, slowly lowering herself to sit in his lap, his giant cock breaching the folds of her virginity and at long last popping her cherry as she sat in his lap. Their louds moans pierced the air, and he thrust even as she bounced.

He grabbed her boobs, fondling them, and tweaking her nipples until they were hard pebbles. She leaned her head back and to the side, lips upturned; and he lowered his head to kiss her.

Her juices began leaking out, and she groaned with ecstasy into his mouth as his rod pulsed within her virgin cunt. Their breaths became short with gasping, and their lips broke apart as they cried aloud.

They cummed several times. First she did, then he, then she twice, then he again, and so on. The rug beneath them was soaking wet. His balls and dick were lathered in cream. Her nipples dribbled moisture.

Until finally, with one last thrust he cummed a final time even as she did. When at last his balls were emptied and she was satiated, they relaxed.

Everyone - Rebecca, Rachel's sisters, the guests, and the nekella - cheered. Alexander had taken his bride.

The pavilion erupted into celebration. The guests, horny from watching Alexander fuck his brides, paired up with nekella, and upon eating out the catgirls' creampie pussies, discovered that Alexander's cum was even more of an aphrodisiac than nekella cream.

Several of the guests gave him blow jobs just to taste his cum, which made them even hornier, so horny in fact that he had to fuck their hot wet pussies, which weren't satisfied until he blew two or three loads in each one.

At last, when all the guests and nekella lay sprawled and sated across the pavilion, Alexander took his four brides to the second floor for their wedding night.

A large rug covered the entire center of the floor, set aside for them. "Lay down, Alexander," Zilphah commanded sultrily, and he obliged, settling comfortably into the thick fur, his giant cream-covered cock laying against his inner thigh.

His four brides unstoppered small crystal vials, and the scent of cinnamon perfumed the air. Alexander gasped as he was vividly reminded of the lovely Cinnamon he had encountered in the enchanted wood, and his cock throbbed.

The sisters anointed themselves with the cinnamon oils, sprinkling it over their hair and bodies, rubbing it into their pouting lips, hard pink nipples, and glistening cunts. Thus perfumed with their bridal spices, they came to him, smiling seductively with anticipation.

Bilhah and Leah each snuggled up to a side, their wet nipples pressing into him as his arms wrapped about them and began toying with their oiled areolas. Rachel mounted his cock, the cinnamon spice lathered on her labia sending a tingle through his dick as it slid into her tight freshness. She leaned forward momentarily to kiss him, her perfumed nipples sending tingles along his chest, and her lips tasting of exotic cinnamon. She licked her lips, then probed his mouth with her now-cinnamon-tipped tongue, and his mouth overflowed with sensation...

...He remembered the crimson-locked maiden whose kisses were love and spice and whose pussy was cinnamon dew...

...Rachel pulled away, and Zilphah lowered her oiled pussy to his face, and the smell intoxicated him, almost as much as the scents of his carnaleira had. He licked her labia, his tongue tingling erotically, and she shivered, moisture seeping onto his face.

Rachel rode upon his massive pole, gasping and groaning with delight, her forehead and boobs sheened with sweat, and Alexander moaned into Zilphah's golden-fleeced, cinnamon-spiced pussy. Leah and Bilhah ground juicy cunts into his sides as his fingers played with their hard wet nipples, and covered his neck and shoulders with tingling cinnamon kisses.

Alexander's mind was blanked with hot spicy euphoria, and his rock hard dick throbbed within Rachel's welcoming pussy, blowing a humungous load into her for long moments. Feeling his body shudder against their pussies stimulated Leah and Bilhah so much that they cried out and slicked his sides with their thick cream; and his frantically lapping mouth, vibrating with his moans, elicited orgasm from Zilphah as well, who anointed his face with feminine moisture.

But they continued to grind against him, and Rachel bounded upon him ever more frantically, giving voice to all their needs. "More, Alexander, more!"

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